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This will be information concerning life in other dimensions than what we have so far described.
We have mentioned life in two different dimensions or areas of existence but there are an almost infinite number of areas where life exists.
We wish at this time to describe life in an alternative version of Earth to that which we have mentioned.
We have described life in the 6th plane – that of imagination – and we have described life in backup versions of life created in case any one version was destroyed or failed for any reason.
However, there is a version of life that is very close to the physical one that you are familiar with and in which you think you live.

We wish to describe to you life in an area that few people are aware of but is interesting to investigate. It is a version that will become apparent in the future as people progress through ascension.

It is to be found as one progresses outside of and beyond the solar system as it appears in this life.
If and when we can develop our intellect to the point that we can realize that all is illusion and that nothing really exists, not even the one point of light that we and others have mentioned – this singularity – we appear to be left with nothing.
Indeed, we have mentioned that higher self and God is to be found in this apparent nothingness and we have mentioned that there are multiples of this nothingness each one working towards the creation of alternative versions of life as we know it to be in our galaxy.

We might have given the impression that God – prime creator – is to be found in these nowhere places. Whilst that is true, it is not the end of the story.
If we can, with our minds progress beyond the nowhere place in which God is to be found, we can come out on the other side of that nothingness into a whole new creation.
It can be imagined if one counts back from certain number towards zero, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0. Then start to count in negative numbers -1, -2, -3, -4, -5, and so on.

Whilst the life that we are going to describe has nothing to do with numbers, positive or negative, it is worth using numbers as an example in that mathematics can progress beyond zero.
It is worth noting, in passing, that Roman numerals did not have a sign for a zero and certainly did not have negative numbers and so, we imagine that had we been born at the time of the Romans, some 2000 years ago, to suggest negative numbers would have totally confused people.
We, today, are used to negative numbers and there are even those versed in imaginary numbers.
The point being that, today, negative numbers are understood where as 2000 years ago they were not.

So, as we have no concept today of life on the other side of God, so to speak, a start has to be made somewhere and, hopefully, one day, the concept of an alternative life will be accepted.
Let us hope that it does not take 2000 years to become common knowledge.

Yet another way of thinking of God is to imagine a circle with God at the centre.
If we can visualize that life, as we know it with all its ramifications, is taking just half of the circle, it leaves the other half for this alternative version.
After all, if God really is this being of infinite creative power, why should he not be able to create an alternative version of life?

However we visualize it, the fact of the matter is that there exists an alternative version of life following similar rules to our life but in an opposite sense rather as we have one half planet Earth lit by the sun whilst the other half is in darkness.

So, could we describe this alternative version of life?
Could we visit it, and if so, what would we see?

As we have already intimated, we can only start to investigate this alternative, diametrically opposed aspect of life when one has developed a great deal of knowledge both spiritually and scientific. However, thanks to those beings who have reached this stage and who have explained to us what they observed, we are able to describe it to you. We must express our deep and undying gratitude to these advanced people who have shared their knowledge with both us and you because, thanks to these people, we are able to bring to your attention information that has largely been unknown until now. Knowledge is power and it is through power that we can break the stranglehold of ignorance that has been used to keep humanity in slavery for so long.
Thus, even if you have difficulty in believing some of what we tell you, we suggest that you read carefully all the messages that we give you, some of which are being revealed for the first time. Then, as you advance and as you come across this information you will be able, more easily, to accept it as truth. The first barrier – that of creating a pigeonhole in which to store information – will have been broken.
Freedom comes in the degree that we can accept truth.

