Aliens – The Strange Truth – Read Online – Chapter 10



Where in this complex topic should we turn next, to try to unravel the mysteries surrounding the different aspects of ufology and its apparent interaction with mankind?

Before we make a decision, we feel it would be beneficial if we examined somewhat Egyptology, from the point of view of the many and beautifully made paintings and statues, apparently depicting weird and wonderful creatures, sometimes with the bodies of animals with human heads and sometimes the other way around.

For instance, these paintings and statues of people with hawk like heads, has been seized on by some lecturers to invent bird like aliens.
Should anyone doubt the veracity of their claims, they point to these depictions as proof that aliens with bird’s heads exist.
Similarly, people claim to be in touch with aliens with human bodies and cat like heads – the opposite to a Sphinx in a way.

We hope that you can understand from what we have written earlier, that this is just make believe. We repeat, true aliens live in the sub-dimensions of the astral realms, and even if they were to create PLFs, it is very doubtful that they would bother to spend a vast amount of energy creating birdman or catman, when they already have an adequate range of PLFs, the blueprints of which were created many long years in the past and who serve their needs adequately.

No one, not even aliens, wastes energy – with the possible exception of man incarnate! Anyone in the astral realms would be only too aware of the vast amount of psychic (auric) energy that would go into creating a PLF and so, unless it was strictly necessary, an alien would not waste that energy.

So, is it possible to examine the depictions of strange creatures found in or close to ancient pharaonic structures and decipher what they depict, and any possible connection to ufology?

Now, we will say straight away that aliens have been visiting Earth – or rather, the PLFs have – since man developed sufficient awareness and curiosity to wish to explore.

This goes back an extremely long time, because, we would like you to remember that man has come and gone many times over the long history of Earth and so, as aliens are just unused personality aspects, and as life has always followed the same pattern of construction, we can say with certainty, that alien’s interest in Earth dates back a very long time indeed.

This latest “civilisation”, the one you are currently in, is fairly recent. We will not mention dates, because we do not wish to open the door for any archaeologist or historian to defend his sacred territory by attacking any date. But we assure you that the history of man, and thus alien visitations, dates back a long way into the past.

So, what can we say about Egypt?

We have mentioned the construction of the pyramids and have said that they were planned by a group of aliens we called the builder race.
We will discuss this race and how they communicated later.

Thus, we know that aliens were in contact with Earth a mere 15,000 years ago, which is about the time that the main pyramids of Giza, and in other parts of the world, were constructed.

However, none of the pharaonic sites date back even that far, so all the depictions of strange beings are much younger.

Where did the idea of these creatures come from? After all, to do a painting of a creature with a mixture of man and beast (or bird) features takes a lot of skill and energy. To create statues of similar objects in hard stone would take even longer and require much more effort, so logic dictates that the Egyptians must have had good reason to make them.

The simple truth is that all this has nothing to do with aliens.
They, the Egyptians, developed a very extensive priest caste and, of course, there were those that appointed themselves to be rulers – pharaohs.
Now, to be a pharaoh gave one almost God-like status.
So, the priests were instructed to create ways and means of depicting the God like status of the pharaohs in art.

We must also mention hallucinatory drugs in relation to this art.
The Egyptians created, or developed, a range of drugs, some of which were used as medicine, such as marijuana, which grew easily in the Egyptian climate and, very probably, were survivors of the climatic change brought about at the time of a catastrophic event recorded in many old books as the great flood.
Before then, Egypt was in a much more tropical zone than it is today, so a number of plants grew in that hot, damp climate.

So, much of the narcotics that we know of today were available at that time and people took freely of them.
There was also a form of Ayahuasca.
This drug creates illusions in the mind and the user of that drug imagines all sorts of weird and wonderful creatures.

So, the priests and artists took various drugs and visualised strange beings, which seemed so real, sometimes, that they thought that they were in touch with Gods.
Thus, it all came together nicely.
The Pharaoh wanted statues and paintings depicting his God-like status, the priests and artists, under the influence of hallucinogenic drugs, visualized strange creatures that they thought might be Gods, and thus images of what was imagined became artwork, much of which still survives to this day, and is used to create the myth of alien creatures.

They were, actually, the result of egocentric pharaohs, then priests and artists, using drugs to create with their imaginations, images which they persuaded the pharaoh was his spiritual representation of his God-like status, despite what his physical body might have looked like after years of excessive eating, drinking, drug taking and the other pleasures of the flesh.

But history has left us some remarkable artwork, so we should be grateful for the system that came together to allow skilled artists to create the images.
However, we should not confuse what we see in the art with any factual events. The artwork is all allegorical.

