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In the last chapter we implied that there were two types of aliens and UFOs.
The genuine UFOs were created by the personality bundles and we said that the second, or false UFOs, are created by the Grey’s.
So, this chapter will be devoted to telling you about the Grey’s, as they are called.

Like all subjects, this is a complicated one, and the problem is always to know where to start, and so if we jump around somewhat we hope you will forgive us.
Perhaps we should start by describing, once again, the lower fourth dimension which, as we have already stated in other works, is where the dark, demonic forces live.

Now, we have already mentioned that life contains two sorts of forces, both of which are necessary to keep life in balance; the forces for construction and the forces for destruction.
We are not interested in those beings at this moment because they do not concern the subject of this book.
However, as we have often stated, all dimensions are multitasking, and so the fourth dimension is divided into two parts – the higher fourth, as it is called, is where the positive elements of existence live (in part at least), whereas the lower fourth is where the opposite to positivity exists. Negativity.
Among these negative elements are what are referred to as demons.

Demons are, in a way, similar to angels but, obviously, act in a completely opposite way to angels.
Angels are totally concentrated on doing good for all life whereas demons are concentrating all their energies on doing harm.

It may be questioned as to why they exist, but all life must be kept in balance, so it is necessary to have an equilibrium between positivity and negativity – yin and yang.
We have explained this principle in detail in other works.

Now, demons are very similar to humans, in that they have personality bundles and a form of Higher Self, Imagination and ID, etc. But they are not programmed to have any aspect of them appear in physicality. They always remain in etheric and/or astral realms.

We repeat, whatever type of demon they might be, and there are several types, the common denominator is that they are all negative.
They have no conception of positivity at all. This is not hate. It is just the way that they were created by the Archangels that created all life and are an essential part of the balance of life.
Life is very complicated and, without going into a long discussion of the rights and wrongs of angels and demons, which we have already described in other works, we ask you to accept that demons exist and always remain in non-physicality.

However, we have also mentioned Archons, and although Archons are a completely different species to demons, the aims and objectives are much the same and so it is not unknown for Archons to work with demons to influence man in negative ways.

But that is a different topic. This book is about how alien life interacts with man incarnate, so we will not go any further in a discussion that would take us outside of the concepts of this book.

Therefore, we wish to make it clear to you that a demon, being created by the God force, is alive and thus has eight auras and eight personality bundles and all the other attributes that all life has.
The one missing element is the fact that demons have never been programmed to have an Earthly incarnation, so all eight versions of any demon remain in non-physicality.

But like many life forms, demons have curiosity and so some of them feel the desire to interact with man incarnate.
Thus, like the more positive personality bundles we have mentioned above, the idea of creating UFOs and robot life forms occurred to them.

We mentioned that we would have to jump around somewhat in this chapter so we break off to dispel the concept of “fallen angels”.
It has been written in various religious books, a story about Satan having been an angel who, somehow, took the wrong route and was cast from heaven with a number of fallen angels but we hope that you can see from the explanation we have given you, that this is not true at all.
Quite why such a story was invented is not our concern, but we will state that Satan, the devil, old Nick or whatever title he is given, does not exist – only as a thought form to scare people into following a religion.
But demons do exist.
They are not fallen angels, but life forces created to help keep life in balance.
We will also say that it is almost impossible for the average person to fall under the influence of a demon.

Demons remain in areas remote from man.
The concept of being possessed was invented by priests, who created religions and the motive behind it was, and is, to entrap people into a religion.
The only people who are able to have any interaction with negative forces are magicians, who study the black arts for many years before opening the door between physicality and the lower fourth dimension.
Even in that case, the only beings a black magician could contact would be a Djinn – a low powered demon.
The higher-powered demons remain remote from all but the most advanced magicians, who have devoted virtually their whole life to this study and also have the means to congregate in secret.
Ordinary people do not have the time or the financial and political force to create complicated ceremonies in total camera (secret).

If the average person was to hold regular black magic ceremonies in a normal house, the neighbours would soon notice that something bizarre was going on.
Therefore, there are the relatively few psychopaths, immensely rich and influential, but that hope to get ever more power, and have huge private domains, remote from public gaze, with private means of transport and that have set up a network of ways and means of procuring what they need to fulfill the requirements of a black mass that operates totally outside of public awareness.

Now, not all these people are capable of summoning a demon, but some are capable of producing and concentrating etheric material that a demon can attach itself to for a while.
But, as demons are negative, to summon a demon requires a large degree of negativity.
We will not go into details, but we will say that these misguided souls who practice black magic and who commit horrendous crimes in their practices, are deceived.
A demon, being negative, can only create negativity and so the practitioners receive nothing as a reward for the negativity they create.
Further, once their lives are over and they return to the heavenly spheres and have to pay for their crimes, they spend long years in hell before they expunge their sins.
So, to practise black magic, one is deceived twice.
First by the false and broken promises made by the demons and second by the degree of remorse they must go through because of the sins they committed.
We hope that we have made it plain to all that, by the Law of Mutual Attraction, if one gets involved in negativity – evil – one will reap evil and suffering.

