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In this chapter, we will discuss the phenomenon known as ‘alien abductions’ and describe what really happens as far as we can because, like much to do with the subject of aliens, it is a multi-layered subject and not a “one answer fits all” event.

We can, however, break the subject down into two basic types of events.

1. A person might be outside of his/her house, either during the day or the night and is obliged to go into a spaceship. By outside of the house we mean remote from the house.

2. A person might be fast asleep in bed, either on their own or with someone else and they are suddenly aware of PLFs in the room who oblige them to go to a spaceship, often passing through solid walls.

In either case, there are usually very unpleasant medical type examinations that take place, some extremely painful, some not.

We feel that it will be easier to understand what is going on from the moment that the person is inside the UFO, try to explain exactly what is happening and then go back to the moment of the actual abduction later.

So, we will start from the moment that the person is inside the craft and follow the procedure.
Our aim is to help you understand exactly what an abduction is that some people now call an ‘experience’ and the person to whom it is happening an ‘experiencer’.

The first thing that we need to point out is that what the abducted person notices is that sometimes they have the impression that they are in a circular craft and sometimes they feel that they are in a base of some kind, a physical building.

Also, they might notice a few PLFs around them and, further away, human looking doctors in lab coats, soldiers (sometimes) and various creatures – Mantis and Reptilians.
So, in some cases there are a variety of entities observing what is going on, some human and some obviously not.

The actual abduction event can vary from one person – male or female – on their own, up to a large number of abducted people, who may be sitting in a classroom looking at TV type screens.
If the person is alone, they often find themselves naked and lying on a stainless steel table, unable to move, and a variety of medical examination instruments appear and are manipulated by the PLFs.

Even if there are 3 or 4 people in a similar situation, there are always the required number of tables and the required number of medical instruments.
And, we should add, the required number of ‘doctors’ or ‘technicians’, if we may thus term them, to cover any situation, almost as if the abductions had been pre-programmed and the required number of operatives brought in.

So, we need, perhaps, to ask a few questions before we can hope to get any intelligent answers as to what abductions are.
Before we delve into those questions, may we explain how we, the Great White Brotherhood, manage to observe any abductions and learn what people claim is happening to them?

We live, as you should be aware by now, in the astral realms.
But those realms always have a connection to what is referred to as 3-D physicality because, as we have explained many times and at great length, what you refer to as physicality is, in fact, just in or on one of the dimensions – the 6th dimension – and as we have the ability to move through the dimensions easily, we can, from the place where we normally reside, move our frequency to be in synchronicity with the 6th dimension and thus can observe directly what is going on as someone is abducted and also to examine the events taking place during the abduction experience.
We also have the ability to select a frequency almost identical to the frequency that the abduction events are taking place on but just slightly altered – phase shifted, if you wish – to enable us to remain invisible to all in 3D physicality but close enough that we can follow what is happening.

Next, we can bring the Akashic Record to our aid.
We have to explain that every event, anywhere connected to planet Earth and throughout all time, for all people, are recorded in the Akashic Record – the living library – so we can enter that realm and watch abductions, past and present, exactly as they happened.
We can observe an abduction as a film or we can slow it down, speed it up and even link, psychically, with the people taking part and study the event from their point of view, and/or from the point of view of any living creature connected to the event.
We will add that machines are not directly connected to the Akashic Record.
Therefore, we can look through the eyes of a human and look at a PLF but we could not observe the human through the eyes of the PLF, as that creature is not alive. It is just a machine, a robot.

Finally, we can use the Akashic Record in another fashion and look at all the films and videos created, some of them on celluloid film and some electronically and stored as videos available to anyone who has a computer and an internet connection. Although the actual film or video is not directly stored in the Akashic Record, not being alive, we can observe it through the eyes and memories of those who made the films or videos, so it comes to the same thing.

Thus, we hope you can appreciate from what we have just said about that, if we interest ourselves in alien abductions, there is not much about the events that escapes our attention.
Thus, individually and collectively, we are able to analyse the evidence before us and are able to draw intelligent conclusions.
We may work individually on any project that interests us but may also link, telepathically, to any other member of the Great White Brotherhood studying the same phenomenon and instantly know all the intelligence that they have garnered on a subject as an instant block of knowledge and, inversely, they can download any information that the first individual has.
This happens instantly and so, in a very short space of time, we are able to share any knowledge and thus combine our experiences, which enables us to have a vast amount of intelligence on any subject, a combined view of all Great White Brotherhood members that wish to share their knowledge on any subject.

