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In this chapter, we will examine the objects sometimes seen in the skies and are sometimes referred to as flying saucers, or unidentified flying objects (UFOs).

Now, there is some reason as to why they were originally referred to as flying saucers, because they did resemble somewhat a saucer skimming through the sky.

Unidentified flying objects is a little more vague, however.
Although it appears to be an object, once one has identified it as coming from somewhere else, it is not really unidentified, clearly being not of human incarnate manufacture.
We hope you realise also that, although it is in the sky, it is not really flying in the sense that a bird or even an aeroplane would. So, it is hardly a UFO.

However, you may remember when we started to discuss aliens, we had some difficulty in the nomenclature, but settled for aliens.

Similarly, we must call the spaceships something and we will settle for UFO.

So, what can we say about UFOs?
We might question why they exist, as a personality bundle that decides to become an alien would be quite capable of approaching Earth, and Earth humans in an astral sense, so would not really need a ship to get here.
Space in the astral world does not exist as it does in physicality so, providing the personality aspect contented itself with remaining in the astral realms, it could explore anywhere to its heart’s content.
But physicality would be barred from it’s experience.

We remind you once again that all people and all things, past, present and future have eight personality aspects but only one is programmed by Archangels to experience physicality, the other seven remaining in pure astral form.

Therefore, should one personality aspect decide to take the plunge to explore planet Earth, logic would dictate that it would need some means of navigating around the Earth or any other part of the physical universe for that matter.
Thus, the little robot creatures needed to be constructed and flying machines also constructed as the personality bundle must always remain in an astral dimension.

We should perhaps apologise for using the somewhat uncouth appellation ‘personality bundle’ to describe a living, thinking aspect of life, but we don’t have a word to express the concept. So, out of desperation we chose that term because, in effect, that is what it is – a bundle of personality aspects held together by gravity and using some of the collective aspects we all share; Higher Self, Imagination, etc.

The alien, being stuck in the astral realms, needed something that would act as his eyes and ears while exploring the physical world and thus invented PLFs.
But to get the PLF here into physicality, it required a means of transport. So, UFOs were invented.

We mentioned earlier that it is our opinion that the plan for PLFs was created many millions of years ago, long before modern man came on the scene.
But, no doubt, millions of years ago, life was on planet Earth and has been eliminated and reborn countless times following disasters.
UFOs, however, were untouched by disasters as were the life forms we term aliens.
Astral life is largely unaffected by Earthly catastrophes.

So, once a basic plan for a flying machine was created, it could be modified, updated and improved, but would never be wiped out, being astral in form.

You should also know that, just to consider humanity, it is immortal. Once the physical body dies, the person with his eight personalities intact, soldiers on in the astral planes.
Thus man, perhaps having a somewhat different physical form to today, but having the same astral form, has been around for a very long time.

The exact time is of no importance but let us say for the sake of understanding what we are trying to describe, 100 million years.

Had man the ability to live peacefully here on Earth for that length of time, try to imagine the advances in science he would have made.

So, if we can realise that man in his astral form is every bit as alive as he might be in physicality – more so, in fact – can you imagine the scientific wonders he has created in the astral realms?

You do not need for something to be physical to exist. After all, everything starts off as a thought, an idea, and it is only the final stages that become physical.

So, in the astral realms there are some stupendous inventions using concepts light years ahead of what is on Earth at the moment, even in the most advanced secret laboratories.

That is why the first crashed UFOs, when examined by man, completely baffled them.
If you think back, electronics in the 1940’s was still very primitive using glass tubes (valves) to power radios, etc., whereas, when the interior of a UFO was examined, there was nothing recognisable to scientists of the day.

It is true to say that even today, although man incarnate has manufactured some flying craft using back engineered UFO technology, he has barely scratched the surface of the technology of a true UFO and will not for a long time into the future.