Having got that subject out of the way, we return to the aliens.

Perhaps the first subject we could discuss, is how aliens seem to contact each other.
We mentioned this builder race so, perhaps, it would be appropriate if we combined methods of communication with what the builder race decided to do.

Now, the answer to the first subject is easy. It is telepathy. You may be aware that those who live in non-physicality cannot talk to each other using sound waves as you do, because in the astral realms, air, as you know it, does not exist. One could say that non-physical beings live in a vacuum, but that would not be true.
However, if you know that sound waves cannot travel in a vacuum, that will do as an example.
Thus, all non-physical entities communicate telepathically, or rather, by thought.

We are reluctant to delve once again into a long explanation of how thought transference works, but please accept that what is termed telepathy, is thought transference.

Now, we said earlier that each person actually lives in isolation, and it is only imagination and collective consciousness that gives the impression that we are surrounded by other people.

These personality bundles, that wander about, are no different than us – they are us – so, they too can use imagination, to pretend that they are in contact with other life form personality bundles and, using telepathy, can communicate under certain circumstances.

We will just touch on the builder race at this moment because, what we will say about them will equally apply to all personality bundles, regardless of whether they decide to become aliens or not.

We wish you to clearly understand, that everything that applies to you, applies to your other seven unused personality aspects.
The only difference is that the particular aspect of you that you have your concentration on, has been programmed to imagine that you have a physical body and are living on a physical world, whereas the other seven aspects of you have not been programmed in this manner.
Thus, the only real difference is that you have one personality bundle that thinks it is physical, and seven others that are aware that they are not physical.
In fact, the part of you that thinks you are physical, has nothing to do with your personality aspects. The part that has been programmed to think that it is physical is connected both to your ID and to imagination. So, all eight of your personality bundles are quite independent of your sense of physicality but, of course, your sense of being physical will bring aspects of personality forward, that the other seven aspects would not give importance to.
Fight/flight is an obvious example.
It is important in physicality to be ready to defend oneself from danger, but that danger does not exist in that form outside of physicality.

Thus, the personality bundle that you use whilst incarnate would not be quite the same as the personality bundles contained in association with the other seven “you’s”.

You will have the basic make-up of who you are – a good person or a less than good person – present in all eight personality traits, but there will be variations according to how the eight different “you’s” decide to explore life.

We do apologise for having promised to talk about aliens, and yet we seem to be wandering all over the place, describing or repeating matters that do not seem to be connected to aliens.
However, it is necessary that you completely understand how life works, whether physical or alien, or we would have failed in our task of explaining aliens to you.

For instance, we could have said quite simply that aliens are “aspects of you”, but we hope that you would agree that it would not have been very helpful in your understanding really of what aliens are.

As it is, life is far more complex than what we have stated in any of our books or lessons, and we hope, in future books, to explain more about the intricacies of life, so we have deliberately chosen to give you, so far, a simplified version of life. To try to give you the full picture in one go would just baffle you so we need to reveal information a bit at a time.
We think that many of you are already struggling to comprehend what we have given you so far, so you can appreciate that it would be pointless in delving too deeply at the moment.

To understand the basic philosophy of aliens, it is sufficient to understand that the seven unused versions of you are able to think and to act independently, and some of those aspects of you might choose to interact with life on Earth, and we term such aspects aliens.

So, all we will say about the builder race at this time, is that all personality bundles can, using Higher Self, Imagination, etc., contact and visualise other personality bundles, rather as you can contact and visualise other people on Earth, and thus can work together.

Just like people in incarnation, these aliens have different and diverse interests. They do not think the same at all like ants and bees – with the exception of the Grey’s whom, we said we would discuss later, as they do not quite fit into the general picture of what aliens are.

Now, regarding the builder race, to describe them in detail would take us on to a point where we would be getting ahead of ourselves, because this group were formed to solve the problems of navigating around the physical galaxy, so we would need to explain about UFOs before talking about the builder race, but we wish to say this.
Just like all of us, personality bundles are every bit as alive as we are and, like us, have varying interests.

Therefore, when it became obvious that some form of navigation device was necessary to help space faring aliens find their way around the galaxy, this group, who shared a similar interest in construction navigation beacons, was formed between like-minded aliens (personality bundles), and applied themselves to resolving how to construct navigation beacons.

You must be tired by now of us talking about personality bundles, and not really talking about aliens as you know them, so let us begin to examine the little bug eyed beings variously known as aliens – which they are not – programmed life forms, PLF, Grey’s, robots, etc.

