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So, we progress with this analysis of how life is placed into the dimensions and encouraged to grow and develop in an eight-fold manner, but each version, in principle, closely connected, and we could say that they are reflections of each other.
We will say that each person, animal, plant or mineral that is in your reality, has what looks like a physical form and seven auras.
But, if one were to transfer one’s consciousness into one of the auras, that would appear to be a solid object standing on a solid planet and the so-called physical body that you have now, would be seen as an aura.

Thus, we hope you can realise that physicality is actually an astral form that appears solid, but should you move to another of your bodies, this world would be seen for what it is, just one of the eight versions of life, each of them appearing solid when we are using our consciousness to focus upon anyone of them, but they are all, in fact, just auric matter.
It is our focus, our consciousness, that gives each aura apparent solidity.

This is an important point to understand and, at the risk of appearing to labour the point, we would like to explore and expand on that concept.

We mentioned in chapter one that all life was placed in sub-dimensions of an aura (dimension) and each particle of life was repeated eight times, in eight subdivisions of eight dimensions.
Each one of these elements was given a stamp, a Logos, which is a sort of list of information for each element of life that tells it a number of things to which it has to concord.
The object must become part of a ‘something’. Let us say, to demonstrate the point, to become a human although it could have been anything.
So, the Logos would tell all eight versions of every element a human would need, that they are destined to become one version – of eight – of a human.
Further, those many elements, atoms, particles of everything a human needs, are informed that they will become a particular human.
So, strange as it may seem, to consider you, long before you were actually formed, long before you were even a twinkle in your father’s eye, if you understand what we mean, the elements that eventually became you, were instructed to make you.
So, you would not be born in a haphazard fashion.
You were destined to be who you are long, long before you had any idea that you existed.

This is an impressive thing to realise. Many, many long years ago, the Archangels decided to create you and all the countless elements of all sorts that you need to ‘be’, both physical and astral, were told to come together to create you.
Further, of course, there are eight versions of you so, this vast number of elements needed to create you, was repeated in all of the eight dimensions and, truly, countless atoms – in astral form – leapt into action and came together to create you eight times.
Each one of these atoms, these elements, these particles of life, were instructed not only to create a human but, specifically, to create you. Exclusively you and no one else.
That is why, even now, with every breath you take, with every bit of food you eat, with every drop of water you drink, only the elements that have your stamp on them are absorbed into your body, the rest being eliminated as waste when you need to evacuate your intestines or bladder. In other terms, when you feel the need to visit the bathroom.

Can you fully appreciate this marvel?
Long, long ago, a sufficient number of molecules were given your unique stamp, not only to form you but still, here on Earth, there are elements with your stamp on them, either floating in the air, contained in plants or even in the bodies of animals, to satisfy the needs of your body. Just to keep you alive.
And all this is repeated eight times.
However, it must be said that in the astral spheres, these elements that are taking care of your other seven bodies, can be drawn directly from the cosmic forces and there is no need to visit the bathroom.
Your other seven bodies ingest just what is needed for you and no more.
It is only in physicality that elements, that would be required by others, are ingested with the food and drink that you put into your body and all those elements not required by your body are eliminated and will, ultimately, find their way to their correct destination, no matter what that might be.

It would be good if we could ingest just those elements required by our physical body but, in fact, the physical bodies of sentient creatures – humans included – are designed to process food and drink, and to deprive those organs of doing their job would create illness. So, all sentient beings are designed to digest food and liquid and extract the elements that correspond to that entity and reject the rest.

We hope that you can understand that the Archangels that decided to create you, caused all the elements that you needed to be formed in the astral worlds and even here in incarnation, to vibrate to one, unique frequency.
Thus, you, who are reading this book, are vibrating at a particular, unique frequency, as are all the elements waiting to be ingested by you.
All are already vibrating at your frequency and will only ever be attracted to you.
In the meantime, your other seven bodies which are in other dimensions, vibrate to different frequencies but that are unique to you.

