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In the beginning, as we have explained in the previous books, God created 8 frequencies or carrier waves as a means of expressing in as concrete a fashion as possible his curiosity of how life in general and man in particular would react in these frequencies.
We wish to explain that any life, on any particular frequency, vibrates in harmony with that frequency.
However, God himself being made of a vibration that we term light, thought it is a good idea not only that living entities should vibrate to the frequency of any carrier wave but, to allow independent movement within that frequency to denote those creatures with independent variations of that frequency.
Thus, each and every being or object on any plane not only vibrates in harmony with the frequency of that plane, but each entity or object also vibrates to a slightly, independent variation of that frequency.
Thus, if we could see with sufficient clarity those beings or objects within any carrier wave, we would notice that everything would shine with the basic color of that frequency, but each and every object would shine a slightly different aspect of that frequency.
This may be a little difficult to understand that for instance, if the quiescent color was blue, each and every object would also glow blue but there would be slight variants to that blue color so that everything within that base blue color could be seen as an individual aspect of that blue color.

So, if we can explain in a slightly different way, all the beings and objects within the blue carrier wave would themselves glow with a blue light but, individually, the color blue would be modified slightly for all things so that each and every object within that blue carrier wave could and would stand out distinctly from the basic blue carrier wave.
We wish to explain also, as some artists will already know, a color, blue in this example is actually made from blending a variety of colors and that there is no such thing as a single vibration that we could call blue.
All variants of the color blue are a mixture of other colors blended together to create a color referred to as blue, although it might be a dark, midnight blue, a bright “forget me not blue”, a sky blue up to the palest blue imaginable. Yet we refer to all these variations as blue.

As is so often the case we were using the color blue as an example.
In fact, the basic carrier waves created by God do not have any color ascribed to them any more than the carrier waves of TV channels have color.
We described the carrier waves as having color in an attempt to describe to you that each carrier wave has a unique frequency, but that all the beings and objects within that particular carrier wave has slight variations of that unique carrier wave.
The reason we did this is because on Earth, using conventional physics, if, for example, there was a carrier wave of, say, 1 million cycles per second (1 MHz), to put other frequencies within it would alter the quiescent frequency of 1MHz and it would no longer be that frequency any longer.

But, in a similar way that broadcast stations send out a program on a particular carrier wave and encode within it information on different frequencies that we perceive as sound or vision, so all things on a particular astral carrier wave are slight variations of that carrier wave and thus do not blend with the carrier wave.
We should also mention for those that understand how broadcasting or telephones work, in those circumstances the carrier wave is vastly different in frequency, so the sound and vision broadcasted within that carrier wave can be separated from the carrier wave by simply eliminating that carrier wave.
But, in the case of God’s setup – if we may use that familiar expression – the quiescent vibration and the independent vibrations of those things found on that particular vibration, or carrier wave, are slight indeed.
So, they are in part an aspect of that carrier wave and at the same time independent from it.
Higher physics permits this apparently impossible effect of being blended within a carrier wave and at the same time separate from it.

This effect of being part of a carrier wave but of being unique within it is important to understand, as it is this effect that enables us to have dimensions to travel within whilst having a unique identity.
Thus, it is that we can, thanks to being total carrier waves and yet unique within them that gives the ability to all be one and yet all be independent entities at the same time.

So, we have arrived at the point where God created 8 carrier waves and put life of all sorts upon these carrier waves and yet denoted each life object a unique aspect, no matter what it was and is, to consider itself an independent object.
We wish to repeat for any that have not read the previous books that God, being the creator of all life, gave a life force to everything that has been created by the servants of God.
Thus sand, water, planets, plants, animals, man, galaxies, space is all alive and is all both one and the same, yet independent aspects of life.
As we have mentioned before, this is not an easy concept to comprehend and it can only really be appreciated when one develops a certain degree of spiritual awareness.
Yet it is a great truth to realize that all that exists in any form, any dimension, is one and yet individual aspects of that oneness at the same time.

But, let us progress.
We have described in the book “The Path Of Mankind” how God created all that he put on the high dimensions, including principally man, so we will not mention it all here. Sufficient to remind you that to understand this book as it progresses it is important to have a clear understanding of the first few chapters of the aforementioned book.

So, we need now to explore what came after God created the 8 carrier waves and put man on the first two of them.
As we have already said, God put a lot more than just man on these two carrier waves but our interest being primarily that of investigating man we will largely ignore the rest of life contained within those two carrier waves.

It might be questioned why God only put man on the first two carrier waves, 8 & 7, but we hope that as the book progresses understanding will be revealed.

Thus, it must be appreciated that if man was only placed, initially on frequencies 8 & 7, the other 6 frequencies were sterile, just being frequencies each of different vibrations but devoid of life.

God waited patiently as man developed on the higher two frequencies through being presented with a variety of “problems”, for want of a better word, and thus, eventually, became sufficiently aware of the complexities of life to be taken to the next level (the next step) that God had already created in thought form in his mind.
This step was to create a plane where imagination could be developed.
God realized soon after he created life that it would not be enough to be a carbon copy of himself nor would it be useful to create everyone the same like robots.
So, the decision was taken to introduce imagination into the minds of men.
We will also say that the concept of imagination was also, at the same time introduced into the “mind” of all things: animals, vegetable, mineral, liquid, gas and so on, with greater or lesser success.
But we concentrate principally on man.
Imagination was created on the 6th plane of creation.

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