AURAS – Interpretation & Comprehension – Read Online – Chapter 4



So far in this description of Man’s journey through time and space, we have described the move from the 8th plane down to the 5th plane. The first 2 planes or dimensions, 8th and 7th, contained man and all life forms in what we referred to as physical form, although the physical was in an astral sense but, nevertheless, contained life in a manner that enabled it to have a form of physicality. It is somewhat difficult for us to describe states in which something has a form of physicality but that physicality, from an Earthly point of view, people would consider invisible. So, we ask you always to imagine that when we refer to aural physicality we are referring to the physicality relevant to that dimension. So the 8th and 7th planes contained – and still contains – life in a physical sense.
Then we mentioned the next two planes or dimensions, the 6th and 5th and we mentioned that, amongst many other things, these two planes contained imagination in the 6th plane and higher self in the 5th.
Both these concepts have nothing in a physical sense (even astral physicality) to see, so if you could visit one using your astral eyes, there would be nothing to see. They would appear empty but, of course, there is an enormous amount of astral energy flowing through them as every living thing is constantly using these planes to pass imagination and contact with the higher self through. So, we have the top four planes or dimensions fully active.
Now there was a long pause in the growth of humanity before the next phase in man’s development came into being.
At this point, we repeat, everything was happening in astral form. The physical world had not yet been invented.
Then a somewhat strange event occurred.
The Archangels, charged by God to help the life forms that they had created in astral forms, wondered what they could do to help God develop even more wisdom.
God, as we said, is the entity that created life but God also developed the desire to experience what his “life” that he had created could do and so he charged the Archangels with the task of creating living forms in the high planes and to present them with problems that they could solve and feed the answers back to God.

We apologise for endlessly repeating this information but we desire for all of you to have as clear an understanding as possible of these complicated procedures and so we feel obliged to repeat ourselves to make sure that you can understand each element in the chain of development.

So, eventually, after a great deal of time had passed, it was decided to create physical life as you now know it.
So, this was the moment of the so called “Big Bang”, the moment of physical creation.
The moment when this creation came to reality is a long time ago, so you can imagine the eons of time we are dealing with from the first moment that God decided to create 8 carrier waves in the nothingness of astral “space” until the present time. In fact, of course, it would be quite impossible to imagine such a length of time.

We break off from our description of how all the astral forms were created in order to say that we do think that we know how the physical world that you live – 3D – was created but now is not the moment to try to describe the events to you as the story is both long and complicated and so we just ask you to accept, if you will, that this so called reality came into being. We will discuss the events fully another time.

So, the physical worlds, all that you now see on Earth and in the “heavens” (the sky), came into being.
It was not the moment to put human life in this world so a decision was taken first to put animal life (which already existed on the 7th and 8th planes in astral form) here.
But, for that to happen, a planet needed to be fully prepared to enable those animals to survive.
Planet Earth was chosen and “terraformed” with sufficient grass, plants, water and so on that would be convivial to the majority of animals to give them a fair chance of surviving.
We have already described this process in previous talks and published works so we will not presume upon your patience by describing it all again except to remind you that it was hoped by the Archangels that these animals would develop to the point to be able to repay the energy expended in creating physicality, which they failed to do.

Then we also said that the decision was taken to ask for volunteers to incarnate in physicality to help the physical world to repay the spiritual energy that was used to create it all.
By physical world we are referring to the totality of it all.

This is where the story starts to become increasingly difficult to describe. So we will have to take things very slowly and attempt to describe what physicality actually is and just where mankind was at the moment when physicality was constructed – the moment of the so called Big Bang.

We have already mentioned that man was in astral form in the 7th and 8th dimensions and that he had links to the 5th and 6th dimensions or planes as we sometimes call them.
But, once the decision was taken to create a physical universe and once the decision was taken to place life in association with physicality, a number of complicated matters had to be considered and decisions taken.

We have stated that everything is vibration of one sort or another and, so called physicality is no exception.
But, up until that moment, that of physicality being created, vibrations were at an astral level – very fast frequencies.
Any vibration that constitutes something becoming visible must, per se, be of a much lower frequency.

But we have also stated that all life is one. This must imply that all life, up to the highest frequency must be exactly the same as any life of a lesser frequency.
This is the point that we are going to state something that has almost never before been really mentioned nor explained because it flies in the face of any form of logic and we are concerned that, not only will people not believe us but the information that we are about to give will seem to be the words of crazy people.

