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So far in this book we have mentioned a number of aspects concerning the origins of mankind from a similar but slightly different point of view from the previous book – The Path of Mankind – which traced the physical and spiritual aspects but in fairly concrete terms.
We also, in this book took the subject forward almost to completion in what we might term concrete, physical ways but from now on we intend to depart from that and concentrate the rest of this volume on the purely spiritual parts although, depending on one’s point of view, even what we might describe as spiritual has an almost physical quality to it because all is vibration and all is one.
Therefore, whatever we describe must always retain a link to what preceded it.
So, to resume.
The Archangels working to please God placed early life on the 8th plane. Then volunteers were asked to go to the 7th plane and, to this day, volunteers descend to this plane where they spend much time waiting the moment when they will be selected to become something. The beings awaiting on the 7th plane are merely aspects of life at that point without definition.
Those that are selected to become human eventually descend to the 4th plane and those willing to incarnate on “Earth” move to the 6th plane for their incarnation.
Once the incarnation is terminated the humans return to the 4th dimension where, generally, they stay as they progress spiritually towards perfection.

We must now seek to unravel the secret world behind all these events that manage to link all beings and all dimensions into one glorious whole for, without all the strings being pulled behind the scenes, so to speak, none of this would be possible and nothing could exist.
The problem, as always, is to know where to begin as all is one and each aspect is an integral part of this vast and intricate machine and all work together ceaselessly that produces a whole – the great work of God.
However, we must start somewhere so let us choose a point of departure.
We stress that we choose this point at random and any other point would, eventually, connect up rather like taking a point on a wheel and going round it until we returned to the departure point.

So, we begin with the moment that God created the 8 carrier waves that we have mentioned before.
At the time of their creation, they were bereft of any life forms.
As we have said, they were separated from each other due to being of separate frequencies.
Now this is, in essence, true but it is not the whole truth. Each band was, in a way, connected to those on each side of it because, as one frequency ended, the next one began. We will use here a phrase that has already been used in a previous work and say that the bands were not separated as in an arpeggio in music but more as a glissando, an octave connected, one note joined to the next in a smooth band.
There was a reason for this which we hope to make clear as we progress through this work.

So, any life form placed on one band – say the 8th – could, if it was so desired, slide down through the other frequencies to the first if necessary.
Or, in the other sense, obviously, from the 1st to the 8th or any part in between.
It is important to understand this point, that all the bands or carrier waves are connected, in order to understand, eventually, how life is constructed.
We also wish you to appreciate that each carrier wave, although constructed of vibrations, frequencies, takes over where the previous one left off and rises or falls, depending on which direction one looks at it, until it matches or merges with the previous or succeeding one.
Thus, in fact, all these 8 frequencies form one continuous octave of vibrations – of light – starting at a very low frequency in the 1st plane up to a very high frequency at the top of the 8th plane.

There are 2 more points we wish to stress.
The first is that within each carrier wave, there are an infinite number of frequencies and also, that each band, although we have numbered them 1 to 8, all have equal power. The numbers we have attributed to them are for the sake of being able to describe them and are, actually, interchangeable. 1 is not lesser than 8, and 8 is not greater than 1.

The various aspects of life were placed in an arbitrary fashion. It is we who have given them numbers to help explain and these numbers do not, actually, correspond to reality.
However, having given these carrier waves numbers, we will continue to use them for the sake of clarity.

Next, we wish to explain that all life is connected throughout the totality of the bands. Thus, we can say that all life, no matter what form it takes is connected to all other life because all is connected within the bands by what we might consider to be small tubes.
To clarify, imagine an octopus – an astral octopus – and each one of his 8 tentacles being connected to the bands of frequencies we are discussing. Tentacle 1 connected to band 1. Tentacle 2 connected to band 2, and so on.
Also imagine that the tentacles were actually hollow tubes which permitted energy to be passed from any one carrier wave into the octopus or vice versa, from the octopus into the carrier waves.

Thus, assuming that there is information within any carrier wave of interest to the octopus, it can draw that information to itself and thus grow in wisdom or at least receive the information within any carrier wave.
Obviously, we have used the example of an octopus just to illustrate the point we wished to make. It is doubtful that a real octopus would have any interest in the matters we are discussing and, sad to say, many humans have little interest in esoteric matters any more than an octopus.

