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In chapter two we mentioned a number of things because, as we tried to explain, life is both interconnected as one complete jigsaw but, rather like a jigsaw, life is made up of disparate elements that, together, form the complete picture that we refer to as ‘life’.
While we were describing the subject of chapter two, which was imagination, we mentioned something called the higher self and said that it was the personal aspect of God. While this is in essence true, the higher self is much more than just the personal aspect of God because, not only is each element that together form life linked in a sort of chain, but God and the Archangelic beings that work for God do not waste energy and so many aspects of life serve more than one purpose – the process that you may know as multitasking.

In this chapter we will do our best to describe the higher self and its various functions but we will also be obliged to mention other elements because the higher self, being ‘multi-tasking’ is connected to a number of aspects of the spiritual aspect of life.
First, let us say that our primary aim is to describe the spiritual aspects of man but, as all is both connected and one, to mention “man” is also to describe all things from a grain of sand to a galaxy. All is one and although, when looking at a grain of sand, it may be difficult to understand that we are also observing a galaxy, nevertheless, it is so. If all is one it must all be identical. It is only our way of understanding life that makes things appear separate.

So, let us try to examine the higher self and analyse where it came from, why it exists and its functions because, as we mentioned many things serve more than one purpose and the higher self is no exception.

As it so often the case we have great difficulty in knowing where to start in our description of something because, all things being interconnected, this interconnectedness stretches backwards and forwards.
In a previous book called “The Path of Mankind”, we went to some length to describe, as best we could, this mysterious force we called God and described how God developed curiosity, the desire to learn, and so invented 8 carrier waves we call dimensions and put life on the highest two (8 and 7) including early versions of man. We also described how the Archangels charged with overseeing the progress of these early version of man put the idea of being able to think in association with them.

But these Archangels, who themselves, had their connection to the God force firmly associated with them decided, one day, to try to introduce into early man a concept that would, like them, enable man to realize his connection to God because, up till that moment man lived in the 7th and 8th spheres or dimensions and was using the 6th dimension to be able to think and to imagine, but had no idea where he came from and why he existed.
Whether these Archangels realized that, one day, man would himself be able to develop to the point that we refer to them as Archangels history does not tell us.
We will also say that the Archangels charged with surveying and helping man’s progress are totally different beings to a human Archangel. As is often the case, language does not have words to describe infinitely perfect and powerful beings, one step below God, but these beings are totally different in nature.
One is human highly developed and the other is a being created over long ages out of spiritual matter with absolutely no connection to life as we know it. So, we use the same word – Archangels – to describe two totally different forms of creation.
The Archangels were completely aware of their connection to God and had a space in their makeup where this knowledge was stored. It was, and is, the 5th dimension.

We remind you, once again, that God created 8 carrier waves of dimension that were, initially, totally devoid of anything.
They can be imaged, it you will, like 8 radio or television channels, broadcasting frequencies or carrier waves, but each frequency not yet broadcasting any programs.
As we have said, life was created on the highest frequency – the 8th – then it moved also down to the 7th dimension so that now there was life on both the 8th and the 7th dimension.
Then, eventually, the Archangels chose to put imagination and its various ramifications on the next lowest empty plane or dimension – the 6th – which left the other dimensions still not being used.
As what is referred to as the higher self, which is the personal connection to God, is of great importance, no doubt the Archangels would have liked to have put it on a higher dimension but, as the others were all being used, they placed it in the 5th dimension.

The method of doing this was the same method that was used to create imagination in the 6th plane.
They created a pocket, a file in the 5th dimension, isolated within themselves the frequency of their higher self and created within that file the frequency of high self. Thus the 5th dimension contained the higher self concept as a vibration.
So now, these early men had a bit more to them than just life. They had life, certainly, that they explored in the 8th and 7th dimensions. Also, they had imagination, which they slowly developed and now they gradually became aware that they had a personal connection to God.
No doubt this caused much confusion and head scratching in these early men because it was not easy for them to assimilate into their reality that there was something call God – prime creator – and, indeed, the vast majority of people incarnate today have difficulty realising that they have a personal aspect of God within them and that, in effect, because of this God connection, man is in a way God.

