Aliens – The Strange Truth – Read Online – Chapter 16



This chapter will discuss the pros and cons of space travel.

We must remember that we have two sorts of aliens and thus two sorts of spacecraft.
You will remember that we said that the first group, that we termed the true aliens and are actually aspects of us that we gave the rather unwieldy term “personality bundles” to and the second sort are created under the auspices of demonic forces from the lower fourth dimension that we termed the Greys.

Now, we also said that the craft grown in astral form by the true aliens are grown, rather like a foetus is grown in the womb of a female, and is largely human in concept and that is living and has a soul just as you do, plus all the attributes that a living creature has, except that it is not designed to have a physical incarnation.
We will expand on this as we proceed.

The second group of UFOs are physically created here on Earth and we will expand on that also.

So, this chapter will be in two parts.

If we may, we will begin by examining the craft that come from the true aliens first.

You may remember us telling you that this group are actually unused “personality bundles”, one of eight personality aspects that we all have and are unused, as our main focus is on one aspect of reality, whether we are incarnate or discarnate, leaving the other seven aspects of personality to their own devices.

Now, although we did our best to explain to you what personality bundles are, we do appreciate that it is a difficult concept to appreciate and we don’t expect all people to accept blindly what we have said.

However, it happens to be the truth and so we can only report the truth to you and let you accept or reject this strange concept.

Also, hard to accept is that these personality bundles can either choose to follow you around, although you are only making use of one of them, so they would just follow you around pointlessly or they can decide to do something or become something, until you decide to switch from one bundle to another, in which case one of them would drop what he/she is doing and be at your service.
Of course, that would leave the first bundle free to do something to pass the time!

We also said that, to a certain extent, it depends on the level of intelligence of the person and his personality as to whether the personality bundles feel like acting on their own or not.

We will expand on this as it has a bearing on spaceships.

As you will know, there are many types of people, some very intelligent, some not very intelligent, some very kind and some quite evil.
By the Law of Mutual Attraction, an intelligent person with great curiosity would create personality bundles intelligent and with curiosity.

Then, there are those at the opposite end of the scale who are not at all intelligent and do not, generally, have much curiosity, just doing what they do, draw their pay at the end of the week and watch TV when not at work.
Obviously, these people’s personality bundles reflect that sort of person.

Now, please do not think that we are criticizing such people, because we are not.
People without much intelligence are very valuable to society.

We need people to clean the streets, empty the trash cans and do the 101 menial tasks that civilisation needs to be done.

If an intelligent person was tasked with cleaning out blocked drains all day, he would soon revolt and would do the job badly, but if a non-intelligent person is asked to do the same job, he would do it with pride and do it well.
So, we very much need non-intelligent people and they are usually well received when their lifespan finishes and they return home to heaven.
They are usually gentle, kind and considerate people – attributes very much sought after in heaven – and they are nurtured and cared for in heaven, because they are often a lot more spiritual than highly intelligent people who can suffer from inflated egos – attributes frowned upon in heaven.
Humility and willingness to serve are what heaven looks for. Not inflated egos.

We would like to repeat something concerning people at opposite ends of the social scale that we have mentioned before but is worth repeating.

It is considered that a king, queen, prince, president or whomever is more important than someone who empties people’s trash cans (dustbins) and cleans the roads.
They are paid enormous sums of money, live in magnificent palaces and are generally cared for at the highest level.
Meanwhile the trash people just go about their business in all weathers, disposing of garbage.

Please consider this. If a king went on strike, what would be the effect on the general population? None we would suggest.
However, if trash people went on strike, the effect is immediate.
Mountains of stinking garbage piling up in the streets causing, in hot weather, health problems.

Thus, for the population that the king purports to serve or a trashman who serves the community, who is the most important?

We suggest that a trashman is the most important and, when his incarnation is finished and he goes to the heavenly realms, he is heartily applauded by the angelic spirits who followed his incarnation.

On the other hand, many a king, queen, prince, or president arriving in heaven and expecting to be treated with the same deference that they had on Earth, have been shocked to have their many faults revealed to them and even more shocked to find that they have to spend time in the dismal realms, purging themselves of their many ego driven faults.

In the meantime, the trashman is basking in the beauty of heaven, having a just reward for all the long years of service he gave to his community.

There is a lesson there that many could retain.

So, never look down at those who do menial jobs.
This service is vital for a community.

But let us go back to the personality bundles that we all have.

