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In this chapter, we are going to attempt to explain the origins of what are known as aliens.
Now, we warn you that the subject is somewhat complicated and cannot be explained in just a few lines.

We spent time in explaining the different personality aspects of Earth creatures and you will have noticed that none of what we mentioned could be described as physical, although the effects of these personality traits are very often seen in physicality.

In another work, we have described the human body – just to talk about humans – as having two aspects, the physical body and the non-physical aspect.
Further, we have spent a great deal of time, effort and ink, to describe as fully as we good, the vast range of non-physical aspects there is to all life, some more noticeable, as in the case of a human, than in the case of a stone.
But, as we constantly remind you, all is one and so a stone and a human have the same potential, even though, in the case of a stone, much of it seems dormant.

Lastly, in this book, we have described the various and many sub-dimensions to all the eight main dimensions, and we placed a lot of emphasis on the personality traits as they apply to various aspects of life.

Those of you who are familiar with our writings, know that we tend to try to explain things as carefully and as simply as we can and so, sometimes, we seem to ramble from apparent subject to subject but we hope that, by now, you realise we have taken great care to explain in simple language, all the various subfactors required to comprehend what can be difficult subjects.
So, all that we just mentioned above applies not only to all that exists in physicality, but also applies in the non-physical universe as well.

People have the impression that the non-physical world is somehow different from the physical world and, to a certain extent it is, but the main aspects of life remain exactly the same despite whether one is considering physicality or the non-physical worlds.

May we say before we proceed, that we have made a change to a word that we frequently use.
Up till now, we spoke of physical and spiritual worlds.
Physical obviously meant the world and entities you see around you, but we had a problem with the word spiritual.
There are actually two meanings to the word spiritual.
The first means something that is not physical – spirit, soul, auras, heaven, hell and all the other things we speak about, and the second meaning implies holy.
Now, as you know, things can be non-physical but far from holy.
So, to avoid confusion, we have decided that, from now on, we will use the words non-physical to describe something that is invisible, part of the auric dimensions, and the word spiritual to describe something or someone that is holy. This will help us in our descriptions of things and, we hope, will avoid confusion on your part when deciding if we are talking about something outside of the physical realms as opposed to holy.
We mentioned this at this point because, in dealing with aliens we are almost always in the non-physical aspect of life.

It may also help if we clear the ground regarding the various physical ‘aliens’ that are seen.

As we previously stated, the vast majority of sightings reported are fake.
Now, some of these are just mistaken identity by a person who sees a strange looking person or flying craft, some of them are deliberate fraud by those who have nothing better to do and create sightings of people or craft in a computer, and some are deliberate false trails put out by various government agencies who want to muddy the waters.

True aliens are non-physical, as we will explain so, obviously, no sightings can be of aliens.
However, it will be helpful if we can describe and discount the beings that are seen and the body’s collected following downed UFOs.

Most popular are what are known as ‘the Grey’s’.
These are creatures, some about 4 ft tall and some slightly larger, with the well known bulbous heads, large lenticular eyes and almost no facial features, apart from their eyes. They are all robots, programmed life forms (PLF), although they are so frequently seen in relation to UFOs, that some people claim them to be a race – usually from the future – that have returned to our time to collect DNA to correct some genetic fault created through inbreeding or some similar unfortunate turn of events.

This seems to be a story accepted even by the military, who have to deal with them, that is just a ridiculous story created, either by the Grey robots, or their masters or by the military to explain their presence on Earth.

If the people who believed the story had the slightest notion of how life is recorded in the Akashic Record, they would realise that each frame of life is protected, exactly to stop any modification to be made to life.
Each and every event is lived for a fraction of a second, is recorded in the Akashic Record and the next frame, the next microsecond, is lived, only to be stored and thus life goes on.
So, if some event occurred that was displeasing to a future generation, they might well return from that future, to some moment in the past and observe events occurring at this previous time, but in no way could they change the events.
They occur just once, are recorded for all time, but cannot be altered.
The classic puzzle in relation to this is the ‘grandfather story’. It goes like this.
If a person returns from the future to a moment in the past and kills his grandfather, that person could not be born, needing his grandparents to create, eventually … him!
This childish story has been used to claim that time travel is not possible but, of course, time travel is possible but the life of the grandfather, once all the countless frames of time/space are over, and the events recorded, is protected for that very reason.

Could you imagine, for example, the confusion that would be caused by, say, one side winning a war and then someone going back in time to change the past so that the other side won and then, shortly after, someone going back in time to reverse the decision again and each side going on endlessly like that? It would be preposterous, because you can be sure that if it were possible to change the past, it would constantly be done to virtually all things in all domains.
It may be a good subject for a comic film but, in reality, would cause chaos.
So, the Archangels responsible for controlling life, quite simply created a way of not being able to change the past.

