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Logic would dictate, that next we discuss humanity but we have covered the subject of humanity in great detail in other books and essays, so we feel that we do not need to repeat what we have already described as fully as we could.

Therefore, as you may remember from the Foreword we said that this book would be devoted to what you call aliens, so we will jump to discussing this topic.

You may have questioned why we have spent so much of this book to a discussion of the personality traits of other objects, but the reason was to give you as clear a picture as possible of the aspects of personalities that all things have, so we hope that you will not think that the previous chapters were a waste of time.
We want you to understand that all things have personality aspects and the more sentient a thing is, the more personality traits it has.

So, assuming that what we referred to as aliens do exist, and, assuming that they are much more advanced compared to anything on Earth, humans included, one would expect them to have a large number of personality traits. We will examine these traits later as, first, we need to discuss whether or not whatever are referred to as aliens really do exist, where their home is and all that we can possibly describe about them.

If we try to examine alien life from just looking at evidence found on Earth we come up with a somewhat mixed bag to say the least.

The first thing we notice is that, if we look back into the past, we can find little or no hard evidence that we have been visited by alien races.

Let us, for the moment, ignore recent times, with reports of down craft, captured crew members and the countless photographs and films presented to us and just consider what still exists from long ago.
After all, if aliens were visiting planet Earth from long ago, one might expect to find some hard evidence.

But first of all, let us try to decide on what to call these beings, assuming they exist.
Sometimes they are referred to as extra-terrestrials (ET’s).
Extra is a Latin word implying ‘outside of’, ‘not part of’ and terrestrial obviously implies planet Earth.
Therefore, the word extraterrestrial implies beings that come from somewhere outside of Earth.
Now, the implication of this is that we are considering physical beings who live on some planet remote from Earth.
If it can be believed, what we have stated, that there is no physical life on any planet other than Earth, then the word Extra-Terrestrial would have no meaning. So, let us ignore that misnomer.
Then they are referred to as ‘aliens’.
Alien implies not known to a particular culture. Also, the word alien can have somewhat negative connotations; alien food sometimes being unpleasant to people unfamiliar with the taste.

This sounds a bit more promising as aliens tend to be unknown to the majority of people and are certainly distasteful to most.
But the question has not been answered as to where they come from and to call someone alien, as in ‘illegal alien’, implies knowledge of their place of origin.

We can only call someone alien if we are sure that they do not come from planet Earth.
But we have no certitude at this point as to where they come from.
Let us give a little, childish example, to demonstrate the point. Many people are convinced that fairy folk; gnomes, elves, pixies, etc., exist. Assuming they do, we do not refer to them as aliens, as we presume that they originate on and from Earth. We have no proof of this but we accept that they exist, are interdimensional but are linked to planet Earth, so we don’t call them aliens.
And yet these beings, the visitors, we call aliens, despite not knowing where they come from.
However, we must call them something if we wish to discuss them, so we will refer to them as aliens although, as this book unfolds, it is probable that we will find the word inappropriate.
Therefore, until and unless we can find a more appropriate appellation, we will call them aliens.

So, to return to the past. If it is true that aliens have flying machines that are sometimes referred to as ‘unidentified flying objects’ (UFOs) or flying saucers and if it is true that they crash onto the surface of planet Earth today, it would be fair to assume that they would have crashed in the past and yet it is rare that we come across any.
There is some evidence that an aircraft called a Vimana has been discovered in a cave but, apart from rumour, has anyone actually seen it?

The only evidence that is presented to us are rock paintings depicting UFOs and creatures in strange dress, plus some stones carved into the shapes of flying craft and/or alien looking beings.
It is also fair to say that any evidence discovered today depicting alien visits is immediately secreted away from public gaze.
So, the truth is that we have virtually no proof from the past that aliens, or their modes of transport, ever existed.

Now we come to modern times. Things are much different today but real proof is just as elusive.
One could say that the modern era of ufology started in 1947 with the Roswell incident(s), although there were downed craft before that time.
But public awareness really started in July 1947 with the somewhat bungled Roswell incident and its cover up.
The actual details of this event – of which there was more than one – is not the subject of this book, so we will not go into the details of it.
The record is, of course, available in the Akashic Records for those willing to learn to enter that place, so we will not give any details here.
So, we do seem to have some proof that beings from elsewhere do exist and have created a variety of craft.

The problems as far as the public are concerned, are many and varied.
To those few who have genuinely seen a UFO, or have interacted with alien beings, there is no doubt that these entities exist. But the percentage of people who have had a genuine experience, in terms of the world’s population, is infinitesimal.
From our investigations of those who claim to be experiencers, the vast majority are creating with their imaginations these events, they were not real.
Of the few who have had experiences, quite often mind wiping technology is used to eradicate any memories so, as we said, those who have had experiences and can remember them, the number is very small indeed.