We repeat for the last time, that the true group known as the Grey’s, are a different species in a way, but as most PLFs, whatever group make them, look somewhat similar, these little robot forms are often lumped together and just called a Grey.

Now, it must be obvious to you that in the case of humans, who incarnate as you are now, you are in two parts; the spiritual or non-physical part, and the physical part – your body.
You should also know by now that your body is not actually alive, it is the non-physical part that animates the physical part and directs it as it wanders about on Earth.

Once again, there is more to the process than that, and we have attempted in various books to explain how the system works but, if we simplify things to the basic processes, we have just two aspects; the spirit or non-physical part controlling a physical robot – your body.

Thus, we hope that you can see that those personality aspects that decide to interact with planet Earth, and its people, needed something similar as they – the so-called aliens – would not be able directly to appear on the surface, any more than your spirit or non-physical aspect could.
So, they took a page from our book, so to speak, and decided to try to create roughly the equivalent of our physical body.
The main difference being that our physical body needs to have quite a large degree of both intelligence and autonomy to be able to survive for a complete incarnation here on Earth, with all its trials and tribulations, whereas the alien personalities only needed a basic creature capable of following a few simple orders telepathically.

It is interesting to note that, in a way, the human body is following orders from the spirit part, using a form of telepathy, which is why telepathy can be learnt by humans – indeed all life – their being no direct link between the spiritual or non-physical aspect of living things and the physical part. There is a constant stream of telepathic commands being issued by the spirit and being received by the body, which simply implements the commands of the spirit.

Thus, the personality aspect that decides to become an alien simply has to copy what already existed.

As we have said, into these PLF, robots, certain skills were programmed: the ability to walk, follow orders, change frequency to become invisible (in certain cases, not all), and to transmit impressions of what they might be interacting with back to the alien using telepathy.
But, the overall intelligence installed would be, in our terms, an IQ of about 80, which, in a human would be considered almost imbecility, if you forgive us for using that unpleasant sounding word. Once again, we do not wish to get into a debate about exactly what level of IQ merits the word imbecile. The point we wish to make is that they have just enough intelligence to obey commands, but not sufficient to start to think for themselves.
If a PLF decided to take life into its own hands, as has been portrayed in at least one feature film (a comedy), and the aliens in the astral realm lost control of it, the aliens would have no means of recuperating it.
Thus, these PLF are given just enough intelligence to obey orders and that is all.

Now, we noticed that dogs seem to be very similar to that, but dogs are quite intelligent. But, generally, they have great love, or fear, for their masters, and so subjugate their desires to the will of the master.
That requires intelligence, and we have great respect and love for dogs, man’s faithful friend and ally over long years.

We mentioned dogs because those who have seen sheep dogs herding a flock of sheep, will have noticed the shepherd stands and watches the flock of sheep, and issues commands either verbally or with whistles to the dog or dogs, who recognise the sounds and translate them into commands to do something: run left, run right, lie down or whatever.
If the shepherd has his dogs under his total control, the sheep finish up in the pen or enclosure, and the shepherd proudly closes the gate to the applause of the watching crowd.

With PLF, we have an almost identical situation. Let us take the example of an abduction. The spacecraft appears (the equivalent of the sheep pen), and the PLF are told, telepathically, to walk out and abduct some human or humans into the craft.
The PLFs are constantly receiving orders to do this or that and if all goes well, from the alien point of view, the humans are introduced into the spacecraft. It is a very similar procedure to what a shepherd does.

Now, let us try to find out how a PLF is made.

The aliens, a long time ago, created a plan for the little creatures they needed, and based it on the human form. Thus, it has a head, body, two arms, two legs, eyes, and that is about all, except for a brain, of course.
The brain operates in two parts.
There is the part that receives the telepathic commands from the alien who, we remind you, always stays in the astral realms, and the second part of the brain, which controls the motor functions of the PLF.
The eyes are actually cameras, sending back to the alien images in stereo of what the PLF appears to be looking at.
In fact, the PLF cannot see. It doesn’t need to. The alien sees and directs operations.

Now, the PLF appears to have no ears. Once again it doesn’t need them.
The alien master is able to pick up the telepathic thoughts of any human that the PLF interacts with, and so is able to anticipate any resistance on behalf of the human.
It has been suggested that PLFs have extreme telepathic skills, but this is not the case at all. It is the alien in the astral realms that can link telepathically with the astral form of a human and can thus react instantly to any thoughts that the human might have.

So how is the body made? Humans have, nowadays, bodies made of flesh and blood, although, as we have said, it was not always the case.
Many, many millions of years ago, an experiment was conducted to try to make animals, at least, of plants. We explained that this experiment failed. So, eventually, flesh and blood creatures and humans were invented, and we still have that model today.