It has been suggested that science has developed so quickly due to back engineering downed UFOs and by using the assistance of PLFs, that aliens are only a few years ahead but the truth is that alien technology is far, far ahead.
The only technology that is released to man is just sufficient to keep a dialogue going between the Grey’s and man.
Modern man would be quite incapable of understanding UFO technology, any more than a caveman could have understood how a modern aircraft flies.

You must understand that science has been developing in the astral realms continuously for a vast period of time. Then add to that the fact that each person who “dies” is actually eightfold, so you can imagine the vast army of people who have been developing all sorts of fields of interest continuously because, in the astral realms, we are not distracted by the hundred and one things that people incarnate have to deal with: working, eating, sleeping, house cleaning, walking the dog, shopping and so on.
We do not become fatigued in the astral realms, so can work endlessly on a project that interest us, so we advance at a great pace compared to man incarnate.

So, let us look in detail at a UFO, and see if we can understand how it works.

We wish you to understand, that anything that we mentioned is occurring in the astral, non-physical realms but, when we are in one of those realms, it seems just as solid and real to us as physicality does to you.
So, if we manufacture something, it looks like a solid object to us. But we do not have to cut up pieces of metal using machines. We can visualise it in our mind and it appears. It is a quicker and more efficient manner of producing anything than welding or bolting bits of metal together as you do on Earth.

The first thing we wish to bring to your attention, is that not all UFOs are flying saucer shape.
Depending on the group that is making one and depending on the use it is going to be put to, a UFO can be one of a number of shapes; saucer shaped, cigar shaped and a whole variety of variants.
It is, in a way, similar to the models of transport developed on Earth; small cars, large ones, buses of various types, trucks or lorries and so on.
There are very small craft designed to transport just one or two PLFs into physicality, up to huge craft, capable of acting rather in the manner of an aircraft carrier that you construct, housing many smaller craft and a large number of PLF.
Some of these ships can be of staggering size, but there are not many of these and are rarely seen, as they tend to stay in orbit, remote from planet Earth. You call them mother ships, just as you call the smaller craft scout craft. It is a fair description.

We insist on repeating that, whatever the shape and size of the UFO, it is, first and foremost in the astral realms, and only becomes physical when the decision is taken to bring it into physicality.

So, let us, while we are mentioning that subject, clear up the debate of the vast distances UFOs must travel, this being a reason that detractors of Ufology say that UFOs cannot exist. It would take too long to get from some distant star cluster to Earth, even at the speed of light.

This is where it starts to get almost comical. As we mentioned earlier, popular belief claims that aliens are physical beings and live close to one of a number of star systems, countless light years distance from Earth, and the Pleiades, Sirius and Zeta Reticuli have been mentioned.
So, the distance that those star systems are from Earth, and it is accepted fact that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light, therefore no alien would live long enough to get here.
That presents conclusive proof that aliens do not exist, even though there is an increasing number of photographs and films of UFOs seen in the sky and more and more people are seeing UFOs.
One wonders how one of these people who claim that UFOs do not exist would react if he saw one himself? Perhaps his mind would just refuse to accept the evidence of his eyes and he would convince himself that it was his imagination at work and, in reality, he saw a bird or a shooting star – or marsh gas!

But the truth is that UFOs don’t really travel any distance at all.
The astral realms are all around us, so it is not a question of travelling, but of altering frequency in which case, when filmed, they are suddenly observed to blink into our reality and blink out when they no longer desire to be here.
Once in 3D reality, if they wish to travel from one place to another, they use a “jumping” technique that we have already described in a video but will describe again a bit later.

As you can imagine, the elements that go into the construction of a UFO, are not only very complicated from Earth humans point of view but, to a certain degree, different elements are used because, just like humans incarnate, different groups use different methods to construct similar objects.

For instance, in the case of an automobile, an engine might be powered by petrol (gasoline), diesel fuel or by electric current. If it were not for the governments of countries hiding the truth about other power sources, zero-point energy would also be available to power vehicles and other objects.

