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Thus, we go on exploring and explaining the spiritual nature of existence.
We have mentioned how life passes through various dimensions and is permanently linked to some of them.
We have, in this book, and in others, tried to explain as clearly as we can how what is called a human, if we ignore his physical form and just concentrate on his spiritual aspect, uses the various dimensions either as staging posts in his progress from and back to God, but how these same dimensions, different aspects of them, are used actually to create what we call man (human).
Indeed, what we called the plane of higher self (the 5th) and the plane of imagination (the 6th) are vital is shaping the personality of man.
But we mentioned that all these planes or dimensions are multi-tasking and can be used for many purposes simultaneously. God wastes nothing.

So, let us turn to another aspect of man that we have mentioned before – the ID.
We have mentioned that the ID is a sort of collective consciousness, that there is only one ID for all of humanity, past, present, and future.
But what are we actually considering when mentioning the ID? And why do we use this strange term?

First and foremost, it must be obvious to us all that we are alive, have the ability to think and have a sense of uniqueness, a sense that we are individual beings.
No matter how much a person attempts to reduce his ego and attempts to join into a collective whole, we always retain our awareness that we are unique individuals separate from any other being or object.
This state of separateness is essential and is a part of our fight/flight mechanism.
But, behind this is something that we could call a greater truth. This is an awareness that we are all one.
Deep within us is the notion that we are all aspects of this one God force and thus are all one with God.
This oneness is what is called the ID.

The two letters I and D were thought of long ago as a means of describing the concept of oneness. It is strange because the modern interpretation of individualism is ID – identity. Everyone has a means of identifying himself as an individual, distinct and separate from anyone else.
In many countries people have “identity papers” or an “identity card” on which are written details of a person’s life: date and place of birth, full name, name of parents, a photo, a finger or thumb print and a unique number associated to that person.
Thus, there can be no doubt that we are identifying a unique individual when we look at a person’s ID.
In effect, God’s greatest creation – man – is reduced to a number, and we call that number a person’s identity (ID).
But we have been using the same term for a considerable length of time to describe the complete opposite. The origin of the term dates from an ancient language that precursed Sanskrit and was used to describe not only the oneness of all mankind but its link to God.

However, the origin of the word is of no importance. It is the meaning that is of consequence. At the risk of labouring the point we wish you to firmly realize that we are referring to not only a person but the grouping of all mankind at the highest spiritual level – the 7th plane – and not only is all mankind linked as one person but that person is God. That is why the ID is of paramount importance and merits a chapter of its own.
So, we will do our best to investigate the ID and describe to you its various aspects as far as we, ourselves, are aware.

As always, when investigating life, for man, as you are aware, is just one aspect of life, it is necessary to start at the beginning and return to the 8th plane, where it all started.

We have explained as completely as we could and in simple terms the way that God’s Archangels created within the 8th dimension a virtual universe and clothed it with what was necessary to enable the creatures that were placed there for those creatures to have a sense of identity with that virtual world.
Thus, eventually, man – in primitive form – was placed in and on the 8th dimension.

All mankind are aspects of the one creator, God, and so, in reality, there is only one man – God – just as there is only one blade of grass, one drop of water, and one animal form.
These disparate objects are all just the one entity – God – the creator of life and God, being a unique life force, created just one copy of himself and put life into it. So, everything is this one life force. We have stated this over and over again but, do so once more because it is relevant to what we are discussing now and will become self evident the day, long into the future, when you return to God.
But, obviously, as we have also stated, this oneness was not at all what God designed in his quest for knowledge.
So, the Archangels created individuality and the world that you know came into existence.
Obviously, there is much more to life than what you are aware of but life is sufficiently complex for the moment and we will not, in this work, discuss alternative realities which are relatively unknown to man at this time.
We will ask that information concerning alternative reality be added as a postscript at the end of this book.
Then will all that we know about this particular aspect of life be more compete but without overloading this book with information not directly related to the subject under discussion, which is the various aspects of auras as they apply to man.

Thus, we return to discussing the ID, the sense of individuality which is, nevertheless, connected to Cosmic or universal consciousness.