So, let us start by repeating that which we have already explained which is that, in the degree that we can reach into the higher self – which is also God – we can, eventually, come to a place where God is to be found.
This place is outside of time and space. It is presented to us as absolutely nothing. A place where nothing at all seems to exist.
Already, this is difficult, indeed, to describe in any meaningful terms. It has to be experienced in order to understand.
Language exists to describe space, time, physical and even mental events but how can we describe absolutely nothing?
We can only do so by using words that describe events and say, in this place they do not exist.
So, God is to be found in an area where there is no air, no gravity, no light but also no darkness, no thoughts, no emotions, and every type of experience that we can describe but with the word “no” in front of it.
Who amongst us can visualize such a place? And yet this place exists. It is the equivalent of zero in the arithmetical example we gave.
So, we ask you, if you can, to imagine peeling back the layers of life and experience, one by one, until absolutely nothing exists.
That zero point is the place where God is to be found.
And yet, if we are in a place where absolutely nothing exists how can God exist in that non-place?
This is the big conundrum.
God is the creator of everything and yet we could say that God cannot exist because the place where he is to be found does not exist.
We must try to answer this question if we are to progress in this essay.
We could say that if nothing exists then everything exists but it is all made of nothing! This may or may not be true but, even if it is true, it doesn’t help us much because it sounds like gobbledygook and is impossible to understand.
How can everything be made of nothing?
In the world in which we live, whether it be incarnation or in the astral realms, it is obvious that all that we can see is made of something.
None of us live in a complete nothingness.
In fact, to live in nothingness seems impossible.
For instance, if we create a perfect vacuum, we still have something we call a vacuum.
If we reduce the temperature of something to absolute zero, it can still be measured.
In neither of these two cases do we arrive at the point where the concept of air and/or temperature have no meaning.
It is quite simply that we are measuring a lack of air and/or a certain degree of coldness.
So, is it possible to imagine a place where air and heat (or lack of it) quite simply have no meaning? Even to try to imagine such a place gives meaning to that place.
After all, artists of various kinds use imagination frequently to create things: the plot of a book or film, a painting, music etc.
They start off as imagination and that is translated into a work of some kind. So, imagination is not nothing.

Perhaps all we can do is to ask you to accept zero as a point where nothing exists.
But we still have not answered the question as to why God exists in this nothingness?
Perhaps we could ask you to accept that a problem can only be resolved from a plane higher than the problem itself.
For air to exist, we ask you to accept that it was created from a plane higher than air. The only plane higher would be one where air did not exist. The same with space, time, gravity and the myriad of events that occur in life. To get to a higher plane would inevitably take us to a plane where they did not exist.
We can almost hear the brains of certain people whirring, trying to overcome these statements and we will agree that the examples we used were weak. But how can we possibly describe in any meaningful terms … nothing?
So, while we wait for the day that you experience that nothingness yourself and can then understand. We ask you to accept, if you will, that this area exists – indeed there are multiples of it – and that is the place that the prime creator lives.

And so, not to spend any more time on the centre point we wish to explore the other side.
We will just repeat, for the sake of clarity that, for those who arrive in this strange nowhere place and are able to retain control of themselves, because the first reaction on arriving at nowhere is panic. This is quite understandable of course.
Suddenly to find oneself for the first time in a place totally unknown causes the fight/flight reaction to kick in and one’s first thought is to escape.
However, if one continues to visit this area we can realize that there is no danger and it is actually a very blissful experience.
So, when we get used to basking in the presence of God, some of us question if there is more.
This questioning begins to open the door, so to speak, into life on the other side of the God area.
After all, we must suppose that creation is endless and so, especially, life must continue.

So, we reach out with our mind and we learn, gradually to approach the new life rather like a ship finishing a long sea crossing and approaching a new shore.

Now, where we end up, at first, depends on us; our personality, our interests, our curiosity etc. After all the law of mutual attraction still applies – it is truly a universal law – so we are attracted to an area that is in alignment with who we are.
So, let us try to explain this alternative version of life on the other side of our life.

Strangely enough, it resembles, geographically, Earth as we know it.
The reason for this is that, when life in the 8th and 7th planes were created, the Archangels,
who also created this alternative area, used the same blueprint and thus the planet upon which we arrive looks very similar to our planet with land, seas, rivers, lakes, trees, and vegetation.
So how can we be sure that what we are observing is truly the other side of God and not us just returning to our so-called 3D realty?
As we stand and look at the landscape in front of us – using astral vision, of course – we notice slight differences. For instance, if we try to pick up a stone we find that it has no weight – or mass as it is termed. It is obvious that we are on a planet and we therefore assume that gravity applies but it is not so.
We will mention, at this point, that even in the astral realms of our reality, gravity applies and a stone would have a certain weight. The larger the stone, the heavier it would appear to us in the astral realms.
But, in this alternative version, mass has no meaning.
Therefore, we could move a mountain if we so desired.
Does this seem a familiar phrase? Did Jesus not say that we could command a mountain to move and it would?
We can tell you that the master Jesus was familiar with this alternative version of life and visited it often.
When he made that statement, he was describing to his followers what life was like on the other side of God but the rest of his lecture has been omitted from the Bible, partly because very few people then or today would be able to understand and partly because the creators of the Bible did not want people to know about this alternative life.
If people can be kept in ignorance, they are easier to control. However, the Bible occasionally reports the truth even if accidentally. So, the phrase concerning moving a mountain slipped into the Bible.