People seldom question where the flesh and blood body comes from. What makes it?
After all, many people are strict vegetarians and only eat vegetables, fruit, etc., but that vegetable matter is, by some miracle, transformed into flesh and blood.

The fact of the matter is that everything is astral matter and vibrates.
There is actually no such thing as vegetables nor meat.
All that exists is astral in nature.
But we live in this imagined world created by Archangels, and so we appear to have bodies made of flesh.
It is actually astral matter, the frequency of which is altered until it appears in our physical world as physical matter.

Of course, many of you will be questioning this, as we said that in reality nothing exists in physical form but let us go along with the “grand illusion” and pretend that physicality does exist.

Therefore, you are made of astral matter, the frequency of which is altered until it looks like flesh.
So, these aliens did much the same. They took astral matter, molded it around the form that they had astrally created (the little PLF form), altered the frequency and we have a PLF – a programmed life form.

Now, we wish to make two points concerning the PLFs, one of which we mentioned earlier.
Autopsies of PLF corpses have revealed a certain amount of vegetable matter within them.
Now, we cannot be certain of this, but we are of the opinion that this vegetable matter dates back to the days when the Archangels tried to introduce animals made of plant life – which failed.

So, we think that a PLF dates back to those days – or the plan for them does – and at some point, was updated when flesh was created.

The second point is that these PLF are only created while the spaceship is in 3D reality.
A spaceship (UFO), actually comes from an astral realm – as we will explain soon – and enters our 3D reality, at which point it appears solid.
The PLF, when in astral form, are only a concept.
When the UFO transfers to 3D reality, not only does the UFO appear solid, but the PLFs also appear as you see them.
But, that solidity only lasts until they return to the astral realms. Then it disappears.
Solid, physical forms, cannot be in astral realms.

Now, let us examine the power source of a PLF. The energy that gives it the ability to operate in a 3D realm.
From what we just mentioned above, once back in the astral realms, it only exists as a concept. But, as soon as the UFO, which transports PLFs to our 3D world, appears in our reality, the physical body is put on the astral form, so to speak, and a PLF appears as a solid moving creature.
So, this physical form obviously needs to have a power source.
Now, once again we return to the human form.
We are of the opinion that our energy comes from the food we eat and, in a way, this is true because, if someone is deprived of food for long enough, he or she will expire.
So, food seems essential.
But, it is not actually the food that contains the fuel that keeps us going, it is the astral energy contained in association with food that acts as fuel for us.

So, what the aliens have done, is to devise a way of taking that astral energy directly from the cosmos, and allowing that astral energy to act as fuel for a PLF.

As we have already explained, it would be possible for us humans to do the same, but evolution has designed us to eat and digest food, and it is the bacteria in our intestines that break down the food, extract the spiritual energy, and we reject the rest as waste. We have to respect that system or we become unwell.

But PLF, somehow – we are not exactly sure how it is done – extract the energy directly from the cosmos.

The problem we have in understanding how this is achieved is as follows.
We have mentioned that the Archangels, long before you were born, created enough atoms to sustain you throughout your incarnation.
We explain this at length and refer you to the appropriate chapter if you do not understand.

But a PLF is not alive. It is a machine – a robot. It does not eat, it does not breathe. Some, not all, have a rudimentary heart, but it serves no real purpose.

So, unless the Archangels anticipated that PLF would come to Earth, and put certain atoms containing energy expressly for them in the atmosphere, we are somewhat at a loss to know what mechanism permits them to absorb energy.

Some people have said that they eat by creating a sort of paste from animal products and smearing it on their skin and excrete in a similar method, but it is pure fantasy.
PLF do not eat in any recognisable form nor do they excrete.
You will find no kitchens or bathrooms on UFOs!
They are machines and are powered rather as machines are.

However, like all machines, they are mindless and neutral as regards emotions. They are not capable of independent thought, nor of making any decisions. They obey orders. If told to stand still, for instance, they would remain on that spot forever. If told to perform any action, they would do that unceasingly just like any machine would.

So, if someone had a genuine encounter with aliens, and experienced all the paralysis or powerlessness that one experiences, or abducted people often mention, they should not blame the PLF.
A PLF would be no more capable of performing any independent action than an automobile would.
The driver of a car may decide to take certain actions but the car just obeys the driver’s orders.

