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We wish to talk to you today about the way that the Akashic Record was constructed, why it was, its purpose and so on.
We wish to inform you about its connection to life, to all living things and to its vital place in the construct of life.

We have, briefly, in other works, touched on the Akashic Record and have linked it to Higher Self and have called it a living library.
But the Akashic Record is a far more complex area – or construct would be a better term – with far reaching consequences than most people could ever imagine.

The problem, as always is to know where to begin. Those of you who have followed our various discussions concerning life in general and the spiritual aspects in particular will be aware that we have gradually revealed more and more to you about the various aspects of creation and have revealed to some, information that has been unknown to the vast majority of the world’s population, past or present.
Indeed, we have hesitated to give you some of the information knowing full well that it will be incomprehensible to many of you.
If we may just break off from this subject of the Akashic Record and mention the thorny subject of ET life. We have explained to you that there is life everywhere, some of it is to be found in caverns just under the surface of planet Earth, some is in astral form, yet more in interdimensional form and some of it from the alternative version of life from the other side of where prime creator is. Much of this life has visited Earth and interacted with us for long ages.
There have been countless films made in which aliens and their craft have been mentioned.
There have been many people who have seen UFO’s and have had interaction with our ET cousins and yet, to this day, one still sees programs on TV, articles in journals and lectures given asking the question, “do ET’s exist?”
If people are not willing to accept the evidence of ET life, what chance have we got of convincing you of the truth of all the strange things we talk about?
In fact, we do not try to convince you. We have been charged by higher beings than us humble servants of God to reveal information to you, and we leave you and future generations to accept this information as and when you are ready.
What we tell you is truth. Some of it we explain openly and some of it we couch in terms that do not state plainly the truth, because some aspects of life are so revolutionary that words do not exist to explain.
However, we never lie to you nor do we state anything unless we are sure of our facts. If some of what we tell you today seems somewhat contradictory to what we stated in the past it is quite simply that when we first started to reveal aspects of life we were aware that you could have had difficulty in understanding. So, we have prepared each essay, each book and each revelation to stand on the shoulders of previously given statements in the hopes that it will grow as you are able to accept more and more.
We are also aware that there are some who stumble on recent revelations who have not started at the beginnings of our talks and thus fail to comprehend. We have often exhorted you to start at the beginning but we cannot force you.
So, we will repeat that if what we tell you is incomprehensible to you, it is perhaps due to you not having done your homework. What we explain is wisdom laid one point after another and should make sense if you have followed our lessons one after another.
If you have skipped any lessons and do not understand what we say, we cannot be held responsible.
As a last aspect, what we have told you all so far, may well be more than has ever been revealed but we wish to say that we have only scratched the surface.
Life goes on indefinitely and we could teach for long ages and still not reveal all that there is to be revealed.
Lastly, in this section, we should say that some things are beyond even our comprehension and, thus, if we cannot understand, there is no point in trying to explain to you.
Our aim is always to explain even the most complex of topics in simple, everyday language. It has not and never will be our intention to explain topics in language incomprehensible to the general public.

Having given that introduction let us now turn our attention to explaining the Akashic Record.
The story begins in the dawns of creation when the Archangels charged with creating life, according to God’s wishes, first were confronted with the seven – eight, actually – bands or carrier waves that God himself is responsible for.
As far as we are aware these carrier waves, dimensions, are the only aspect of life that we can directly attribute to God.
All else, in every aspect of life, God has placed into the hands of his trusted allies, the Archangels, the DOL that we have often mentioned.
Perhaps we should attribute the creation of these two groups of angelic beings to God also but, as we have no proof as to the origins of these beings we cannot say with any conviction that they were created by God and so we hesitate to say that they were.
Certainly, it seems to us that as nothing else other than God existed at that time, logic would dictate that they were the creation of God but, as we can neither question God nor these angelic beings as to the creator, we will not assume nor presume that it is so.
We can only state that God created the carrier waves – or dimensions – and the various servants and co-creators of God made all the rest.
Perhaps who created the Archangels and DOL is, like God himself, destined to be the one unresolved mystery.
It would be a wise man indeed – or a fool – who could claim to know where God came from. Certainly, none of us know.
But the point is, as we have often stated, into these carrier waves life was placed bit by bit.
All that is known about God is that he is light – star light – and light is vibration. It is one of the attributes of light, if it is to be used to create something, it must be flickering on and off. This type of vibration is called Alternating current. Its use is in most forms of sound and image construction. There is also another form of current called Direct current. It is a useful form of electricity but is not capable of producing sound or images directly.
D.C. (as it is sometimes termed) can be used to power certain objects but, even in the case of DC creating the energy to make a light or sound producing device, the light or sound is in the form of vibration.
Thus, one of the few things we know about God is that God is light and light is AC (alternating current) and furthermore, as all life everywhere is made of God, all life must be vibrations, alternating current.
This is simple physics and, if you can accept that which the great saints have told us, which is that God is light, the rest follows on as simple fact.