In the case of alien abductions, this is exactly what we have done and so what we will explain on the subject is our collective view of what has been going on over a vast period of time and from all over the world, including anything that may be from other dimensions but relevant to the alien abduction scenario.

The first thing we wish to say is that abductions – or any other negative act – is never carried out by the group of “true” aliens, the personality bundles that we described earlier.
The only acts that the positive aliens are responsible for are when atomic missile silos or bunkers are interfered with.
The positive or true aliens heartily disapprove of war in general and nuclear war in particular and so they demonstrate to the military of various countries, from time to time, that they will not tolerate the use of such weapons.

This they do by demonstrating their ability to contact the arming and firing mechanisms of any nuclear based weapons, to give fair warning to anyone stupid enough to try to start a nuclear war, that this will not be allowed to happen.

We hope that the military and governmental authorities of the world have learnt this lesson by now and, although they still pose as if they are capable of nuclear aggression, in fact, know perfectly well that this will never be allowed to happen.

So, we know that all the abductions, mutilations and so on are either conducted by the Greys or certain factions of military that works to aid the Greys or to scare people to be afraid of aliens,
Most people do not know that there are two types of aliens – peaceful ones and harmful ones.
So, abductions and mutilations are conducted to paint a picture that all aliens are evil.

Now, abductions can take many forms but we wish to bring to your attention a few interesting points that raises questions as to what exactly is happening and in what dimension events might be occurring.

Let us also say that many abductees or experiencers return from an event with little or no memory that they were abducted.
It is only when they are addressed during hypnotic sessions that memories return and they relive the horrifying events of one or more abductions.

We should also mention that there are some people who create abductions entirely fictitiously – they never, in fact, happened.
There are a few reasons why people may do this and we touched on this topic earlier.
Everyone likes to feel special and the alien agenda is the latest one that people pick on to use in their pursuit of feeling special.

There are people who are mentally or emotionally weak and are quite often pushed onto the edge of society. Thus, they have no ability to feel that their existence is justified because all they have to show for their lives is a number of failed relationships and the number of visits to psychiatric establishments.
But, if they can claim to have something esoteric happened to them, who can deny that it is not true?
So, some people start to channel angelic beings, St. Michael, Jesus, Mary, God, etc.
And the surprising thing is that others believe them and so the unwell person is encouraged to go on and on using social media to create groups to whom these messages are given.
The fact that others accept this information as real is, perhaps, a sign of just how sad, lost and confused so many people are and to be told that these angelic beings are caring for them, are aware of and dealing with worldly affairs to create a paradise on Earth, so would accept unquestioningly these messages.

We should, in fairness, say that the same criticism could apply to us – the Great White Brotherhood – because for a number of years now we have been telling you that we are moving from darkness into light.
However, although we can present little or no proof that we are not just a group of mentally ill people creating fantasy, we leave you to judge if we are rational, sane beings and what we tell you is fact, not fiction, no matter how bizarre some of it sounds.

These somewhat unwell people, if they don’t create channelled messages from saints, might go down the road of abductions.
After all, internet and conferences are full of people recounting similar stories of having been abducted, sperm and ova taken and hybrid children produced, etc.

Books may be written describing multiple abductions dating back to childhood, any number of gory details concerning operations conducted and on and on.
Then, once the book published, the UFO conference circuit can be approached and, pretty soon, the person can earn a living giving talks describing abductions, hybrid children, trips to various planets in UFOs, etc.
All fictitious, but that no one questions.

Now, please understand that we described above the many unbalanced people who create a Walter Mitty world in which to live.
Everyone has the right to live in whatever reality they create but to distract other people to believe them is not helpful.
So, please do not think that we are saying that all people who have abductions are mentally ill. We are not.

But there is a point that is somewhat baffling.
This is the subject of needing to use “the bathroom”, as it is called when referring to need to pass urine or excreta.

Anyone who is woken up in the middle of the night and told to follow someone from the bedroom for some reason, would quite often say that they need to visit the bathroom first.