But now, if all these different bodies, which were created independently on the 8 dimensions, are all vibrating at different frequencies, what is the glue that attaches them all together to create one, eightfold person, rather like creating a small book of eight pages but these eight pages being connected to make one book?

The answer, we must say, is gravity.
If you can imagine this, you, as you go about on planet Earth, apparently as a single person, have with you all the time, seven more auras that are in astral form but, generally, invisible to your eyes and senses.
But, all these other seven bodies are permanently attached to you by a form of gravity, that ensures that these other bodies are always with you.
We wish to explain and emphasize that we use the term, not quite in the sense of the gravity that we explained in another book, almost a form of magnetism. It is not that.
We used the word gravity because we have no other word that describes what is occurring.
The various other seven bodies that are attached to you, is due to a form of consciousness. Even that is not quite accurate. This will be a new concept for mankind incarnate, so words do not exist to describe the force, the desire, the sense of attachment that links all your auras – your other bodies – to you.

Imagine a small child, a girl who has seven dolls to which she is very attached, very fond of.
She might try to carry them about with her, pretend to feed them, sleep with them and, in a way, they become part of her and, should one vanish for whatever reason, she would be most upset.
We could call it love, but love is such a strong word in all its ramifications that the child’s small level of comprehension could not possibly fully grasp the concept of cosmic love.
But, she is deeply attached to her seven dolls and cares for the every – imagined – need as if they were alive. To her they are alive and she might well have names and she might invent personalities for each doll.
She would praise them if they were good and scold them if they were naughty.

Now, we created that small but charming scenario to try to describe the attachment that you have with your seven auras and they have for you.

There is no physical attachment and any aura could wander off at will at any time but they don’t.

They remain in close, if invisible, contact with you due to this emotion very much like the child has for her dolls.
It is a form of love, but that would not be correct.
We could call it a sense of friendship but that would not be right.
It is as if a sort of group unity forms between the child and her dolls and it is this form of unity that keeps your auras, your other seven bodies attached to you.
We could call it a form of gravity and, in a way, it is so, but it is a much more spiritual, loving force than we imagine when we think of gravity.
Gravity seems a cold magnetic force, the sort of thing a scientist or mathematician might talk about.
We would have difficulty in imagining a mathematician describing in mathematical form the love that a child would have for her dolls.
But, it is that love that keeps all your seven auric bodies attached to you.

This love is the sort of emotional connection that we hope man will develop as he advances spiritually.
Jesus said, ‘love thy neighbour as yourself’. Now, not all people love themselves but we hope that, one day, all people will learn to love themselves and, eventually love all life in whatever form it takes. The word neighbour is a mistranslation. Jesus was trying to say love everything as that child loves her dolls and as your auras love you. Then mankind will start really to comprehend that all is one.
The problem, as we said, is that a word does not exist to describe deep affection that we can have for each other. It is love but it is a different form of the word love.

So, to go back to any person, animal, vegetable matter or mineral, no matter how big or how small, there are always, no matter what medium that object lives in – physical or astral – a focus point and 7 other versions of that same object, each one standing on a planet corresponding to the frequency of that dimension.

This is a very important point that must clearly be understood by any student of cosmic consciousness.
There are many people who are under the impression that the only planet with any solidity is planet Earth and that the auras that surround us are just some pretty lights that one strives to visualise but this is not true at all.
We are all eightfold beings and each one of our bodies, although seen as coloured lights surrounding our body when we are focused on Earth, is in fact a solid body standing on a solid planet.
It is just the difference in frequency that enables them to be seen as coloured light.
If a person was to transfer his focus from his Earthly vehicle to one of his auras, the Earthly body would be seen as a coloured light surrounding whatever body he was using at the time.