A person who has little intelligence may not have much curiosity either.
His various personality bundles would, in all probability, not have much curiosity also. They tend to content themselves just with following the person around.
This is fine.
There is nothing wrong with this but, we suggest that they would not be the sorts of personalities that would wish to become aliens and explore planet Earth.

So, in all probability, it is the personalities of more intelligent, curious people that would seek experience apart from the person incarnate or discarnate.

This is actually a good thing, as curiosity – like necessity when incarnate – is the mother of invention in the astral realms.
In non-physicality we want for nothing, but if we don’t have curiosity it is impossible to advance any project.

Everything in non-physicality is produced by thought and curiosity provokes thought on a project.

So, those personality bundles that wanted to explore Earth, quickly realised that they would need a craft of some sort in order to appear in 3D Earth skies.

However, the problem is that in non-physicality, metals, plastics and all the things that would be necessary to create a 3D spacecraft do not exist.

Everything is astral, which is to say that it is an aspect of consciousness.
Consciousness is also vibration which is a subset of light – the starlight of God.

But, it was also realised that if a craft could be made, it would also be made of vibration – the same frequency as the dimension in which it would be conceived.
It was also realised that vibration can be manipulated and if it were possible to create a spacecraft, as it vibrates, it would be a fairly simple process of altering the frequency to the frequency of the 6th dimension, which is where you live, and thus it would appear in the 6th dimension.
As the ship would then be vibrating to the frequency of the 6th dimension, which seems solid to you, the ship would appear solid.

Now, as we have already explained earlier, when altering frequency, it is not the original object that changes frequency, a copy is created identical to the original.

So, if this were to be done, we would, in fact, have two spaceships.
The first one would remain in the original dimension and the second one would be a carbon copy of the original but of a different frequency (that of the 6th dimension).

We have said that when someone on Earth decides to go to a different dimension, his physical body remains on Earth, while his consciousness creates a copy corresponding to the frequency of the dimension he wishes to visit.

A spacecraft would be much the same.
However, the operative word is consciousness.
If something or someone does not have consciousness – which is actually another word for life – it cannot do this trick of creating of copy of itself to explore another dimension.

So, a spaceship must be alive at this level.
Grey ships are different, as we will explain.

So, the task was how to create a spaceship that is alive.

We break off here just to say that we have abandoned the term “unidentified flying object”, UFO, because what we are talking about here is something that has been identified and is not an object, it is a living, thinking being.

So, although we entitled this chapter “Space Travel”, it is important to understand what a spaceship is at this level or you would not understand what we are talking about when we get around to describing space travel.

Thus, it was deemed necessary to create a vehicle that was alive and get the seal of approval from the Archangels to get a life Logos put with it.

We would like to say that no computer, no Artificial Intelligence machine will ever be alive, as it will never be given the seal of approval by the Archangels who work for God and have the authority to put a life Logos with anything.
If it does not have certain attributes, it will not pass the test and so will not be given a Logos by the Archangels.

So, it was deemed necessary to create a living space ship from… nothing but thought!

Can you imagine how difficult this must have been?
We should also say that a number of personality bundles got together to work on this project.

We have also stated in other publications that it is not in the purview of man to create life.
It comes from God and is given to a person, animal or whatever by the Archangels and is called the Logos of God (the seal of authority to be alive).

So, these personality bundles looked about and they noticed that there were countless atoms floating about in astral form and wondered if it were possible to persuade some of these atoms to form a spaceship in the astral worlds.

As you know, each and every atom is not just randomly floating about.
Each atom was created to be part of something, whether that something was human, animal, mineral or space and in all dimensions.

So, as the astral personality bundles would obviously need high intellect and also the atoms required to make an advanced spaceship to be intelligent, a call went out to see if some personality bundles – not being used by people – would care to become spaceships for a while.

Now, we realise that this reads like a fairy-tale, but bare with us and see if it makes sense at the end.
You can always reject all this if you want but please follow the explanation to the end and see how you feel then.

As you will also know, in the astral realms, everything is immortal and everything has free will.
So, if a personality bundle let himself be transformed into a spaceship, it was not that dramatic as it sounds because, in the astral realms, everything is basically light – vibration – and so if a ball of astral light is transformed into something, it still remains the consciousness that it was before.

We don’t know if you can follow this because we don’t have the equivalent in physicality, so we cannot give an appropriate example.

We could just use, for example, a ball of clay.
If we take a ball of clay and create an object from it, it still remains the same ball of clay but transformed.
If, eventually, you did not want what you had created, you could always take the clay and reform it into a ball again.

