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Let us first discuss the subject of portals as far as we can separate them from the subject of alternative realities. It is not easy to do because, by their very nature a portal is a passage between 2 realities – if we may thus describe the imaginary areas that we all live in.
So, first let us say, as we have stated so often before that nothing is real. All is an illusion but the illusions are so convincing that, when we are involved in them, it all seems real and so let us imagine that all dimensions are real. Otherwise the whole discussion would be meaningless.

Therefore, in the 6th dimension there would be countless sub-frequencies all created by adding to the base frequency of the 6th dimension, which is a carrier wave of a particular frequency or vibration, a large number of other frequencies of very similar vibration to the quiescent frequency of the 6th dimension but each sub frequency of a unique and slightly different frequency to that of the actual carrier wave frequency.
So, we wish you to understand that, just to consider the 6th dimension, it has a carrier wave that we might term Alpha.
Within that Alpha carrier wave are created a vast number of other frequencies: Alpha+1, Alpha+2, Alpha+3 and so on in an almost infinite pattern.
Thus, each frequency is unique compared to any other frequency or compared to the base Alpha carrier wave.

It is important to comprehend this because each one of these sub frequencies, Alpha+1, Alpha+2 and so on contain life and contain the subject matter of this discussion.
We will describe that life in a moment.
For now, let us try to describe the method of transferring our consciousness from one wave or frequency to another higher or lower.

These different frequencies themselves have sub frequencies within them. So, at the risk of confusing you we will attempt to describe a sub frequency thus: Alpha+1+a, Alpha+1+b, Alpha+1+c, and so on. Now we are aware that there are only 26 letters in the British alphabet but, evidently, there are many more than 26 sub-sub frequencies. We should say that the alpha numeric description we gave was just by way of explanation and it is not used in reality.
The point that we wish to establish is that the different frequencies contained within the sub wave that we termed Alpha+1, start where the previous one left off and slides up in frequency to a certain point where the next sub frequency takes over and thus these sub frequencies are all joined in a glissando of vibration starting at a low level and rising smoothly ever higher. The actual frequency has no importance in terms of power.
The important point is to realize that there is a carrier wave that we refer to as a dimension and that, within that, there are an almost infinite series of sub frequencies which, in turn, contain an almost infinite number of other frequencies.
But they are all connected in one enormous glissando of connected frequencies.
Thus, if we know how, we can easily move from one frequency to another by just raising our frequency; not in the sense of having to step up or down as if we are on a staircase but more in a sense of being on an escalator sliding up between levels.
So, what has this long and somewhat confusing introduction got to do with portals?

As all the different frequencies are interconnected, we are constantly moving up and down these escalators without realizing it. It is part of life to move into and out of these different frequencies.
Indeed, each one of us actually lives on a separate frequency from everyone else. That is what gives us our sense of being a unique person. But these frequencies upon which we live are so similar that, if we mix with families, friends, or work colleagues we don’t notice much difference. It would only, for instance, if a person from a European or American city environment suddenly found himself mixing with, say, an Amazonian Indian group deep in a jungle that he would start to realize the vast difference between his way of living and thinking and the way that the Indian people live and think.
They are living in a different world and we can clearly appreciate that.
But, even in these extreme cases, the vibrations are sufficiently close as to be virtually accepted as aspects of the same one culture.
Having explained all that, we will proceed to explain about vastly different aspects of the 6th dimension.

What we mentioned above, if we may return to our alphanumeric examples, implies that the first group all live on the Alpha+1+a, Alpha+1+b, Alpha+1+c vibration. The a, b, and c refer to each individual person incarnate on planet Earth.

But what if we transformed our consciousness to Alpha+2, for example? This would be a totally different aspect of the Alpha carrier wave.
So, this aspect, Alpha+2, we would consider to be an alternative reality.
This is where we need to consider portals because portals are the connecting mechanism between what we called Alpha 1 and Alpha 2.
Thus, nature has provided this sliding mechanism, this escalator between the two aspects of the 6th dimension.

But a portal never opens automatically. Portals only open at the request of someone on one side or another of any 2 dimensions or sub frequencies. In other words, someone in Alpha 1 would wish to go into Alpha 2 or vice versa before a portal will open. The most obvious example is in the death experience where a portal between the person on Earth and the heavenly sphere opens and the consciousness of the person travels along a “tunnel of light” into the heavenly sphere.
This tunnel of light opens at the request of the “dead” person and allows him to leave his physical body and travel through the tunnel, not walking, but moving as if on a horizontal escalator until he reaches the heavenly dimension, at which point, the person steps into the second dimension, Alpha 2, and the tunnel collapses.
The person who makes this journey may not have made a conscious request for the tunnel of light to appear but, nevertheless, he does so – his higher self sends the request and so the portal appears.
In the case of a NDE, when the person is sent back to his physical body, his higher self sends the request again and the tunnel reappears and he returns to physical life.