As we have already mentioned we are all one but, being one, we would naturally all have the same thoughts at the same time which would be ridiculous. Imagine, if you can that a grain of sand, a blade of grass, a drop of water, an animal and a human all had the same thoughts! It would mean that all would have to think at the level of the most inanimate object. It would imply, for instance, that the most potentially intelligent human would be stuck to thinking like a grain of sand does. This would not push life forward at all and so the Archangels gave to all life the ability to have individual, (as an object, and collective, as a species) thought.
So, what this implies is that humans, for instance, are aware that they are human with an understanding of what being human implies and also each human has the ability to think as an individual.
We will also say that most animals and even plants are aware of their species and of their individuality.
Obviously, less animate objects like minerals – sand, stone etc., – might well have an understanding that they exist as a collective species, sand, stone etc., but would not necessarily have a sense of individuality.
It takes quite a level of spiritual awareness to comprehend the concept of individuality.

There are some species of animals, ants and bees for example, that might well have the awareness that they exist as individuals as well as a species, but are required to try to forget their sense of individuality and work as a group, suppressing any desire to think as an individual and just following any directive the queen ant or bee issues and following that directive regardless of any personal sensations or emotions they might have.
This concept of suppressing individuality has long been admired by some humans who have attempted to create similar modes of living.
Slavery is one example where the slave must suppress his personal feelings and just work endlessly, following the orders of the master.
Military units are another example where orders must be obeyed without question. To challenge the order of the commanders is not tolerated and any person questioning an order is subjected to brainwashing techniques.

There are also a few alien groups which operate under similar concepts. Fortunately, these alien groups are very few in number and their somewhat negative ideas are kept in check by other groups who closely monitor these zombie like entities to ensure that they cause no harm.

So, what we are trying to impress on you is that the ID, this collective consciousness, is somewhat restrictive in nature and it is only our sense of individuality that enables us to progress as intelligent beings.

We also mention this as a warning because political, religious and many other groups that try to “lead” the general population of any, so called, “civilized” nation are constantly trying to force people to conform to their half-baked rules and regulations and would love to have the population of any country all cease to think as individuals and just follow, blindly, any directive they might issue.
We advise people to resist these attempts to normalize populations and for people to retain their sense of individualism.

Therefore, we may think of ID – this collective consciousness – is, in a way, the opposite of individual awareness.
But ID does play an important role in our makeup. It gives all humanity the realization that they are human.
Then, later, it enables humanity to realize its connection to all other life and, finally, it enables humanity to comprehend that there is only one and that one is God.

This concept, that we are all one and that one is God, may be accepted by a number of people incarnate and who have followed our, and others, teachings but, in a global sense, how many people both incarnate and discarnate could accept this reality?
How many could comprehend that a human, an ant, a grain of sand on a beach and a galaxy are one and the same thing and that, collectively, there is only one object and that object is God? Very few, we would suggest.
The Archons have done their work well.
But, as we have mentioned, times are changing and people will start to wake up soon and realize that all is one. When that happy day comes wars will cease when people realize that, when we kill someone we are killing ourselves. When we eat an animal, we are eating ourselves.

We return to our study of the ID, this collective consciousness that actually can cause some confusion as it battles with individuality. Individuality is closely associated with both ego and with the God desire to be the most successful example of the species of the aspect of creation being considered.
To become the most successful aspect of God’s creation is, as we have explained in the example we gave of a plant, the complete opposite, in a way, of collective consciousness as that, surely, implies that we are all one and should be able to take into consideration the hopes, feeling and desires of all.
We also discussed and explained this apparent contradiction.
We refer you to the appropriate chapter if you do not understand as we do not wish to repeat that information.

But our concern is an explanation of the ID. It should be obvious that the ID, of which there is only one for all humanity, might well be the sense of cosmic awareness that all life is one but must also contain the knowledge that there is individuality.