Now, we will not mention names, but there is one gentleman that noticed that the UFO he was studying was powered in a rather complicated manner using an element, 115, that is not really available on Earth.
It is not our place to point fingers, because we feel that the person concerned acted in faith according to where his investigations took him, but we will say that, as far as we know, his conclusions were not correct.
Any form of power source must be made of materials that exist in astral form first and then can be altered to appear in physicality.
The type of propulsion and movement, described by this person, in physicality could, in theory, be manufactured in physicality, but could not exist in astral form first.

So, we wish you to comprehend, that anything that exists in the astral world has to be made of pure astral material, and act first in astral form before the frequency being lowered so as to appear and operate in physicality.
Therefore, let us first say, that any flying craft manufactured by man incarnate – even if it is claimed to use technology back engineered from crashed UFOs, or to have been given by the Grey aliens, is using technology of a purely physical nature.

An astral power source has to have a spiritual base, because all that exists in non-physicality is of a spiritual nature.
We stress that we do not put any religious connotation on the word “spiritual”. We refer to the fact that as all is one, a UFO must have elements that all life has.
For example, we have stressed over and over again that anything, animal, vegetable or mineral must have the non-physical elements before a physical version can be created.
So, just to take humans, there is the spiritual part that we talked about at great length; personality bundles, Higher Self, Imagination, ID, etc.
Thus, a UFO must have the same spiritual elements to it.

Something made on Earth, an aeroplane, a car, a TV, or whatever, is made in a physical form, even though each atom from which the item is constructed has an astral form.

But, if something is formed in the astral planes and then lowered in frequency so as to be able to operate in physicality, not only does each atom have to have an astral form, but the whole concept must also have an astral form.
By which we imply that it has to have a spiritual – non-physical – power source, just as a human or an animal has actually a spiritual power source that keeps the physical part going.

We have mentioned that an onion is an alive vegetable but, when peeled, the power source – the life force – cannot be found and yet was there to make the onion grow.
It is the same with a human or an animal. No matter into how many slices it might be cut, the power source cannot be found.

Therefore, for any true UFO, the power source is not visible. It does not seem to contain a power source. If dismantled into all its component parts, nothing would be found to give any indication of its power source, any more than we can see if we disrobe an onion or an animal or human.

That is one of the reasons why we can say with certainty, that the UFO that used element 115 and a mass of other components to make it fly, was not a true UFO.

If that particular craft existed, either a mistake as to its propulsion system was made or it was suggested by the Grey aliens to misguide humanity.

A true UFO is grown very much in the manner that all living things are grown and a true UFO is alive. It has to be because you are alive and all is one. Therefore, if you are alive, a UFO is alive.
Life can take many forms.

We mentioned, when talking about the various robots generally called Grey’s, that we did not really understand how energy was sucked from the cosmos to keep the grey robot going and, we are afraid, we must say the same about the power source that fuels a true UFO.
Obviously, we have ideas and theories, but we must admit that we do not have conclusive proof and therefore we prefer to refrain from speculation.
The day we are sure, and if we feel that man incarnate could understand, we will inform you but, for the moment, we are not sure.

Let us take a look inside a UFO and see if there’s any technology that we can understand, and possibly back engineer.

Now, once again, we need to separate fact from fiction.
It has been suggested that some elements have made their way through to the public domain.
For instance, integrated circuits have been mentioned, glass fiber optic tubes have been mentioned and a number of other things.
The claim is that they have been back engineered from downed spacecraft and have been released to the public.

But we have to say, once again, we can find no proof of this.
It is possible that the Grey’s have manufactured craft with these elements in them, have force landed the craft and traded this technology with military groups so as to obtain whatever the Grey’s want.

But a true UFO is actually grown in the astral worlds, which is why there are no nuts and bolts holding the outer shell together, and is actually closer to a living being, when seen in physical form, and actually has no keyboards, glass fiber cables, etc., any more than you have.
It is alive in the sense that it is first and foremost a non-physical object, and it is this non-physical aspect that creates it just as it does with you or any other living object.

These craft may well be designed to carry the alien robots and/or scout craft but doesn’t need any robot to fly it.
If you imagine it to be alive, almost in the sense that you are alive, you do not need any robot to enable you to move about. Your non-physical aspects perform all this in the astral planes.

