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This next chapter will examine another aspect considered part of the alien agenda which is time travel.

This subject has never been understood, like so much of what is called wisdom or collective consciousness concerning this strange subject – alien life.
We have had to explain to you that the vast majority of so-called knowledge concerning aliens has been misunderstood and that, in fact, most of the events attributed to aliens are actually coming from aspects of humans in one way or another either connected to humans incarnate or discarnate.

We have no doubt that many of you will be struggling to comprehend what we have so far said, as it flies in the face of anything you may have previously heard or learned concerning aliens and/or animal mutilations.

But this chapter will take us onto a version of life that is known about but not understood.

Many of you will be aware of so-called aliens pretending to have come from some aspect of the future – often in Grey form – asking permission to abduct humans today to cure some genetic defect that occurred at some time in their future that is causing humanity in the future to die out.
Of course, a moment’s thought would indicate that this is probably a cock and bull story, if you will forgive the expression, and that Grey aliens wish for permission to abduct humans for a completely different reason connected to creating alien/human hybrids.
Thus, these aliens would be coming from our time and not the future at all.

Then, of course, there are stories of ordinary humans that claim to be time travellers and spend their time travelling around the world moving from time period to time period.
Once again, these stories are difficult to believe as the information they give does not seem to throw much light on any advanced technology that might exist in the future and that they could explain to us.

We have one or two cases of people having been in contact either with aliens or spacecraft from the future and the person contacted received a mass of binary code of one form or another indicating that the UFO in question came from the future.

We could go on giving examples from popular culture concerning time travel or time travelers.

Then, of course, we have the opposite camp who claim that time travel is not possible and will cover blackboards with masses of mathematics to demonstrate that time travel is impossible.

One classic example given is that if time travel was possible and someone came back from the future, it would mean that the future has already happened.

If we may explain this from another aspect, imagine that we were able to travel from today back in time either a short while or a vast length of time.
Now, we can imagine travelling back in time because the past has already happened and is set in stone so to speak.
But, if we regard today from the point of view of sometime in the past, it presents a problem in that from today, if we had the ability, we could, in theory, trace each day and note events, in note books, back and back, day by day, second by second, if we had the ability to note that much, back to some point in the past.

Once we arrived at our destination time in the past, we would have a pile of notebooks and could demonstrate to a person in the past exactly what was going to happen, day by day, or second by second as we moved forward from the past back to today (now).

If it was possible to do this, it would demonstrate that, from the point of view of the past, the future has (had) already happened and we would have a pile of notebooks to prove it.

But then, if we scratch our heads we find a flaw in the logic.
If someone had the ability to note in a notebook the main events occurring around the world, not only today but at this precise moment you are reading these words, but went back to yesterday, he should have no record of today – from yesterday’s point of view – as today has not happened from the point of view of yesterday so nothing would have been noted in the notebook.

Can you see the conundrum? We can trace, from today, events that occurred in the past but, unless the future has already happened, from the past we cannot trace any future event.

It gives the impression that time only travels in one direction, from the past to the future. Or rather from now to the future.

If that were so, no one could come from the future because from the point of view of the past, the future does not exist and so, if someone travelled to the past he would cease to exist because he comes from sometime in the future that has not yet happened so he is not yet born so could not go back to the past. He can only go on from now.

This seems to be a circular argument and, if we just accept that as true – that time only moves from this moment on into the future, second by second – there is no point in going on and so we could end this chapter here and just say that time travel is not possible.
And there are people who think that, but for others they have a deep feeling that there is more to time than that and it should be possible to move back and forth in time.
So how do we investigate this, intelligently, to find the answer?

Let us start by repeating that which we have already explained.
We have said that time is made of billions of still frames of time each second, each one connected to a past or future frame, rather like looking at a cine film.
Logically, the past frames have been exposed and contain images but the future frames would be unexposed and contain no images, as the future has not happened.

We know that this is a difficult concept if you have not heard of it before but we ask you to accept it if you can for the sake of argument.

We also said that each frame is stored in the living library that we call the Akashic Record.