But, in the case of abductees suddenly lifted from their beds in the middle of the night, our investigations have never revealed anyone requesting to visit the bathroom before moving out of the house.
Similarly, those who are abducted from the exterior of the house, perhaps in a car, and are stripped naked, laid on a cold stainless steel table, in the UFO that they often mentioned as being cold has, to our knowledge, never mentioned requesting to use the bathroom in the UFO.

Those who have ever been to a meeting or conference on Earth where there might be a hundred people will know that, pretty soon, there will be people heading for the toilets. This never seems to happen in multiple UFO abductions.

We have watched people describe witnessing a number of children, abducted and being taught in spaceships.
Anyone who has worked in schools with young children will know that regular visits to the bathroom occur.
But not with abducted children.

As the last thing, women of childbearing age, if frequently abducted, would, one imagines, be having their monthly period from time to time but it is rare that any woman complains of having been abducted, stripped naked at this delicate time of the month and left lying naked on the table.
One would have thought that the memory of such an unpleasant event would have remained uppermost in her mind, but no. It is seldom ever mentioned.

So, what is going on here?
People being abducted in vast numbers worldwide but never needing to use the bathroom?
Women of childbearing age never complaining of being abducted during the menstrual cycle period.

Would you agree that there is something bizarre occurring?

Then, of course, we have the situation of people being taken for several days out into space and shown various things.
Not only is there never mention of needing to visit “the bathroom” but never any desire to eat.
If they are taken on a conducted tour of the ship, we have never heard of anyone mentioning the toilet area, the kitchens, the dining areas, bedrooms or any of the things that we would need.
Never any description of any food given.

Of course, now that we have mentioned this, perhaps abductees will start to mention bathrooms and kitchens but, up till now, of all the cases we have studied worldwide, these places have never been mentioned.
Equally, during the question and answer sessions at the end of a lecture, these questions have seldom or never been raised.

Would you agree that there is something not totally “Earth like” in all this?

We, when incarnate, remember having the desire to eat fairly frequently and the need to visit the bathroom at regular intervals – but not once we are in the Astral Realms, once our incarnations terminated, and neither do people inside spaceships, or hangers, apparently.
Perhaps there is a connection here worth considering?

We wish you to know that we have studied thousands of cases, not only from America but from all over the world, cases presented by people of all ages, skin colour, education and so on and never from conscious memory, nor from hypnotic regression, has anyone any memory of eating or using toilets during abductions.
It is also interesting that seldom or never, during hypnotic regression sessions, has the person conducting the regression ever asked these questions.

From our point of view, if we were involved with abductees, these are among the first questions to which we would seek answers, to try to verify in what plane of reality all this was occurring: 3D reality or in astral (etheric) form.

One last point on this subject. People claim to have seen hybrid children, some quite human looking.
Do these hybrids need to eat and eliminate if they really have human looking bodies? Once again, if there are no kitchens for food preparation and no toilets to take care of the other end of the digestive process, are true beings being described?
Once again, we get no answer from the people being abducted.

So, can we step back from all this and find out really what the abduction scenario is all about?

Fortunately, thanks to the Akashic Records, where the truth about the actual events are stored, we can see what abductions are about.
We had better just say, before we continue, in the case of an abduction, two versions are stored in the Akashic Record. The first is what the abductee experienced and the second is just a recording of what actually happened.

If we may give a simple example. If we look at a scene from a movie, we see the result as presented on the silver screen.
But if we see a documentary of how that scene was constructed, we have the script writers who work with the producers and director of the film who, in turn, work with a host of other people; set designers, creators of clothing, sound and light engineers, makeup artists and the actors and, eventually, a scene is recorded and projected in a cinema.
So, we can see that, behind the scene, as we might watch it in a cinema, is another set of events that eventually create the final scene.

Therefore, we can have recorded, two versions of a scene:
1. The version you watch on the screen, and
2. A description of what really happened.

In the case of abductions, we have two events similar to what we have described above:
1. We have the event as described by an abductee, and
2. A version of what really occurred that enabled the abduction scenario to happen.

Now, this is where we need to tread carefully, because we do not wish to step on people’s toes, so to speak, but at the same time we have the obligation to tell the truth about abduction events.

We have already said that of the two types of aliens, all abductions are created by the demonic ones, and/or the military, who have been given, by the demonic Greys, the knowledge of how to abduct people.