Then, of course, the various governmental, military and quasi military groups charged with hiding this truth about aliens, is very effective at covering up any sightings, downed craft and captured entities.
It seems to be most government’s number one priority to pretend that we are not visited by beings from ‘elsewhere’, wherever that ‘elsewhere’ might be.
Lastly, it is interesting to note the number of people who are unwilling to face facts regarding visitations and are only too willing to accept the stories put out that sightings are mistaken identity.

Perhaps we could spend a moment looking at why authorities spend such a vast amount of time, effort and financial resources to cover up these visitations.
After all, if planet Earth is being visited by groups from elsewhere, one would have thought it of paramount importance to inform the public.
But the opposite obtains.

It is interesting to note that, immediately following the bungled Roswell incident, where it was admitted that a UFO had crashed – then hotly denied – committees and groups were set up at many levels to control and deny the truth concerning UFO visitations.
It is the speed that all this was set up that raises questions.
Usually, if anything similar occurs – immigration by huge numbers of young people from deprived countries for example – a large amount of time passes in studying the problem before coming to a conclusion, if a conclusion is reached, but in the case of ‘alien immigrants’, action was taken virtually overnight on a worldwide basis that clamped a lid on any revelations.
One wonders just how such a speedy action was achieved, especially when one considers the so-called Cold War that was in full swing, in which groups of countries opposed other groups of countries and yet, as soon as demonstrative proof was released to the public, every country in the world instantly agreed to deny the evidence.
Could it be that some other force than politicians were behind the cover up and, if so, what was and is that group and what was the motive?
Our main interest is the alien visitors and not the beings who control governments, so we will investigate that subject later.
For the moment, let us consider why it was so important to hide the truth, sufficiently important, that many people were assassinated to keep the secret intact – as it is at the moment of writing this book.

A number of reasons have been put forward to justify denial, some of whom seemed reasonable at the time but really do not hold water today.
The first considered was general panic among the world’s population, if it was suddenly announced that planet Earth was being visited by beings of vastly superior intelligence and technology than humans had at that time. This was no doubt true at the time, 1947, because planet Earth had recently been rocked by two terrible wars and the history of Earth had, for millennia, been one of constant wars by invading forces.
Thus, it was assumed that any visitors would have evil intentions and so it was deemed wise to hide any and all such visitations until arms of equal power to the so-called invaders could be manufactured.
Next, there was fear that religions would be found out to be based on incorrect information. This is understandable, as most religions have created stories to explain the various events recorded in religious texts. Although to anyone awake, it is obvious that some of the stories in religious books could well have alien intervention behind them, the stories have always been twisted to imply angelic intervention, despite there being no firm knowledge that angels exist.
But time has given a veneer of respectability to the concept of angels, whereas aliens would be new and thus seen as a menace.

In more recent times, people have started to query the propulsion systems, both silent and capable of extraordinary aerobatics feats including, of course, anti-gravity.
At the time, Earth technology was very primitive and relied on the use of fossil fuels – just as it does today – where as it was obvious that UFOs did not use fossil fuels at all.
So, economic considerations were discussed and, if the technology used by aliens was released to the public, it would ring the death knell to all the vast profits companies make from fossil fuels.

But, the most important consideration was one that was never discussed publicly. Planet Earth had, for many hundreds of thousands of years, been under the control of a group of etheric beings called Archons.
We have discussed this group in other books and talks.
They have controlled all governments and most religions for a long time and are, actually, humanity’s greatest enemy.
Now, the Archons are very familiar with alien groups of all types.
We will discuss the personalities of aliens later but we will say that, like all people, some are good, some are evil and some are neutral.
Now, as soon as the Archons learnt of the Roswell incident, they swung into action and informed all the world leaders to deny and cover up any alien intervention.
The reason is this.

The good aliens are very much aware of Archons and what harm they have caused to planet Earth and the Archons were terrified that the good aliens would reveal the presence of Archons to us and explain the harm they have caused and even suggest ways and means of getting rid of them.
At that time – 1947 – the general public were sublimely ignorant of the presence in the etheric realms of these Archons that were and are overshadowing many politicians and world leaders.
The Archons wanted to keep it that way.

You may have heard of an American president that had a meeting with an alien group. These were good people and offered to guide the world towards peace. Their offer was refused by the human’s present, who were already under the control of the Archons.
In the meantime, the Archons contacted a group of evil aliens who, soon after the first meeting with the good aliens, had a meeting with the same president and his cohorts, who immediately agreed to work with the evil ones.
Once again, these politicians and church leaders who met with both groups, had no option but to refuse the first group of aliens and agree to the second – the evil ones – because all concerned were under the psychic control of the Archons.
Thus, a treaty was agreed to between the people of planet Earth and this evil group of aliens, that you know as Grey’s.
Both parties were and are influenced by the Archons.
As we have previously said, the time of the Archons is drawing to a close and they will, eventually, be chased from influencing your leaders.

