Aliens – The Strange Truth – Read Online – Chapter 17



We will bring this book to a close.
We have done our best to dispel the myths surrounding the long-held beliefs that aliens and their various craft come from diverse planets and all sorts of old wives’ tales, that have grown up around this concept, i.e.; meeting with all sorts of aliens; Pleiadians, Sirians and many other entities from any other star galaxy.

As time goes on, and as Internet expands, so people invent wilder and wilder stories concerning aliens, all based on the premise that they are physical beings, living on physical planets.

One wonders why people invent such tales but if one considers that to become famous, to sell books and to negotiate the lecture circuit, one needs a story of some kind to sell and so, people group together and agree to sell similar stories that the public seem only too willing to accept, and thus a small but growing group of people are continuing and pushing the limits to ever more fantastic degrees, in an attempt to be at the forefront of sensationalist news.

The problem is, of course, that eventually someone will go beyond the limits of the believable and the bubble will burst and the whole story will crash to the ground, because most of what is stated today is fiction presented as fact.

Of course, we take a different point of view and do our utmost to present truth, no matter what subject we are discussing.
We have no intention of seeking fame or fortune.
We are not interested in sensationalism.
We are interested in presenting to you, truth.

Now, we will be the first to admit, that what we have stated concerning aliens and their various craft reads like pure science fiction and not many of you will be able to accept it as fact.

But, as we mentioned elsewhere in this book, it is easier to accept untruth – that aliens come from some far distant galaxies – then the truth that we have exposed to you in this book.

We give this book to you, the general public, in the hopes that it will eventually bring knowledge concerning aliens to you, but we also do this to help a certain group of a secret service, who have discovered that aliens are interdimensional beings and are struggling to comprehend the true nature of aliens.
We know that they follow our teachings, as far as they relate to their mission, and as this book directly relates to the subject they are researching, we hope that this will help them in their investigations.

The problem is that, as all that we have written in this book is based on life forms in the astral realms, it is only by going into the astral realms that one can uncover the truth.
There is virtually nothing physical to see, except for a few physical Grey craft and a few Grey PLF.

True aliens are entirely non-physical and so it is only those people who have psychic gifts developed that could enter the non-physical realms.

We are willing to help all people grow in wisdom and so we do what we can to assist all people to understand the truth about life, some of which is physical and much of which is astral.

In fact, of course, it is all astral, but one aspect seems physical.

So, we hope that you have read this book, even if you cannot accept all of it, you will be able to accept parts of it.
That which you cannot accept must remain outside of your belief.

However, it happens to be the truth and so, with time, people will come to accept what we have told you as true and mankind will advance in knowledge one more step.

So, we asked the blessing of Almighty God on your journey.

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