But, that is not our concern. We are interested in explaining as simply and as clearly as we can the way life is constructed and leave it up to others to absorb that information or not.
The point being made is that all things, from a grain of sand to a galaxy are connected to the 8 carrier waves so that information can flow in either direction between the carrier waves and the object or person wishing to obtain information.

We have mentioned that these carrier waves, which are also called dimensions, have a vast number of different frequencies within them and we have mentioned that everything is vibration. So, that implies that each carrier wave, or dimension as we will now refer to them, are “multi-tasking” and can perform many tasks simultaneously.
We also mentioned that the dimensions are of equal value, or power, and are joined together in one huge octave of power, of vibration. This implies that every aspect of life, in any manner imaginable is joined. That is part of why we can say that all is one.
So, let us try to join the dots of this puzzle and work out how all these disparate elements work together to create life as we know it to be.

In all these dimensions many things are going on simultaneously and most of it is connected in one way or another to all things. It is important to fully appreciate this aspect of multitasking because many people have the impression that each dimension serves just one purpose, usually of an increasingly high spiritual nature, but this is not so.

Each and every dimension contains many aspects essential to the creation of all aspects of life and much of it is either more or less a repeat of what is contained in a previous dimension or, at least, closely related to it.
This is so that different aspects of life, animal, vegetable or mineral, may reach into them according to the awareness of each species.
For instance, a plant or a stone would not require access to information to the same degree of awareness as a human but, nevertheless, because all is one and all is connected, requires a certain degree of access.

It would be ridiculous and futile if there was only one degree of spiritual information available for all life. It must be obvious that a human, even the most “asleep” of us should have access to information of a more advanced nature than that required by a stone. Yet even a stone is alive and has consciousness and so, in its primitive fashion, has a certain thinking mechanism for which it requires access to the dimensions in order to get answers to its questions.
So, the dimensions contain the same concepts, but in some dimensions these concepts are stated in more advanced fashions than in others.

This idea is repeated in all dimensions and for all aspects of life and would include, not only those living in so called physicality, but through the astral planes as well.

These dimensions, when we consider them to be closely associated with the body of an object, particularly a human, we tend to call auras. But auras or dimensions are the same thing. It is our appreciation of their functions that tends to require the change in name. For instance, if we are talking about an area in a global sense, we tend to call it a dimension but when we are considering it in a more personal sense as being closely associated with our physical body, we tend to refer to it as an aura. But they are the same thing and, if we mention “dimension” or “aura” please understand that we refer to the same thing.
So, our task over the next few pages, indeed over the next chapters, is to consider these dimensions, these auras, and we hope to convey some meaning of them to you.

Once again, where to begin. Perhaps we should start by using the word “aura” as associated with the human body and by saying that all is vibration and all is light so the auras are made of light.
Further we must consider that the auras are alive or, at least, contain awareness and so the degree of brightness of any aura can alter in the degree that it is being concentrated on. By which we mean that if a person selects with his consciousness, often called his mind, a particular aura and concentrates on it to the exclusion of the other auras, that aura will glow more brightly than the other 7 remaining auras.
This has often been illustrated in paintings of holy people with halos around their heads.
As these holy people were concentrating on a particular aura, so it shone brightly and was observed by those artists that had a degree of psychic vision and so they depicted this aura as a halo of light.
The reason why it shines more brightly is that it responds to the degree of concentration of the person and so is depicted as coming forward, in a sense, to make the information contained within that aura more readily available to the seeker. It is rather as if the person concerned was shining a torch at it although it is the aura itself that glows in response to the degree of attention it is receiving.

It must be said that the attitude of the person concerned plays a part. A person who is depressed would cause the aura to glow less brightly where as a person full of joy causes the aura to glow brightly. The aura responds to the attitude of the person. That person is not only receiving information from an aura but is projecting his personality into the aura. It is a 2-way communication.
We will also mention that color can be involved. Quite often people who are psychic and can see auras surrounding others notice that a very spiritual person will be surrounded by a bright white light. Those of a loving nature will project pink light. Depressed people cause the aura to shine with a brown light whilst truly evil people will cause the aura not to glow at all and so it will be observed as a blackness surrounding the person.
Perhaps that is the origin of the word “black” associated with an evil magician. We also talk of the “dark arts” and “black magic”.