Perhaps we could use another example; Origami.
One takes a sheet of paper, folds it and if you have the skill, you can make the paper look like a “something”, a bird, a plane or whatever.
But is still remains a sheet of paper.

But, what we are trying to express is that the personality bundle that volunteered to be molded into an astral spaceship, would not in any way lose his original concept. He would just take a different shape for a while.
He could always return to his original form at any time if he wished.
Now you either accept this explanation or reject it but that is basically what an astral spaceship is.

It is a personality bundle not being used by someone, that has volunteered to become an astral spaceship.

It is a sobering thought that, perhaps, one of your unused personality aspects is playing at being a spaceship!
The same would apply to anyone of us, of course.

Now, the question is how were these spaceships manufactured in the astral realms?
The answer comes from the Akashic Record.

There were, at one time or another, very advanced races on Earth that had developed space travel.
These races had been systemically wiped out, usually by “elimination level events” (ELE) – asteroids smashing into Earth – but we must also say that there is evidence that, long ago, there was a form of nuclear war that destroyed most of life.
Life on Earth gradually builds up again with the help of the Directors of Life and starts again.

So, as the Akashic Record is not affected by any ELE event, just recording it, it was possible for the personality bundles to travel back through the record until they came across a race that had developed space travel on Earth and copy the plans.

We insist on reminding you once again that a personality bundle is exactly as alive as you are and has access to all the elements that you have: Higher Self, Imagination, etc.
The only difference is, that you who are reading this book, have been programmed to think that you are in physicality, while your personality bundle remains in astral form.

So, it was not too difficult to create an astral version of an advanced spaceship that had been created by an advanced race on Earth long ago.

The actual plans may not have been drawn in the Akashic Record but the thoughts of the inventors were, so it was fairly easy to piece it all together.

As a personality bundle has, in association with it, all the atoms, in astral form, that anyone in physicality has and, as a personality bundle had volunteered to take part in this project, the astral forms of all, or many, of the atoms in association, were gathered together and “molded” into a spaceship – in astral form.

You need to realise that an atom is alive. It has a Logos with it.
It is also possible to mould astral atoms together to create something, just as you take atoms and create whatever you think you need.

So, in the astral realms, the living atoms that created a personality bundle, plus any extra atoms that might have been needed, where taken and placed around the astral form of the ship that had been made in thought form.

So, we don’t know if you can follow this but these true aliens got volunteer personality bundles, made the form, in thought form, of a spaceship and, if you like, grew the spaceship, rather as a female grows a baby on Earth, around a life form created in the astral realms and projected into 3D reality.

The main difference was that all this was occurring in the astral realms.
There was nothing physical… yet!

We also wish to remind you, that as the volunteer personality bundle was and is alive, and all the atoms were and are alive, so the spaceship is alive.

If you can imagine a human being in astral form being alive, this is exactly the same but the “person” looks like a spaceship, rather than a human.

So, now we have a living entity that has taken the form of a flying craft.
It is in astral form but is a copy of the plans originally created on Earth a long time ago, by an advanced terrestrial civilization that no longer exist.

We should also mention that certain modifications were made to the original plans; (a) because in the astral realms, certain aspects created in a terrestrial craft would not be needed, and; (b) some of our friends have advanced knowledge and were able to suggest modifications that would improve the efficiency of the living craft, all in the astral realms.

So, we would like to repeat one more time the process of this, largely positive group, that decided to create spaceships to explore Earth.

A spacecraft made by this group is, in fact, a personality bundle not being used by a person, who volunteered to take the form of a craft first imagined by an advanced Earth race long ago that no longer exist.

The personality bundle was molded around the thought concept of a spacecraft, certain modifications were made and so it is now a living, thinking personality bundle that looks like, in the astral realms, a flying craft.

But, it is alive, has access to its Higher Self, Imagination and all the attributes that you have. The difference being that it’s exterior and interior appearance is of a spacecraft.

It needs no one to fly it. It requires no motor, no fuel.
It is nourished in exactly the same manner as it would be had it remain just a personality bundle.
It is just a personality bundle pretending to be a spacecraft.

So, let us move onto the subject of this chapter which is how these living spacecraft travel.

First you must always bear in mind that they live in the astral realms, also called auras, and are made of vibration, the same vibration as the astral realm or aura that they lived in before transforming into a spacecraft.
Vibration is a subset of light and so these spacecraft vibrate to the frequency of that aura and are basically light.
You are also although, you may not realise it!

