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This chapter will deal with the last remaining aura – if we can thus name it – that concerns life in so called physical form. It is referred to as the etheric double. It is seen as a grey/white mist associated closely with all physical objects. Thus, as all is one, not only do humans have an etheric double but all things; mineral, vegetable or animal have an etheric double.
It may be difficult to comprehend that a grain of sand has an etheric double and, equally, a galaxy has one also, but it is so. All is one, so all is the same. Every atom has an etheric double.

Now, let us try to explain what the etheric double is, why it exists and its function in connection with life.
We have already explained in as great detail as possible the human body that, although an illusion, appears real and made of flesh and blood.
We have also described the auras that surround the body and interpenetrate with it.

Now, in order for the so called physical body to connect with these auras so that a two way exchange can take place between the body and the auras, there must be some connecting mechanism.
These connecting points we call Chakras. They are rather like two way valves that allow information to flow from the body into the auras and vice-versa, from the auras into the body.

This two way system of exchange is a vital necessity.
If it was not for this constant interchange, the body would just be dormant because it is the constant interchange of information that enables the body to have the appearance of life and to be a “living”, thinking being.

In fact, as we have often stated, the body is not alive. It is only the spiritual forces entering and leaving the body that give it the appearance of life.
This is, of course, a temporary experience and, eventually, the link between the body and the auras is broken and we progress in other fields.

So, although we have expressed these facts often before, we wish to repeat in this book for the sake of completeness, that the physical body is not actually alive. Indeed, it is not even real. It is an imaginary concept created with the help of angelic beings in order to give certain people the impression that they are living in a physical universe.
It is illusion presented as creation. Fiction presented as fact.
But, from our point of view it seems real and we must live as if it is real.
However, the animating energy comes from the auras associated with this imaginary construct.

Now, we do not wish to confuse you with combining illusion with physicality so we will, for the sake of clarity, assume that the body is real and physical. It is easy to see that the auras, being of a higher vibration, are invisible but do exist.
So, we need to find some mechanism that can, not only link the auras with the physical body, but match the energies because, depending on the level of spirituality of the person, the auras can be of a vastly different energy or power than the physical body.
If the auras integrated directly with the physical body and the auras were all, independently and collectively, of a different power than the physical aspect could assimilate, the result would be confusion to say the least.

Now, we mentioned chakras.
Quite often, chakras, in books and presentations on esoteric matters are given great importance. Now, we do not wish to diminish the importance of chakras because they are a necessary element in the construction of human life and, indeed, all life anywhere, because all things have auras and all things have a physical body so all things must have chakras linking the auras to that body, no matter what form it takes.
However, we must also put chakras into perspective.

The physical body lies inanimate until animated by the auras and these auras must, therefore, have some means of connecting to the body.
This is the role of chakras.
Chakras are, quite simply, the means that enables the auras to connect to the physical body so that the auras may animate that body and give it the appearance of life.

But, as we said, there can be a problem and that problem is an imbalance of power between the body and the auras.
Indeed, there is often an actual imbalance between the various auras themselves and, as we implied, to allow the auras to connect directly to the body would, in many instances, cause chaos and mayhem in the body.
The chakras are, of course, simply the means of connecting the auras to the body.
A simple analogy would be to imagine them as plugs connecting electric wires to an object – a house, for instance.
Now, how can we balance and equipoise the auras both between themselves and collectively to the body?
This is where the etheric double comes in.

The etheric double, seen as a mist surrounding as person, is actually a sort of transformer.
It understands the level of spirituality of a person and matches that power with the power coming into it from the auras.

We hope that the student of esoteric knowledge reading this book will have sufficient knowledge to know how many auras there are and how many chakra points there are.
For those who do not know, we will say that there are seven chakras, each one connected to the end of an aura rather as if the auras were electric wires and each chakra was a plug, connecting the wires to the physical body.

