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In the last chapter, we discussed at great length, that nothing really exists in the physical manner that you can see, and that we have explained in great depth – perhaps more clearly than life has ever been explained – in previous works.

Now, we are going to have to join two disparate elements together if we want to make sense of the lives we all lead, and that alien life is part of.

The basic truth about life is that nothing exists. We have explained this as carefully and as fully as we can, but it is such a ridiculously bizarre concept that we do understand that many, indeed, most of you will totally reject the very idea.
Even the most open minded of you will have the greatest difficulty in accepting that you do not exist, because you obviously do or you would not be reading this book.
We, who dictate this book would not exist.
The person who writes our thoughts down would not exist.
None of the electronic systems employed to create the book would exist.
The paper, the printers, the printing machines would not exist.
In short, if nothing existed this book could not exist and you who are reading it do not exist – but clearly, all that we mentioned above does exist. The result is that you are reading that we are saying that nothing exists!
So, how can we resolve this conundrum, and what has it to do with aliens – who clearly exist also?
So, we will repeat what we have already said many times. Nothing exists but this force we call God.
This force has many names and it is unfortunate that the word, the name ‘God’ has been adopted by various religions and given a holy, remote context, that makes it quite impossible to discuss God in any rational manner to most religious people because, as soon as we do, we are treading on their toes, encroaching on their sacred territory, and explosions occur verbally. Thus, often, it is quite impossible to discuss God.

We would be the first to admit that we do not know what God is because, as he (it) doesn’t exist in any manner, shape or form, how can anyone possibly describe or investigate nothing.

However, as nothing does not imply that it ultimately applies to all, we have to scratch our heads and admit that there must be degrees of nothing, or you and us would not exist.
So, are we hedging our bets with regard to saying that nothing exists?
One could answer that perhaps we are, but we will soldier on because to discuss the alien subject we need to have an absolutely clear picture in our minds between the concept of nothingness, and the world in which we all seem to live.
To understand alien life, if we do not understand the difference between nothingness and apparent reality, we cannot understand alien life, where it comes from, how it exists, and what the agendas are.

So, we hope you will excuse us if we continue to try and establish the link between nothingness, and the life we see and experience.
We do not have all the answers to all the questions concerning life and nothingness but, thanks to our human Archangelic friends, who have been so kind as to share their knowledge and wisdom with us, we do know some things, sufficient to be able to share what we know with you. If we did not think it was true, if we were not sure of our facts, we would say nothing. So, we present to you what we are sure of and leave it up to you to accept or reject this information.

We repeat one more time that there exists a force called God, the all that is, our father and so on, that doesn’t actually exist in any measurable fashion but, from somewhere, curiosity and collective consciousness does exist.

Once again, these are unmeasurable concepts. You can’t see curiosity. You can’t measure, weigh it or hold it in your hand. It is a concept, like God, that just exists. Therefore, if it just exists, it must exist in nothingness. Similarly, with collective consciousness, it is a concept, that just exists suspended in time and space – or rather outside of time and space. It just exists.

Now, curiosity is something we can understand. We all, or most of us, have curiosity.
We break off for a moment to say that curiosity, one of the building blocks of life, has long since been a subject that the Archons have tried to suppress in humanity. After all, the Archons do not have curiosity, so they think that no one should have it. They just want the world’s population to carry on as they are, never thinking, never questioning reality, never asking the question ‘why’.
If they could prevent curiosity, they would have a better chance of maintaining their stranglehold over us for all eternity.
If we were curious, we might start to question religions, the political systems, the financial systems, the power system and so on.

That is why all religions have a holy book, which they claim comes from God, and effectively enslaves the adherents to that religion under pain of hell.
If people accept, without question, the teachings of their particular religion, they are assured of a place in heaven.
The slightest doubt as to the absolute truth of that religion, will assure a place in hell – for all eternity.
So, many people who adhere to a religion walk about like blind men – or perhaps we might even say, people with part of their brain missing – blindly believing information that a moment’s thought would show to be false.
But to question a religion requires curiosity. Thus, if curiosity could be suppressed, the enslavement of the adherents is assured.

We could go on to discuss the other topics that we mentioned, but we leave it to you to question – or not – the life you lead, and you see around you.
We give you a warning, however. The leaders, often under the control of the Archons, take a dim view of questioning established systems, and will bite back hard if criticized so, question by all means, but keep your own counsel.
Do not cast pearls before swine.

Similar although different, is the strangely named collective conscious. Like curiosity, it exists, indeed, is an absolutely vital part of life as you know it but does not exist in any measurable form.
Therefore, if life exists at all, it exists as curiosity and collective conscious. It is stated in the Bible that God made everything in his image. Naturally, everything was narrowed down to just humans, and as humans seemed real, God was imagined to be a man with the attributes that elderly wise men had at that time; a beard, etc.
It never crossed anyone’s mind to think that God might be an invisible, unknowable force, having just curiosity and collective consciousness as his attributes.
However, it is true that God made everything in his image, which is why all that exists is curiosity and collective consciousness.

Now, as we also said, we have all been programmed by Archangels to think this world we see around us, in all its dimensions and sub-dimensions, is real.
But, it is all created by imagination, which we will use as another way of explaining curiosity and collective consciousness.
The collective conscious works on all of us to imagine that we are real, and it is our imagination that creates all that our five senses; sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell, work to convince us that life is real, we are real and physicality is real.
So, we have this vast structure that seems multidimensional (that we have explored with you in various books) but, that is all just created by us thinking it is real, which gives us some idea of the power of imagination.