It was proved by the Archangels who wanted to create physical life to be an impossible complicated act.
These Archangels struggled for a great length of time to work out how to decrease vibration from the very high astral level to the very low level that constitutes physicality.
Finally, the attempt proved too difficult and presented too many problems of how physical life – man particularly – could be at the same time in physical form and also retain his contact with the 5th and 6th planes of astral vibration.
Then, there would be the task of lowering man from the 7th and 8th dimension – extremely high vibrational rates, down to lowly 3rd dimension frequencies.
There was also the problem that all life was contained within the 8 carrier waves which were and are, themselves, astral in nature and of even higher frequency than any form of life that they contained and yet were expected to reduce down in frequency to a point that physical life was contained within the one we refer to as 3D.

So, the concept of creating physical life and a physical universe was abandoned.
This is the point that we somewhat dreaded having to try to explain because it is obvious to all that the universe is very real and that all life on planet Earth is real.
Indeed, we have many times referred to grains of sand, earth, planets, animals, and people and have implied that these were solid, physical objects standing on a solid, physical planet Earth which is in a solid, physical galaxy, itself part of a solid, physical universe.
And now we are implying that none of this is true and that the 3rd dimension is empty because the Archangels failed in their task of putting life here, life which we can all see and touch.

In an attempt to redeem ourselves in your eyes we will say that we have often implied that physical life is a sort of illusion but we have never really attempted to explain exactly what is going on.
In the past, we were always attempting to explain other aspects of life so we touched on that fact that nothing was real – a concept that many of you have been able to accept because it is something that has been known about for long ages, particularly in Buddhism and other Eastern texts – but we have never before attempted to bring you fully up to date with the truth of the matter.
We have, in the past, always stayed firmly in what was already known about life (or thought to be known), but now is the moment to take the giant leap and fully reveal the truth as it will gradually be accepted from this moment forward. That is why we called this chapter “The Modern Era”, because it is time to stop living in the past and to move knowledge on to the next step by revealing a lot more about the truth of man, where he lives and how he thinks.

So, once again, we feel obliged to give a brief resume of things we have already mentioned in this and other publications and mention some things that we hope will give you a clearer understanding of what we need to say.
First, we mentioned that God created just one life force but, just to consider man, provided that life force with a large number of individual consciousness so that one has the impression that there are a large number of individual people.
This number of people is the entire number that will ever be created.
But, we must repeat that all these people are actually individual aspects of one object – God.
A way of understanding this would be to consider the vast number of atoms that together constitute an object.
Countless atoms that together constitute one object.

Then we mentioned that God put man on the 8th, then the 7th dimension and linked these people to imagination in the 6th and higher self in the 5th dimension.
You will notice that, from considering the 5th dimension we jumped to the 3rd and mentioned that it proved impossible to place life, including man, in the 3rd dimension.
So, in effect we left man in the 7th dimension.

And that is where all life actually is. All life, including man, still remains in the 7th dimension.
This is information, as far a we are aware, that has never been revealed before.
We believe that those who have described the descent of man into incarnation have skated over where we started off and just went on to portray the areas that we go to in our descent into carnation.
But it is time to reveal to you that; before descending into incarnation we were all in the 7th dimension.

Thus it is that, although man and, indeed, animals have greatly changed over the many years that the history of man has existed, nevertheless man awaits, in the 7th plane or dimension, his destiny to be called forward to whatever journey he decides to undertake.

Now, once again we have to attempt to clarify that there is only one life for all things but, as this life has been given awareness, each and every aspect of this oneness sees itself as independent from every other life form.
So, as we are considering just mankind and ignoring everything else for the sake of literary economy, the 7th plane contains a large number of people all waiting to be called into action.