This is the function of the etheric double.
The auras do not connect directly to the physical body. They connect to the etheric double and, as that etheric double acts as a transformer, it either boosts or reduces the power of each aura before passing that auric signal to the body.

We wish you to understand clearly that the etheric double is able to accept all seven auras, boost or reduce their power until all are at the same level and at an overall power that the body can accept which it then separates again and passes to the body at the entry points that are described in esoteric literature: namely the root chakra, the sacral chakra, the solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, forehead centre chakra and the top of the head chakra.

Now, it is important that all this energy entering these chakra points from the auras via the etheric double should be equally balanced. That is the job of the etheric double and it constantly monitors the power flowing from the auras and into the etheric double and is always active doing its utmost to balance these seven separate power sources and matching them, not only between them, but at a power that the human body can accept.

We should perhaps say that the same process is going on in every object, animal, vegetable or mineral, but we do not wish to complicate matters by considering these life forms and so we just consider humans.

However, and unfortunately, our human emotions can play a part in the power being accepted into the body.
In a perfect person, the power entering the body via the etheric double would be in perfect equilibrium but how many of us are perfect?
We could for instance consider that masters such as Jesus or Buddha were perfect, but an investigation of their lives would reveal that they, too, struggled to reach that point of perfect balance.
For us lesser mortals, we tend to go through life with one or more of our auric elements out of balance.
We have all met people with an overdeveloped sex drive, or an overdeveloped sense of ego, drive for power, money and other worldly concepts.
Some people are very kind hearted while others we call heartless.
Many have addictions to alcohol or drugs and so on.
All these are signs of people with the inflow of auric power out of balance.
In certain cases, this imbalance can cause illness, and often does.
Perfect health can only be obtained in the degree that our auric inflow is harmonious.

So, it is important that the student of esoteric knowledge try, through meditation, to balance his auras. It is also important to learn to listen to the body and to recognize when something is out of balance and try to correct that imbalance by not giving into the fault until it dies though lack of nourishment.
If we do not give way to anger, jealousy, addictions, the desire for power over others, the drive for money beyond that which we need to survive, and so on, gradually we can aid the etheric double in bringing balance to the body and mind.
Then, and only then, can we truly become the perfect beings that God made us.
But it must be said that if we were perfect we would not have incarnated in the first place.
Apart from the few wonderful beings that incarnated to teach us, the mere fact that we have, or have had, an incarnation implies that we are not perfect.
We include us of the GWB in this comment. Some of us have more or less achieved perfection but most of us are still struggling to reach that stage.

So, we should not be too hard on ourselves. The fact that we incarnate implies that we have deficiencies and incarnation gives us the opportunity to meet these deficiencies face to face and overcome them, if we so desire.
Some people make this effort and are rewarded by a happy, contented life while others cling to their faults as if they were assets.
We think of politicians, for example, who spend their lives expounding half baked theories that their overdeveloped egos drive them to expound.
We think of very rich people who, nevertheless, chase after yet more money in an endless desire to make sure that they have sufficient to keep the wolf from the door.

So, we think that you can see quite easily, if you look at both your body’s desires and your thoughts that are out of alignment with what we would consider to be more in line with perfection, and make some effort to correct them.
However, life is meant to be lived and there is no point in shutting oneself away in a cell somewhere in an effort to avoid temptation. Indeed, that would not resolve the problem at all.
We need to ignore temptation not remove ourselves from it.
If we can ignore temptation, gradually it will fade from lack of nourishment as we have stated above.
This simple process is the key to ridding ourselves of our negative aspects.
So, as we do not like having voids in our make up, in the degree that we can rid ourselves of negative thoughts, so positive thoughts can move in to fill the void. It is in that way that we can become better people.
We do not actively have to struggle to become better.
It is sufficient to remove negative thoughts and our higher self will automatically fill the void with positive elements. It is not difficult.
Thus it is that the road to perfection can be trod in the degree that we rid ourselves of imperfection.
It is a natural path that we take. In the degree that we reduce negativity, positivity floods in.

