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As we mentioned in the Foreword, we intend to devote this book to a study of an aspect of life that has seldom ever been mentioned in the past and we are concerned that even today there will be many people unable to comprehend the message.
But that is not our concern. We are tasked with revealing information and so we will make this information available now and hope that some, at least, will comprehend. Others will begin to understand at a later date.

So, what are we going to talk about, what aspect of life is of such concern?
Quite simply, we wish to discuss with you, to review, an aspect of life that is considered to be imaginary by many.

We wish to explain to you that those beings that you call extra-terrestrials are, in fact, an aspect of you that life creates in inter-dimensions that are, nevertheless connected to you and, in fact, are you.

So, we will appear to be talking, largely, about extra-terrestrial beings, entities that, nevertheless, are connected to you, and are you.

So, we will be describing extra-terrestrial beings, entities that, nevertheless, are you but in a different form – both the good and the bad ones. They are a reflection of the good and the bad that are incarnate at the moment, have been in the past or will be in the future.

You are all, we are sure, familiar with the concept of alien life forms of various types that have been visiting your planet for a long period of time. These aliens tell your authorities that they have come from various planets in the solar system as we have mentioned in other works. They once said that they came from the moon but, once man found out they did not, they said they came from Mars. When man found out that this was not true they began to claim that they came from star clusters further and further away knowing full well that these places could not be verified by anyone.

All of this is just a tissue of lies.
They come from areas that we would refer to as interdimensional. That is to say, the areas between dimensions.

Now, this is going to be very difficult to describe in simple terms and so we intend to devote this complete book to these so-called aliens and where they originated, because this knowledge will shed light on humanity as you know it – as you are living it now – and will broaden your knowledge of your existence because, as we said, they are actually creations of your imagination and, although they appear as real as your world does to you now, in fact they are all a very bizarre and intricate aspect of life.

The problem, as always, is where to begin?
Perhaps you will forgive us if we give a resumé of life, as we have previously mentioned it in other works, or at least part of what we have told you, especially concentrating on dimensions and how they affect life as you live it now.

So, we have mentioned that God’s Archangels created eight dimensions. We have explained that within each dimension there are many sub-dimensions, each one contained within a coating of thin gravity to keep each sub-dimension separate from any other and that each dimension was it self contained within a coating of thick gravity to ensure that each dimension was kept apart from any other of the eight dimensions.

And we have described in some detail the various dimensions that harbour life.
Now, we do not wish to waste too much time in repeating that which we have explained in other works, and so, for those who have not studied these other books, we suggest you do because, as we have also previously stated, these books, although they might appear from their titles to be unconnected, in fact have been carefully chosen and presented in order. So, they should be regarded as one giant compendium, each one following on from where the previous one left off.

So, we assume that you have read, studied and digested what we said about dimensions, because we are now going to take an in-depth look at a dimension and try to expose to the light of day what exactly they are and try to expose also some of the lifeforms that live amongst the maze of sub-dimensions because, don’t think for one moment that only lifeforms that you are familiar with; humans, animals and plants are all that the dimensions contain.

We cannot and will not describe the totality of life in the dimensions. Some, you would have difficulty in accepting, some would be frightening to you and some would amaze you. It will suffice, for the purpose of this book, to investigate just those life forms that are interested in planet earth and its biodiversity and that manifest here from time to time.

Let us now devote this chapter to the investigation of a dimension.
For the sake of honesty, we must state that what we are going to explain is true but, will be only a minute fraction of the totality of a dimension.

So, as we said, if we take a dimension and pull it apart (if such a thing was possible), we would see a vast number of frequencies – a subset of light – each frequency slightly different from its neighbour.
There would be an incalculable number of these frequencies, each one using a distinct and separate frequency to any other frequency but, eventually, the whole series of these frequencies, contained within a coating of thick gravity to keep these frequencies separate but together, and we call that a dimension.

The question is, why do we need so many sub-frequencies in a dimension?
We have already partly answered that question in previous works and have explained that each dimension is multitasking and deals with the manipulation of life in various aspects.

So, it must be obvious that we would need more than one band to deal with a multitude of different events.
Now, we wish to say something at this point that, as far as we are aware, has never been revealed to the public and it is this.
You may remember us telling you in book four, that in this galaxy sized sphere, every molecule of life that would ever be needed was created. Countless, countless molecules of life.

Well, those molecules needed to go somewhere when they transferred to our galaxy, as we have explained in previous books.
So, the extraordinary thing that was created by the Archangels was a sub-frequency, a sub-dimension, for each and every one of these molecules and so each molecule, with its own particular, unique frequency, is placed in a unique sub-frequency of the same frequency of any particular molecule.
Now, that is a mouthful to digest, so let us explain that again.
Let us use a simple example. Imagine that there were only 10 molecules, each one vibrating at a unique frequency (1Hz, 2Hz, 3Hz, etc).
Now imagine that each molecule was placed within or on its relevant sub-frequency, also vibrating at 1Hz, 2Hz, 3Hz and so on…
So, now we would have a dimension consisting of 10 sub-dimensions and each one containing a molecule and each sub-dimension vibrating at the same frequency as it’s molecule.
Then that dimension was itself made to vibrate at a different frequency to any of the sub frequencies. Can you understand that simple analogy? We hope so because we wish to explain further.