We must now mention another plane, dimension or carrier wave that we refer to as the upper or higher 4th.
We have often mentioned this dimension and have stated that it corresponds to the heavenly dimension – the place that all return to at the end of their Earthly incarnation and this is so. But the upper 4th is also a place that has other uses. It is, amongst many other things, the place where the oversouls are to be found.
Oversouls do not exist in any “physical” form. There are no buildings where they exist nor are there any beings in charge. Oversouls exist as a concept rather like belonging to a virtual organization of like minded people.
But oversouls play a vital role in grouping like minded people together.
The job of an oversoul is to attract like minded people and nurture them to give them not only a sense of belonging but of helping and guiding them through eternity on the long journey to perfection. Oversouls help create order.
It is difficult to find examples in Earthly life to describe an oversoul but we will try to give a few examples that might help.
For instance, if you take a pack of playing cards all jumbled up they are in a chaotic state, but once sorted into their respective suits; clubs, hearts, diamonds, and spades, they have some order.
Equally, in some schools, pupils are place in “houses” which helps create some order in the school instead of just a jumble of students.
Equally, in military circles, soldiers are grouped into platoons, and companies in order to be able to organize those soldiers instead of just having a mass of soldiers wandering about.
This concept of creating order from chaos is the object of the oversouls.

Now, when it is decided that people are required to fulfill a function, which might be to incarnate, to become what are referred to as aliens or any other desire of the directors of life, the Archangels charged with filling all these roles, a call goes out into the 7th dimension and volunteers are sought for this particular duty.
The people in the 7th dimension already have developed a certain attraction towards a particular role.
In the case of those who might wish to incarnate on Earth, if the directors of life note that they will soon require reinforcements on Earth, the call goes into the 7th plane and volunteers step forward.
The required number are moved down to the 4th dimension and are grouped together in an oversoul. We repeat that the oversoul only exists as a concept so each volunteer is informed that he belongs to this particular oversoul.
These oversouls are usually designed to group together people of a similar spiritual age and with the same interests. It would cause confusion if, for instance, among a group of new arrivals were some of immense age and wisdom. Or amongst a group interested in incarnation on Earth were some who wished to explore the extremities of the universe.
So, we generally find – due to the law of mutual attraction – people of similar spiritual age and with similar interests.

Those newly arrived people in their 4th dimension soul groups, after a period of acclimatization, are visited by angelic beings charged with educating these new arrivals to take their place in the world according to their chosen destinies.
To keep things simple let us concentrate exclusively on a group that wish to incarnate on Earth.
Over a long period of time, various angels, each one an expert on a particular aspect of human life would educate this group about life in incarnation.
Other angels would work together with these individuals to choose what is termed a life plan. Readers of this book should already be familiar with life plans so we will not expand.
Eventually, the final stage of development arrives and that is to be given an aspect of the sign of the zodiac.
Once again, we have previously covered this topic.
Now the young spirit is ready to incarnate.

We wish you to fully comprehend that, until that moment, the entire existence of the young spirit was in the astral planes.
First in the 8th dimension, then the 7th with links to the 6th and the 5th and, finally, the 4th dimension.

You may remember us saying that the Archangels failed to put any life in the 3rd dimension – the physical one.
So, we have a problem. The next step for the young spirit should be to incarnate in the physical dimension but that is impossible.
If we could step back and see the 3rd dimension as it actually is, it is just a carrier wave and an empty void.
It is bereft of any life.
And yet you see it as being full of life of all sorts and varieties.
So, what is going on?

It has been mentioned by us and by other knowledgeable people that we create our own realities.
We have also stated that the 3D world in which you live, and that seems so real, is a sort of hologram.
People, generally – those that can accept this concept – pay lip service to the idea but don’t really have any idea of what it actually means.
Now is the moment, perhaps for the first time in modern history, to attempt to explain precisely what all this means.

Let us go back to the young spirit waiting in the astral realms to “incarnate”.
He would have been taught a great deal about how physicality works, about people’s personalities, the good and the bad that can only exist in physicality and also would have been informed that it has been proved impossible to create a physical universe with physical life in it.
This, of course takes us to the point of what does the young spirit do next?

Now, we must apologise to you for not really having told you, in the past, the truth up until this point but it would have been somewhat of a distraction if, in the middle of an explanation about some facet of physical life, we had casually thrown into the explanation a phrase of the type, “by the way, nothing physical exists and the 3rd dimension in which you appear to live is an empty void”.
We think you would agree that it would have caused a slight diversion from the subject under discussion so we have contented ourselves up until now with just informing you that life is a sort of hologram and that we are spiritual beings living a physical incarnation and can create our own realities, and have left it to that.

However, now that we have a complete book at our disposal, we can take the time to explain the mysterious world in which you appear to live and hope you will be able to understand and to accept what we will tell you. All that we mentioned previously was to sow the seeds to help you understand the imaginary world around you.