Thus, we find that the aura responds to the degree of concentration being exerted on the aura and also the type of emotion. So, we have degrees of brightness and also color of an aura surrounding a person at all times and the degree of brightness and the color constantly alters as the emotional attitude and the degree of concentration alters.

However, the attentive student will have noticed that the aura that we are considering – 1 of 8 – is personal to the individual under consideration and yet the auras apply to all people and, indeed, all life.
So, just to consider this one aura, how is it possible to link it to a person as an individual and, at the same time, have it available to all, regardless of whether they be animal, vegetable, mineral and regardless of whether they are physical or astral in nature?
The answer lies in the fact that each person has an individual vibration unique throughout time to him.
Further, each thought, each emotion has a unique vibration which not only keeps each thought or emotion separate from any other thought or emotion but those vibrations are linked to the vibrations of the person emitting those thoughts or emotions.
To labor this point somewhat, each and every thought has a unique vibration ascribed to it but those individual vibrations have a marker ascribed to them that connects them with, and to, the individual emitting those thoughts and/or emotions.
Thus, for every person or thinking being at any time and in any dimension, they not only are denoted by having a unique vibration, but each and every thought from any aura or dimension is uniquely linked to that person or thinking object/being for all time from the moments of its conception in the 7th plane until the moment, eons in its future, when it merges with the Godhead and disappears from our sight.
This is an extraordinary number of thoughts, emotions and experiences and they are not only stored in the Akashic Record but are also passed into the Godhead to assist God in his never ending quest for knowledge.

It is, of course, thanks to these unique frequencies that we are able to locate and/or track a person if we require rather as it is possible to track a person today through frequencies emitted by a modern telephone.
It is also suggested that each and every telephone call made or received by a person today is recorded in a bank of supercomputers. One wonders where the appropriate secret service got the idea!

However, in the case of storage of messages in the Akash, none of it is physical in terms of bytes of information and none of it is secret. The information is available to all who have the ability to delve in to the Akashic Records.

It is in this fashion that the life review is conducted. The information is copied from the records in the Akash and is played back to the person destined to watch his life review.
Even in the heavenly spheres, all is still recorded. Every alien life force has his whole conduct recorded. Every grain of sand is recorded as is every planet and galaxy.
It seems incredible that everything, everywhere is recorded and has been since the dawns of time yet it is so.
One might enquire how this is done.
As always, the answer is simple once one starts to understand higher physics, that is to say physics outside and beyond what are known as the sort of physics taught in educational institutes, Newtonian physics.
As we said, everything is vibration, frequencies of various sorts uniquely encoded.
Thus, all that is needed is a means of storing these various vibrations or frequencies. These are stored in banks of what we might call transformers. Now, in modern electricity, transformers are generally used to change power in one way to another but in the sorts of transformers to which we elude, the frequencies enter the transformers and are stocked in them.

Perhaps memory banks would be a more understandable term but we use the term transformers because these virtual machines are capable not only of stocking frequencies but also of compressing or elongating them so that a long period of time might be observed in a few moments or, equally, an event might be played back very slowly.

Now, we realise that the term “transformer” might cause confusion but that would be for two reasons.
A modern transformer uses two coils of wire and, according to the number of turns of wire used the voltage is increased or decreased.
Also, the word “transform” means to change; which is why the voltages are transformed.
But, in this sense that we use to refer to transform we are thinking of taking the thoughts or emotions of someone or something – a vibration – and changing them into a spiritual force that can be stored in banks or pockets within the dimensions.
This also will be confusing to many so we will spend a few minutes explaining this.

We have already intimated that dimensions are both multi-tasking and also, each dimension has an infinite number of separate frequencies within them.
Now, we are going to reveal something that, to our knowledge, has never been mentioned in the spiritual history of modern man so, as it will be new to all people, many will have difficulty in accepting this information although it is quite simple.