We have already said that you, for example, are actually an eight-fold person. There is what you consider to be your physical body and then there are seven other versions of you in other dimensions.
So, you are a person with eight bodies and each body corresponds to the frequency of one of the eight dimensions.

So, if there were 10 molecules and those 10 molecules were connected to 10 sub-dimensions of a particular dimension, then it was all repeated seven times more, each molecule being an eight-fold aspect of life and each molecule connected to a different dimension. Already this is becoming somewhat unwieldy.

But now, just try to imagine the reality. All of these countless molecules that we mentioned are actually eight-fold entities, and each aspect vibrates at a different frequency to any other aspect of the same molecule.
So, now we have a molecule of life on a sub-frequency of a dimension and that is repeated eight times, connected to the eight dimensions but all of different vibrations.

But, what is difficult to visualise, is the vast number of molecules, each one vibrating at a particular frequency and each one repeated eight times and placed on one of the eight dimensions.

Thus, we will say again, so as to make the concept perfectly clear.
There are countless molecules that were created long ago, enough molecules of all sorts to cover the needs of creation from the dawns of time, until it all ends far into the future.
Each one of these molecules is actually eight molecules, each version of the same molecule vibrating at a slightly different frequency.
Then, for every molecule, a band, a sub-dimension is created in each of the eight dimensions and each one of these bands vibrates to the same frequency as the frequency of one of the eight molecules.
So, each molecule is placed on its respective band or frequency – sub-dimension – in its respective main dimension.

Then we hope you can see that a molecule of something is placed on each of the eight main dimensions and each one of these molecules has its own unique sub-frequency to enable it to advance both together and in an individual fashion, throughout its development.

So, to hammer the point home, if we may cite you as an example, you are made of countless molecules of life and have, actually, eight bodies, each one of a different frequency and each one placed in one of the dimensions.
The reason that you think you are on this dimension, is because you have your focus on this dimension. But you could, if you wished, learn to turn your focus onto any of the other seven versions of you, and you would visit and experience the world’s that have been created overtime by other beings, who have developed a different version of reality in the other seven dimensions.

Now, we need to understand the way life develops.
We have mentioned the countless molecules and have said that each one has eight separate forms of existence.

Now, we have also said that a molecule might be almost any element; oxygen, hydrogen, and on and on through the periodic table, including ones that science has not yet confirmed.

But a molecule of oxygen, say, is not much use on its own. It is alive but cannot actually do much. So, molecules start to combine, under the guidance of the Archangels, to form more sentient creatures. Over time they might become almost anything; animal, vegetable, mineral, human or alien.

As we have explained, each molecule will be stamped with a Logos, that not only tells it that it is going to be, say, a horse, but will belong exclusively to that particular horse.
The same applies to every human. When molecules are encouraged to come together to form a human, each molecule is stamped with the Logos that tells it that it is going to help form a human but also tells it that it must always remain with a certain human. That human might be you, me or anyone else but each molecule, once it has been given the Logos by the Archangels, knows that it is going to be part of one specific human.

This is all very well but we mentioned that each molecule was repeated eight times. So, while the molecules are coming together on one dimension to form a human – in the astral worlds, of course – what is happening to its other seven versions of each molecule?

The answer is that they, too, are encouraged to form a human that will greatly resemble you but in seven other dimensions.
So, after a certain time, a human is formed in the astral planes from all the molecules but repeated eight times in all, the main difference being, that they are all in different dimensions, made of different vibrations. But, they will also be linked to you by an aspect of the Logos that tells each version of you that it must remain linked with you throughout all time.
So, when you look at yourself in a mirror, if you could see with psychic eyes, would see seven more versions of you, attached to you. We call them auras and we have explained all that in a previous book.
Thus, you are an eight-fold person. You have your focus on this one version of you at the moment but you could, as we have said, transfer your attention into any one of your other seven bodies and experience life from that point of view.
It takes training, of course, but is possible to do.

We will end this chapter here, although we will say that we have only scratched the surface of the subject of dimensions in this chapter.
We explained more fully in the book on auras, which is just another name for dimensions.

The main point we wish you to retain from this rather difficult chapter, is that every molecule, every atom of all creation, has its own unique place created in a dimension and that each molecule is repeated eight times in all and each version of that molecule has its own place created in each one of the eight dimensions.

These eight molecules retain a link with each other and largely progress together until asked to create a ‘something’ and that something will be created eight times, each version being of a slightly different vibration but linked together as one object but with seven auras.
This applies to everything everywhere in the universe. Eight versions linked as one.

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