We mentioned that the young spirit stopped at the zodiac signs, which are part of the higher 4th dimension. According to collective wisdom, he would incarnate and associate himself with the body of a newborn baby.
But, as we said, that cannot happen, at least quite in the way that it appears on Earth.

All is vibration and all must stay within the 8 dimensions that God created so long ago. Further, all is one. There is only one life force.
We are as tired of repeating these facts as you must be in hearing us say them, but it is essential to understanding reality never to forget.

So, we must now go back in “time” to the point where the Archangels had to admit failure to create a physical dimension out of astral matter.
As you can no doubt imagine, this must have caused great consternation among the Archangels charged with complying to the desires of God because God had suggested to these Archangels that it would be beneficial to him if there was another level to life – the physical one – from which he could draw benefit and increase his wisdom.

The Archangels are not God’s slaves but they are keen to try to help God as much as possible so, no doubt, there was much cogitation going on as they devised a plan to make a “false” physical reality.

They, the Archangels, finally realized that the answer had been there all along. It was the 6th dimension, that of imagination.
If only they could create within all the different life plans, the concept, the false idea, that they were living in a physical reality, make it so convincing that no one would see though the illusion, all life placed within this illusion would behave as if it were a real, physical universe.
As you can imagine this was easier said than done.

The Archangels had to create, from nothing, a sort of theatrical place, a huge stage, in which the players and the spectators, once they entered this theatre, this virtual cinema, would not question it and would accept the scenery and the roles the various characters played as completely genuine.
The scenery was already in place in the 7th dimension and, to a certain extent, the 8th dimension so it was fairly easy to form copies of that scenery, reduce it in frequency and place it within the 6th dimension – that of imagination.
The Archangels tinkered with the scenery until it was as convincing as possible.
It is there to this day. Those “incarnate” call it the “galaxy”, the universe that is all around them as they look in the daytime on Earth and into the night sky to look at the planets and stars.
But it all came, originally from the 2 higher spheres which, themselves, had been created eons before to help early life develop.

This imaginary universe that was placed in the 6th dimension, created by reducing the vibrational frequency of that already existing in the higher spheres was done so by the Archangels making a copy of it in their “minds”, reducing its frequency and just reproducing it in the 6th dimension.
One way to imagine this is for an artist to look closely at a picture and then painting an exact copy of it. In fact, the artist would be using his imagination to store the image in his mind and then just allowing his mind to release that stored up image.
The Archangels used a very similar method.
They closely observed what had already been created in the 7th and 8th dimensions and then released that stored up memory into the 6th dimension.
This was the moment of the “Big Bang”. It was the moment that the Archangels released the image of what they had observed into the 6th dimension.

If what we have explained appears a little confusing, might we try to explain in another fashion, a fashion that many of you who are used to manipulating computers will readily understand.
Imagine that you have a computer and, within one program, you have some information. This might be words, numbers or a picture.
Imagine that you wished to put it in a second program that used a different frequency.
You would copy the piece of information, place it in a program designed to alter the frequency from the original program to the destination program. When this has been done, you would copy once again the altered information and paste it into the second program.
So, the original piece of information remains intact in one form or vibration but now you have a perfect copy of it in a different vibration.
This is more or less exactly what the Archangels did.
They made a perfect – or nearly perfect – copy of the universe created in the 7th and 8th dimensions, altered the frequency of this universe so that it was compatible with that of the 6th dimension and “pasted” a copy within the 6th dimension.

So, we have just explained where the universe you think you live in came from and how it came into being.
Although we have explained this in as clear and simple a fashion as we can, we do realize that many of you will be unable to accept this information and we are sure that it will be many years before the scientific community will be able to “discover” this simple truth.
Scientists prefer to cover black boards with mathematical symbols instead of just reading this book in which we intend to demonstrate to any open minded person that all life exists in and on the 6th dimension and that is the dimension of imagination.
Thus, everything that you think is real is actually just a product of your imagination.
But, we are not finished with our explanation yet. We have other aspects to discuss.

May we repeat just one more time that all this was, and is, happening in astral form. There never was and never will be anything that we could describe as physical in the make up of life.
We feel obliged to restate this because everything that one experiences on Earth seems so real that it is difficult to imagine that it is not.