So, if we examine the Akashic Records we can see recordings of all people, all events occurring anywhere in the multiverse and going back from now, endlessly into the past.

We have also said that each frame is protected with a code that prevents anyone from altering the past and have said that if someone watches events that have happened in the past, he will be watching a copy of the events and not the original.
The copy can be altered but that would not affect the actual recording, which will remain unalterable for all time.

But we have also mentioned the Mandela effect, where certain events today seem not to be as we remember from the past.
If you read our essay on the Mandela effect, we mentioned that this happens because all is illusion and only seems real by popular belief – acceptance that something is real.
But, we also said that if popular belief (universal consciousness) alters, events in the past can alter.

So, the story gets more and more complicated.

However, logically there should be an answer to the question, ‘Does time travel exist?’
If we analyse correctly all the known wisdom on the subject it should lead us to an answer, either:
1. Yes, time travel exists, or
2. No, it does not exist.

The secret with all true investigation, is to keep an open mind, have no preconceived notion of which outcome we expect, investigate and see where the evidence leads us.

All too often, people start any and all questions, whatever the subject, with a notion of which answer they want or expect and, lo and behold, their investigations prove them correct.
It is obvious that, by the Law of Mutual Attraction, if we have already made up our minds concerning a subject, then we will draw towards us information that reinforces the original concept.
Scientific truth has gone out of the window.

The problem has always been this.
Science is based on past teachings but past teachings may or may not be correct.

Many people have great respect for the many professors who have received Nobel prizes for some original thought that has been presented to an amazed public and certainly we would not diminish the achievements of these people but, if one looks back over the person’s past education career, with very few exceptions, one can trace an educational path where the professor’s brain, when young, had been stuffed with conventional scientific or philosophical knowledge dating back, in certain cases, hundreds, if not thousands of years.

Thus, from that springboard, the professor launches himself into what he hopes are new discoveries.

The problem is that we end up today with the written teachings of these old masters, whatever their field, but we cannot know the context in which they lived and worked which, inevitably, must have colored their thoughts at that time, just as our society colors the thinking of today’s geniuses.

Thus, it is we have, today, many highly qualified, highly respected scientists, mathematicians and physicists, that state categorically that aliens do not exist, for example, despite the fact that UFOs are seen in the skies daily and a large number of people are working in various places with aliens – or their robots – daily.

Once again, our old friend the Law of Mutual Attraction is at work, bringing truth to those who seek truth and illusion to those who seek illusion.

The point we are making is that, to find any truth, all we can do is to study the evidence with an open mind and see where it takes us.

In the case of time travel, the problem is further complicated by a number of factors.

The only way to prove that time travel is possible, is to do it.
But, would you be prepared to launch yourself, blindly, into the past or the future with no safety net, no guarantee of being able to come back to “now”?

And even if you were brave enough to take the plunge, how would you prove to the world that you really went somewhere?
Even if you brought back some artefact with you, you would be accused of fraud.

Don’t forget, if people are convinced that time travel is not possible, nothing that you could do or show them would convince them otherwise.

Then, for those who know that we are not just physical beings but have a large, non-physical aspect to us, which part of that duplex do we use; just the physical part, just the non-physical part or all of it – body and soul – so to speak?

We could go on but we hope you can see that time travel, unless and until it is fully and safely mastered, is a tricky concept.

It rather reminds us, in a totally unrelated way, to the somewhat amusing argument about how did an eye develop.

We all, or most of us, have eyes.
But how did they develop?
You can’t have a bit of an eye. You can’t have half an eye. You need to have, from the beginning, a fully working eye, complete with all its neural connections to the brain or it would not make sense.

Certainly, we can examine birds, fish and other aquatic mammals and see the remnants of arms and legs, hands and feet but, as far as we are concerned, no prehistoric creature has ever been discovered with an early form of an eye.
Creatures seemed either to have eyes or they did not.
They may not have looked exactly like our eyes but they are, or were, fully functioning eyes nevertheless.

Time machines must surely be the same. Either a machine will take one back and forth in time or it won’t.