One would imagine that aliens from the future would have sufficient knowledge to know that the past cannot be interfered with, so they are either counting on the military with whom they are in contact not having the knowledge or intelligence to know that the Grey’s are lying, or there is some flaw in the story.

We have, of course, discussed this in the video that was made but it is worth repeating, so that all who read this book are clear that the past cannot be changed.

While we are discussing these little Grey robots, we might as well mention that those who have been autopsied, following the demise in a UFO crash, or following their imprisonment, the doctors performing the autopsies have been astonished to note a certain amount of vegetable matter within them.
This gives a clue as to the extreme age of the original plans for constructing these robots.
We have mentioned that long years ago, the Archangels experimented with producing creatures from plant material, long before flesh and blood creatures were thought of, so it is highly possible that these robots were first created at that time and then modified somewhat when flesh and blood beings were introduced onto Earth.

If this is true it gives some idea of how long aliens have been interested in Earth.
It is also interesting to note that the original programmed life forms have remained unmodified all that time. We will discuss the reasons for this later.
To end our brief discussion on programmed life forms (Grey robots), we will say that their IQ is about 80, just sufficient to carry out the commands of their masters, who direct operations by telepathy, following the antics of these robots by using their eyes as cameras.
People who have interacted with these robots have noticed that they do, indeed, seem to be soulless, heartless entities, incapable of speech and incapable of any emotion.
The reason is, of course, that they are just robots – machines directed to perform certain acts but not capable of independent thought.

Next, people report seeing creatures resembling, somewhat, Praying Mantis.
Once again, the majority of these reports are fictitious, but they do exist. Their form was chosen because they are actually quite human in their ability to move – standing on their hind legs, having active forearms, eyes and other features not dissimilar to humans.
So, although these also are robots, PLFs, it was clever of some alien race to note that they could be constructed and instructed to perform acts not dissimilar to that of a human.
Generally, the IQ is slightly higher than that of a Grey, but they also just obey orders given telepathically by their masters, who remain in the etheric or astral realms.

Recently, there have been reports about a variety of creatures who have physical bodies and who are supposed to be aliens.
There have been reports of meetings, of councils who come together to discuss how the future of planet Earth will unfold, but we regret to say that there is no truth in any of this.

It must be clearly understood that aliens are not physical, and if they could be seen at all, would just be balls of energy although, in fact, the type of energy they are created from would exclude even an energy ball forming. We will discuss the aliens in detail a bit later. At the moment we are considering more what they are not, than what they are.
We remember that we stated at the beginning of this chapter, that we said we would discuss the origins of aliens, but we hope you will forgive us if we get out of the way some of the robots that are often assumed to be aliens.
So, we suggest that you listen with the greatest caution to people giving lectures claiming to be Ambassadors for alien races, communicating with them regularly and attending meetings and so on.
We are not accusing these people of fraud. The reasons that they make the statements they do might be completely innocent but we can assure you that none of it actually happens.

Obviously, there might be some people who are creating the stories in order to build a career for themselves. After all, if someone makes outlandish claims, who can say that he is fabricating the story? No one at the moment knows the truth about aliens – which is why we are releasing this book to you – so anyone can claim anything, and who can deny it? We hope that if you will believe what we are going to tell you in this book, you will have a firm foundation of facts concerning this mysterious group – the aliens.

It is also a strange fact that the more bizarre the story people come up with, the more people seem ready to believe it.
It is also true that if one creates a false story and one repeats it often enough, it comes to be accepted as true. However, as far as we are concerned, we do not wish anyone to remain in the dark of any subject and, as we know the true story about aliens, we are happy to tell you, and if it upsets those perpetuating falsehoods, so be it.

But, we will say that there are a number of reasons that people think they are interacting with aliens, when they are not.
Some people might have mental illnesses and, having followed a subject found on internet, for example, think that it is happening to them.
Then there are people who have worked for the military and have a variety of false messages implanted in their minds, and who are convinced that they are, or have been, in contact with aliens.
There are military groups who deliberately create and implant false memories so that, in the end, the public do not know what or who to believe and so dismiss the whole affair.
So, there are a number of perfectly reasonable reasons why people make these false claims about aliens.

As we said, if something is repeated often enough it is accepted as true, hence we have countless people who claim to be channeling aliens, have met aliens, have flown with aliens or have alien blood.
Virtually all of this is not true.