We got to the point where the Archangels charged with trying to create a physical universe created an imaginary, virtual one in the 6th dimension.
Eventually, they did put animals on it in a vain attempt to let them develop and try to repay the considerable amount of psychic energy used to recreate this virtual world, because even psychic manifestation requires energy.
Anyone who has done psychic work will know just how tiring, how draining this can be so we might have some idea of the vast amount of energy it took to create a virtual universe.
The animals were “imported” from the 7th dimension. As we have previously mentioned, this attempt failed and so volunteers were sought from the people in the 4th dimension to fill the energy gap and the world, much as you would recognise it today, was formed.

We are going to have considerable difficulty in convincing you that the world that you experience from the moment of your birth into incarnation until the moment of your release from it is, in fact, all illusion because it seems so real.
But we must present the truth as we see it and as we know it to be and leave it up to you either to accept or reject this information.

Long before the Archangels tried to create a true physical world, they created a complete script for how life would unfold on this physical world call Earth and how the galaxy and, indeed, the universe would be created from beginning to end.
Nothing was left to chance.
It gives us some idea of the extraordinary intelligence of the Archangels that they were able to visualize, plan and fault find every aspect of every entity that it was proposed to put in physicality, but it was so.
Just look around you now and try to imagine the power of beings that deliberately could have created everything.
Many people think that it was God who made everything but, in the interest of truth we must say that it was actually the Archangels who put together all of it.

As we have said a number of times the original plan failed so we actually do not know what the universe might have looked like had the Archangels succeeded in creating physicality. We only have the illusionary one that we can observe but we must assume that life would have followed a similar pattern in the world that we have to what was originally planned.

Now, the question is, if those humans who had agreed to participate in a sort of play act realized that it was all just imagination would it have been very difficult for them to have taken life seriously?
Any of you who have done any acting know that there is a vast difference between acting – being on stage or appearing in a film – and real life. No matter with what conviction an actor plays a role, no matter how much he tries to identify with the part, he is aware that it is not real and as soon as the scene finishes he returns to his “real” life.
This, obviously was not what God or the Archangels wanted as they needed mankind and even animals to be convinced that the “incarnation” they were going though was as physical as was first designed so that God could benefit from the experience of life having a physical experience.
So, once the training of humanity was complete, the people due to incarnate agreed to have their memory, that life was going to proceed in an artificial manner, removed. This, obviously, has the effect that people born into this artificial 3D think that it is real and act accordingly.
If they could remember that they actually live in an artificial world that they actually create with their imagination, their reactions would be less convincing and so God would gain less from it.
It is the fact that, for enormous periods of time, people think that they live in a real, solid world that has managed to create all the results, all the drama and trauma that has been so educational for God.

But, as we have mentioned before, times change and as life swings into this positive phase, so it has been decreed that the time has come for man to know the truth about where he lives and the world that he personally creates.
So, we wish to make it perfectly clear to you, despite what we and others have stated in the past and may, indeed, state in the future, about life being in two parts: physical and spiritual, the truth is that physicality doesn’t exist.
It is all an illusion.
Every aspect of life, man included, is 100% spiritual in nature and the physical world that you think you live in is an illusion created by your imagination. All this is in no way connected to the 3rd dimension which remains for the moment empty.
All life that appears physical is actually connected to the 6th dimension.

So, the best we can say for the moment concerning man’s connections to his auras is that he is based in the 6th dimension, has a strong connection to his higher self based in the 5th dimension and has a connection to his oversoul in the higher 4th dimension.
We need to be careful about our understanding of auras and dimensions because it is considered by many that a connection to a higher or lower dimension implies greater or lesser degrees of spirituality and, to a certain extent, this is true but dimensions serve many purposes and there is an area within each dimension that serves to denote our spiritual awareness but we are referring to the parts of these dimensions that serve to provide us with aspects of creation of our bodily parts.
We will deal with the spiritual aspects of these dimensions later.

Let us examine how it is that, once you think that you are born into physicality, you go through your life living in an imaginary reality but that the majority of people pass their entire “incarnation” in this illusionary world that they actually create with their imaginations and never, for a moment, realize that, as it is all just imagination, they could alter the events and actually create a life that would suit them better instead of the drab, dismal life they experience.
There are a number of factors that all work together to keep the illusion in place, some of them created by the Archangels and some of them by dark forces.