We have spent several pages examining the pros and cons of time travel and have exposed to you some of the problems concerning time travel but have not yet addressed the subject matter of this chapter, which is time travel.

We felt that it would be beneficial to discuss what the various arguments are concerning the two questions we asked (is time travel possible or not), so as to expose to you that it is very much a fraught question, which is to say a question not easy to answer, unless one experiences it oneself.

We have examined the facts demonstrating that time travel is impossible, which was not hard to do because, on the face of it, time travel would present so many difficulties that it is easier to dismiss the whole affair as lunacy and stop at that.

But, just as we hope that we have been able to demonstrate that aliens and UFOs are real by being able to step outside of conventional physics and collective wisdom and, looking at the question from a different point of view – which happens to be the correct answer to the alien question – so, perhaps, if we look at time travel from a different angle, it might shed some light on the subject.
But, please remember that we are not seeking to prove that time travel is possible, we are just examining possibilities.

So, we know that to seek answers from a physical standpoint will get us nowhere, so we have no alternative but to seek within the non-physical.

If you have followed our various talks and read the literature we have put at your disposal, you will know that the non-physical is a veritable Pandora’s box of possibilities.
But we must open that box and see what flies out. Who knows, we might find a clue!

Our knowledge of esoteric matters suggests to us that it would be reasonable to seek within dimensions and/or alternative realities.

We have a fairly comprehensive knowledge concerning both these aspects of life and so we should be able to sift through them fairly rapidly and hone in on any likely avenues for exploration.

We are going to apologise to you at this point because we are sure that many of you have already guessed that time travel is possible and that we know how it works and yet we have spent quite a lot of time gently approaching the moment when we can tell you how it works but our teaching wisdom, amassed over long years, tells us that it is better to approach an unusual and perhaps revolutionary subject slowly to allow all, from the brightest student to the slowest, to be able to understand. All have the right to know. Not just the brightest.

We have decided between us (our group of the Great White Brotherhood), whether we should go on explaining or whether we should jump to the bare facts of the matter, at the risk of losing some of you.
We have decided to take the plunge, explain how time travel works and rely on anyone lost to do their homework with our other publications to fill in the gaps.

So, we wish to say that time travel is possible because all is one.
There are not huge numbers of people spread over vast eons of time.
There is one consciousness and one moment in time (now).
All else is illusion.

We hope that for those who know what we are talking about, this will make sense and start to make you realise how this affects time travel.

For those of you who have no idea what we are talking about, we suggest that you stop here and go to the material we have already given you and sift through it until you do understand.
We did not want to insult anyone by spending a lot of time and effort explaining again what we have already explained.

But, we will expand on the concept as far as consideration that there is only one consciousness and only one moment of time.

Let us examine the reality behind the illusion, that there are countless people spread over eons of time is concerned.

Although we have said that we are all given personal aspects that make us feel individual, we have also said behind this is the concept that we are all just one aspect of consciousness.

If this is true it implies that you, Julius Caesar, Moses and all the other people from the past, present and future, are just one single consciousness.
We can’t even really call that consciousness a person.

Let us give a simple example. Imagine that we take a single drop of water and place it on a saucer or something. Then we take another drop of water and place it on another saucer and so on.
But then, if we combined them together in one saucer, the drops lose their individuality and become combined.
Then, if we take this now larger drop of water and place it in a huge lake or a sea, the individual drops lose all their individual identities and become one huge “drop”, if we can call a sea a drop of water.

The point we are making is that a sea consists of countless drops of water that have combined to make a collective whole, which is what is called a sea.

It is the same with consciousness. Individually, we have the impression that there are countless people (consciousnesses) but, collectively there is only one.

Now, let us consider time.
Once again, on a physical level, all is illusion.
We imagine that time comes from the past, passes by a fleeting “now” moment and … in a way stops there waiting for the next moment to arrive.

But the reality is that time is made of countless “now” moments.

Consider a cine film. A projector is loaded with a huge roll of undeveloped film.