Having broached that very unpleasant topic, let us return to the discussion of demons and UFOs, etc.

We mentioned, in discussing what we call real UFOs, that the spaceships are grown in the astral realms and are alive, having all the attributes of any living thing – including a soul (a God aspect).
It may require a stretch of the imagination to think of a flying saucer as being alive and of having a soul, but it is so.
The Archangels who are charged by God to create life, are also given the responsibility for deciding what may have a soul and what may not.
Demons have souls, being a necessary aspect of life, but the Archangels do not want the evil powers to spread unbridled, so any creation by a demon is not permitted a soul and thus would not be alive.
We have mentioned this in relation to hybrids. Any hybrid, a mixture of human and demon, would not be permitted to have a soul and so could not actually live very long.

Therefore, any UFO created by demons could not be grown in astral form. There would be no spiritual aspect to it.
So, long ago, little PLFs were created in physicality and were instructed to create a few UFOs.
We might well ask how this was done, because if a lower fourth UFO is examined, it is found to contain a number of elements that, even today, do not exist in physicality, or if they do they are recent inventions: computers, keyboards, fiber optic cables and all sorts of advanced things.
These are recent inventions.
Indeed, much of what exists in a “not real UFO” still doesn’t exist to this day in our world.

Let us break off again for a moment and decide what to call these demonic designed UFOs.
Let us just call them Grey UFOs. We hope you understand that when we mention Grey UFOs, we are referring to the ones created by creatures from the lower fourth dimensions.

But we wish you also to realise that life has come and gone many times over vast periods of time and so we can be sure that some very advanced scientists of those days were influenced by demonic forces to construct the first Grey UFOs, based on the technology that was available on Earth at that time.
So, the first Grey UFOs were man-made a long time ago, using the technologies that had already been created by advanced man in a now long dead civilisation. No doubt the first robots were also created by man.

So, the difference between real UFOs and Grey UFOs is this.
A real UFO is a living object, just like any other living object and is born in the astral realms, just like any other living creature is.
A Grey UFO is man made – or was – and is a robotic machine like a car, an aeroplane, or anything else man-made and thus is not alive.

It is perhaps worth repeating this to make it perfectly clear.

A real UFO is a living object – although the PLF that the personality bundle would create in the astral realms may or may not be alive in the sense of having a soul.

A demon is alive.
Human life on planet Earth goes back a long way and has developed and been eliminated by catastrophes many times.
Some of these races were very advanced indeed compared to modern man.

You may remember us saying to you, that life has spent a great deal of time in negativity and is only now moving into positivity.
So, it was easy for the demonic spirits, at that time, to take control of scientists who were very negative, and influence them to create Grey UFOs and Grey PLF.

We hope you now have a clear picture of the difference between a true UFO and a Grey UFO.

Now, even though those scientists of that time were very advanced, sufficiently advanced as to be able to design and construct the first UFOs, compared to true aliens, they were still fairly primitive.

As they constructed the first Grey UFOs in physicality, naturally they used the technology that was available to them at that time.
Thus, as they had invented computers, keyboards and fiber optics, they incorporated them into the Grey UFOs. They also constructed PLFs and programmed them to operate the ships.

Assuming that what we have said about the Greys to be correct and, naturally, we are sure of our facts, or we would not state them, the Greys had UFOs a long time ago.

We will repeat, demons do not have the ability to move into physicality, so any UFOs or PLFs have to be created on Earth from Earth material.
That does not mean that everything would be as primitive as technology is on Earth today.
The technology used dates back many years, when a very advanced human species was incarnate, that was eventually wiped out by a global catastrophe and life had to begin again.

But the technology remains and is hidden away from public gaze.

Now, if we go back to the Roswell incident of 1947, it is our understanding that the Grey’s wanted to give us the gift of one or more UFOs and PLFs but, through an error, one UFO crashed and was destroyed along with the PLF.
Then, of course, a further error was committed by allowing the public to be informed that alien life was here on Earth.
As we mentioned earlier, this error was immediately rectified and a UFO was presented to the public as a balloon. The amazing thing is that most people accepted this idiotic story without question.
To make sure that the truth did not spread, many people had their lives threatened and some murders were committed.
Even these stupid acts did not arouse suspicion among the population.
One would have thought, that to reveal to the public photographs and reportages of a balloon, would hardly have warranted such massive attempts to cover up information about the balloon that had already been released to the public, but the majority of people accepted the balloon story and many, even today, are still asking the question, ‘Do UFOs exist? And many are still answering, ‘No’.