While we are discussing these bodies, these auras, it is worth discussing also which form of controlling energy governs the focus of these bodies.
By that we mean that, when one is incarnate and is living on planet Earth, we have mentioned all the various aspects, the Higher Self, Imagination, ID and so on, that goes into making a person incarnate.
But, should we be focused in or on one of our other bodies, from whence comes all the controlling elements that would make it operate in as good a fashion as the Earthly body?

For instance, when an incarnation comes to an end and the person returns to his heavenly home, he appears to be still using all the spiritual parts; Higher Self, Imagination, etc., that he used on Earth, because he is the same person but minus his physical body. So, effectively, there would be no change and he would still have his other seven bodies (auras) attached to him.
But what if he transfers his attention into one of his other bodies, one of his auras? What happens?

The answer is quite simple, in that whatever aura is being activated, that one becomes the controlling body and the others are seen as auras.
All that goes into making a living, thinking person on Earth, simply transfers to the appropriate active body and all the rest we call auras just attach themselves to the activated body.

So, with very limited exceptions, there is only one body active at a time, the others all being inactive and so there is only need for one actual consciousness controlling the active body, the other bodies being asleep – if one may use such a feeble word.

But, if we think about this for a moment, it indicates that what we referred to as consciousness is independent, outside of any of our bodies.
We have talked about this in other works and have stated that there is actually only one consciousness for all beings.
We appear to have our own versions of everything; Higher Self, Imagination, ID and so on but, in fact, there is only one of it all and we just share – thanks to our own sense of being alive – aspects of that one consciousness.

So, to put the lid on all this, we want you clearly to realise that you have eight very similar bodies, each one only separated from the others by being of a different frequency and none of these bodies has any form of life outside of the one set of aspects of life that all share, but that we all use to give meaning to our existence in general and our personal aspects of existence in particular.

It is of vital importance to realise this.
Thus, we will repeat it again and, if necessary, we will repeat it endlessly until you have understood.
You are an eight-fold being, with eight bodies standing on eight planets.
None of your bodies are alive outside of the spirit forces that appear to animate whichever one your attention is focused in.
There is only one consciousness for all of us, past, present or future.
But, to enable you to have some form of independent life, you have the ability to contact, to interact with that one consciousness, as if it were your own and thus move, think, act as if you had an independent life force of your own, exclusive to you.

But you – from a spiritual aspect – are part and parcel of every other person, because there is only one consciousness, one Higher Self, one Imagination, one ID.
That is why we are all one.

We apologise for endlessly labouring this point but there are so many people throughout both the world and throughout time that have not realised this very important point. It has been taught by most religions that we are all separate entities – usually with the implication that only those belonging to a particular religion would be saved, the rest going to hell – and that idea of separation has been at the base of most of the wars and conflicts that have rocked the world since man first walked the Earth.
For peace to reign, this concept must be eliminated, replaced with the simple truth that we are all one.

But, let us return to the subject of this particular chapter, which was a continuation of the elements revealed in chapter one, a study of the countless elements, particles, atoms if you will and the fact that each one is repeated eight times and placed on one of the sub-dimensions of the eight main dimensions.

We have never really explained why God, in conjunction with his Archangels, decided to create eight main dimensions and, to be honest, it is not only outside of the purview of this book but we, ourselves, do not know for sure.
There is nothing magical about the number eight, any more than there is about any other number.
For all we know, there might be more dimensions about which we have never heard.
But we know of eight main dimensions, carrier waves if you prefer, each one containing the number of sub-dimensions, one for each particle in existence and each dimension containing 1/8th of the totality of each element.
As we said, why it was chosen rather than any other number is not our concern. We analyse what exists and do not speculate on what might exist or might have existed.