Then, as a scene is acted and the camera turns, one frame comes into view of the lens and a snapshot is taken, then the mechanism turns and the second frame of film lines up with the lens and a second snapshot is taken.
Thus, it progresses on and on.
If we view the film, once it is developed, we see that what appears on the silver screen as a moving picture is, in fact, a number of “now” moments – snapshots – joined together and made to pass through a projector at a certain number of frames, 12, 24, 48 frames/ second or whatever.

Life is rather like that but on a cosmos scale.
Just a series of now moments, that we view as time.

But, time is very difficult to describe in simple terms because people do not, generally, understand time.

If time is just “now”, how can time exist?
Why are we not stuck in a never ending repeat of “now”, just repeating over and over again?

Well, in a way we are but consciousness never stands still and so, despite the fact that time is just now, the wheel of consciousness can propel us forward or backwards as a consciousness decides to look at a moment of so-called time.
We have said that time does not really exist but sequence of events does.

You can probably remember what you were doing five minutes ago or an hour ago or a week ago or back to your early childhood.

You may not remember all the events, second by second, but you can remember events that stick out in the recent or distant past.

But, if we go back to our example of the drop of water in a sea, some might be far out to sea, deep in the water, some might be on the surface, rising and falling as waves.
Some of them might be crashing onto a shore somewhere.
Others might be ingested by the gills of a fish.

All have individual experiences but, together constitute an ocean.

Therefore, we hope that you can see that each drop of water is having individual experiences but, together, all the drops of water constitute what we call a sea or an ocean.

We hope that you can see that your individual consciousness is really connected to all consciousnesses, past, present and future and becomes one.

The difference is that whereas a drop of water does not have the ability to choose in which part of the ocean to be, as it is at the mercy of wind and tide, you do.

You can decide to move back and forth, not exactly in time but in experience.

You can move your “now” moment.
Either you may remain in the “now” moment, as most people do, and let fate, your life plan, unfold as it will or you can move to another “now” moment that we call the past or the future.

But you cannot do this in 3D physicality. You can do it using your non-physical aspect that we call consciousness.

Actually, as we have already explained at great length, your physical experience is just an illusion and you are just a point of consciousness pretending to have a physical experience. So, if you move to another point in time, you will experience it as real. You will see that you have a body, even though your 3D body will be sitting on a chair here on Earth.
So, in effect, you will have created a second body.

The first one, that you consider to be the real you, will still be on Earth and be subject to all the reality of the Earth experience; heat, cold, hunger, thirst and so on, while another aspect of your consciousness will be away somewhere exploring the past or the future.
But, this second body will seem just as real as your first, except that you will not be subject to hot and cold, etc.

You will be in astral form (which is the real you anyway).

Once you have finished exploring the past or the future, you will immediately return to your physical body.

This is of course, what happens when people do Astral Projection, or what people who meditate correctly and are taken to trips to heaven do.

The physical body remains on Earth and another aspect of consciousness wanders off to the past or the future.

Actually, if one develops this faculty of directing another aspect of consciousness to another part of the astral realms, there is virtually no limit to what one can do, where one can go and what one can experience.

All this is possible because all the events over all of time and in all dimensions are created as one point, but it is a point that one can open, using one’s sense of individuality, allowing the person to explore anywhere.

Imagine, for example, a huge castle and you have permission to explore all of it.

You may wander about going from room to room and watching the activities going on in each room, from the kitchens to the living rooms and so on.

Now, once we really master the secret (it is not really a secret) of how to project an aspect of consciousness into the astral realms, there is no limit.

You may remember Jesus said, ‘my father’s house has many mansions.’ This is what he was referring to.

Now, if we may go on, you can probably see that the past would be fairly easy to explore, as would aspects of the present.
But what about the future?

In theory, the future does not exist and in physicality that is true.
But, as all is one, logically, on another level, the future must exist.

And so, it does, but not exactly as one timeline.

If we examine the past, we should also realise that there was no “one” experience.
Each and every person that ever lived had an individual experience.
History books portray a series of events as if all life was just one thing.