As we have said;
(a) The astral realms are all around us.
(b) If a person wishes to explore an astral realm, he creates a copy of himself, which he sends to the chosen astral realm, while his physical body stays in 3D, as it is called.

So, a spacecraft (from this group) does the same but in reverse.
It remains in the astral realms but creates a copy of itself, which it lowers in vibration so as to appear in our dimension.

However, in the astral realms, it is made of light and so when it appears in our dimension, it still has a certain connection to its astral double and would be seen by us in the sky as being, at least partly, as made of light.

People have seen such craft and have wondered why they appeared as if made of light, transparent or at least translucent.
It is quite simply that the personality bundle that is attempting to lower its frequency to our vibration, may not have completely mastered the technique and so does not appear entirely solid in our reality.

As regards travel, it does not travel. It is already in an aura that surrounds Earth and merely alters its frequency and it appears in our reality.

As we have said before, if the personality bundle pretending to be a spacecraft does not have complete mastery of changing its frequency, it will be seen to blink into our sky as a craft party made of light, then it will blink out again and disappear as it loses that connection to our frequency and blink in again as the personality bundle tries to retake control and so on.

We also say that, in the rare case of a personality bundle having total control or being able to enter our vibration, it would be seen as a solid craft, although there would be no one flying it and could not crash nor be shot down.
If it were to be attacked, it would immediately return to its first form in the astral realm and would disappear in an instant from our skies.

Once in our (your) reality – we are looking at things from your point of view – it would wish to explore the world.
The easiest way that this craft could do it is to return to the astral realm, pick another spot on Earth and appear at that point.

You may have heard of people doing astral projection and although they are only in the etheric realm, they instantly move to a chosen destination.
Equally, people that have visited the heavenly spheres, talk about being able to move about just by thought, desire to go to a new location.

A true spaceship can do this – travel by thought, desire to visit a new location.

Also, they can use the signalling posts that the builder race have placed both on planet Earth and also around the galaxy.
Or, use the vibrational points that are available throughout the galaxy, but we will explain these two ways of travelling more fully when we describe the Grey ships.

So, with regard to these true spaceships, made of light, with regard to how they travel, there is not much to say because, quite simply, they travel by thought.

As these ships are every bit as alive as you are, indeed one of them might be part of you, a personality bundle not being used by you and, as it is in constant telepathic communication with all people in the astral realms – all is one – everything that this living spaceship experiences is transmitted to the living library – the Akashic Record – and is available to all who are interested in following the ship and experience what it experiences.

We repeat, it is not often that a personality bundle that has taken the form of a spaceship is seen by people on Earth.

During the daytime, as they are made from light, they would be invisible, just blending into the sunlight, but at night-time they are occasionally seen as glowing shapes in the night sky, looking more or less like a standard UFO, depending on the attitude that the personality bundle adopts.

If there is one, or more than one, person who is/are projecting thoughts of interacting with this personality bundle (although, of course, those watching this object in the night sky would have no idea of what they are looking at, just thinking that it is a beautiful sparkling spaceship), the personality bundle might decide to change form and appear as a sort of human – which it is of course.

However, it is not easy, without a lot of training, to change dimensions, change form and appear as a solid object in our world.
So, they tend to appear as a glowing shape, vaguely human looking, and people who have photographed them are surprised and amazed that, if they send out a request to see the ship as a being, a few minutes later there is this very impressive, scintillating, glowing entity, vaguely human looking that appears in answer to their request.

Quite what these amazed people, clicking away with their cameras, would think if they knew that what they are endeavoring to capture in their cameras is actually an unused personality aspect of someone, is hard to imagine.

Many think that what they are looking at is a very advanced group of people from some distant star system and others think that they are looking at angelic beings.

Neither version is correct.

What they are observing, is an unused personality aspect contained in one of the dimensions, that has volunteered to take the form of a spaceship and enter our 3D world, to observe what we do down here and send the information back to the astral world in order to satisfy the curiosity of other personality bundles, wondering about interested in us – rather like we are interested in the astral realms.

So, they don’t really travel, usually.
They use the power of thought, desire in a way, to move from place to place.

The spaceships have no engines because, as they are living aspects of creation, the power of God animates the created spaceship form, just as the power of God animates you.
You have no engine keeping you going. The heart pumps, it is true, to distribute oxygen and other elements around your body, but, have you ever wondered what power keeps the heart working?
That is the invisible power source that we call the power of God.

