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So, let us start to delve into what exactly aliens are, (although we gave an overview earlier), and explain how their craft and their robots are constructed, and manage to appear in, and on, planet Earth and in its skies.
We will also, in this book, try to establish the link between so-called aliens, and ‘experiencers’, although we rather feel that all this will be somewhat difficult to accept for many people, especially those who have, or are, building careers for themselves, describing their experiences and their versions of what aliens are.

As you can imagine, the story is rather complicated to explain, so we will take our time and use a number of chapters to describe each aspect of alien life and how it affects us – or rather you – incarnate.

Naturally, as most of this will be new to most – if not all – of you, we do not expect all of you to be able to accept our version and, no doubt, much of our tale will be dismissed by established ‘experts’ who, if they accepted our version, would see their careers crash down like a house of cards so, many people – even those we know who voraciously read our books and essays, and hunt for ways and means of incorporating our version of life’s events into their books and lectures – will ignore most of what we are going to say.
After all, what we have already said and what we are going to tell you, would have the greatest difficulty in being incorporated into stories that aliens come from various planets, meet regularly with certain specially selected humans, and are given secret information, thus entitling those special people to charge fees giving lectures, selling books and revealing the alien’s agendas and secrets.

We feel that we are going to cause a rift in accepted ufology by what we are going to say, and people will have to make a decision to believe them, or us.
Who they finally decide to put their weight behind is not our concern.
We have been informed by knowledgeable Archangels of what the story concerning so-called aliens is, and we present it to you. In a way, our responsibility stops there.
It has been our experience that much of what we tell you is largely ignored until, little by little, person by person, others begin to accept the wisdom behind what we tell you and the truth spreads.

We are not interested in instant sensationalism. That which we tell you is intended to fill library shelves – and the computers of many people – for generations to come, as truths today will still be true long years into the future.

So, accept what you can, reject what you cannot, but please do not let any of our revelations upset or anger you. We come in peace, and present, with love, the truth as we know it to be, to you, and leave it in your hands to accept or reject this information.

Indeed, it may come as a relief to some to know that what they seemed to experience at the hands of aliens may not have happened quite as they visualised it.
Even in hypnotic regression, we hope to demonstrate that what people re-experience may not be quite so dramatic as it seems.

So, like all good tales, or most, we start with the phrase, ‘Let us begin’.

The problem is that this story is going to be so new, so revolutionary to most people, that we feel we should return to the last chapter, where we mentioned that aliens are actually versions of people in auric dimensions, and expand on that theme until, we hope, you all have an absolutely clear picture of what we were describing.

Now, we may need to branch away from strict scientific fact concerning aliens in order to make the picture clear, but the Master Jesus set the precedent by often creating stories – analogies – to explain difficult concepts, so we will be standing on the shoulders of a spiritual giant if we do the same. Our object is that you should understand as clearly as we can explain just what aliens are, and their connection to us both incarnate and discarnate.

There is no point in going too far back in the story of personalities, and the fact that they are repeated eight times, because we have done our utmost to describe them in previous chapters and, if you haven’t understood that, nothing more we can add will clarify the situation.

So, we will assume that you have understood that you have a number of personality aspects, and each group of these personality aspects is held together in a bundle by gravity, and this bundle of personality aspects is repeated seven more times, making eight personality bundles in all.
Further, all of these bundles are capable of making contact with your Higher Self, Imagination, ID, and all the rest that goes up to make you.

We should perhaps add, in case we did not make this quite clear, that not only can each bundle, individually, make contact with his outside elements of you; Higher Self, Imagination, ID, etc., but they could all do this at the same time, although you would not be aware of more than one bundle making contact at a time. This would be the bundle of personality aspects that you are using at the moment, as you go through your incarnation and are reading this book.

So, we repeat. You, who are sitting reading this book with, apparently physical eyes, struggling to comprehend with your physical brain have, working in the background, a number of personality aspects, some more strongly present than others, and all these personality aspects are working in conjunction with your Higher Self, Imagination, ID, and a number of other features that we have already mentioned in previous works, and the whole lot is focused in what you see as your physical body.

You are only aware that you have one of you – the one who is reading this book – but you have exactly the same complex repeated another seven times, making eight of you in all.
The reason, actually, why you cannot see or feel all eight of you, is that each bundle of personality aspects is on different frequencies, rather as if you had a computer with eight identical programs running, but all kept separate by being on different carrier waves.

So, you focus just on one aspect of you (your personality bundle). As we said, there is only one Higher Self, one Imagination, and one ID, so all the eight bundles share those just mentioned attributes. It is only the personality bundles, that there are eight of, that are independent.

We hope that you have now fully understood this concept because;
a. Without using diagrams, we could not describe the concept with greater clarity, and;
b. If you have not understood, you will never understand what aliens are.

We went on to explain that these personality bundles are, in conjunction with using the Higher Self, Imagination, ID, etc., capable of independent thought, just as you are. Indeed, if you were capable of splitting your attention into eight, you would see eight of you, although each one would be of a different frequency. Perhaps it is just as well that you can’t divide your attention into eight, because it might prove to be somewhat confusing! Most people have enough trouble handling one aspect of life.
Nevertheless, on different frequencies, your other seven versions of you are just as capable of independent thought and action as you are.

Therefore, these other aspects of you could do a number of things, one of which is to explore life in another dimension, and we call them, when they interact with us… aliens.