All great saints knew this and encouraged us not to give in to temptation.
The path to perfection is not hard. It might seem to be a struggle but that is because every moment of our waking day is filled with things designed to create negative thoughts.
Some of these we have already discussed in previous missives: adverts on TV designed to create jealousy, sports designed to create fear, anger, and disappointment if our team loses, the constant fear of lack of money, the constant chase after being a more beautiful or handsome person, the constant desire to have a better partner or, indeed, to find a suitable partner.
This endless stream of events portrayed on TV; the political battles, the wars created throughout the world etc., has been carefully designed to keep people in a state of negativity.
The answer is to reject all this, accept one’s life as it is, and let the positive, joyful aspects flood in and enable us to rise to a higher level.

This, in part, is what is called ascension.
The evil ones want to keep us all in a negative state, a state of fear, anger and all the negative emotions. When we can see through all this negativity and see it for what it is, just a plan created by negative entities and fed into the minds of our rulers who, in turn feed it into our minds, and in the space created when we reject this negativity, allow positive thoughts to come in and then a wonderful thing happens. Our body and our auras start to glow in a bright manner. God’s light – pure star-light – comes with positive thoughts and raises our vibration.
All of every aspect of us, our body, our mind, our imagination and all the things that we have described above start to glow with God’s light.
Our ID – the real us – starts to glow bright. As all is one and your ID is actually also everyone’s ID then the ID of everyone starts to glow brighter and everyone is affected by the feelings of positivity.

That way, all rise in frequency. Light is vibration and vibration is frequency and frequency is what makes a dimension.
It is through the simple act of ignoring temptation in all its forms, reducing and eliminating the negative thoughts, that humanity as individuals and as collectiveness will be flooded with light of a higher frequency.
By the law of mutual attraction, we are drawn to a dimension that matches our frequency. If and when we can raise our frequency we are drawn by the law of mutual attraction to a higher level, a dimension higher than the one that we currently are on.
This is ascension.
As the evil ones are stuck on a low dimension they ardently want us all to stay with them so they can control us and it is their constant fear that we will see through their ploy and reject negative thoughts because, if and when we can rise to a higher frequency, they lose their grip, their stranglehold over us and we are free from them.
That is why TV, radio, the newspapers are full of stories designed to create negative thoughts.
If and when we can rise above them, we are lost to them and they have no one to control. We are free.

And all this can be created quite simply by refusing to accept negative thoughts. It is that easy.
Ascension is the inevitable result of ridding oneself of negative thoughts.
Freedom, joy, happiness, brotherly love is the reward given by God for ridding oneself of negative thoughts.

Then we progress through the dimensions that lead to freedom. This is the only path.
It is not possible to progress while one’s life is filled with sin.
Bad habits are not God like habits, so we all need to rid ourselves of them if we wish to advance towards perfection.
Once we can start to rid ourselves of negative habits, which we all struggle to do, we can actually feel that we become better people and if someone has psychic vision and looks at us they would actually see the light shining from us.
That is the light that painters of saints saw and they depicted it as a halo of light around the head of the saint. In realty, of course, that light would project from the entire body. This is the light of a higher dimension.
Now, we wish to add a rider here. Even if you manage to rid yourself of your faults, please do not expect your life to change in a dramatic way.
You will see a difference but you are still here in incarnation and you still have your life plan so you will still be confronted by the many challenges that incarnation presents.
However, as you will now be operating from a higher level than so called 3D, you will find it easier to deal with problems because, as matter is all illusion, from a higher perspective you will find that, to a certain extent, you can manipulate that matter so that life does not seem to be crushing you as it may be doing today.
It has been said that problems can only be resolved from a higher platform than the problem itself.
This is true. It is spiritual law.
So, for many reasons, it is a good idea to try to rid oneself of one’s negative faults.
As we said, this is not easy and we, too, struggle for do not for one moment think that the end of an incarnation resolves the problem.
We arrive in heaven exactly as we were on Earth only minus the physical body.
The struggle to remove faults goes on endlessly. As we rid ourselves of one fault, we see that there is another that was hidden but that we now become aware of. So, the battle to rid ourselves of our faults is actually the integral part of walking the path towards God.
As we deal with each fault, so we advance spiritually and the day we no longer have any faults is the day that the journey ends. But that day is a long way off for all of us!
But there is always a reward given by God to us for each fault that we can cast away. That reward is a feeling of joy and the light of God floods into us in ever increasing intensity.
God is love, joy, happiness and all the positive emotions and it is only our faults that blocks the light.
So, if and when we can remove a negative aspect of us, a fault, so that allows the light to shine more brightly on us.
This applies as much while we are incarnate as discarnate.
Indeed, because of the nature of physical life it is easier whilst incarnate to face and to cast off faults.
In the heavenly spheres it takes much longer and requires more dedication.
So, we suggest to you who are incarnate that you make some effort to cast off negativity and, not only will your life whilst incarnate become better, but it will enable you to arrive in a higher sphere of heaven when your incarnation is finished.

