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Let us now turn to consider the aspect of life in other dimensions, for do not consider that life only exists in the dimensions that you are currently concerned with.
We have to be careful in what we refer to as “other dimensions” because we do not refer to alternate realities of planet Earth that we have examined somewhat in an addendum placed at the end of this book.
By other dimensions we refer to copies of the worlds that we have so far described but of a different type of vibration to that which we have already mentioned.

For those who have read or at least perused the information contained in the addendum concerning alternative realities to the world as you know it, you may have noticed that we mentioned that the alternative realities were created as a back up plan should any one reality – including this one – fail. So, spare realities were created to ensure continuity of God’s Master plan – life.

In a similar but different manner, a number of alternative dimensions were also created to ensure that should this dimension fail for any reason there were other dimensions to ensure continuity in a dimensional sense.

Perhaps we should explain first to what we refer when we consider realities and dimensions.
Our problem, as is often the case is that language has only so many words that we must use over and again to describe widely differing effects.

By reality we refer to all that we have attempted to describe in the various books, talks and essays that we have presented to you so far even though we used the word “dimensions”, sometimes interspersed with the word “auras” to describe carrier bands of basic frequency in which much of life is contained.
While we are talking about our reality we are aware that we did not mention the first and second dimensions or auras because there is nothing that concerns humanity or even any life as we know it in either of those areas but, for the sake of completing this book, we will describe them later.
For now, we have attempted to concentrate our thoughts on those areas of life that do directly concern us.

But we wish to move away from the reality we have mentioned, strange as some of it may seem to some of you, and examine other dimensions. We wish that we had a different word that we could use because we are in no way referring to dimensions that we have already mentioned. Nor can we use the word reality as we have already used that.

So, we ask you to bear with us and accept that we will be talking – or rather, writing – about areas that are real but remote from the aegis of man’s knowledge but that were created as safe guards should any other reality fail. One could, perhaps, consider that the reality, in which is our galaxy as we have described it, is also part of this reserve because do not think for one moment that God created this reality as his A team and all other realities were just reserves. God created all equally and our reality, which we must term “dimension” is just one of many.
We hope, for the last time, to remind you that “dimension” refers to all that exists in our realty.

So, now we move away from this dimension and consider the others.
As we mentioned other dimensions were created as reserves should any one fail for any reason.

So, we hope that what we have said so far is not too confusing because we wish you to comprehend that life as we have so far explained is concentrated exclusively in the one reality and we are moving totally away from that and, in effect, starting again in a different area.

Already we must try to explain by what we mean by area.
We mentioned earlier that before all that you now know came into being, there was nothing, only God.
This “nothingness”, as we have said is almost impossible to imagine.
But now we ask you to imagine a separate “nothingness”, then another and another virtually endlessly.

We do appreciate that if nothing exists, how can there be multiples of it? We do understand that one might suggest that we might divide nothingness into many small pieces and put galaxies in various parts of this nothingness but that is not what we mean at all.
We are suggesting that the nothingness from which our reality is constructed and these other nothingness to which we now allude are all totally different from each other and yes, we do understand that this sounds as if we are writing science fiction but we ask you to expand your mind, if you will, and if you can, and accept, as a working hypothesis, that multiplicities of nothingness did, and no doubt still do exist, each one separate and remote from each other.

In association with each of these nothingness was, of course, God. God is the wonderful being, entity, force that we can’t imagine that is, nevertheless, the creator of all that is. Just how much more God intends to create remains to be seen. Already we can say that he has created quite a lot!

But to return to a separate nothingness to the one that God used to put 8 carrier wave bands into.
In a separate nothingness, God put a different system into place. He already had, in his mind’s eye, the concept of creating a multiverse based on 8 carrier waves, this one, and so it was pointless creating the same system again and so a totally different concept was created.