Now, we must try, before this book can really deal with the topics of the various beings that live in and on the multitude of subdimensions, deal with why anyone or anything would require more than one astral body. Why eight?
The answer, as always, can be made to appear complex but is actually quite simple when one understands.
All life, no matter what it is and where it appears to live, is too complex for the totality of it to be contained within one entity.
If you think just about yourself, for instance, you must realise that you have a number of aspects to you that might appear somewhat contradictory.
We will give one simple example that we have mentioned before and it concerns mainly females, animal or human.
In the case of a human female, when she is young, unattached to a man, she will do her best, at all times when she is in public, to appear as best as she can.
She will take great interest in her physical appearance; makeup, hairstyle, keeping her body shape what she hopes is as attractive as possible, choosing her clothes with great care.
She will at all times try, in social events, to put her best foot forward, and try to appear witty, joyful, etc. The whole object, whether she realises it or not, is to attract a male with whom she can procreate.
Obviously, there are exceptions, but, in general, that is what is happening.
Once she has attracted a suitable male, generally, at some point she turns her attention to creating a family. Thus, by accident or design she attempts to become pregnant.

Now, from what we have described there is at least one aspect that is driving the lady: ego. She wants to stand out from the crowd and attract a mate. She may not call it ego, indeed, she may never really stop to consider what is driving her, but let’s call it ego.
So, it would make sense to have amongst the eight bodies, one of which is connected to the concept, the emotion of ego.

Now, we realise that this is probably not all that drives the female, but we can say that she has one body, the main focus of which is ego.

Now, we assume that she has become pregnant and, up to a point, she proudly shows off with special clothing that she is ‘with child’. Ego is still playing its part.

But, eventually, baby is born and although the mother is still proud of her achievement – ego – another element kicks in, and that we call motherly love. She put herself, her desires, her wants and needs second and puts the child first.
So, we could say that another body is activated – one of maternal love.
Now we have two of the eight bodies (auras) active: ego and maternal love.

Obviously, there will be a conflict going on as to which of the two bodies – ego and maternal love – takes precedence.
The lady wants to regain her former beauty as quickly as possible – ego -, but, at the same time she has to devote a large amount of time to caring for her baby – motherly love.
We will leave the lady to battle with her opposing influences and turn our attention to examining other aspects of personality manifest in what we called the astral bodies.

Now, it must be obvious, that at first glance several things have come to light.
The first is that these eight bodies we mentioned, one on each of the dimensions, are not actually bodies as we would imagine them to be in physicality. We used the term bodies to help explain that life, all life, is eightfold.
There is a form of creation, an aspect of a person, animal, plant or mineral on each of the eight dimensions and it was easier to explain them as bodies.
But, in reality they are aspects of personality.
We will just say at this point that it is difficult to imagine a grain of sand as having a personality but, as all is one, it has these eight aspects attached to it although they are dormant at the moment.

But, us humans are rather more evolved and so access to our aspects of personality are more easily obtained.
These aspects would include; love, hate, ego (as we have mentioned), maternal instinct, desire to create art, desire to investigate science/mathematics and so on.

Now, there are more than eight aspects of personality but most of them are subsets of the basic personality points.
Also, we must say that, according to the way the person developed in the heavenly spheres, and according to his life plan, he would have certain aspects more developed than others.
So, into each of the eight dimensions, is placed one of eight of a person’s basic emotions or personality aspects. Each of these aspects of personality have a similar power at first. That is to say that no one aspect is more prominent than another – with the exception of one – ego.

A baby, to survive, must have its ego strongly developed. It cares only for itself. When it is hungry, thirsty, in pain or in any way uncomfortable, it lets the mother know by screaming at the top of its voice for that need or desire to be fulfilled.

What is interesting, is that in later life, there are a number of people who grow to adulthood, with that childish ego still very much in the forefront of their personality.
We have all seen people who go through their life looking after themselves, their wants and needs, both real and imagined, to the exclusion of anyone else.
They have, in a fact, never grown up.
Equally, there are people who allow hate or fear to dominate their existence.

The point we are making is that all these different ‘bodies’, placed on the various dimensions, are aspects of personality, that one can pull forward or push back to influence the person, rather as if the person was remote from and separate from his aspects of personality.
Investigation of this aspect will be the subject of the next chapter.

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