The Archons, who invented religions, went to great lengths to educate people into thinking that humans are just a form of useless creation and that God is an unobtainable force, “out there”, always distinct and remote from man. Man’s only connection to God being when this tyrannical god decides to condemn man to hellfire and eternal damnation for some fault either real or imaginary.
To say that one is God is considered to be blasphemy.
The Archons have done a good job in pulling the wool over people’s eyes and making God a remote and unattainable force always willing to condemn and to whom one must constantly beg favours, just to be able to survive.
However, times are changing and some people are beginning to realize their connection to God and, although God is still a remote perfection, they understand that the higher self provides a permanent connection to this God force and, although we must strive to reach this state of perfection, at least we can say that we are family with God – a father/son relationship – and not master/slave relationship as was the case before.

This relationship is very difficult for some people incarnate and, indeed, discarnate to appreciate and who actually prefer to consider God as a remote being, master of all, and to whom they must grovel on their knees before in a church in the vain hopes that this master will have pity on his poor slaves and spare them the worst that incarnation can inflict on them.
This is not, of course, at all how God operates.
What these misguided souls do not appreciate is that God, although the ultimate spiritual force, actually – thanks to the untiring efforts of the Archangels charged with overseeing creation – works according to physics laws and is not at all impressed by grovelling slaves begging for mercy.
The most fundamental law of physics created by the Archangels is a simple one that we call “The Law of Mutual Attraction”.
This simple law, which until recently, was largely unknown to physics experts, simply means that like attracts like and unlike things repel each other.
It has been considered that there are 2 worlds; one of physics masters struggling to comprehend the nature of the world, aided by and abetted by mathematicians also doing the same from their point of view, and the second, the mass of people who, throughout time have struggled to comprehend the nature of life by living it.
It has never crossed the minds of these physics and mathematics experts locked away in their laboratories and lecture halls, to question whether there could and should be any connection between the laws of physics, and far as they understand them, and “real” life.

Even religion, which, supposedly, is there to help common people has created colleges to study the intricacies of the theological dogma and has no idea of the struggles of ordinary people. That is not their concern. They lock themselves away in theological establishments and teach their students of the intricacies of theology, finally unleashing these young priests to administer to the needs of a population that they have never been taught to understand.

This is where the law of mutual attraction comes in, or rather the inverse of it “The Law of Mutual Rejection”.

On one side we have physicians and mathematicians and also theologians and on the other, ordinary people battling to survive.

It would have been hoped that spiritual advancement would have helped them to make the connection that any theory that does not include all humanity, indeed all life, must be flawed because, by the law of mutual attraction, we are all one.
It seems amazing that man has existed in one form or another for millions of years and has created miraculous things throughout time, but has never discovered this simple law, the law of mutual attraction, which implies that all life is one.

Before we continue to examine why this is and what it has to do with the higher self we must congratulate the few modern physics and mathematics experts that have started to explore the world of quantum mechanics because, although there was never any need to follow this complicated path, it will, eventually, lead them to discover dimensions and will, in time, lead them to the conclusion that all is one.
Then, perhaps can science and ordinary people be on the same page, so to speak, and life can move on together instead of in the little boxes that life is portrayed as at the moment.
Religion, however, is a different matter and we have difficulty in imagining that religious leaders will release the stranglehold that they have over their flock until the flock will see through the illusion and will abandon the churches, which is already happening. Quite where religion will turn to when that happens is difficult to predict. It is not our place to criticize any organisation except to say that any religion that preaches the exclusivity of one point of view, excluding other points of view is flawed and doomed to failure.

As we move progressively into the light filled era, commonly known as ascension, the law of mutual attraction will become increasingly evident and any religion that fails to embrace total togetherness of all and of our father/son relation to God is doomed to fail. This is unfortunate because, as we have said, although religions were an Archon invention designed to separate people and also terrify the members of any church, the concept of following the spiritual path to God is a good one and, if religions can expel the Archon controlled factions that run most religions now and replace them with truly holy leaders, there would be a bright future for religions.
But drastic changes in the infrastructure of most of them would have to occur in order to save them from disappearing.

So, we repeat that all is one from the tiniest grain of sand to the most expanded galaxy, all is exactly the same. Let us then quickly examine and explain what any life force looks like first from a spiritual point of view and then from a physical viewpoint.