Further, if we look deeply into the stone or rock we see that it reflects our thoughts. This is difficult to describe because, here on Earth, rocks and stones appear dead.
In this alternative version of life, rocks and stones are part of us so, if we link with them with our mind, the stone links also with us and becomes, essentially, a reflection of us.
So, we can not only see ourselves in the stone but they can link with all our thoughts and emotions. In this strange, alternative reality all is truly one and so the stone and us become one.

Then, once we realize that the stone reflects us, if we look around us and use our psychic vision to project our thoughts and who we are out to the landscape, it all changes and becomes us.
It is an amazing experience to see all the landscape change and become us. It is also that we would become the landscape but as our will is stronger than the will of the landscape so our will dominates the will of the landscape and it becomes us.
Eventually, if we relax our psychic will, the landscape returns to what is was before.
So, unless we are hallucinating it is obvious that we are not in our 3D world!

Let us go on and try to present to you some more differences between our world and this strange alternative life.
You may have already noticed that we have described it as being the opposite of life as we know it here.
As all things present themselves as unique, independent life forms here in our world and as we have described one of the ways that life is the opposite in this other world, life becomes very easily one, connected life form, we would, perhaps, jump into the conclusion that everything would be the opposite to life here rather as if one was just turning things upside down.
But this is not entirely so.
Certainly, many things that have a connection to physicality are opposite – as we described with rocks – but certain things do not change.
For instance, good and evil remain the same. Love and hate remain unchanged compared to our world.
The concept of dimensions remains largely unaltered.

So, let us leave them and explore the things that do or are altered in comparison to our world.

As we explore this alternative reality we come across animals. Many resemble animals that we see on Earth. They might have different names but an elephant still looks like an elephant, a rabbit still resembles a rabbit.
However, they do not act as dumb creatures, to use this rather disrespectful phrase.

First and foremost, they would alter form as we linked with them spiritually (or psychically) rather as we described with rocks and stones.
However, as an animal is more spiritually aware than a stone, instead of the animal just being overtaken by our spiritual life force, there is a blending of the two and so we would appear to have animal characteristics, should we meet and interact with each other and the animal in question would take on some human aspects.

Not only would both of us alter physically but we would blend also our personalities and share common attributes. In fact, we would become one.
This has far reaching consequences.
For instance, here on Earth some people have studied animals and/or plants and mineral life forms and many a weighty tome has been written about them.
In this alternative reality such study is quite impossible for the simple reason that as soon as we turn our attention to something it immediately alters and takes on some of our attributes thus making it quite impossible to study in isolation.
It would only be possible to see the object; animal, vegetable, or mineral as it really is if we could subtract from our examination our own attributes leaving the object unaltered by us. This might be possible to do but, as you can imagine, is not at all easy to do.
So, for the majority of people who visit this alternative reality one must accept that everything one observes becomes blended with us and we just have to get used to that idea.
So, everything that we encounter is altered and becomes part of us and those things become part of who we are.
Thus, we wander about in a world that is always, to a greater or lesser degree, a reflection of us.

There is both night and day much as there is on Earth although one suspects that when it is day in our world it will be night there. However, even this does not have much meaning because, as planet Earth spins in relation to the sun so it is day in part of our reality and night in the other half. Although it is difficult to obtain proof in the other reality we feel that this planet also spins but in an opposite way to here on Earth.
But that is of little consequence.
We have night and day and there we have day and night.
To have night and day has some importance here on Earth and it probably has a similar importance in this other place but it is not of great consequence.

However, if we look at the sun or look into the night sky, the sun and the stars immediately react with us and blend with us so, once again, we cannot see the sun nor the stars as they really are but are observed as being altered by us.

It is worth mentioning that the moon does not exist in this alternative reality. The moon is only part of our reality.
As we have explained in other works, the moon is a natural body that has been placed in our world to reduce psychic power.
In this other world, the power of God flows in undiminished and the moon is not present – or does not appear to be present. Because everything alters as we focus on it, it is hard to know what exists and what does not. But, as far as we know, the moon does not exist in this alternate reality.
But we do think that the other planets; Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, etc, do exist much as they do in our reality.