So, having explained at some length what a true space ship is and explained at a much lesser extent how it travels, as there is not much to say about these light ships, let us now turn to the other, Grey spaceships (UFO) and see if we can unravel the mystery surrounding them and their mode of transport.

We have already explained much, indeed most, of what needs to be said about these “Grey” ships, so much of what we would say would be a repeat but we will just remind you of the main points.

A long time ago, a demonic force decided to try to enter the physical world, in which you live, and to try to create a hybrid person with a human body and a demonic mind.
Although demons have largely been misunderstood, it is known that they live in the lower fourth dimension and can only very rarely interact with humans at all and humans having an Earthly incarnation even less.

It has become increasingly popular for people, during their incarnation, to experience a problem and immediately jump to the conclusion that they are possessed by a demon of some sort.
If it was as easy as that, virtually all the demons would be overshadowing people all the time.

In fact, it is virtually impossible for a demon to overshadow a human, which is why they wanted to create hybrids in order to have a presence here on Earth.
As we have said, they will never be allowed to accomplish this feat.

Even a black magician has to train for many long years in order to be able to make contact with the least of the demons.

However, we wish to remind you also that, long years ago, planet Earth and its population was in the grip of dark forces, as the great pendulum swing of life waves slowly back and forth from dark to light, evil to holy.

At the time we are considering, there was a civilization around that had developed space travel. This race no longer exists but was the very same race that were traced by the personality bundles we mentioned earlier, discovered in the Akashic Records and that the plans were copied by these personality bundles.

But, at that long distant time, as Earth was deep within the folds of the negative period, it was fairly easy for the demonic forces to influence the scientists of that time to create solid, physical spaceships, that we will term UFO, to delineate them from those created by the personality bundles.

So, a long time ago, these scientists created, using the materials and technology that were available then and still are in the secret bases that were created long ago, physical spaceships, that we will refer to as UFO as opposed to spacecraft.

Thus, when seen in the skies or on the ground, they are seen as physical objects, as opposed to light craft and can crash or be shot down. They are entirely physical, although the technology used, based on the technology available long years ago, is far in advance than anything created by today’s scientists.

We explained all this in a previous chapter.

But let us examine how they navigate either around Earth or throughout space.

We have already explained most of this but will do so again so as to complete this chapter.

The whole of our galaxy is composed of vibrations. Actually, there are both visible (under an electron microscope) and invisible atoms, known as dark matter.
They all vibrate to a certain frequency, which has nothing to do with the atoms waiting to be called into service, in order to assist in the creation of something.
These atoms have a different function but the important point – in this discussion – is that they all have a unique frequency so, if one knows the frequency of a particular atom at a particular point in the galaxy, it is possible to link with that vibration, in which case the person, UFO or whatever, ceases to be where it was and jumps to that new spot, the place where a particular atom is.

We have explained this in various essays and at least one video and we refer you to that information if you do not understand.
Thus, a UFO can jump instantly to any point both in the galaxy or on Earth, if it should require so to do.

Some people have noticed UFO hopping across the sky rather as a frog hops and what the UFO is doing is choosing a point either just a bit in advance of its present position – or at a vast distance – bombards the craft with a new frequency and the craft instantly hops to that new position.

The force deciding is, of course, the demonic entity that remains in the lower fourth dimension and projects its thoughts, either to the controls of the craft, rather like using radio control or by using PLFs that may be on board the UFO.

Other than that, a different but similar system is to use a sort of satellite navigation system that uses pyramids or similar masses of material – rocks – placed on planets throughout the galaxy.
As these masses of rock would vibrate to a certain unique frequency, the UFO can locate a frequency and jump to that spot.
It is very similar to the previous system we mentioned above but is also not unlike the satellite navigation system used on Earth at the moment.

So, we wish you to realise that a UFO can just cruise around if the powers controlling it wish but it can also and, usually, be guided from spot to spot using frequencies as we have just mentioned.

The last mentioned method is more frequently used, because the demonic aliens in the lower fourth like to know exactly where their UFO are at any moment and do not wish to chance losing contact with one of them, which could happen if they just let it cruise around.

We will not attempt to describe the power system(s), because there is more than one and all of them would be outside of any knowledge that you might have of anti-gravity flight, thus it would be pointless in us trying to describe them to you.

So, in this chapter we have attempted to explain both types of craft and their different methods of navigation.

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