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Bottom of page 136 mentions a “secret service”. Are we (the readers) allowed to know more about this group?
The book was dedicated to them to because they were studying aliens and are currently confused.

This group are called “secret” because they are working in secret to try to discover just what aliens are.
It is not for us to break their secrecy.
But we will say that their intentions are purely from a research point of view and they do not intend any harm to anyone.
They are merely trying to resolve the mystery of who aliens are and we are happy to give them some pointers.


In this book “Aliens” you said that it is pre-decided what atoms or elements are attracted to us and the rest of it is rejected by the body.
Now, if that is the case, then why are people diagnosed with some health problems, because of pollution?

The air that you breathe is meant to be pure and to contribute to a healthy body.
Naturally, the Archons, some hundreds of years ago realise that if they could pollute the air it would cause ill health and death.
If we take a piece of wood and burn it, atoms are released. This is a natural process.
The atoms in a piece of wood, if it is not burnt, remain with the wood until it gradually rots and the atoms are gently released in a harmless fashion.
However, if a piece of wood is burnt, the atoms are projected into the atmosphere in a violent manner, seen as smoke which is not designed to be ingested by man.
Thus, if man breathes this smoke, the atoms which should not be in the air and thus not ingested by man are breathed in and thus cause illness.
The atoms of a piece of wood have no connection to man – you do not eat wood – and so it just happens that if you breathe in atoms of wood, although you reject them, they can cause upset in the human body.
The same applies to coal, oil-based products, etc.
Any product that man is not designed to eat, drink or breathe, if ingested in anyway, will cause illness.


Are some Greys good?

There is no such thing as a good Grey alien.
The little PLFs do not have personalities as they are just robots and the demonic forces that control them are, by nature, negative.
If any action by a demon produces positivity, it is by accident and not by design.


If they don’t have physical bodies, why do we call Reptilians, Reptilians?

Now, Reptilians, just like humans, are non-physical in nature.
Please do not forget that, just because there appears to be a few billion humans incarnate on planet Earth, that all humans are physical.
The vast majority of us remain in astral form.
In the case of Reptilians, they are non-physical, just as we are and their home is in the etheric realms.
So, if we recapitulate, our home is the higher 4th dimension.
The home of demons is the lower 4th dimension and the home of Reptilians is the etheric realms.
From there they can overshadow chosen people and influence them to carry out their agenda.
But, it is possible for them to so overshadow some evil people, that the person appears to take on the form of a Reptilian.
The body shape of Reptilians dates back a long time and will be fully explained one day but it is not for the moment.
We wish to finish the tasks we have been sent before branching off to other topics.


Since there are Reptilians in Mars’s atmosphere, do Reptilians count as aliens?

We could call Reptilians aliens but they are not really as they started out on Earth, as we will explain one day.
To be an alien implies being non-terrestrial. There are a large number of creatures unknown to man that live in the etheric realm surrounding Earth and Reptilians are one of them.
So, they are not considered by us to be aliens.


What is the role of these true aliens in shaping human history.

If these good aliens that visit us have any influence at all, it is always to promote peace.
No positive group of beings would wish for the planet Earth to be annihilated by nuclear war, nor to have its population wiped out.
All life is intertwined and if human, animal and plant life was eliminated, planet Earth herself would cease to be. All is one.
Life is very important, so it is vital that all life should continue.
But, other than warning the military not to use nuclear weapons, good aliens, usually, just observe us.


An alien race gave the Ten Commandments to Moses, seen by remote viewers. True or false?

This is a difficult question to answer as, although Moses was a real person, much of what is written about him is allegorical. So, the story of the Ten Commandments and the tablets of stone is allegorical – it never really happened.
We need to understand that the Akashic Record stores everything; every word, thought, writing, speech, etc.
So, when religious people invented the rules by which their religion should abide, they invented the story of Moses and that these rules for living were dictated by God and written in blocks of stone to give credence to their rules.
In fact, it was the creators of certain religions who made up the rules you know as the Ten Commandments.
Overtime, conventional wisdom has accepted that these tablets of stone existed and were given by an external force and so files have been created in the Akashic Record that supports that story.
The files were, and are, created by many people who accept without question the concept of the tablets being created by a higher source.
The remote viewers who looked at this event linked with collective wisdom and thus reported seeing the tablets produced by an external force. With their imaginations they visualized ET’s creating the stones and that is what they reported.
But they were mistaken.
The Ten Commandments were written, created, by man.


Did bad aliens influence the bad Egyptians?

You can be sure that behind any evil act is psychotic people influenced by evil forces.
We will not say that the Grey aliens played any part in the slavery of captured people but the Archons, Reptilians and demonic beings serve the same negative agenda, so the demons will not be far away when slavery was going on.


Can good aliens work for Archangels?

The answer is both yes and no.
In principle, as all life is one and all life is connected, there is nothing stopping any positive force working with positive Archangels, just as negative entities can be influenced by negative Archangels.
In practice, the difference in levels of spirituality, wisdom, etc., prevents any direct contact in either direction.


When did humans separate into males and females? Who did it, good aliens during the Lemurian root race?

First, we would like to say that one needs to be careful when putting history into boxes and talking about root races appearing at certain times in history.
The history of human life on Earth doesn’t progress quite like that, as we have tried to explain.
Also, male and female species; human, animal and plant, were constructed long ago by the Archangels, who seeded planet Earth with life. It was obvious that, for life to procreate, a mixture of different DNA was required and thus male/female was thought of.
But it was thought of long, long ago and has nothing to do with so-called root races.


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