We have so far concentrated our attention on the small robots generally referred to as Grey’s but the same would apply to any alien creature.
Whether it would be a praying mantis looking creature, or any other shaped object aliens might invent, they would all be simple machines, and one should not be frightened of them.
They will not harm a person. Virtually all of them have no weapons, and certainly would not be capable of deciding when to use one, even if it were armed.

They do not have very great physical strength and could easily be overpowered by even a large child.
The reason that they so easily abduct people, is that fear persuades most people to think that they are powerless in the face of this “vastly superior alien force” and that, combined with a degree of mind control projected by the personality bundle, who are the true aliens, is sufficient to breakdown any resistance.

If we return to the description we presented to you earlier of the shepherd pushing sheep into a pen, it is very similar. If we imagine the shepherd to be the alien, the dogs to be the PLFs and the sheep to be the people, the dogs are trained never, physically, to attack the sheep.
So, if the sheep wanted, the shepherd could issue instructions until he was blue in the face, the dogs could chase about until they ran out of steam, but if the sheep decided to ignore the dogs, they could carry on munching grass peacefully.
But they don’t.
As soon as the dogs appear, flight/flight – or rather, in the case of sheep, just flight – kicks in and so the shepherd has control over them.

It is a very similar situation with the alien scenario. It is only fear that gives these PLF power over a human.

The personality bundle (alien), actually has very limited ability to influence a person any more than a shepherd has power directly to influence sheep.
The PLF do not have any physical or psychic power to influence humans, any more than a trained sheepdog has power to influence sheep in a competition, and yet, abductions are just as easily performed on humans as control of the sheep is produced.
It is fear that enables that. It is also a form of illusion, just as a power of the dogs over sheep is an illusion.

We will discuss abductions and interactions with aliens later, but we wish to say this.
In the unlikely event that you actually find yourself in the presence of these little Grey PLFs, do not give in to fear. Realise that these PLF, with their strange appearance, have actually no more independent thought than a modern washing machine, and you do not have to obey them.

If we imagine a scenario where you might be driving along a road, and then you see a UFO appear, and your car stops (which is caused by the electrical power of the UFO interfering with the electrical circuits of the car) and suddenly little PLF appear, you do not have to be frightened of them.
If you could realise that they have almost zero ability to do anything, any more than a washing machine would be able to interfere with you, you can resist them.

Of course, they will continue to try to abduct you because that was the last order they received, and so they will continue endlessly to try to take control of you.

So, at this point you have a few choices:
1. Either to comply with them and let them abduct you,
2. Physically repulse the PLF, damage them if you have any weapons available – not guns or knives, just anything you may have handy,
3. Send a telepathic message to the personality bundle that is in the astral realms directing operations, telling him/her/it to stop.

Now, these so-called aliens are not used to being opposed, and so you may have a bit of a tug of war with them before they realise that you have won, at which point the whole thing will return to the astral realms, and you may continue your journey.

Alien abductions are actually very rare but, should you find yourself in that unpleasant situation, remember what we told you about the shepherd and his sheep, and it is only fear that gives control to the shepherd.
Do not become frightened. Remember that you are actually in control and you will be left alone – unless, of course, you want to be abducted.

There are a surprising number of people who want to feel special and will do all sorts of things to achieve that end.

So, if an abduction scenario was to occur to any such person, they might be terrified, but would go along with the abduction, knowing that they are now special and could possibly write a book about their abduction, creating in their minds multiple abductions and, once the book published, tour the UFO circuit giving lectures to ordinary people to explain just how special they are with all the operations they have endured, all the infants they might have produced, etc.

Now, we are not belittling genuine people who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, only that we do suggest that the UFO community should be very sceptical of the growing number of people who claim to have been abducted.

Before we think of bringing this chapter to a close, and moving onto another aspect of ufology, might we mention once more the little PLF generally depicted as grey in colour with huge wrap around eyes (which are actually filters placed over the eyes because, as we said, the eyes are actually cameras and filters are often placed over the lenses of cameras to protect the optics from bright sun).
If you think about it, your eyes are actually camera optics. They let images into the optics (eyes), which are converted into images in the brain, and people often wear dark glasses to protect their eyes from bright sunlight.
So, a PLF has a very similar system to humans.
Also, the skin colour varies somewhat according to whoever created the PLF. Some are grey, some are brown.
It depends on the material used to create the skin.

Now, we do realise that we have not covered all aspects of what aliens are, and what PLF are, but we have given a fairly in-depth overview, and so we will move on to discuss UFOs.

We have already noted a number of questions have been formulated, and so we will try to answer some throughout this book and create a sort of question and answer section at the end which, we hope, will be beneficial to explaining other matters which are of interest, but do not merit complete chapters of their own.

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