Aliens – The Strange Truth – Read Online – Chapter 14



We think that you will agree that, so far in this book, we have covered a number of topics, many of which will be new to you and, perhaps, difficult to comprehend.
This is perfectly understandable because, as we have previously explained, no new information can be assimilated, accepted, unless a sort of pigeonhole is created in the mind in which to store the information.

Thus, it is inevitable that many of you will reject what we have told you in this unusual description of aliens and abductions.
The fact that a subject cannot be accepted does not mean that it is not true, it just means that you have no means of accepting the information.

If you do not have a pigeon hole created in the mind in which to store information, you have to reject that information until such times as a pigeon hole is formed, and then you have the possibility, at least, to consider, intelligently, the information presented and weigh the pros and cons in your own mind.

The mind likes, always, to stay on safe ground, which is why, in modern times, the subject of UFOs and aliens were made fun of – aided and abetted by governments and military who wanted this subject to remain secret.

When UFOs started to appear in concrete form in the 1940’s – particularly once atomic weapons were invented – nobody wanted to accept that this frightening possibility was reality and so the coverup started. The military and the governments found it as difficult to accept UFOs and aliens as real as the average person of that time would have.
Now, rejection of a reality can take a number of forms.
As we have just mentioned, until one has a pigeon hole formed, rejection has to take place, but even if and when the pigeon hole is formed, if the subject is considered frightening – and at that time people (beings) appearing from out of the sky in strange looking craft, with strange looking lifeforms on the some of them, was reason to be very frightened.

So, to create an atmosphere of denial, it was decided to mock the UFO phenomenon and anyone who thought that UFOs were real was considered deranged.
At the same time, dreadful action was taken against anyone claiming to have seen or have knowledge of a UFO.

However, times are gradually changing and most people are aware today that UFOs exist.

What is not known, of course, is who they are and where they come from, which is why we are presenting this book to you.

There would be no point in us just repeating that they come from some distant star cluster when we know perfectly well who and what they are and where they come from.

So, we present the truth as we know it to be, and we must say that a small section of military intelligence also knows and leave it to you to accept or reject this information.

So now let us turn to another topic of the UFO phenomenon, once again very difficult to discuss, which is animal and human mutilations.

We are sure that most of you are aware of this horrific act but, for the few who do not know, a variety of animals; horses, cows, sheep and even wild animals are discovered dreadfully cut about, drained completely of blood. We have to say that, occasionally, even humans are found similarly mutilated.
To make matters worse, there is some evidence that these mutilations are carried out while the poor creatures, or humans, are alive and conscious.
If these acts are carried out, acts of unspeakable cruelty, we can be sure that the true aliens would not be involved.
Nor would any being from the higher astral realms.

So, we must assume that these vivisections are either being carried out by humans and/or the demonic aliens – the same ones that perform the abductions that we mentioned in the previous chapter.

So, if we employ the same investigation techniques that we used to discover the truth about abductions, we can find the truth about vivisections, known as animal mutilations.

We have to admit that many of them are carried out by Earth humans.

Trainee or student doctors or biologists consider it perfectly normal to take live frogs and cut them up to study the nervous systems, etc.
So, many types of people are trained to perform these disgusting acts in the name of science.
Vivisection is considered quite normal in laboratories.

Now, this is where it links to the alien agenda.

When people started being abducted and experimented on, it was seized upon by a certain group of doctors and biologists as an excuse to abduct animals and humans and blame aliens for the mutilations.

If we may, we will take a page or two to explain this.

There are many branches of science and military who have for a number of years been trying to develop new breeds of humans sometimes called “super soldiers”.
However, the term super soldier is misleading.
What misguided scientists, doctors and biologists involved with these practices are attempting to do is a number of things, genetic modification of certain humans for specific tasks.
For instance, the scientific community (this group we are talking about) are aware that, long years ago, a previous race which no longer exists, had mastered the technique of mixing human and animal DNA, not simply to create strange monster entities but to create specific “designer” entities.
Mythological history talks about Sphinx, Minotaur’s, Merpeople and on and on.

These are not the random result of mixing horse and human DNA, not the random result of mixing bull, lion and other creatures with human DNA, but the technique had been perfected to create specific creatures according to the design of the geneticists of that time.
The result was creatures that come down to us today in mythology.
Sometimes an entity with a human front end and a horse’s rear end – a Centaur – or a man with the head of a bull and so on (a Minotaur).