Thus, we say to you who have read this book so far and have, we hope, studied the information contained in the other books we have given you and the various messages that, despite the study of life in all its various aspects being somewhat complicated and intertwined, as far as you, and we, are concerned our task is simple.
We just need to concentrate our existence on removing our faults.
This simple act has led many people in the past and, no doubt, in the future into the arms of God.
However, we live in an age where, generally, people are much more curious about life in all its aspects than in the past and we must say that an essential aspect of progress towards God requires a mastery of esoteric knowledge.
Thus, we give you this knowledge and leave its assimilation in your hands.

We have given you sufficient information in this volume concerning auras and other related aspects for you to sit and connect the dots, as the saying goes, and we hope that it will expand your knowledge concerning the mysteries of life for we are of the opinion that there should be nothing left as a mystery.
For far too long has the world been kept in the dark concerning life, which has enabled superstition to flourish and also the less than good people create and maintain a stranglehold over the world through religions and secret societies.
We hope that a solid foundation of knowledge based on fact and not on superstitions or imagination will spread throughout the world cutting through the haze that has for so long existed which was encouraged through ignorance of the facts of life.

This book contains a treasure house of information on many aspect of life – some of them new to mankind incarnate – and we hope to continue to reveal yet more knowledge in other books in this series until a complete compendium is formulated that will enable all students of esoteric to use as reference works.
We have revealed much knowledge to you in, we hope, an easily understood fashion despite some of the subjects being quite complex.
We have absolutely no desire to bamboozle you with complicated explanations. Indeed, our aim is always to explain things in a manner that the least educated, the least intelligent person can understand.
We look forward to the time when these books will be faithfully translated into as many languages as possible and made available world wide.
We look to the day when all God’s children everywhere have access to the same information that we give you.

So, we ask that you study carefully this book. You link it in your mind to the information that we have already given you and, by using your God given talents try to piece the information together in a fashion that is understandable to you all.
You will find that, although each book is a separate entity, and each message that we have given you exists in its own stand alone right, in fact they all link together as one giant compendium and should be thought of as such.
Not one message, not one page of these books, can be considered as out of context with the totality of the information already presented, and will be presented in future works.
Any information that seems out of place will be due to miscomprehension on the part of the student, not an anomaly in the information imparted.

So, we end this volume on auras and its related subjects here.
We appreciate that some of the information may seem new to you, complex in some ways and may take some study to comprehend.

We have covered the subject of auras, dimensions, call them what you will in a fairly comprehensive fashion but we wish to advise you that this is not the end of the subject.
All life everywhere is connected, so the subject of auras cannot really be considered in isolation from all other aspects of life and we wish you to understand that there is more to life to explain and so we will continue to release knowledge as and when we can until each and every student of the esoteric has a complete compendium for his reference.

So, we seal you in the name of the Almighty and send you on wings of light.
So let it be.

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