Within each one of the 8 dimensions, there are pockets, storage areas, for every person. We have already mentioned that, at the very beginning, God created, with the help of Archangels, a large number of aspects of himself for all types of life.
Thus, just to consider man, a finite but huge number of aspects of God were created. Thus, from the outset, the number of humans were known.
So, in the dimensions, the same number of storage areas were created so that all the experiences for this number of humans could be stocked.
This was also done for every other sentient life force.

Thus, for everything that we would consider “alive”, and which has a unique frequency, a storage area of the same frequency was created in each dimension.
Thus you, we and every person who has ever been brought into active life, plus for all those that are still waiting their turn to be called up on the stage of life, a storage area exists in which to stock every thought, emotion and every aspect of their life throughout all time and in all dimensions.

Each of these storage areas – pockets – are encoded with the unique frequency of every aspect of life and so, each and every thought, emotion, experience is stocked in one of the pockets of one of the dimensions.
This will be very difficult for some people to understand because, although the construct is not complicated, to explain it in simple terms is not easy as it all spreads in several directions simultaneously.

So, we will attempt to clarify one more time just using humans and just one dimension.
So, in the 8th plane a vast but precise number of aspects of God were created – man. The exact number was known.
So, in the 8th dimension a number of storage areas were created corresponding to the number of man aspects of God – the same number.
Each aspect of God was given a precise frequency.
Each pocket or storage area, was given the same frequency.
So, any one aspect of God – man –, could link with is own unique pocket rather like a baby kangaroo can go in and out of a pocket made by its mother.
Further each thought, feeling, emotion or word is given a unique frequency but attached to the frequency of the person under consideration.
Each one of these things are stored in the individual’s storage area or pocket throughout all time.
This concept is repeated for all 8 dimensions and for all sentient life.
That is why it is so difficult to explain in meaningful terms.
We feel that this concept was not explained before because man was not ready to absorb such complex knowledge and, no doubt, there will be many today unable or unwilling to accept such bizarre information.
This information, if fully understood and appreciated is of mind blowing significance far beyond the actual physical aspect of an incredible number of pockets, of files, awaiting people’s desire to fill with personal information.
These files not only contain the personal information such as the life plan of each individual, but also every thought, every emotion, every action both physical and astral, but also the reactions of every person with whom an individual comes into contact, both in physicality and in the astral planes, before and after an incarnation.
So, in this way, not only does each person have a personal file in which all is stored, but it interacts with the thoughts and memories of each and every person that have been or will be encountered on route through existence.

This obviously works in a 2-way process. A person’s file stores all the interactions with every other person encountered and those people’s files contain the interaction with the first person.
In that manner the link between large numbers of people going backwards and forwards in time and in space is forged in the most amazing fashion.
The degree of interconnection between huge numbers of people going ever outwards in breadth and ever onward in time has to be experienced to be believed.
One person knows another who knows another and so on in a group sense and the same occurs going backwards and forwards in time, people knowing others who, in turn, know others over generations of time.

Now, there is yet another aspect of this which some may have already picked up and it is this.
As our files are uniquely encoded so, logically it would be impossible to enter someone else’s file but, through the fact that information concerning our interaction with others is stored in our file, we have the ability to trawl through the memories of vast numbers of people and over long periods of time. This gives us the ability to draw information about others from our own personal files without straying outside of the limits of our file.
Thus, nothing is secret.

The question is, of course, what is the methodology behind being able to link with other people’s thoughts?
Like all spiritual things the answer is both simple and complex.
The simple answer is to say that we can link with others in the degree that we have become a complete person.
The complexity comes from understanding what we must do to become a complete person.

In fact, as we are all one, and as we have information about others stored in our personal file, it is a question of being able to reach into that file and retrieve the required information rather like opening a filing cabinet and retrieving the appropriate document.
The filing cabinet is our higher self. Now, as we have mentioned before, higher self is our personal connection to God. But it is much more than that.
The higher self contains the information that would be retained within a completely full filing cabinet, each drawer concentrating on any one subject.
So, it would be difficult to imagine a filing cabinet with quite so many drawers but we must use an example taken from everyday life to help you to understand what we are talking about and a filing cabinet was chosen as the most readily understandable object of everyday life. But we wish you to understand that the number of drawers would be virtually without limit and the capacity of each drawer to contain information on any particular subject also without limit.