People have often asked why disclosure has not taken place but, from what we have stated above, you can see that disclosure will never happen while the Archons are controlling your leaders.
If the good aliens were revealed publicly, they would mention the Archons and the harm they have caused.
It is the fact that most people have never heard of Archons that enables them to operate in secret.
If their presence were revealed to the public, steps would be taken to remove their minions from power.
So, do not expect disclosure to come from any governmental agencies.

You may have noticed that we mentioned a link between the Archons and aliens. Archons live primarily in the etheric realms which, like all areas, there are more than one of.
At the lowest end, the etheric realms, touch 3D reality (the one in which you live) while, at the opposite end they touch the astral planes.
The Archons have the ability to move up and down the etheric realms and it is at the higher end that they come into contact with aliens, because aliens live in the astral realms, or rather in the many sub-frequencies of the astral realms.

Now, you may have wondered why we started this book off with several chapters about the personality of stones, plants and animals, when we said that this book would be about aliens?
The reason is that there is a link between all life, and we tried, by describing the personality aspects of various life forms that inhabit the planet Earth, to demonstrate that there were definitely links between all things. We did not discuss humanity, because we have already done so but we would like you, if we may suggest, to think of humanity’s personality aspects when you consider what we said about the personality trends of all life. You should be able to notice that we said that stones, etc., although apparently lifeless, have nevertheless a number of personality aspects. Plants have the same, plus a few more, animals, once again, have the same basic aspects but, being more sentient than either stones or plants, have an enlarged range of personality traits at its disposal.
If we were to describe the personality traits of humans you would notice all the ones that applied to other life but with extra ones added.
Thus, there is a clear growth of personalities from stones to plants to animals and then to humans.
This is logical, as all is one, but there are degrees of awareness to this oneness.
Further, all these personality traits are contained within the multitude of sub-dimensions of the 8 main dimensions.
We wish you to understand that it has never been clear where aliens come from.
The reasons are several.
The Grey’s were instructed by the Archons never to reveal that they come from interdimensional areas, because it might have been possible for people to forge a link between them and the Archons. The Archon’s secret to success has always been that people do not know that they exist and so, if a Grey alien blurted out that they were in touch with the Archon’s, the game would be up.
So, the Grey’s were instructed to say anything but the truth. Thus, the story about Zeta Reticuli was concocted, but it is not true.

In the case of good aliens, until the publication of this book, very little was known about inter-dimensions.
Indeed, although this information was known a long time ago and mentioned in some Indian texts, due to translations by people who did not understand about the dimensions, the translations were often less than perfect.

Added to this is the unfortunate fact that many, indeed most, of the people who claim to have been in contact with aliens were inventing it and had no idea where they really came from, so they invented stories based on old wives’ tales and said that they came from various star clusters; Pleiades, Sirius, etc. This also is nonsense and yet a whole myth has been created around it.
People claim to have met beautiful aliens from the Pleiades, have been taken aboard UFOs and flown around the galaxy or that they are hybrids, usually, with Pleiadian blood – everyone wants to be special and no one wants to come from a bad alien group – so everyone and his dog, as the saying goes, claims to be a Pleiadian hybrid.
It is staggering to see the number of people who write books and give lectures on their experiences, entirely fictitious, about their interactions with aliens.

Now, we will explain clearly and, we hope, once and for all just where these aliens come from and who they really are but we must first clear the board of all the nonsense that has built up since 1947.

We will say this about a group who are often associated with aliens and that is a group of people periodically known as the Tall Whites or the Nordics. They are the same group of people. They have recently started to reveal themselves on Earth and seem to have a mixed personality. Some people claim that they are a noble group and some say that they are wicked, having worked with the Reptilians and people like Adolf Hitler.

No doubt, like most people, some are good and some are less than good but one thing we can say, and be sure of, is they want to preserve the planet Earth, because they are from Earth.
Their origin is not for us to disclose, but we give away no secrets that they come from hollowed-out areas below the surface of planet Earth.

For reasons best known to themselves, they decided to move underground a long time ago and, having avoided the extermination level events that have rocked planet Earth from time to time, and not having fallen under the control of the Archons, have been able to develop many advanced technologies and systems of government, that have greatly benefited them.

They are extremely concerned by the destructive attitudes of some military factions and are very much against the use of atomic weapons, which could, and is, causing irreparable harm to Earth.

Those of you who are old enough to remember the countless underground nuclear tests that were carried out will not know, but those tests were carried out by those under the control of the Archons, who hoped to damage the underground facilities of these Tall Whites – who are, themselves, enemies of the Archons.

Fortunately, no harm was caused to the Tall Whites, who tolerated these nuclear explosions for a while before taking steps to put a stop to them.

But, we repeat, they are from planet Earth herself, although when questioned as to their origins, usually site the Pleiades to put people off their scent. They do not want us humans delving into their underground domains.

There is at least one other group who also live underground but it is their wish to remain secret at this time, so we will not betray their secret.

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