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We have attempted so far in this book, to explain the strange truth that we are all just one person – although we must say, for the sake of honesty, that even this is not completely true.
In reality, the only thing that exists is consciousness.
Now, consciousness is a concept that is truly difficult to imagine and only the very wisest Archangels really understand just what it is.
The rest of us just have to live with a limited understanding of the meaning of it, so there is no use in us going into a long and, no doubt, meaningless explanation of consciousness.
It would make more sense at this stage of our development to accept that we are all one aspect of existence, all one person and leave it at that.
That concept is already difficult to appreciate and, no doubt, there will be many who will reject it.
However, to repeat what we have already said, we are in fact – from this point of view – just one person but, thanks to our eight aspects of personality, housed on each of the eight dimensions, we can all consider ourselves to be individuals.
We hope you can visualise this. You have eight aspects of personality, housed one on each of the eight dimensions and so does absolutely everything else.
Every human has eight aspects of personality attached exclusively to him. Every animal, plant or mineral also has eight aspects of personality attached to him (it), as does every other entity anywhere in existence.
That simple phrase has far reaching consequences. Who amongst you has any real idea of the outreach of existence?
Most people have some idea about some of the billions of humans alive at the moment on Earth, although there exist groups of humans that live apart from the rest of you and, very possibly, of whom you have no awareness.
Then, some of you have some idea of the myriad of animals roaming the fields, forests, seas and lakes. But not one of you has a complete knowledge.
Some of you may be aware of the various types of rock that exist.
Some may have heard of aliens, seen spaceships in the skies. Some may claim to have interacted with certain races but who amongst you could honestly stand up and say that he knows every facet of existence?
Most, truly, have little more knowledge, factual knowledge, about life than the average caveman had many thousands of years ago.
It is mostly conjecture based on false interpretation of the evidence.
The problem has always been, for the general public, that they have been taught to look at the entities roaming Earth and consider that is all that exists. As we have attempted to explain in the various works we have presented to you, we are looking down the wrong end of the telescope. That which is observable to the naked eye, is just the end result of a long process that started vast amounts of time in the past and in the remotest corners of creation.
We hope that you lucky few, that have access to our teachings will, at last, be able to have some idea of the complexity and wonders of creation.
These teachings will of course spread with time and with the efforts of all those involved in the dissemination of this wisdom and will contribute greatly to the advance of mankind.
But now let us return to the rather intricate subject of the various dimensions, the personalities contained within them, and start to look at the complexity of life contained within those personalities.
You must, at all times, understand that there is only one consciousness, so no matter what we describe to you, all are connected to you and are, in a way, you.
It is only the different personalities that the Archangels endowed each and every entity with that gives it the appearance of remoteness from you.
Having repeated that information, ad nauseam, we will begin to describe the different aspects of creation and take the time to examine each one as clearly as possible in order to make this book an encyclopedia in its own right, to which people may turn if questioning any aspect of life.
So where shall we begin?
As this chapter is so short, let us begin with an aspect that will not take many pages to describe because there is not much to talk about.
Let us begin by examining mineral life; sand, rocks, crystals and the other elements that fit into the mineral department.
Now, if you have ever visited a geological museum, you may have been amazed at the corridors of exhibits of all sorts and types but, if you were really to examine them, you would find that a stone from Britain and a stone from Sumatra, really is very largely the same in general appearance and scarcely warrants to be proudly put on display like some circus act!
But, what interests us is not the physical appearance of the stones but what is going on spiritually – non-physical would be a better term.
Like all things, every element (molecule) that constitutes any stone, large or small, or any mountain, was created long ago in that giant atom looking object that we described in a previous book.
So, the stone will follow the same development, as does all things.
However, even though the stone has eight channels or places created for it in the eight dimensions, it hardly needs acute aspects of its personality developed to exist.
So, what aspects of personality would a stone need to exist?
The first thing we need to remind you about, in case you have either forgotten or are unaware, is that each and every mineral has a unique frequency. No matter if it is a grain of sand or a mountain, it has a unique frequency.
This has been made use of throughout the world to create huge monuments, broadcasting a frequency into the skies which enables some space faring nations to navigate either towards Earth or around Earth.
This unique frequency is part of the basic makeup of a stone and was given that frequency at the moment of its creation long, long ago.
So, we wish you to comprehend that when you leave a city and walk in the countryside, each and every grain of sand, each stone, no matter how large or small, each mountain, is broadcasting (projecting) outwards for a greater or lesser distance, vibrations. For those who have psychic eyesight developed, these stones would be projecting light of various colours and the whole of planet Earth scintillates with light.
The reason that this is so, is simple. Everything is vibration and is a subset of starlight (pure white light).
The various personality channels that each mineral object has in the eight dimensions, are also vibrating at the same frequency as each piece of mineral, and thus are also glowing to the frequency of the object being observed.
Thus, it is surrounded by the glow of the dimensional auras, which surround each and every piece of mineral.
Now, believe it or not, some minerals are more alive than others. This is not so strange as it seems. Crystals are attributed to having special powers.
These powers would also be a form of vibration, and thus if a crystal is alive enough to have special powers, it would draw advanced forms of personality towards it compared to other forms of rock containing no crystal elements in its construction.
Thus, we hope that you can appreciate that each type of rock, not only has a unique vibration but also has a degree of awareness, not only its basic awareness that it exists but, depending on the type of rock, it has a specific degree of other attributes.
It is worth mentioning at this point that crystals should be treated with the greatest circumspection.
Depending on the type of crystal, and depending on its size, a crystal might generate a great deal of force, some of these forces being inimical to man.
Many years ago, the sages understood crystals and harvested their powers for various reasons. But, today, they are often considered pretty ornaments and people collect them to beautify their homes rather as if they were bouquets of flowers. This is an error.
Equally, people buy crystals from sellers, who make claims as to the aid a particular crystal might give; helping with health, finance, beauty, love life, etc.
Once again, all this is an error. The influence of crystals has no connection to the above human considerations. Crystals are quite independent and separate from any human wants or needs.
Their powers lie in different directions than beautifying a home or helping solve human problems. Thus, it would be better for the average person to avoid collecting crystals.
Some of them are actually harmful to man and can generate all sorts of health problems, physical or emotional.
Years ago, their powers were harvested to generate forces, in what would be called magic ceremonies, because their powers were understood. They were never used as modern man uses them.
We should also mention that planet Earth contains a great deal of rock, sub-terrain or under the seas. This huge mass of rock, generally, has one unique vibration and equates to the frequency that the Earth sends out to space, and to the sun, and contributes to the gravitational effect that holds the Earth in orbit around the sun.
So, there is not a lot more to say about rocks generally. Whilst they play a fundamental and vital role on Earth, forming not only the quasi totality of planet Earth, but also is largely responsible for helping hold the planet in orbit around the sun.
But, from the point of view of consideration of personalities, apart from crystals that we have mentioned, rocks do not generate much energy.
So, let us go on to consider plants.

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