So, we have these two aspects operating at once.
We have the desire to be the most perfect example of God’s creation and, at the same time, the desire to be part of the whole.
So, we obviously need to explain just how these two opposing elements can be resolved.
This is where we need to mention an aspect of creation that is virtually unknown to mankind, or certainly is seldom mentioned.
It is the God spirit itself as attached to all life. But, as we are considering just man, let us concentrate how this God spirit actually works.
Now, we know that you have already dismissed our previous statement that it was virtually unknown to mankind as nonsense as we have talked about little else but we are not referring to our link with God as we have already described it.
We are talking about a different concept which, as it will be new to you all, will be rejected by many and we do understand that.

We wish to introduce to you an aspect of God that is virtually unknown.
It is an area that is actually contained in association with each individual dimension or aura but is actually attached as a small extra part to each dimension.
As we said, God created all of the 8 dimensions and left them empty.
Then, later the Archangels came along and filled them with life or emotions etc., as we have described in our previous talks.
But what we did not mention was that, at the outer edge of each dimension, God reserved a small part for himself.
Now, how best to describe it?
We could, for example, use the example of a phonograph record in which one track had been left blank for God to use or we could use the example of a computer hard disk where a small file was created and left blank for God’s use.
We wish for you to realize that each and every dimension has, associated with it, an area that the Archangels did not and do not use. It is reserved for God to use as and when he desires.

Now, we have often said that God creates life and then leaves us to live that life in order to gain experience that, ultimately, is passed on to God for him to become ever wiser.
This is true but is not the whole truth. God surveys his creation and monitors its progression closely. He never abandons us to our fate, although for many it seems so.
He watches attentively all his creation – his children – and, like any good parent, leaves us to grow and to try our strengths, learning from both our successes and our failures, but he is always there to help and guide us when we ask.
This is the, apparent, blank track on the phonograph record that we mentioned, the extra part to every dimension or aura.
This blank track is, in fact, associated both to each individual sentient being, and to all sentient life collectively.
This is the part that can explain why we are able to act as individuals – the ID that we mentioned – and also as one being, collective consciousness.
This is the area that enables, when we can contact it, for us to be able to understand how we can be both at once.
The wonderful thing about God is that we can act as if God does not exist but, when we realize that this extra track exists, enables us to be, up to a point, directly guided by God.

We wish to make it quite clear that those who claim to have a direct link to God and to those who claim to be able to channel God, that they may well just be using an aspect of their imagination. God is outside of all that.

Those who can contact this area, and to be guided directly by God, are not those who would boast about this. The public would never hear of such people.
These people would be immensely wise. Truth is to say that, even in the heavenly realms, very few know about this extra God track and, among those incarnate, there are even fewer but, nevertheless, as all auras are attached to all people both individually and collectively, the extra track is there and is available for all to contact.
For such people who can contact this extra track, God can and does advise such people and God can, also advise groups of people.

Of course, the question is what advice can God give above and beyond what we have already mentioned, that is to say, beyond the explanation about how we can be singular and plural at the same time?
The answer is that God is able to give information that would never be available to ordinary people, even the wisest, about how his creation was created. Much of what we tell you is the result of that which God chose to impart to some wise people who, in turn, passed it to us lesser beings who, in turn advise you.
Thus, it seems unfortunate that so many dismiss this information that was, in fact, imparted directly from God into the minds of some of the wisest beings in creation. But all have free will, so all have freedom to accept or reject information in the degree that they can either understand these great truths or not.

It must be said that there are some who are influenced by the evil ones and who are pushed to dismiss this wisdom as the evil forces try desperately to cling to power.

We might ask what is the difference between the higher self and this God track?
The answer is that higher self is used by all people all the time in various ways but this extra track is only available, at the moment, to the very wisest. In time, of course, more will be able to locate this extra track.
For the moment, it remains accessible only to the very few but, thanks to these few, many may benefit from that knowledge.

Thus, we draw this chapter about the ID to a close.
We have attempted to explain how the ID, of which there is only one for all people, past, present, and future, is in a way connected to collective consciousness but how that seems to be in contradiction to our personal sense of identity but, through access, or at least knowledge, of this extra track used by God, are actually linked.

As with all these subjects we could say more but we have given sufficient to enable students of cosmic consciousness enough to be getting on with for the moment.

In later times, when humanity is more evolved we will add to this knowledge but we do not wish to give you any more than is beyond your comprehension at the moment, so we will move on.

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