Now, AC, whatever its waveform, generally, is a force which rises from a zero point to a maximum, down to a zero point again, reduces to a so called minimum and then rises to a zero point again.
We wish to state two things about what we have just described.
First, it is sometimes imagined that the rise and fall above a zero point is often described as positive and negative. This is not actually so. The rise in energy above the zero point and the opposite below zero point are just two aspects of the same force.
This is a subject that has a certain importance but, for the sake of our discussion can be considered to be two aspects of the same power.
We are describing the God force not running a course in electricity, so we will not delve deeper into this particular matter.
But, what is of paramount importance, strangely enough, is the zero point.
We hope you have studied other talks in which we stated that life is created and destroyed countless time a second.
It is because the vibration of God’s life force passes by this zero point endlessly that we can say that all life is created as the power of God, passes out from zero in either direction and then it returns to zero, at which point is ceases to exist.
So, we wish you clearly to understand that life starts at a null point, rises to a node, descends to a null point, moves to another node, then returns to a null point again.
At the null point everything stops, disappears. It has to. That is the nature of AC.

It is one thing to see a waveform rising and falling on an oscilloscope but it takes a stretch of the mind to accept that same thing is happening to the entire cosmos in all dimensions, past, present, and future, but it is so. Everything, everywhere is pulsing to this beat of creation – God.

So, we need to try to link this endless pulsation to the Akashic Record.
If we can take the creative part between the two null points we can, perhaps, visualize each one as a small packet of information separated from the previous or the next packet by two null points where all disappears.
It is necessary to clearly visualize this process if one wishes to comprehend the Akashic Record so we will repeat this information.
We start with nothing at the zero or null point. Then life creates a microsecond of existence before it returns to the null point at which moment everything vanishes
Then it creates a new moment of life before stopping again.
This process has been linked to the individual frames on a cine film or endless carriages of a train each carriage linked to the next but passing before our eye endlessly.
This is happening to all things everywhere. All is one and so as one object (whatever it might be) is created and destroyed, so it is happening to all things simultaneously.
Now, it is also a fact of life that nothing created by God can ever be destroyed.
We can accept that at the null or zero points God is not creating anything, but during what we called the node moments between two null points, life is being created, not exactly by God but by his Archangels who create life with God’s authorization – so things are created that are alive.
As we mentioned, once something has the authorization by God to be alive it can never die, thus each one of these frames are alive and will remain so eternally.
So, logic dictates that each frame of life should be stored somewhere.
It would be chaotic to have endless little packets of life just floating about with no attempt to put them in any order.
Therefore, each frame of life, that which we might also refer to as space/time, if either space or time really existed, are encoded with a unique stamp rather like taking a document and putting a unique mark on it so that it could be located amongst a mass of other documents.
So, difficult as this is to imagine, each separate, still frame of life is instantly encoded with a unique frequency which allow it to be stored and also located if required.
This, actually, is much more complicated than we might first imagine.

We stated, in other talks, that when the highest dimension was created, a certain, vast number of points of life were placed in this dimension. Thus, the exact number of points of life are known and each one of these points of life – without any denomination (which is to say, without knowing what their destiny in life will eventually be), nevertheless were given a unique stamp or marker.
This needs to have some explanation.
We wish you to understand that, at the very beginning of creation, God created little versions of himself – enough to fill, not only planet Earth (every grain of sand, every rock, every blade of grass, planet, insect, animal, fish and human) but also all the other dimensions and areas where anything is to be found and put a dot of life corresponding to all things into the 8th dimension and gave each dot of life a unique stamp or identity.
We are not sure if you can appreciate what we have just stated so we will labor the point somewhat.

If you can imagine, just here on Earth, all the bits and pieces of earth and rock there are, just by picking up a handful of earth and looking at the number of separate grains of earth there are in your hand, then multiply that by the size of planet Earth.
Then add to that the number of different plants there are then add to that number all the different life forms (animals and humans) there are around the planet, we think that you would arrive at a very large number indeed.
Then add to that number, the grains of earth and rock found on each planet, moon or sun throughout the galaxy, the number would increase dramatically.
Then add to all that all the beings that are to be found in all the different dimensions and inter dimensions, the number grows yet more.
Lastly, multiply that number by all life that has lived since life was first created and go on into the endless future, we think that you would agree that you would arrive at an exceedingly large number.
Well, that is the number of dots of life that God created and placed in the 8th dimension and gave each dot of life a unique identity to mark it as different from any other dot of life.
Therefore, the exact number of dots, of points, of life were, and are known, and for each of these points of life a file in a sort of giant filing cabinet – or files in a giant computer – were created in which to store each and every experience as these points of life were called into action.
Therefore, you may not know this but there is a file in this imaginary, but real, storage mechanism that exists with your identity attached to it and everything that you have experienced since creation is stored in this file. This will go on endlessly into the future and all that you have experienced, are experiencing, and will experience in the future is or will be recorded in your personal file.
The same applies to all things. Everything has a file in which its life experiences are recorded.
This is what is called the Akashic Record.
No one judges your actions. They are just recorded as they occur. This is done countless times a second.
So, just to consider you who read this essay, a vast number of files, each one uniquely encoded, are stored in your personal file in this filing cabinet – or call it a program in a computer if you prefer.