At the heart of everything, which is made of vibrations remember, are what we call atoms.
Once again, scientists have struggled for long ages to comprehend atoms.
They have discovered that we can put names to various combinations of atoms and call them oxygen, hydrogen, helium and so on.
There is a table called the “Periodic Table” that has discovered these various combinations, as far as they have been discovered, and have left blank spaces where scientists predict that more combinations will be discovered and their structure duly noted.
They have also invented very powerful electron microscopes that enable scientists to peer into the structure of an atom.
But so far, they have failed to observe the tiny point of light that shines within each atom. This is because this light is the light of God that we have mentioned.
Now, this light – starlight – is living. It is life itself.
It is the logos that is contained within each atom.
This logos is actually contained within a protective shell which is called a soul, but this soul is spiritual in nature so does not preclude the starlight of God from shining through.
However, this light can expand or contract according to the emotion that is being projected at it and that evokes a response from the light.
When scientists peer into the electron microscope to examine an atom, it reacts to the emotion put out by the scientists.
It is sad to say that scientist peering at the image project very little joy and happiness.
For a number of reasons their emotions are cold.
So, the light contracts, diminishes, in response to the coldness of the scientists examining the atom.
If those same scientists projected love at the atom and projected love to the electron microscope, the atom would respond and start to glow with light. However, it would take a courageous person to suggest to scientists preparing to examine an atom to sit down and meditate on love for a few minutes. Somehow, meditation and love would make strange bedfellows with science.

The next aspect we wish to discuss is that of how the spiritual aspect of higher self actually works.
Mankind, as we have previously stated was the first and most important of all the creatures that were created.
We also mentioned that all life is one and so, no matter what form life takes; animal, vegetable, mineral, and on what dimension that life lives, it is all, at its foundation, just one life form.
Further, there is just one aspect to any life, by which we mean that if we were to take any object and examine it minutely in all its details we would find that it is all the same as any other object.
We do understand that to look at a grain of sand and to look at a galaxy it takes a stretch of the imagination to appreciate that a grain of sand and a galaxy are the same object.
Further, it takes a stretch of the imagination to appreciate that the human race is just one person and that person is also a grain of sand or a galaxy.
How many of us can realize that we are not only humans but also grains of sand or a galaxy or, indeed, any object or being in any dimension of the universe?
The concept is that God created just one object and that object was actually himself.
The vast majority of people would consider us crazy if we were to propound such a ridiculous story.
However, it happens to be the truth.

But clearly, in our everyday lives we can see that we humans live on planet Earth, surrounded by earth, stones, rocks, mountains, seas, plants, animals, and in the sky, other planets, stars and an endless universe.
That, clearly, is reality because we can see it all and quantify it all, so there can be no doubt that the statement that we are all the same one object is lunacy.
Now, how do we resolve this conundrum that we have mentioned time and again that we are all one unique object called God and all the “real” world that we see around us is an illusion?

This is where spirituality comes in – the 5th dimension.
As we progress in spirituality, as we are multidimensional beings, we develop the ability to tap into the 5th dimension. So we develop the ability to contact this higher self.
When that happens we can start to send out thoughts into that 5th dimension. Do not forget that each and every one of our thoughts are encoded with our unique frequency so each thought remains separate from the thoughts of anyone else who might also be sending thoughts into the 5th dimension.

The higher self is a creation that is a representation of God which means that all the wisdom that God has the higher self also has.
This is very useful if we can question the higher self because this entity – if we can refer to it in such a fashion – has the ability to reply to us.
It does so by sending answers in a block form, a download into our 6th dimension, that of imagination that, in turn, can convert it into a stream of words which can be passed to another part of us which we will discuss later.

Now we said that because the higher self is not only the place where wisdom is stored but is also the place where we get our sense of individuality from.
We mentioned earlier that all is just one thing but the higher self is able to take the logos of God – which is the stamp that tells something that is alive and has approval of and from God to be alive.
Everything that exists that we can see in any area of life is alive, unless, of course, it is a created object such as a robot or artificial intelligence, so it is given this logos, this stamp of approval, that tells whatever it is that it is both alive and also is going to become a certain “something” no matter what it might be.
This “something” could become a grain of sand and “something” else a galaxy.
It makes no difference as all is one.