We learn about the Romans, early man in many countries, the capture of America by the Spanish, slavery, abolition of slavery and so on, as if it was all just a series of events, just following one after another but, in reality, history contains the personal experiences of all people over time.

In order to really recount history correctly, the writers of history books would have to recount the personal story of each and every person at a particular time and explain how those personal events molded the next level of events as life unfolded.
Countless numbers of people, together, create what, in history books is explained in a few pages: the Roman occupation of countries, the Spanish occupation of America and so on.
The books totally ignore the day by day, minute by minute experiences that each and every person went through to create what is described in history books.

This is perfectly understandable, of course, because (a) the historians have no ability to contact the life experiences of all the individuals concerned and (b) any such book would be impossibly large.

So, historians just garner together what evidence they can and present an overall picture of an event.
But, in reality, each and every moment of time constitutes the experiences of all the people alive at that moment.

So, if we try to go into the future, there is no such thing as “the future” as such.
It will always be the collective experience of all the people alive all over the world at any particular moment.

So, it is possible to go a little way into the future but as people react to events, the timeline alters rather like driving down a road.

Imagine that you drive down the road not knowing where you are going.
Eventually you will come to a fork in the road. Do you turn left, right or go straight on?
Whatever decision you decide to make, you will eventually come to another fork and then another.
Can you see that from the place you start out, you could end up anywhere?

Exploring the future is very much like that. There is not just one future. There are countless futures and, as one advances, the future becomes more and more hazy and uncertain, until it is impossible to continue, impossible to make any sense of it as there will be an incredible number of possibilities, depending on the life experiences of all future people.

We wish to emphasize that if you time travel, it would be your consciousness that will be travelling but, as life only exists because of the personal consciousness of countless individuals, if they were not there, the past or the future would not exist.
It is all these consciousnesses that create events.

Imagine a beehive. It works and honey is produced because the bees – the living creatures – create the hive. Without the bees, the hive would have no meaning.

It is the same with the past, present or future.
They exist as concepts but it is all the people, animals, plants and minerals that actually create events.

Without people to experience it, the past, present or future would be meaningless, sterile blocks of nothingness.
It is people that bring the past, present and future to life.

So, although we might visit one of these times, it is the fact that there are people there that give it credibility and we would link with someone and see the past or the future through their eyes, so to speak.

It is not exactly like that but, as we are all one, we can link with someone of that time, past or future, and experience what he experiences.

We can, if we know how, change from one person to another and experience what more than one person sees.

Therefore, time travel is possible but, unless you have a firm idea of who and what you want to see at some precise moment in the future and have developed the competence to get to that exact spot, at that moment in time and linked with that person, you will finish up in a haze of possibilities rather like a drop of water in an ocean that is just washing about as the life of the ocean unfolds.

So, we suggest that you be careful with time travel and with people who report coming from the past or future in physical form.
They may not be telling the truth.

Now, the actual technique for learning to do time travel is easy.
It is just meditation.
If you meditate correctly for a few minutes each day, you will fill your auras with spiritual power, that will enable you to do a number of things, among them being able to move into the past or future.

Making sense of what you see there is another matter.

What you will find out if you explore the past, is that much of what is written in history books is not exactly correct, at best, and downright fabrication at worst.

It has been said that history is written by the vainqueurs and this is largely true.

So, if you take the time and effort to learn time travel, do not expect to come back with any startling revelations. Certainly, future people will have different technologies and certainly life will be better in the future than it is today but, for most people, life just goes on and people live it much as they do today.

People are people and accept life as they find it to be, so there are new and better things in the future but what you experience will depend on who you link with. It might be someone in a city or it might be some native living in a jungle.

There maybe anti-gravity vehicles on so on but, as you will be linking with the consciousness of the people of whatever time you arrive at, it will seem as normal as seeing a car is to most people today.

So, we have explained that time travel in astral form is possible – but not physical – so although anyone can learn to do it, it is, in our opinion, largely a waste of time and it would be better to concentrate one’s efforts in improving life now… today!

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