With a true UFO, the brain controlling it is what we referred to as an alien, which we discussed earlier.
The alien tells it what to do very much as your non-physical aspects do and, just as your body follows orders of your non-physical aspects, the UFO follows the order of the alien who always remains in the astral worlds.

As we have mentioned, the UFO is primarily in the astral realms and if a decision is taken to bring it into physicality, it is just lowered in frequency and we see it in our physical world.
But it remains under the control of the alien in the astral realms.

In a true UFO there are no seats and no one flies it other than the alien who remains in the astral realm.

So, as we said, there are no kitchens, no bathrooms, no dining halls, no bedrooms, no medical facilities, even in the largest motherships.
No one on board eats, sleeps, excretes or has need of medical treatment.

The passengers – robots – are purely astral in nature until the moment that a decision is taken to bring the UFO and any occupants into physicality, at which point the frequency of the ship and any occupants is lowered and it blinks into our (your) reality.

Now, let us make a slight detour and deal with the several ships that have been captured and are in military custody.
Generally speaking, a vast hoax has been placed on the public, and a number of saucer shaped craft have been manufactured by man and placed in various hangers. These are not craft that could fly.
They are often just “mock-ups” and are created in case anyone, military or civilian in authority, should demand to see a craft. He/she could be escorted to a hanger and shown the craft(s). Of course, they would be warned not to approach too closely because of radiation. In fact, some – indeed most – of these craft are just empty shells.

However, there are, from time to time, UFOs that crash and are recovered, usually by American military. These are usually Grey UFOs that are given as gifts in order to muddy the waters.
No true alien craft would crash. They have safeguards that would prevent any mechanical failure. In fact, “mechanical” is not the correct word, because they are actually astral appliances and the frequency has just been lowered to enter so-called physicality.
In the almost impossible event of something going wrong, the UFO would instantly return to its astral form, in which case, nothing can harm it.

We will also say that a true UFO, when seen in physicality in the skies, is not really in 3D reality.
Just as, when a person meditates and visits another dimension, his physical body remains on Earth and he enters one of his auras to visit another dimension.
Similarly, but conversely, the natural state for a UFO is in the astral realms.
UFOs, being alive, have auras just as all living things have, so if the alien decides to enter 3D reality, it changes the consciousness of the UFO to an aura that corresponds to 3D. So, the original ship stays in the astral realms and the concentration on a 3D aura creates a copy in 3D.

This is not easy to understand but if you realise that a human can be meditating on Earth and can reach out with his consciousness to an auric dimension, in the case of a UFO, it is the same but in reverse.
The ship remains in auric form, but the alien projects the idea that he wishes the ship to enter 3D and a 3D version appears.

It has been noticed that some craft are clearly seen in the skies. These are the UFOs of Grey manufacture.

Genuine alien craft, if seen, are often observed to be slightly fuzzy looking. This is because the form created by alien consciousness and the degree of concentration by the alien controlling the ship, may not be 100%.
Therefore, the craft may be visible, but is not totally formed in our 3D.
As you can imagine, it is not easy for a personality bundle, that we term an alien, to concentrate totally on the 3D craft that he is concentrating on, and thus the image seen is not always totally formed.
It has also been noticed by some people that craft sometimes appear and disappear – blink in and out of 3D.
That occurs when the alien is not sufficiently concentrating on the task of visualising his craft in 3D. The alien’s mind might be wandering, so to speak, and so the UFO is seen in 3D, then returns to astral form, blinks into 3D again and blinks back to astral form.

So, we hope that you can now understand that there are, basically, two types of UFOs. One is the true UFO which is created, one might even say born, in the astral realms and can sometimes visit us here on Earth, or go anywhere in the galaxy, and the second sort are those flying craft manufactured by what you refer to as the Grey’s.

It is time to move on to look at the Grey population.
It is rather an unpleasant topic to discuss, but we need to bring this group to public awareness.
This will be the subject of the next chapter.

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