This is a sobering thought.
Nothing is hidden. Every thought, every action, every experience that you have made since the dawns of time are in your file and could be read by you or by anyone else who has the ability to enter the Akashic Record and wanted to see your file.
We have all done things of which we are not proud. We have all had bad thoughts, taken bad actions and have hurt others.
All this is stored in your file as well as all the good things that you have done.
Upon reflection, most of us would like our file to record good actions and so it might be a good idea to control our thoughts and actions so that, from now on, our file contains only good deeds. It is up to us.
The Akashic Record just records events. It is up to us to decide if these events are good or bad.

Now, what we have just described to you – every word – is true but there is another way to look at the Akashic Record. We are not sure that most of you incarnate at the moment are in a position to accept much more on this subject but we do wish to implant in your minds the concept that the Archangels who created all that we have stated did not want the Akashic Record and every one’s life experiences to be too unwieldy, so they constructed an alternative way of observing life’s recordings.
We will explain it in a simple fashion although we feel obliged to tell you that we are just going to create an analogy that is not really the truth concerning this alternate way of recording life’s events.

We will use an example that we have stated elsewhere. From what we have just told you, we hope that you can imagine that, if we look at a car, we can realize that it is made of countless atoms, that each atom is alive and, thus, each atom has a file in the Akashic Record in which those atoms experiences are recorded.
But, when we look at a car we don’t see a mass of atoms, we see a car.
Once again, we may realize that the car is just a mass of atoms which, due to people’s consciousness, have been made to come together to form what we see as a car.
This vehicle may be large or small, may be designed to go at a leisurely pace or at great speed. It might be of virtually any colour and may be new or old but we call it a car.

Now here is the point that we wish to make. If we tried to count the number of atoms used to create this car, we would very soon lose track of the number of atoms but, collectively, the number that we see – a car – is one.
We see just one car.
Obviously, there are many cars but if we look at a car, we don’t see an impossible to count number of atoms, each one alive, we just see one object – a car.

Now, we will not expand on that concept because it would take us into an area of spiritual physics that would be virtually impossible for most to comprehend and would be outside of the scope of this essay.
It is sufficient to say that it is possible to look into the Akashic Record and, instead of seeing an enormous amount of single frames that go to make up a person’s life experience, we can see it as one collective event.
This is, of course, just as well because, if life was just presented as a mass of individually encoded frames of time/space it would be utterly incomprehensible to all of us so, the Archangels cleverly connected a person’s life experiences and encoded all that so that we see one event.
Now, we could use the example of a film that consists of many single frames, each one following on one after another in a stream of sound and image that shows us a film.
But to watch all the film, we would need to let the projector roll on from the beginning to the end of the film.
In the Akashic Record, we can see an event as one piece of time/space. An event, no matter how long it may have lasted in 3D reality – an incarnation for example – can be assimilated in a microsecond.

This is a very valuable way of watching events in the Akashic Record and also very valuable to those who wish to learn.
For instance, if we located the life of an excellent scientist who created many things that other people have hidden from us, not only could we watch the scientist’s experiments but could see everything that he did in a flash of time. We would not need to watch him struggling to solve problems in real time. We could appreciate the struggle and find the conclusion in no time at all.

Now, we have mentioned this and, if ever you visit the Akashic Record, you can make use of this phenomenon but we do, generally, like to explain the logic behind our statements. In this case, however, the technique used to join vast numbers of images into one, instant download of information is, as we said, outside of this discussion.
Therefore, we will just say that, if you visit the Akashic Record you will be able, instantly, to download the information you are seeking into your mind and then into your brain.

Now we must try to answer some questions that may arrive.
First, where is the Akashic Record?
The answer is that it is in the 5th dimension. It is connected on one side, if we may thus explain it, to higher self and on the other side to imagination in the 6th dimension. We have explained this in great detail in the book Auras.
What is the speed that life is created and destroyed?
A moment in time has been calculated to be 1×10 to the negative 43 seconds, which is a very short moment in time. This is not exactly true but we do not wish to give the exact time because it could be used by evil people to destroy life. So, we will not give the exact frequency.

We hope that this brief and incomplete overview of the Akashic Record has been helpful to you. The Akashic Record is a very important part of life and we look forward to the day when all good people can enter it and learn.

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