The higher self creates this sense of individuality in all things but it does not do this randomly. The higher self works in conjunction with a group of Archangels we call the “Directors of Life” who, in turn, work in close conjunction with the group of Archangels that we have been mentioning frequently throughout this book.

The directors of life survey the way life is progressing and the direction in which they hope it will progress and decide if reinforcements are required in any area.
In other words, if more of any particular aspect of life is required in any area.
The directors of life inform the higher self who immediately starts to put a particular logos on any life form so that it becomes that which the directors of life require.
Thus the higher self puts a logos on that something and, if it is a sentient being that can think, the higher self puts this code on the being so that it knows that it is an independent being and also encodes all the thoughts so that they act in the exclusive manner we have described earlier.

Thus it is that the higher self plays a vital role in the development of all sentient beings, particularly man.
The higher self not only creates the beings and things that are required to keep life in balance in a practical sense, but creates this exclusive sense of identify and exclusive sense of sending thoughts and emotions.
But, also, being gifted with all the wisdom that God has, it can receive, question and send answers to anyone who has developed the ability to enter the 5th dimension.

Thus it is possible for a suitably trained person to enter the 5th dimension and link with the higher self and to receive wisdom and answers to questions that might be of concern to the person in question.
The higher self is, of course, capable of dealing with any number of queries, from any number of people in any dimension, simultaneously.

We will also say that, for those interested in channeling or telepathy, either with a person incarnate or discarnate, the communication also passes by the higher self.
Indeed, the process passes by and through the higher self before being transmitted to imagination which, in turn, passes it to the next level.
The higher self, in this case is acting as a sort of spiritual “switchboard”, connecting any two people, or more, who wish to communicate telepathically. It senses the unique third frequency that we mentioned earlier and connects the two so that information can pass from one mind anywhere in the universe, indeed the multiverse, to someone else.
Normal thoughts for ordinary people act in a different fashion because thoughts are sent out to the higher self but the higher self listens to the thoughts and either sends them back into imagination unmodified if they are usual, banal, everyday thoughts, or the higher self can take an interesting thought and add some of its own wisdom to that thought before returning to the imagination of the person. The imagination decodes the block of information into an intelligible stream of thoughts which are picked up by the next level until, finally, the person concerned hears the answer to his question as a “bright idea”.

So, we hope that you can see that the higher self is much more than just a switchboard, it also contains all the necessary information concerning the person. We call that information the “life plan”.
The higher self contains, in what we might consider to be an enormous data bank, the life plan of every person or sentient being, every plant, every planet, every galaxy, stretching back to the beginning and on into the future, plus the life plan of every being on any dimension. This may seem ridiculous but, as we are all one, and if the life plan of any one person is known to the higher self, the life plans and, indeed, the lives of all is known to the higher self.
This databank is what is referred to as the Akashic record.
The Akashic record is contained, associated, within the higher self, which is in the 5th dimension.

So, each and every thought passes into the higher self where it is examined in a micro flash of time, before being dealt with one way or another and then stored in the Akashic record.
It may seem impossibly miraculous that all thoughts from all time and by all sentient beings have thus been dealt with since the concept of the higher self was introduced long years ago, but it is so.
The real world behaves very differently from the world that you live in and there are ways of manipulating the laws of the universe that you could not conceive of at the moment.
This is not to criticize man at his stage of development, it is to point out that science has an infinitely long journey ahead of it until it reaches perfection.

So, we have attempted to describe that there is only one plane of imagination in the 6th dimension and only one plane for the higher self in the 5th dimension.

Once again, as we did when describing imagination, we have not fully described all the attributes of the higher self because there are certain aspects to life that man is unaware of and that would prove too difficult to describe and impossible for man at his level of understanding to comprehend.
We know that this may sound insulting to some especially as we have promised to be open and honest with you. But we hope that you can appreciate that it would be a waste of time and energy to describe things incomprehensible to even the most advanced of you.
But we will still be here for long ages into the future and will complete the picture when it is time.

We have given you enough information concerning the higher self, some of it totally new to man’s understanding so we will stop at this point and go on to the next subject for discussion.

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