As you may be aware, genetic experiments on humans, in many countries, is not permitted today, and quite rightly so.
It may have interested the geneticists to tamper with both animal and human genes but the amount of suffering caused to both humans and the animals, the result of these experiments, is beyond calculation.

The strange thing is that the prime directive of medical doctors is not to harm a living creature – the Hippocratic oath, as it is called – but there are secret laboratories all over the world containing medical doctors and skilled biologists that do not think twice before attempting to splice human and animal genes together.

So, let us examine the laboratories that perform these acts and then let us consider why they do this, because you can be sure that there are reasons for these experiments.

Once the genetic code was uncovered (1953), and once contact had been made with evil aliens who offered to share some of their advanced genetic knowledge in exchange for us creating DUMBs and allowing these aliens free access to conduct whatever experiments they wanted to carry out, the door was open, in a sense, to create mixtures of human and animal hybrids.

The medical specialists and the military, in collaboration with some very powerful pharmaceutical companies, realised that the mixing of human and animal DNA was possible because they were fairly sure that it had been done in the past and that certain of these created creatures still survive to this day.

As we mentioned, mixing human and animal genes in a random fashion is hard enough, but to do so with a controlled and repeatable end result, like the previous race of men had achieved, was a different problem altogether.

Thus, in some of these DUMBs and secret areas, experiments were started.
Large numbers of people who would not be missed were and are abducted, physically, and imprisoned in cages in these underground facilities to provide a bank of beings available for experimentation.

Although it is not widely known, humans are not all the same.
The genetic structure alters somewhat depending on the ancestry of the people.

Of the basic races; white, black, yellow, brown skinned, there are slight differences, which needed to be studied and choices made as to which groups would be the most suitable to mix with which animals to create a certain hybrid blend.

Let us now look at the actual mutilation scene.

You must realise that secrecy in these experiments is of the greatest importance, because much of what is being done is strictly illegal and, if discovered and brought to public attention, many heads would roll.
There are secret political groups involved, secret military groups, secret pharmaceutical groups, not to mention what are called three and four letter organisations.

There is great similarity of the level of secrecy of the human/animal hybrid program to the human/alien programme being conducted by evil aliens.

Although the end result is not quite the same, the need for total secrecy is paramount and so humans and aliens work together and share similar bases.

Now, the human geneticists already have a large number of easily physically abducted people of all races stored underground in cages, as we have said, but there was, and is, need to abduct animals to study and experiment on.

It suited both groups, the geneticists and the aliens, to work together to abduct farm animals and, as alien UFOs, in physical form, have the ability to hoist animals into their UFOs, these craft, operated by PLFs, abduct cows, horses, sheep, etc., take them back to the base where experiments are conducted, the necessary DNA and other elements extracted and then the animal is returned to the farm from which it was taken and dropped to the ground by a UFO. Very occasionally helicopters are used for the return journey but helicopters are noisy, slow moving and obviously of Earth origin, so it is preferable to use UFOs, both to take the animals and to return them.

One may ask why the mutilated animals are returned at all?
There are a number of answers to this question.
If an animal just disappeared from a farm, rustlers would be suspected and an expensive investigation conducted.
But, once a three letter agency is aware that a mutilated farm, or even wild, animal is found, they have been warned to hush up the incident and bring any investigation to a halt.
This three letter agency may not be aware of by whom and why these mutilations are being carried out, but they have been made aware that it is top secret and they must get rid of the body and stop any investigation.

So, it is considered that the mutilations are carried out by aliens and, as the alien subject is off topic (not to be mentioned), any investigation immediately stops and so the real perpetrators are safe from disclosure.

So, then the tests on blending human and animal genetics can carry on in secret and no one in the public will be any the wiser.

If you have followed the animal mutilation lectures given by highly respected investigators of the topic, the lectures go round and around showing gory pictures of the mutilated corpses of the animals concerned, then go on to suggest alien interference as the source and then the lecture stops.
In other words, the lectures are always just a repeat of what is known; mutilated corpses and tales of farmers seeing UFOs and that is all.
There is never any talk of what the real cause is because, either the lecturer is ignorant of the reason why they take place, or they are frightened of being assassinated for revealing any truth on the subject.

We feel that the public has the right to know what is going on but we also protect the people who work with us in revealing these horrors.

So, let us progress as far as we can.