We must stress, that all of your seven other auras would be on other frequencies, and so, if one did, indeed, decide to become what we term an alien, it would be totally invisible to our eyes, and even to UV or infrared light, being of a frequency far removed from so-called physicality.

That is why we can state categorically, that anyone who claims to see or interact with aliens is mistaken. They are quite invisible to us.

Also, we must say that each bundle of personalities has its own unique frequency, and thus would be invisible to the personality bundle of anyone else. Each and every person has their own unique frequency.
Thus, if a personality bundle of one person decided to become an alien, that person would be alone. If a second person decided to become an alien he would be invisible to the first alien.

We have already stated in other works that each person is totally alone in reality because each person has a unique frequency.
Thus, if someone claims to have attended a meeting where there were a number of aliens, he might see robots, PLFs, but in no way would he be looking at aliens.

Perhaps we should also say that these personality bundles, when they are wandering about the astral realms, are not considered to be aliens.
That appellation only applies to them, their craft, and their robots, when they decide to interact with us.

The astral realms contain countless personality bundles wandering about completely unknown to humans.
Perhaps we will write a paper about this aspect of life, should it prove to be interesting to people.
But, it is only when they interact with us that we call them aliens.

Therefore, we have a strange phenomenon. People’s unused personality bundles can, if they wish, wander about quite independently of each other, and of the person incarnate, or discarnate, who is completely unaware that this is occurring.
Of all this vast number, only a relatively few actually have the curiosity to try to contact the surface of planet Earth, and then go about manufacturing UFOs and robots – a subject which, obviously, we will deal with in depth later.

But, we must mention another strange effect of auras – which is what these bundles of personalities are usually referred to.

You may remember that, earlier, we gave a little story about a young girl, and her various dolls, and we mentioned that these personality bundles, these auras, always stay with the person.
And now we are saying that they can wander about on their own.
So, is this not a problem? How can an aura be attached, or close to a person, and yet wander about independently of the person at the same time?
Surely, it must be one or the other, although, we did qualify things by saying that there was nothing stopping an aura wandering off if it chose?

This is where higher physics comes in.
We have stated, in past works, that neither time nor space actually exist, it is part of the great illusion on Earth, and is associated with the fight/flight aspect of life.

In the astral realms, there is no physical danger, thus fight/flight is not necessary, and thus, time/space does not exist.
There is only the ‘now’ moment, and only ‘here’.

Therefore, a personality bundle (the personality aura of someone), can appear to be wandering about, but attached to the Earthly aspect of someone at the same time.

We will also say that not everyone’s personality aspects (or bundles), are capable of operating independently of the controlling spirit, that is to say a human incarnate or discarnate.
It is a question of a number of things.
There are some people who are not very intelligent. This is not a criticism but just a fact.
If a person lacks intelligence, it implies that his personalities have only a very limited ability to contact the Higher Self, and thus he appears to have limited intelligence, because intelligence implies knowledge and wisdom, which, is contained in the Higher Self – the source of all knowledge and wisdom.
So, if a person cannot really make contact with the Higher Self, the various personality aspects would have a distinct lack of curiosity, and thus it is unlikely that any one of that person’s personality aspects (bundles), would really be active.

Then there are those that are deeply involved in any of the major religions.
In this case, those people would only have limited personality aspects developed, and curiosity about real life is unlikely to be present.

Then there are those who, for various reasons, do not wish to admit that aliens are a real possibility and so, for them, their spare personality bundles would not desire to become aliens.

So, to cut a long story short, it would be the personality aspects of reasonably intelligent, open minded people, who would create aliens.

Now, of this group who might become what we referred to as aliens, some of these people might be very kind, loving people, and some might be extremely nasty, egocentric, cruel people – or a whole range in between, just as there is on Earth.

You can be sure that if you happen to meet someone, male or female, who is very kind, and if one of their personality bundles decided to explore the avenue of what we call an alien, that alien would also be a kind, loving, being.

Equally, of course, an evil person would tend to create an evil alien.
The ones in the middle (the vast amount of people), would just create aliens with no particular agenda, just aliens that would observe life from their point of view without taking sides.

Maybe, we can see where reports of good, bad, and indifferent aliens come from. They are all personality aspects of people, either incarnate or discarnate.

There is, however, one particularly negative group, the PLFs of whom you know as Grey’s. This group merit a short chapter of their own, and so we will discuss them later.

The question has been asked, as to whether the personality aspects of any animals – for animals have eight aspects to them just as humans have – could become aliens, but animals, generally, lack curiosity, so it would not be likely that the spare personality bundles of any animal would desire to wander off on their own, and even more unlikely that it would desire to come close to Earth as an alien.

So, to wrap up this particular chapter, we will resume what we have said about the various life forms you know as aliens.

There are very few races that are closely connected to humanity, one of which we call either the Tall Whites or the Nordics, who are true, living people, just as you are, but who live apart from you.

Then there are the personality bundles of some people who choose to come close to Earth, interact with Earth and, sometimes, it’s population. Of this group some are good, some are not good, and most are indifferent.

And then there is this group known as the Grey’s.

Of all these various life forms, only the Tall Whites have physical bodies as you have.
All the rest live in the astral realms and are invisible to humanity.
It is only their manufactured UFOs and PLFs that are directly observable to humans.

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