Now, what has all this got to do with aliens?
Quite simply, that aliens are a product of our imagination, just as everything else is.
But there is more to the story than that, obviously.

We mentioned at the beginning of this book about personalities, and although we did not mention the personalities of humans, because we had covered that subject in other works, and you, being human, can analyse your particular and general personality and speak for yourself, so we felt it unnecessary to elaborate further.

But it is important that you remember what we said about sub-dimensions and that all personality traits were contained in the sub-dimensions and, finally, the whole thing was repeated eight times in all the eight dimensions.

Now, this is where it is going to be extremely difficult to explain because, in fact, these personality traits that you have both individually and collectively, create entities beyond those that you are aware of that just apply to you.

It is almost as if these personality traits have got a sort of life, a consciousness of their own, and can think for themselves.

Can you see how difficult this is going to be to explain because, first we are dealing with personality traits, that most of you up till this moment did not know existed, and now we are saying that your, and everybody else’s personality traits, create beings we call aliens.
We hope that we will not confuse you too much, because we very much want you to have an understanding of this important subject – aliens – and so we are going to try to explain as slowly and carefully as we can.

Let us return to what we were explaining at the beginning of this book about personalities.
Indeed, it might be a good idea if you returned to the chapter about personalities to refresh your memory.
For those who want to stay with us, we will give a brief resumé.

We said that all things were alive and thus had personalities.
Then, we explained that for every atom of an object or creature, including humans, in the astral realms, there was a space, a channel, with the particular frequency of that object.

So, if we take a hypothetical person, you, us, or anyone, we have a number of channels created that correspond to that person’s vibration.
Then, placed within those channels, are all the atoms that go to makeup that person.
So, in effect, there are countless millions of channels, all vibrating to someone’s frequency, and the whole lot are linked together by gravitational force. And this is done for all people, all animals, all plants and all minerals.
The concept is staggering, but it is true.

Then, we said that, according to the species, and according to the individual, certain personality traits are formed within those channels, that can come forwards or retreat according to the species and the nature of the individual concerned.

Thus, we have to imagine that this hypothetical human is, using his ID, his collective conscious, and his other aspects that make him think he is a flesh and blood being, linking with his personality traits, and a human being appears either in the astral realms, or in physicality, if he has chosen to be born on Earth.

But, we also mentioned that all those personality traits were repeated eight times, even though the individual would be concentrating on only one aura at the time.
So, for most people, the other seven aspects of the human are not being used.

The person, whether he is in the heavenly spheres or in incarnation, is only concentrating on using one of his eight bodies at any one time.

But, the other seven auras do not lie idle. They have life and personalities. Normally they would be a close, almost identical reflection of the person who was using a particular aura.

But, they can start to think for themselves, because they are just as alive as the ‘body’ the person is concentrating on, so they have the same potential to react, to think, to create as the aura that is active.
This is a difficult concept to grasp, so we hope you will excuse us if we repeat this in other words.

Imagine a person, let us ignore his physical body and just imagine his non-physical aspects.
He would have ID, Higher Self, Imagination, mind, and a number of personality aspects all active. This person is only aware of one of him, as his focus is concentrated on one aspect of him, one version of him.

But, we said that he has another seven versions of him, that are there, but are not being used.
These other seven versions of him are also in touch with his Higher Self, Imagination, and all the same aspects as the ‘person’ is using.
The only difference, is that he is not using the other seven versions of himself.

So, these other seven versions have a choice.
They can either lie idle doing nothing, or they can take a decision to do something.
There are a number of things they could do, a number of avenues they could explore that do not concern us … except for one!
They could – or one of them could – decide to become what we term an alien for a while, whilst waiting to be called into action at some time.
Should that aura be called into action by the individual transferring his attention to the ‘alien’ aura, he will instantly drop the idea and return to being a human, either physical or non-physical.
Can you visualise this?

Now, not all auras of all humans decide to take independent action. Indeed, most people’s auras are as asleep as the average person is, but we wish to stress that auras (versions of someone), are capable of taking independent action and, to gain experience, do one of a number of things, explore one of many avenues, and one of these avenues he could explore would be to become an alien.

Of course, the individual who has his focus concentrated on another of his auras, would have no idea that one of his auras was exploring a separate avenue to him.

This seems strange, but that is the truth of the matter.

What you call aliens, are just one of your – or someone else’s – auras, playing at being an alien in order to gain experience and to stop being bored, although we are being light hearted about it.

We do appreciate that in the past, we have described a number of things about life which are new to you, and are very difficult to accept, but that this is the most outlandish of all.

So, we will repeat before going on to explain and explore the way that this alien phenomena operates.

An alien, is quite simply the aura of a person that is not being used by that person.

That is why some aliens seem good and kind, and some seem very nasty: they have the same, or virtually the same, personalities as the people who are incarnate or in the non-physical worlds.

Can we prove any of this? The answer is no, no more than we could really prove to you that you have auras at all, any more than we could demonstrate to you that angels or demons are real.

However, before we stated what we have just revealed to you, you can be sure that we took the utmost care to verify with our angelic helpers that this was, and is, the truth.

We would not make such extravagant claims, unless we were, ourselves, utterly assured that this is the case.

So, we do apologise if we shocked you, and you feel that we are mocking you as, no doubt, some people will feel.
We can only ask you either to accept what we are saying or dismiss it, if it sounds too far-fetched for you, or put it at the back of your mind until someone finds a way to verify our statement.

In the meantime, we will go on and discuss other aspects of this topic for the rest of this book.

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