The problem that can occur with portals is that, generally, they are opened at the request of a visitor from another dimension that wishes to come to Earth and these portals are kept open for a while until the visitor has finished whatever he came to do in which case if someone enters this portal by accident or design he will be whisked off to the origin of the portal and find himself unable to reappear in our world, so he remains lost in whatever place he finds himself in.

This is the case in some forests where these “staircases” appear. They are actually portals opened by various beings or entities that desire to visit. As forests are secluded places they make ideal places for these visitors to arrive as, generally, they can remain open for a relatively long period of time without being observed by any human. But should anyone come across such a portal – which his mind translates into a structure, although it is a portal, and is foolish enough to climb – he will disappear into another dimension and be lost to mankind. Thus, humans should never attempt to enter a portal. Almost certainly he will meet an untimely fate.

We will go on talking about portals and say that they can be just fairly short connecting points between 2 fairly close areas of alternative time/space or they can stretch for vast distances, many, many light years of distance. As time/space is all illusion and these portals are created consciously by entities that understand the great illusion, they can be traversed in a flash of time. The entities that come from these alternative dimensions are fully aware of the illusory nature of “reality” and so are able to manipulate time/space to help project themselves, not around our galaxy – in which they use a different technique, but to move between dimensions.
It must be clearly understood, if any of this is to make sense, that the so called 3D “reality” is one thing – locked into a set of advanced physics – but dimensions are a totally different aspect of life.
If we may give a very childish analogy, imagine that you lived in a totally flat Earth. You would only be aware of forwards and backwards, left and right.
But if someone suddenly points out a new dimension, above and below, it would appear very strange and difficult to comprehend.
This is the case with dimensions. They are a different aspect of reality only recently thought about by those following quantum physics.
But these different dimensions were part of God’s original creation and are a fascinating subject that we will try to explain shortly.

So, we wish to conclude this short discussion on portals and draw the strings together in the hopes of bringing understanding to you.

Portals are communication devices that can be created by desire in order to move from one dimension to another. They are actually created from astral matter.
A strong desire can gather sufficient astral matter together to make a passage between two dimensions possible.
They can be visible or invisible to human eyes.
There is nothing really esoteric in them. They are just astral matter collected and concentrated by the desire to make them exist.
Actually, that is all anything is. Everything that can be observed; animal, vegetable, or mineral is just astral matter concentrated to form whatever a consciousness desires.
Portals are no different.

We will go on now to discuss the various dimensions and, more importantly to this discussion, what are known as alternative realities.

The connection between the various aspects of so called reality is always a tenuous one due to the fact that all people create their own version of reality using their aspect of imagination and so no two people are living in the same reality and, therefore, should they reach into a different reality it would be one personally created by them and thus different from any alternative reality created by anyone else.
So, in theory, it is pointless in attempting to generalize in any description of any aspect of life because it would really be necessary, before describing anything, to say “In the opinion of Mr. X or Ms. Y, such and such a concept occurs”.
Now, this occurs because, as we have stated above, within any dimension, there are a large number of sub frequencies one for each person.
This also applies in the plane of imagination so each person creates with his imagination the world or reality that he considers appropriate to him or her. However, there is an exception to this rule.
The plane of higher self – the 5th dimension – contains truth. It is the only dimension so to do but, to live in this one true world implies access to the higher self.
We have mentioned that there is only one higher self for all people so, if two or more people are able to link with the higher self, any subject that they might mention would be identical as they both would be accessing the truth.
This truth would be coming from the God sphere and would not be open to interpretation as it is the fundamental truth from which all grows.
But, throughout the long annals of history, of the vast amount of information disseminated by huge numbers of so called wise men, scholars and sages, how many have truly been in contact with their higher self?
This can open the door to collective misinformation generated by entities of less than good intent but have nevertheless persuaded vast numbers of people that it is truth.
A classic case is reincarnation and its bed fellow, Karma.
The vast amount of the world’s population accept reincarnation as fact and so, if one gathered a large number of people together and asked them to raise their hands if they believed that reincarnation was fact, even today the majority of hands would go up.
Even though it is not true at all.

Thus, we warn all that just because something is accepted by the majority does not mean that it is truth coming from the higher self. It can also be misinformation planted in the collective subconsciousness.
With this warning in mind let us at last turn to examine alternative realities.