The fact that Grey UFOs and PLFs are frequently seen and filmed in the skies, connected to what we have said about these objects being created and repaired here on Earth, opens the door to a number of supplementary questions.
1. Where are they manufactured and repaired?
2. Where are the UFOs and PLFs stored when not in use?
3. Why did demons want UFOs to be able to explore so-called physicality?
4. What is the truth about abductions, mutilations, etc.

We will answer questions 1 and 2 here in this chapter.
The answers to many other aspects of Grey intervention will be discussed in other chapters.

Now, every time there was a catastrophe and all, or most, human and animal life eliminated, the Grey’s withdrew all their craft and PLFs that they had that were fit to fly and took them elsewhere; the moon, Mars, etc., until life settled down again on Earth, at which point they returned.

You may have noticed in various paintings from all over the world, tiny UFOs sometimes depicted in a not-too-obvious part of the paintings.

The reason is that, in the past, it was quite a common sight to see UFOs in the sky or even on land.

But, people were very superstitious and, usually, badly educated.
So, these artists might well have seen Grey visitors, but had no idea of who they were or what they wanted.
Even cave paintings, made many years ago, depict them, but both the UFOs and the PLFs are drawn in much the same fashion as these cavemen painted humans and animals. They raised no more curiosity to these early humans than seeing other humans or animals did. They were just a fact of life and were accepted as part of everyday life.

Later, when religions got a stranglehold on humanity, it was thought that the Grey population were probably Gods or angels or visitors from heaven or hell, so might well have been depicted in a painting, but it was deemed unwise to question God’s creation, so it was considered acceptable to include them in a religious painting, but it was better not to question God’s creation.

Before we answer questions 1 and 2, let us jump forward to the moment when a president and the leader of a Christian church and various other people had been contacted by the Tall Whites – or Nordics – as they are sometimes called.
We have already explained that these people live on Earth and their craft are manufactured on Earth by them.

This group explained to the president and his associates, that to use thermonuclear devices was not the way to move forward and offered, if these terrible weapons would be disposed of, to help humanity to progress towards world peace.
They also said that a negative group would follow their visit and this group would be very harmful to man. They were referring to the Grey’s.
The offer of the Tall Whites was refused and, a short while afterwards, the second group visited the same people who were present at the meeting with the Tall Whites and offered to supply advanced technology in exchange for certain favours.
This second group were the Grey’s.
Their offer was immediately accepted.

Now, the Grey’s had already a number of bases they used in which to manufacture, repair and store their craft and PLFs, usually in remote areas of the world, but asked for deep underground bases to be constructed in which they could conduct their affairs in secret. These bases are sometimes referred to as D.U.M.Bs (deep underground military bases). It is an apt term because the military must have been pretty dumb to accept any offer from demons!
However, such is the nature of military people, that any promise of advanced weapons of destruction appeals to their primitive instincts.
So, we have to this day the original hideaways that the Grey’s have been using for long ages and, in addition, D.U.M.Bs in which they can operate in peace.

On top of which, the Grey’s have been given total protection from investigation by the public and any attempt to reveal the Grey presence is hushed up by any and all means.

The one question that we will not answer is the power sources that are used to enable these Grey UFOs to fly.

In the case of true UFOs, we had to admit that we did not know what the technology used was that enable them to navigate in 3D physicality.

In the case of the Grey’s, apart from saying that it is anti-gravity, the technology – given, don’t forget by an advanced group of humans long ago – is so advanced compared to anything available on Earth now, that we would find it almost impossible to describe and you would not understand.

We wish to say before we end this chapter that the Greys, in an attempt to keep a semblance of respecting their part of the bargain – protection by the military in exchange for freedom to do whatever they want here on Earth – have given the military a number of UFOs as gifts.
But, much to the disappointment of the military, these Grey UFOs have proved impossible to fly by humans.
The excuse given by the Grey’s is that humans today do not have the skill to fly Grey craft because the PLFs that pilot them have such advanced spiritual skills that they become one with the craft.
However, if we consider that a PLF has an IQ of about 80, this would not hold water.

In fact, the Greys create special UFO, incapable of flight, tow them to a spot and then drop them to ground and tell the military to go and pick up the gift.

The fact that, it would appear, the military spend a fortune back engineering something that could never create anti-gravity, gives some indication of the intelligence of high ranking military people.

It should be obvious that, when dealing with demons, they do all that is in their power to create unhappiness, and giving false gifts is just one of their ploys.
But the military mind is special!

We will end this chapter here and move on, although we are sure that there is still a lot more we could say about this demonic force.

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