It must be said that, if people understood that this so called physical reality was artificially created by their own imaginations and that we have total control over what we imagine, it would somewhat defeat the object of creating it in the first place.
Thus, when you enter this illusionary world, with your mind “wiped”, to use a modern term, your imagination kicks in and starts to create the only part that was left intact, and that is your life plan.
Even that is tucked away in the higher self so, until you have developed to the point where you can make contact with your higher self, you cannot make contact with your imagination – in the sense we are talking about – so you just use your mind and your brain to try to analyse life.
But, your mind is not designed to analyse matters. It is just there to implement orders from higher aspects of you.
Let us try to explain how this occurs.
We will quickly mention the chain of existence so you will better understand what we are attempting to explain.
It would be expedient to mention that what we are about to explain is only part of the aspect of life, as life is more complicated than what we are going to say.
But let us state that the chain of events unrolls like this:
1. The higher self which contains the life plan.
2. Imagination: The life plan is passed to imagination and imagination creates the “play” in which you live.
3. The mind that tries to process and put into action the thoughts passed to it from 1 and 2
4. The “physical” brain, which is an illusionary organ that animates the illusionary body.

Now, if all these were fully functional, “you”, which is another part – the observer of the play that we call the ID – would have the illusion revealed to you.
So, for the vast majority of people the higher mind is unknown and thus can only operate behind the scenes, pushing the ID down the path of the life plan.
Then imagination, we will say to simplify matters, is split into two parts, rather like the hard disc in a computer. There is the part available to you in order to create things in your life and there is the part unavailable that is constantly operating the “program”, the illusionary world that you think you live in.
In many ways, life works in the way that modern computers also work, but we stress that life is not Artificial Intelligence.
Life is analogue – real vibrations – not numeric code.
So, we have the higher self that passes a certain amount of information to the hidden part of imagination and the basic world you see appears before your senses.
But, normally, you are unaware of any of this. It all happens behind the scenes.
Then we have the mind. Now, the mind is just an object designed, initially, to work under the control of the higher aspects and create whatever artificial reality those higher aspects tell it to create. But, as these aspects do not connect with mind, it finds itself in the position of having to try to think for itself, to guide the person. However, it is not designed to do that and so the mind blunders about giving orders to the brain to do this and that with no real idea of what is going on and where it is sending you.
The brain, which also is just designed to follow the orders of the mind pushes the person here and there and neither the mind nor the brain have any ability to direct the person – the ID – in any meaningful manner.
This has created, in the past, now and, to a certain extent in the future, the chaos that we see.
We should feel sorry for our leaders who tell you to follow them as they know where they are going, because they also are as lost as the average person. It is a case of the blind leading the blind.

We break off here to say that the concept that the world in which people live and which seems so real being created from imagination is, indeed, not an easy one to assimilate and even those who can accept it as a working hypothesis can have no concept of the full implications of that idea being fully understood … yet …!
It will become understood eventually and will transform all life as you know it.
It is a major part of the ascension process and, although full realization of its potential is in the distant future, we have introduced the concept so that understanding will gradually grow in the minds of people.
This will be the turning point that will transform the people of the world from asleep to awake, if we may use that rather insulting sounding phrase.
We are aware of the contempt in which the evil ones, who are fully aware of this 6th plane illusionary world, hold the masses.
To a certain extent we understand this although, of course, we do not condone the use of such language.
The mystery schools, which were started in Atlantis long ago, progressed through the Egyptian mystery schools and are still in full swing today, teach what we have said about living in an illusionary world and, more importantly, teach how to manipulate the illusionary world so that they can, in an almost, alchemical, magical fashion, create power, riches and world domination.
But times are changing, as we have frequently said, and the information that was denied to the world for so long is being made public.
However, there is an element to this revealing which causes us some concern.
Certainty, good people, those who are kind and helpful to others, will be given the opportunity to manipulate reality to aid all life but, equally, these concepts can be used by evil or misguided people to create harm so we have to be careful in what we say, what we reveal to the public to cause as little harm as possible.
This is sad because we have so much that we would like to say, so much information that we would like to make public but can’t until people change.
Therefore, we are obliged to stop in our talk about the illusionary world in which you all live until it is safe for us, or other like us, to open the door into the methods of manipulating so called matter to create a better world.

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