Now, as we said, there is no “one” reality because we all create our own reality based on personal and collective experiences and our reactions to those experiences.
But let us, for the sake of trying to understand alternative realities, imagine that we all live in one reality.
Even this needs qualifying because those incarnate would have one set of experiences whilst those discarnate would have a totally different set of experiences and thus a totally different aspect of “reality”.
But, we must make some attempt to draw all this into one common denominator or we shall never be able to advance with this subject.
So, let us put aside our differences and imagine that we are all living in a similar world and having similar experiences.
Now, why should there be other realities and what purpose do they serve?

The world is a complicated place and so we need to stretch our minds if we want to comprehend it.
Even though we all live in our unique reality, these realities are sufficiently close that we can consider them to be part of one reality no matter if we are living in the so called physical planes or the heavenly sphere.
One is a continuation of the other.

But, when the physical world was created, the Archangels charged with creating it in the 6th dimension were concerned that it might not function quite as was hoped. So, as a precaution they also created in the 6th plane a number of variants of the world in which you live. This was actually quite easy as they were already working in an imaginary field and they had at their disposition an almost limitless number of bands of different frequencies in which they could place other imaginary worlds.
So, they let their imagination loose and created a vast number of other versions of the Earthly world with which you are all familiar. Some closely resembled planet Earth and others differed widely.

Then they placed within these worlds beings of various types that they gathered from the 8th and 7th planes.
There were, and are, a vast number of diverse life forms in those planes and they – the Archangels – used their intelligence to match the beings they placed on any planet to the type of planet or galaxy that they had created with their imaginations.
So, if one enters these alternative realities one finds life forms, some similar to those to be found on Earth and some so different that they would be difficult to comprehend.

So, these different and diverse alternative realities are all to be found in the 6th dimension and are, themselves, just as imaginary as the world you all live in, physical or heavenly, although, as you are aware, they seem very real, so for the point of discussion we may assume that they are real.
Most of these worlds operate by similar rules to the one that you find yourself in but not all do.
The Archangels let their imagination spread far and wide in creating these alternative realities and so some of them are so different from anything that you would be familiar with that they would be impossible for you to live in.
Now, we must address specifically for a moment those living in physicality.
It has always been imagined that the physical 3D world known as incarnation is a different form of life from the astral worlds and we have been guilty of suggesting this ourselves.
However, the truth of the matter is that physicality does not exist so, what you think of as physicality is but an illusion.
In fact, all life lives permanently and uniquely in the astral realms. Therefore, should someone be incarnate on Earth, disincarnate in heaven or in one of the alternative realities it is all taking place in the astral realm of the 6th dimension and it is only different frequencies that separate the areas.
The heavenly sphere, which is the 4th dimension is, indeed, a separate plane from the 6th but, nevertheless, the people who are in that dimension retain a link to both the 5th higher self, and the 6th imagination. People in all dimensions are obliged to use both the 5th and the 6th dimensions regardless of what area they “live” in.

Thus, it is relatively simple, when one has learned to raise or lower frequencies, to move from one reality to another.
As was mentioned, if someone in one dimension requires to visit another, he decides which dimension to visit and, once the decision taken, gathers astral matter together and makes, with his mind, a connecting tube or portal between his world and the chosen destination and he projects himself down the tube and he appears at his destination. Once his visit terminated he repeats the exercise in reverse and he returns to his home planet.

Therefore the subject of alternative realities is not quite as mysterious as is usually portrayed.
It has been people’s misunderstanding of reality that has caused the confusion. If people believe that 3D is solid matter it becomes extremely difficult to appreciate that it can be manipulated.
Once we realize that it is all vibration, all illusion and all connected it becomes easier to realize that it can be manipulated.

It has been suggested that people living in the 6th dimension, that we called Alpha+1, would have an alternative existence on other dimensions that we might call Alpha+2, Alpha+3 etc.
This is not so. Apart from the fact that all people incarnate have a “physical” body and also a spiritual or non-physical body and also the fact that these bodies are being created and destroyed billions of times a second, it is not true that we have countless alternative realities in other dimensions.

This, once again, is a smoke screen created by evil people to confuse others.
If one goes to another reality, the beings observed there would each be on their unique vibratory plane just as all life is here on Earth but one would not encounter duplicates of oneself.
There would be no point in doing that. Life was and is created on these alternative dimensions as a sort of back up plan, a security in case life here failed to prosper.
But the life forms placed on these other dimensions are unique, each one to its own dimension. Thus, if life died out on any dimension a new set of life forms could continue on the next dimension.