So, what can we say about aliens and where they reside?
This is where the story gets complicated, because aliens really do not live anywhere.
As we said, they are invisible to humans, and it is only their created life forms – robots – that interact with us.
The true aliens never, or almost never, come into your 3D domain. They cannot. They do not have the capacity, with very few exceptions, of entering 3D reality.
The reason, strange as this is going to sound, is that they are products of personalities.

Obviously, this needs a great deal of explanation and we do not expect all of you to be able to accept what we are going to say.

Collective wisdom has long imagined that alien visitors are flesh and blood ‘people’, not dissimilar to Earth humans, except that they come from some planet somewhere in the galaxy; the moon, Mars, the Pleiades, the Sirius star system, Zeta Reticuli and so on, and the robots, when questioned, have confirmed this.
The reason why aliens would say such a thing is understandable, as the truth as to their home areas would have been dismissed as lies, where as a lie concerning the origin sounds believable.
After all, if people live on the surface of planet Earth, it makes sense that aliens would be physical entities living on the surface of some other planet somewhere in the galaxy, that would resemble somewhat Earth with regards to its geography, water, oxygen, etc.
Scientists and astronomers even now, if they are not denying the existence of aliens, are scanning the galaxy and proudly announcing to a believing world the discovery of planets, just at the right distance from a sun, containing just the right mixture of elements to support life.
It may be that, one day, humans, when they develop space travel, will visit some of these planets and will be able to wander about without using spacesuits, but they will visit these planets and find them bereft of any form of sentient life. None of them contain aliens, animals, fish or insects.
The only planet with life on it is this one.

Now, we must leave the aliens for a moment to remind you that planet Earth, indeed the whole galaxy, does not exist.
It is an imaginary world created by the Archangels and maintained by collective consciousness.

Further, you do not exist in the physical form you see in a mirror. No one exists as a solid physical being.
You, and us, are all just auras, non-physical and we have all been programmed by the Archangels to imagine that we are real, flesh and blood beings, living on a solid planet, in the physical universe.

As we have said, the illusion is so strong, that it seems real, but the truth is that it is all just astral matter brought together by individual and collective consciousness – imagination – to create this giant theatrical piece that we call reality.

So, this being so, whether you can accept it or not, it follows that aliens could not be solid, flesh and blood beings, living on solid planets.
Even if they had been programmed like us to believe that all this is real, the truth is that they must be, like us, astral forms living an illusionary existence and just imagining themselves to be real.

But they have not been programmed to believe that they are physical as you will see in a moment.
Only those humans or animals destined to come to Earth are programmed like this.
The Archangels never waste energy and, as what we referred to as aliens, were never destined to interact with planet Earth, the programing stopped with all that was destined to enter so-called physicality.

The truth concerning life, is that we are all non-existent nothingness, living nowhere. We do not exist, being only a thought in God’s imagination.
We have briefly said this before, but have not pushed the idea on to you, because it seems so impossible.

We would be the first to agree that life seems so real, planet Earth and the galaxy seems so real but, as we have tried to explain, using an onion as an example, if we peel off the layers of skin, we arrive at nothing.
The onion ceases to exist. It only existed when it was whole and there is no life force to be found at its centre. Its life, when it was whole, was just an illusion.

Now, although we did introduce the concept that nothing actually exists, we did not explore the idea, because we just wanted you to get used to the concept that nothing exists.
We are sure that even now most of you will not be able to accept that you do not actually exist in the form that you see, that you have been programmed to see.
But, it is the moment to try to expand your mind, to accept that you do not exist in the way that seems so real.
We want you to accept the possibility that planet Earth and the galaxy, air, water, land, space – none of this exists.

All that exists is nothing!
All that you think exists is illusion.
The only thing that exists is this creative force we call God, and God is a non-existent force – as far as we can tell – but that has infinite creative power.

So, God told his Archangels to create this vast illusion. We have already hinted that all the books we have given you, all the essays, all the videos that you may have watched that explained life in such detail, was and is explaining illusion, but this illusion seems so real that we accept as real and can spend a lot of time and energy to explain in the most minute detail, this incredibly complicated and complex multi-layered existence, that so much effort has gone into making and maintaining.
And yet, the truth is that it is not real.

Now, why are we explaining all this?
Quite simply because, if life as we see it is not real, then aliens cannot be real.
If nothing actually exists, then aliens cannot exist.
But, if we can see the robots that come here, if we can see the UFOs that come here; see them, film them, back engineer the crashed or captured ones, there must be something going on.
They obviously seem real to us.

But, you will notice that we mentioned the programmed life forms (the robots), we mentioned the UFOs, but we never mentioned the aliens themselves!
Why did we not?
This will be the subject of the next chapter.

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