The modus operandi of demons is negativity. They exist to create negativity – fear.
So, we can be sure that any act by negative aliens will be negative – unpleasant.

Perhaps, before we take the plunge to describe the actions of the Grey group of aliens, we could return for a moment to the true aliens who are, by and large, positive, helpful.

We said that the only act that the good aliens would do was to prevent mankind from destroying the Earth by nuclear weapons and this is, by and large, true.
However, they are constantly monitoring situations on Earth and, although they generally do not interfere with man, can and do if they feel the occasion merits it.
We will not go into details except to say that the true, positive aliens, are constantly monitoring events on many levels; not only here on Earth but throughout the galaxy and trying to correct actions by others that would cause great harm.

But let us return to the abduction scenario.

We deliberately, and at some length, mentioned about bathrooms and kitchens and tried to get you to question what was happening, because we wanted you to try to accept that there was something not entirely physical about an abduction.

We will ignore the people who have emotional problems and invent abductions, which is so easy to imagine from the mass of abduction stories that are on internet or described in the many books written by abductees or experiencers. These deluded people might or might not finish by believing what they have imagined but the fact remains, did they get abducted or did they not?
We leave them to resolve those issues themselves.

So, let us move on to examine what really happens to genuine abductees.

We have to say that none of it is physical, much that what is experienced seems perfectly real.
The bathroom story we recounted should be enough to indicate to all reasonable people that abductions cannot be physical because, if there are no toilets facilities on board a spacecraft – or kitchens for that matter – the floors of the spacecraft would soon be awash in urine.
Who has ever seen aliens swabbing urine with mops and buckets in UFOs? No one!
Who has ever seen washing water on a spacecraft?
There is never anything on a UFO related to bodily functions, either in terms of food, cleanliness or toilets.
It just doesn’t exist.
Has anyone who spent, perhaps, a week on a spaceship, returned starving hungry and running for the nearest toilet?
It doesn’t happen!
They leave the UFO at the same weight as when they entered it a week previously.

So, we must say that spacecraft are real and, in the case of the Grey ones, manufactured on Earth in secret hideouts.
PLFs are real physical entities, robots, manufactured also on Earth.
These UFOs and even, sometimes, the little PLFs remain in our reality.

The Grey demonic forces always remain in the astral realms but are able to communicate with certain military people either through telepathy or using some PLFs that have been fitted with voice boxes.
Therefore, there is a large element of the UFO phenomenon that is entirely physical and some, at least, of what is reported about underground bases by so-called whistleblowers is accurate.

But the abduction phenomenon is not entirely physical.
Once again this is going to be difficult to explain and even more difficult to accept by people who have been abducted and, either by memory or by hypnotic recall, are totally convinced that what they experienced was real.
In a way it was real. Real but not physical.

Let us take the case of someone driving along a country road and is taken.
You will notice that it is rare, indeed, for any person or family to be abducted from a car in a busy thoroughfare.

Usually what occurs is that the driver is instructed to turn off a busy interstate or motorway, down a side road and out into a deserted area where the car would not be disturbed.
After all, if a car suddenly stopped on a busy Interstate highway, it would not be long before it attracted the attention of a passing patrol car and the police would notice that either the occupants were missing or were in a deep trance.
Either way, action would be taken against the wishes of the abductors.

Thus, the car is directed to a remote area.
From there the abduction takes place and the people finally directed back to their car.

There are reports of cars being lifted, occupants and all, into the air and taken inside the spacecraft.
Now, what the recordings stored in the Akashic Record actually indicate is that, using a mind control technique, the people are put in a trance and it is their etheric double, including the etheric (created) image of the car if necessary, that is taken from the people and placed inside a created version of the spaceship.

This obviously needs to be explained carefully.

All living creatures – including humans – are multidimensional beings.
Therefore, you should know by now if you have followed our teachings, that you have, just next to your physical body, a copy that is called the etheric double.
This etheric double is actually many layered.
When people do astral projection, they enter the etheric double and wander about in an alternative reality.

Now, the aliens – the negative ones – are able to create a form of etheric double of their craft, or even bases in which the PLF are stored, and within these created areas are able to transport the etheric double of the abductees.