Thus, we can realize that each dimension exists as a unique and separate space in the grand universe that the 6th dimension is, but it is important to realize that these dimensions are, in a way, connected because as one dimension ceases the next one begins. There is no break in the different dimensions. They proceed ever onwards from the first to the last in one long glissando.
This being so, it implies that it would be possible for a person either by accident or design to travel from one dimension to another by just altering his current frequency from the Alpha wave he is currently in into an adjacent Alpha wave.
Then, as he travelled through this new Alpha frequency he would notice an increasing difference from the world he left to the new world he has entered.
It needs to be understood that, if a person slides from his Alpha wave into an adjacent one, it would at first seem very similar to his home wave or planet. It would only be as he traversed this new Alpha wave or planet, that life would start to be dramatically different as he approached the next Alpha wave on the far side of the wave that he was crossing.

One might question how this would apply to our Alpha wave so let us examine just planet Earth to see if there is any difference from one side to the other side (from one frequency upwards or downwards in frequency).
We tend to accept planet Earth as it is and don’t question the vast differences that there is just on planet Earth. But we might live in a temperate zone, or we might live in an extremely cold one or a very hot one.
We might live on dry land or in a water environment, in a volcano or in caverns deep under the Earth.
There are many areas, each one separate from the others and each one of a different vibration.
So, as we approached the frequencies where our Alpha galaxy touches a different Alpha frequency above or below it in terms of frequency so whatever the type of environment that exists at the point where the new Alpha touches our Alpha, the environment would attempt to be as close a match to the new Alpha as possible.
We appreciate that a verbal description of this relatively simple explanation may be difficult to understand and a drawing would better explain but we only have words at our disposition so we do the best we can with words.
The point of that somewhat convoluted explanation was to tell you that the joining point between any 2 dimensions or realities would be very similar. It is only as one progresses through the new reality that the landscape alters.

Now, if one could progress through alternate realities, one after another, Alpha 1, Alpha 2, Alpha 3 and so on, so the reality from your base Alpha vibration would become more and more noticeable.
Eventually, of course, one would arrive in a reality so different from one’s base Alpha frequency that it would be impossible to progress further.
Some of theses alternative realities are strange indeed but it is worth remembering that they were created, initially, as back up to ensure that what is termed physical life could continue in one shape or form.
This creation was a long time ago and now each reality has created a reality of its own and exists in its own right just as our reality exists as an independent, positive creation.

Now, it has been questioned if time travel is in any way connected with alternative realities.
As you know, time does not exist in reality. There is only the “now” moment. So, in theory, time travel is not possible.
However, it is obvious that in the illusionary world in which we all live, time has always existed and is considered to be an integral part of history. Even in the heavenly spheres we mention the past, present, and future.

So, let us try to examine somewhat what we mean by time and how it came to exist.
At the time when, originally, God’s Archangels created life in the 8th plane, time had no relevance. Everything being immortal, there was no need to consider time.

But, eventually, life developed to the point that the 6th dimension was filled with a variety of different elements, one of which was and is the illusionary physical universe that you people live in. So, in that area the concept of both space and time were introduced. We must say that both space and time are illusions, as we have often stated in the past but became an essential part of this false reality.
We will also say that sequence of events, which is another way of considering time is also an illusion, although we have often mentioned it as a sort of replacement of time because all things actually exist at the same moment. But we must have, when dealing with the so called physical universe, something to latch on to, to help explain how life appears to work in the world in which you live, so sequence of events was chosen to replace time in order to help you all get used to the fact that time does not exist.

So, if time does not exist and even sequence of events is an illusion, how and why do we need to have time in the illusionary worlds created within the 6th dimension?
The answer is fairly simple although rather difficult to explain and to comprehend.
Time has to be connected to another illusion we call space. In recent studies time has been irrevocably linked to space by some mathematicians and physicists and has been called “space/time”. Both are illusions but both appear real in the illusionary world that you live in.

When life was placed within the 6th dimension, it was understood that carnivorous animals would need to feed themselves. Thus, the concept of the strong hunting the weak was introduced. There were certain advantages in this as Darwin described in various publications. It was, and is, called survival of the fittest.
Quite simply, it means that if an animal can learn not to be eaten before it can reproduce, the knowledge of how to survive would be included in his genes – his DNA – and be passed to his offspring.
So, the concept of fight/flight was also introduced.
Any animal being attacked by a larger animal intent on eating the former so that it also might survive, has one of 2 choices.
Either it fights its attacker hoping that the attacker will itself abandon the idea of eating it or it runs away, hoping that it can outrun its attacker.
To run away implies having space in which to run.
Thus, we hope that you can see that the concept of space, and eventually, space/time is linked to fight/flight.
This, quite simply, is what the concept of space was created for.