So subject after subject would be retained within the files and could be examined if we knew how to access the information.
Now, this is where it becomes more difficult to explain and more difficult to comprehend because the process of retrieving information from the higher self involves other aspects of life beyond and above just the higher self.
We need to imagine that the higher self just stocks the information and it stops at that.
But to retrieve a particular file from this vast filing cabinet we called the higher self requires some sort of retrieving system a bit like a well trained secretary or a computer system in which we create a file name and the appropriate file appears.
This retrieval system is contained within the imagination aura – the 6th aura or dimension.

We have explained that the 6th dimension is the illusionary field in which you currently live but we have also explained that each dimension is multitasking. So, not only do you live in this imaginary world but the information contained in the higher self passes through the same dimension before being passed on to your mind and brain for you to be able to visualize.

But, we have suggested that the 6th dimension is the field of illusion, imagination. Thus, it is quite possible that, as the information passes through imagination it can be altered by that imagination. In the higher self all information for all people is the true version of what occurred in any area of life and at any time but, for those able to tap into that information, by the time it has passed through the 6th dimension – that of imagination – that information can, and is, altered to conform with the life plan of each individual person as the ID tries to make the information retrieved from the higher self conform to the unique life plan of each and every person.
So, this is leading us onto the concept that the life plan of each person is but an illusion.
We will deal with that concept later as that requires careful analysis.

But we wish, briefly, to recapitulate what we have stated above in an attempt to make quite clear what we attempted to explain.
There is only one higher self for all humans but each human has a unique frequency. So, this vast filing cabinet that we called the higher self contains all the knowledge of all the events throughout all time and of all experiences. But, because of the unique frequencies of all humans, the different drawers in this vast filing cabinet contain only the information relevant to that one person although there are links to all other humans, past, present and future.
But this information contained within the higher self is a true account of events.

But then there is the 6th dimension, that of imagination.
Once again, there is only one 6th dimension for all human life but, through the unique encoding of each person, we all have a unique access to that plane.
But the 6th dimension is that of imagination so, by the time any request for information passes through the 6th dimension and into the ID, it is given a unique “spin” according to the life plan (personality, ego etc., included). Thus, it is that no two people think alike and thus it is that we create our own realities.
It is the “spin”, the distortion created by each person’s version of how imagination has altered the original information, that creates the unique reality in which each person lives.

So, each person opens his individual drawer in the filing cabinet that we call the higher self, pulls out his file which, in order for it to make sense to him, passes through his imagination and then that altered version is passed to his personal version of the ID (collective consciousness) and the person concerned lives that version of life.
This implies, of course, that even what is called “collective consciousness” is unique to each and every person and no two people would have exactly the same view of the collective consciousness.

All this, we appreciate must be very confusing to many people because much of what we are describing has never been mentioned before and so will be difficult to accept. But it is our desire to describe to you in this series of books the truth, the reality, if we may thus describe it, of how life works and how it is constructed. It is possible that you who read this information might reject it as nonsense but the next generation will realize that it is true and will grow in wisdom through being able to accept what we are saying.

We will just mention at this point that, if you are struggling to make sense of this, imagine the task that Jesus or Buddha, and other saints, would have had to explain these concepts to primitive people long years ago. These saints did their best to explain some of these concepts but it would have been pointless in them spending long hours unravelling the complexities of life to the populations who had absolutely no concept of the points being discussed.
Even today there will be large numbers unable to comprehend.

However, we are not concerned about time and, it must be said, nor are we concerned by who can and who cannot understand, at the time of producing this information. We have been charged with revealing this information and we leave it in the hands – or rather the minds – of others to develop to the point where they can understand.

Even though it is our intention to reveal much new information to the public there remain aspects of life that rest beyond the concept of modern people to understand. This more advanced information will be revealed long years into the future as man grows.
It would be pointless in going into areas far beyond the understanding of people today and we must also say that we do not wish to reveal to the evil one’s, concepts that they could turn against us. So, we will go so far and then stop.
Be aware that what we reveal to you in these publications is both true and innovative but is not the whole story by any means.
But, just as we were around at the time of Buddha and of Jesus and helped spread truth, so we will still be here long years into the future spreading cosmic wisdom.

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