We mentioned that the concept behind animal abductions is to create hybrid monsters, a blend of human and animal.
We mentioned that large numbers of people are abducted and kept in cages in DUMBs, so that a range of all different DNA types of people are available for experimentation.
Plus, of course, many different animal body parts are stored in these DUMBs and, in very secret areas of the DUMBs, scientists are performing experiments, sometimes on their own and sometimes being helped by aliens.

The results of these experiments, if alive, are stored in areas deep underground.
You may have heard people talk of Nightmare Hall in one of these DUMBs.
People talk of seeing humans horribly disfigured with part human, part animal aspects to them.
These are the results of the experiments that take place in attempts to create human/animal hybrids.
The people who have seen Nightmare Hall, and talk about it, mention PLFs there also, caring for the needs of these experiments: food, drink, cleaning the cages and administering any drugs needed either to keep these poor creatures alive or to keep them sedated.
So, they put two and two together and come to the wrong conclusion that all this is being done by aliens as part of their agenda – whatever that might be.
Of course, they have no idea of the truth that these foul experiments are actually part of a human agenda to create animal/human hybrids.

The question one must eventually address is, ‘What exactly are they trying to create?’
After all humans are clever people, where as animals are considered dumb beasts, so what could possibly be the advantage of blending a human with an animal?

Actually, there are a number of reasons, most of them with military connections – on the face of it at least – which enables the organisations promoting all this to get funding from the taxpayer via what are known as “black budget” methods of concealing where money is going and what it is used for.

You must be aware that to set up such a vast organisation creating human/animal hybrids in total secrecy for such a long period of time and, at the same time, hide the alien agenda, is a vast and complex security problem. A problem which is only resolved by pouring massive amounts of money and resources into keeping every aspect totally compartmentalised so that only a few evil, but trusted, individuals are aware of the truth.

Should the truth of the reality of the scale of these operations ever be revealed to the public, the majority of humanity would deny that it was, and is, possible.

Of course, the fact that most decent people naturally do not want to believe that such things are possible, aids enormously the people concerned with security to maintain secrecy.

Most people are aware of the myths of the various creatures that come down to us from the past and are used in a number of books and films to entertain the public, but few, indeed, would be prepared to accept that the same, or similar, creatures are being created just under their feet in these secret hideaways.

So high is the level of secrecy that many, indeed most, of the people employed in the genetic manipulation scenario are unaware of what is going on.
The trick with all this is because of the very clever ruse called compartmentalization.

Can you imagine, for a moment, the vast number of people involved in just creating a DUMB?
Obviously, people are employed to design a DUMB.
Then contractors are brought in to dig the site.
Then a vast number of outside contractors are employed to create all that is necessary to furnish the DUMB with huge amounts of highly specialised and specially developed materials such as elevators (lifts), alarm systems, cages of all sorts, storage areas, laboratories of incredibly advanced types, food storage, restaurants, bedrooms … the list goes on and on.
And all this manufactured, transported to the site and installed, without anyone working on the project having the faintest idea of what is going on, what they are manufacturing and installing and why they are doing it.

Then, scientists of many types are employed to carry out the DNA experiments.

We must consider the enormous infrastructure needed to keep a DUMB operating.
Electricity, gas, water and many other elements gathered from all over the world and taken to the DUMB when required.

Also, transport of personnel and materials, a host of security guards, a host of caterers and so on.

A DUMB is a veritable underground city with, eventually, thousands of people involved in one way or another and financed, secretly, by funds syphoned from the tax system.

Thanks to this compartmentalization, the secret is maintained.
The system is simple and works like this.

Above a DUMB is usually created a small series of buildings holding security personnel and a few military and Air Force people to give the semblance of a military base of some sort.
Let us take a small, almost laughable, example.

An order goes to one or, usually, more than one bakery firm to provide a certain number of loaves of bread each day.
Often, the order is split and goes to a number of bakery factories somewhat remote from the base.

Now, on their own, the orders are for relatively small numbers of loaves, so as not to raise suspicion but, collectively, the amount of bread ordered each day would be enormous.

The orders come from the military and the baker is instructed to bake X amount of loaves each day.
Then, quite often, a truck will arrive at the factory, loads up and drives to a depot.
So that is all the baker is aware of.

The transport company just knows that, each day, they must collect X loaves and deliver them to a site, where they are unloaded.
That is as far as the transport company is concerned.