Obviously, over time, when humans were introduced, the concept of space was largely expanded because humans, having a different form of intelligence to animals, once the basic concept of survival was overcome, turned their attention to examining areas outside of their immediate area in which they live.
Animals, generally, remain within a quite small area which they learn to know very well and stop at that.
Apart from the relatively few species that migrate, most animals do not concern themselves with areas outside of their home base and certainly do not stop to consider what the moon is, nor the sun, nor the stars in the night sky.
It is only man who concerns himself with that.
So, we will say something that will shock many.

As we all, animals and humans, create our own realities we can hypothesize that, before humans were introduced, much of what now exists did not exist. As animals were not interested in the night sky, for instance, it did not exist.
Just as many animals are not really concerned by the concept of night and day – either sleeping through the night time or sleeping through the day time – the concepts of either night or day do not really exist in many species. If diurnal animals are considered, for instance, as soon as dusk arrives, they return to their lairs and sleep until daylight appears, when they wake up again.
They have no concept of the night, nor of the moon, nor of the stars.
If woken up, they would be totally lost if they were forced to leave their lairs at night.
The same applies, in reverse to nocturnal creatures.

Thus, as all is created by imagination, when only animals lived on Earth much of what humans accept as normal – stars for instance – did not exist. There was no need for them and so they were not created by their imaginations. Even the moon did not exist. Nocturnal animals developed eyes that could see in the relatively total darkness and/or developed psychic ability to see the auric forms of their prey.

If we could go back to those early days, the universe that you are accustomed to seeing would have looked very different from what it does today.
As animal life spread around the planet, so large tracts of Earth were developed through imagination.
The interesting aspect of this is that skilled people have come up with the theory that, long ago, planet Earth looked very different to what it does today and, although these experts have no concept as to why planet Earth looked different, the simple answer is that it did so because all life creates their environment with their imagination and, if there were no sentient, thinking beings in an area, that area did not exist.

Eventually, as you know, man volunteered to “incarnate” in the 6th dimension that you know also as your dimension.
Now, we have described, somewhat, in different talks and publications the long years that it took man to develop to the point that one would consider really sentient.
We will not describe why humans who had spent long years in training in the higher 4th dimension for an Earth type incarnation were so primitive at first but we will do so eventually.

But, we fast forward to the point where man was capable of understanding somewhat, not only physical life but also started to get an inkling of his spiritual aspects.
It was at this point that the moon was brought into its present position. We have already discussed why this was so.
The point we wish to make is twofold.
1. That man is in two parts – in theory at least, if not in practice.
2. The vast number of people who still have no real idea of the spiritual aspects of all life.

This second part is the reason that space/time must continue for long ages.
If it were possible for all people, indeed all life, to realize their divinity, there would be no need for killing and thus no need for time/space to exist quite as it does, because time and space are linked to the fight/flight aspect of many life forms, including man and thus we are tied to this vicious circle.

However, as has been mentioned, we are moving into a long period of peace and so, the concept of killing will gradually fade and, difficult as this may be to comprehend, the notion of fight/flight will diminish and ultimately disappear and so the notion of time/space will greatly alter.
All is one and so it will be possible for all things to live as one.

But while we are talking about time/space as it exists now and of perceived reality, we would like to mention a couple of things that science has recently noticed and causes people to ponder.
The first is that quantum mechanics has formulated that, until an atom is observed, it doesn’t exist. We hope that we have answered that question in various talks and documents.
The second is that the universe is expanding.
Once again, the answer is simple.
If nothing exists until it is required to exist, by the same token, if we search we will find.
Thus, as astronomers explore the outer edges of the galaxy they question, in their minds, if there is more, and thus they create more in their imaginations.

It is necessary to realize that many of these alternative realities live by different rules to the ones applicable on Earth.
Some may have notions of fight/flight and thus space/time associated with them but many live by different rules indeed to those applicable on Earth.
It would be fruitless to try to describe these worlds because, not only do words not exist to explain the notions, but you would be quite incapable of understanding the methodology of such life anymore than the creatures living in these strange worlds could understand life in our world.
But, as we have previously stated, here on Earth there are vast numbers of people that would and do reject our teachings as totally spread by rambling minds.

It is time to wrap up this talk about portals and alternative dimensions.
We have given sufficient information to enable you to understand the nature both of portals and alternative realities.
We hope that this explanation gives you food for thought and has helped to clarify yet another aspect of God’s great creation – life.

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