Aliens – The Strange Truth – Read Online – Foreword


So far in this series of books we have attempted to present information concerning the origins of all life in a fairly logical order, so that anyone interested in the subject would be able to comprehend.
However, as we have mentioned on a number of occasions, life is complex and there are aspects of it that do not necessarily follow in a chronological order.
Indeed, there are aspects of life so far remote from anything that even the most advanced, even the most open-minded person would not be able to accept.

However, we have been tasked by those above us, to attempt to explain as much as we can about life so that, as we all move into Ascension, we can all have a firm foundation of facts upon which to build the Ascension process.

To rise in spirituality, implies rising in wisdom and wisdom is based on knowledge, so we hope that you can appreciate that we need to explain as much as we hope you are able of comprehending.

We have already talked at length about a number of aspects of life that have been ignored or unknown until the publication of the books so far made available to you and we intend to continue to release information until all who wish to advance may do so.
You cannot advance while you are being kept in the dark, so to speak, so we will shine more and more light into the mysteries of creation, so that you may stand shoulder to shoulder with the giants.

Which brings us to the subject of this book, which will be number five in the series.

The subject of this book will be the origins of life, not as we have described it in any of the previous books but from an aspect, we feel, has never been discussed before.

As we mentioned, life is complex and we have already attempted to describe how life is created in an enormous kindergarten, in book 4.
Then we have described how all the dimensions were created and life placed in them. We followed this train of thought by describing as clearly as we could the various aspects of intelligent life, Higher Self, Imagination, Logos and many other aspects including the strange concept that we all live in an imaginary world.

One would think that we have covered the gamut of life, but it is not so.
There are other aspects that we may consider and, in this book, we will try to explain an aspect of life that is relatively unknown.

So, as always, we ask you to be as open-minded as you can and allow this information to flow into you, even if you cannot immediately understand the concepts.
You will understand one day and will grow in wisdom.

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