We will also state, as we mentioned earlier that the main planet – the equivalent of planet Earth – resembles to a large degree our planet Earth but we must remember that our planet has been altered over time due to the various cataclysmic extinction level events (ELE’s) that have caused land masses and seas to rise and fall. This alternative Earth remains very much as was designed by the Archangels long ago, not having been struck by any catastrophes.

Now, the burning question is, of course, is there any human type life on this planet?
The answer is yes there is and they have villages and cities as we have.

But, once again, to describe these people and their habitations is not easy due to the fact that, as soon as we concentrate on them, they blend with us and one can never be sure if we are looking at these people as they really are or as we imagine them to be.
But, we will describe as best we can what is observed but ask the reader to accept that our outlook is inevitably colored by our interpretation of what we observe.

We can say that the entire planet is inhabited much as our planet is inhabited.
There are cold areas at the poles and hot areas at the equator.

The cities and towns are built with natural materials, the people seeming to have great respect for their planet.
They are equally advanced as any group in major cities on Earth, more so in many cases as they have not been victims of ELE’s that have halted progress on our Earth. However, they do not seem to chase after progress as we do and just seem to relax and enjoy life.
There are men and women and, of course, children. The procreation process appears to follow the same lines as on Earth and, generally, the children are loved and well cared for.

However, the people do not seem to eat or drink as we do, being able to draw sustenance from the astral realms much as is done in heaven.
That may be, of course, because we might be looking at their lives using our astral vision and so are not fully seeing physical beings, although life there does seem physical.
We have questioned them concerning their lives. They speak telepathically and are very friendly and open concerning their lives.

The seem to live as long as they desire, are seldom ill and have advanced medical techniques for dealing with accidents.
They do not use animals or even plants in their lives as they are able to produce suitable clothing by an act of will. They live in harmony with nature.

They seem to spend much time linking with each other, exchanging thoughts and ideas and seem always to be happy and contented.
Life in this alternative version of Earth appears to be somewhat similar to Summerland in the heavenly spheres. This is the result of living in peace with each other and with all life.
Wars and crime do not exist. There is nothing to fight over and no need to steal, rape, kill or whatever.
They are able to satisfy all their needs by telepathic and clairvoyant means and so do not need to covert other’s possessions.
Their sexual impulses seem to be under control so women do not flaunt their sexuality and men do not desire them in that fashion.
When a couple bond it is because of love and a mutual blending – like attracting like.

When we blend with them we feel, intensely, their love, warmth, friendliness and compassion which supposes that we send to them our less than perfect emotions, but they do not react negatively to us. They grin and bear our presence knowing that we will eventually leave them and they can return to their former state of platonic love for all life.

They do not use money, quite simply because they have no need for it.
They have told us that they are aware of our version of planet Earth and some visit us occasionally. It somewhat dismays them that we live in such a war like fashion.

But they are aware of ascension that is affecting us positively and, by the same token, will affect them negatively.

We have already mentioned in other works this pendulum swing that bascules slowly back and forth between our two worlds bringing light to one part and darkness to the other. We will just repeat what is happening.
God’s spiritual light shines on one half of this circle of life at a time.
For a long period, the light shone on them while we were in spiritual darkness, but now a change is occurring and the light is shining on us and they are moving into darkness.
Thus, we assume that, eventually, we will develop to be somewhat like them whilst they will have to undergo the living hell that we for so long experienced.

Due to the fact that they have visited us over a long period of time, they observed the darkness that we went through and are aware that they, too, must experience this.
However, for the moment at least, they are facing this dark destiny stoically, understanding the reason for it and are happy for us that we will be moving into the light.
They are preparing for the fact that they must suffer very much as we have suffered and are certainly not trying to avoid it by moving to our reality – which they could. They know that they have to go through this torment and that it is an essential part of God’s means of charging his batteries, so to speak. Thus, they are facing this dismal future bravely.

So, we have presented a brief overview of this alternate world on the other side of God and we hope that it has been beneficial to you to learn about this alternate, complementary version of life.

No doubt there is much more that could be said.
No doubt, just as in our dimensions, there is a lot that we have mentioned about alternative realities, alternative universes and portals. The same exists in their reality but we have said sufficient to whet your appetite, to open the door into the wonder of God’s creation.
So, we will close this overview.

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