But the same thing is going on from a number of bakers spread around America, or the country concerned.
Then the loaves are transported to a larger site and loaded onto a plane and flown to a landing strip close to the DUMB – of which there is no evidence over ground except the few buildings that were mentioned earlier. Once again, the crew of the plane may not be aware of what they are carrying as the loaves would be wrapped and placed on pallets to hide what they are.
From the landing strip, these anonymous creates or packages would be stored and other people would arrive to take them to a huge elevator, or lift.
Others who would lower them down the elevator and yet others, underground, would transport them on and on until, finally, they end up in a number of restaurants underground where people eat – but each group separately.
The security guards do not eat with the scientists. Even the top scientists seldom mix with those lower down the genetic program.

Thus, we hope you can see that even for a simple loaf of bread a vast amount of precaution is taken to ensure secrecy.
It is referred to as compartmentalization. This rather uncouth word is at the heart of the security program for both the human and alien agenda.

As a safeguard, should anything be revealed, blame is put upon the aliens working in these DUMBs and who have far above top secret level of protection from investigation.

So, let us now consider some of the motives for creating human/animal hybrids.

First, we should repeat what we have already mentioned and it is this.
The geneticists at the top of the program know that strange beings were created a long time ago by an advanced race who no longer exist.
But the geneticists who met and discussed this event with certain military today, realised that if such creatures existed and were created long ago, the scientists of that time must have had good reason.

Further, the alien hybrid agenda was known about and it was hoped that the modern-day geneticists could ask the Greys to assist in the development of human/animal creations because the military were helping the Greys with their program of creating human/alien hybrids.
The Greys agreed to this and so the program was organised without any clear objective of where it might take them.

Of course, the background thought was always military advantage.
It was thought that if it were possible, for example, to create a creature with the strength of a bull but the brains of a human, that would definitely be a formidable weapon on the battlefield.
Of course, the animal would need to be changed quite a lot.
A bull might have formidable strength but if it did not have human type arms, it could not hold a weapon.
Also, the brain of the human would have to be altered just to obey orders but have no concept of disobeying any orders.

So much cogitation went on as to how to proceed.

Would it be possible to grow a bull with a human head?
Would it be possible to grow a bull with an extra pair of arms like a Centaur?
What level of intelligence would it need?
How could its natural instincts be suppressed? For instance, should these bull/human hybrids be lined up on the battlefield and the enemy passed a drone and sprayed “cow in heat” hormones into a distant pasture, a normal bull would lose all interest in what it was doing, charge after the hormone smell and start to battle with the other bulls present for the right to mate with the supposed female.
These sorts of instincts obviously needed to be suppressed.

Exactly what type of hybrid the scientists hope for is not really the subject of this discussion.
It is the fact that humans and animals were and are being abducted, experimented on (vivisection) in the vain hopes of constructing the correct genetic code to create such a beast, is what really interests us.
It is the degree of human and animal suffering that concerns us.
We are also concerned at the level of deceit being used and the vast financial and other resources being siphoned off. Resources that could and should be used to better people’s lives: care for the sick, care for the homeless, food for all, etc.

Let us go on to say that the Archangels, directed by God to put the logos of life into anything (or not), reluctantly put a soul with these creatures as they are both – human and animal – creatures from Earth initially, created by God and do not contain any alien parts.

So, the poor wretched creatures created in laboratories and stored in cages deep underground are truly alive, just as we (you and I) are.
In our eyes, it is an abomination against God to create such creatures.
If the Directors of Life had decided that they were necessary, they would have made them long ago.

Further, one could question if such creatures would really be necessary in a peaceful civilisation, which is the direction in which we are heading?

As these creatures are truly alive, it might be possible that they could breed between themselves. If this were to be the case, what do we do with the offspring?

So, we can only wait and see what these modern scientists come up with.
One can be sure that every type of creature that myths are made of from long ago will be envisaged: Merpeople, Centaurs, Minotaur’s and everything that is shown in fantasy films today.

Indeed, when one sees the types of monsters shown in some films, one wonders if knowledge of these experiments is not being leaked to certain filmmakers to help prepare us for the day these creatures are shown publicly.

After all, it was done with the UFO phenomenon and people accept that there are UFOs and PLFs now with little surprise.

Like with all these chapters, we could go on and fill pages with what we are aware of concerning this program, which is still in its infancy.
But, the question concerning animal mutilations, we have answered and clearly explained that, although there is alien help given, the program that results in these mutilations has been addressed. It is of human origin.

It is up to you now to consider what we have said and either believe what we have told you or go on thinking that it is just Grey aliens who are behind these events.

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