The physical bodies, once their consciousness is placed associated with the etheric double, just sleeps or is in a trance.
So, the abductee, with his consciousness now placed within his etheric double, finds himself in the etheric double of whatever is required, spaceship or base somewhere.

Therefore, all the experiments conducted on their body is actually occurring in the etheric double, that seems real to the abductee, just as a person who does astral projection feels it is real.
It is real, but not physical.

Now, we will also say that it is possible to abduct a person physically but it is rarely done because, as we mentioned, a physical person has “calls of nature” and UFOs are not equipped for dealing with bodily fluids.

So, it is more convenient to abduct the etheric double of a person, from which point they can access the mind of the sleeping person and thus connect with all the personal knowledge that the abducted person has.

The object, as we have often mentioned, is to find out, not only about human emotions, but in the hopes, also, of discovering the soul (the God spirit).
Thus, the aliens hope that if they can create souls and if they know all about people’s personalities, they can create hybrids, not only with souls but with all the attributes of men and women.

The babies shown to ladies are etheric in nature – non-physical.
The people who have breastfed babies without being able to produce milk in physicality can do so in the etheric realms, because the etheric realm is also one of imagination and thus, if the lady imagines she is breastfeeding a child, the milk flows.
But it is not physical milk. It is imaginary milk feeding an imaginary baby.

So, assuming you believe what we are telling you, you can see that, once one is in the etheric world – which is a carbon copy of the real Earth – it is simple to pass through solid walls or through the roof of the house because, although to the person involved it seems just as real and solid as our (your) normal Earth, it is all actually non-physical. A solid looking wall or window is a form of imaginary construct in the etheric realm.

Thus, the physical body of the person remains in bed while the etheric double is in a parallel version of Earth but in this etheric or astral form. It is a form of astral projection, except that it is being provoked either by the demonic entities or by a section of the military who work with – and sometimes in competition with – the Greys.
In either case, all that happens is being done in the etheric realms.

As we mentioned, all this seems just as real as it would do if the physical body was being abducted.

Although we have already mentioned this, we will repeat, it occasionally occurs that the physical person is abducted but it is rare because, as we mentioned, the physical body has the need to eat and to eliminate, whereas the etheric body does not, so it is easier to abduct people etherically.

The etheric body is alive, while the physical body is alive, and so has access to all the emotions, thoughts and knowledge that the physical person has.

There are still a number of questions that remain to be answered.

1. Why are people always undressed during an abduction?
The answer is that the concept of entering a hospital, if one requires an operation, is known to most people and so it is accepted that a change of garb is required if any medical procedure is going to be performed.
The patient enters a hospital, is required to remove his street clothes and put on the sterile clothing provided by the hospital.
The patient is then placed on a bed.
As, during abductions, we are working in an imaginary world – the etheric – the mind of the abductee automatically switches on to what they think should happen in an operation and so the person feels the desire to remove his/her street clothes or night apparel.
However, no hospital garb is provided so the person feels naked.

Then, in a real hospital, the person is placed in a bed.
So, in the etheric realm a similar event occurs except that, instead of it being a fairly comfortable hospital bed, the concept of a stainless steel table is projected by the Greys into the mind of the abducted person.

Have you ever questioned why abducted people, stark naked, do not feel embarrassed when there are a number of abducted humans together, all totally naked?
After all, humans might be comfortable appearing naked in front of their wives or husbands but would be very embarrassed at being naked in close proximity to total strangers.
But abducted people never seem to mention this.
The reason is that it is because, in the etheric realm, this type of emotion has no relevance, so no one feels embarrassed.

2. Why is it that people sometimes return from an abduction with their clothes on the wrong way round or wearing someone else’s clothes?
The answer to this is that it doesn’t. The person remains in bed or in a vehicle or whatever, and his/her etheric double is taken. The physical body is not tampered with.
Now, we will admit that on rare occasions a person is physically taken, in which case the person might be redressed with something amiss but, if taken etherically, the physical clothing would not be tampered with.

So, we have given a fairly in-depth view of what happens during an abduction.
Obviously, with all these types of events we could say much more but we would finish up with ridiculously large volumes that no one would read. Thus, we give an overview and hope that, from the information provided, you can extrapolate yourself to try to answer any other questions that might occur to you.
If you bear in mind that, usually, an abduction is happening in the etheric realms, you should be able to answer any questions that would seem to be impossible in physicality.

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