Before we can begin to try to describe any new and different dimension we should, perhaps mention that, like all life, any other dimension is based on frequencies but there are a variety of ways in which frequencies can be described.
For instance, in the world that you are familiar with we normally use numbers to describe similar effects. We might use, for example, various actual numbers: 1, 2, 3, 4 cycles per second to describe very slow frequencies or we might call them Hertz to denote the same thing. We might call higher frequencies: Kilohertz, Megahertz, and so on. We might give them abbreviations: KHz, MHz etc. But we are talking about vibrations.
These vibrations might be sine waves, triangle waves, square waves, and so on but always – or generally – we are describing something oscillating above and below a zero point. There are exceptions, of course, but the concept is always a point travelling in time and rising and falling. This is what creates a frequency.

But when we move to a different dimension it would not, perhaps, surprise us if a different form of wave was generated. Also, we might have a different method of describing or measuring any wave.
This is what was constructed by the Archangels charged with creating the various different dimensions.
Would it surprise you, for example, if colors were used to denote different frequencies?
Let us imagine that for the equivalent of the Kilohertz range, for example, 1000 different hues of blue were used, for Megahertz many hues of green were used and so on.
This would, of course, just be a different manner of calculating frequencies but would require a radically different mind-set in order to comprehend such a system. It would also assume that the beings living in a certain dimension had a very keen visual acuity to be able to discern minutely different shades of any color.

Of course, we hope that you can appreciate that what we must mention concerning colors was by way of example. In these alternate dimensions it would be quite impossible to describe or for you to imagine the types of frequencies that are used to create dimensions so far removed from anything that is created in our dimension.
Even we, who, thanks to the wisdom of those who help us with these books, stumble in our attempts to describe what systems are used to create these totally different forms of reality.
The problem is that we wish to make you aware of the fact that there exists other realities using totally foreign, to all of us, forms of frequencies and yet, by the very nature of these strange and different realities, we cannot find words to explain them to you.
Even if language did exist to explain, none of us lesser beings than only the wisest would be capable of comprehending.
So, we can only tell you of what little we know.

Let us therefore begin by explaining what we have gleaned about, at least, some of these different dimensions from the beings that have chosen to traverse the gulf from their worlds to ours and have been able to communicate with us, albeit, in hesitant terms, to try to explain their worlds and, in exchange, gain some knowledge about our world.

We are somewhat used, in these modern times, to observe what are termed UFOs (flying saucers) and people have noticed that these machines are far from being of the same form.
Their external appearances differ widely and, from the flying craft that have been captured by various military organizations and have been examined, it has been noticed that their internal functions differ widely.
We should, perhaps, state that not all UFOs come from alternative realities.
First, we should state that some countries have back engineered captured craft and have adapted the technology to human use and so some UFOs observed are actually made on Earth although the origins of the technology used would be alien.
Then we should say that there are a few civilizations that live underground apart from us humans, and some of these civilizations have developed the ability to traverse space in what we call UFOs.
In fact, there are a number of humans that chose not to incarnate in what we call physicality but who have, nevertheless, developed the ability to visit Earth in what appears to be physical form.
If you have understood what we told you about the illusory nature of so called physicality, we hope that you can understand that, as all life is living in astral realms, it is not so hard for people living in just a slightly different form of reality, that is just slightly different in terms of vibrations, to adapt from one frequency to another so as to be able to appear in our world and is not so difficult.

So, if we discount all these various life forms and their flying constructions (UFOs), those that are left must be coming from somewhere else. Some of these are coming from different constructs, different dimensions.

The question is how can we differentiate between the craft that originate in the worlds surrounding ours and those coming from a totally different reality?
Fortunately, the answer is quite simple.
Those that are man made or constructed by human variants generally look fairly solid, that is to say, metallic in construction.
Those coming from a totally different dimension very often appear ephemeral, that is to say, made of light and do not take a solid appearance to our eyes.
The reason is that it is usually impossible for the beings from different dimensions to fully integrate our dimension and, as everything is made of vibrations – light – they are seen as light of various hues.
It must be said that as these craft lack solidity in our dimension it would be impossible for us to capture one and, even if it were possible, the technology used to construct them would not be understood by us and so could not be back engineered by our scientists.
They would use physics unknown to us.

Many of these beings are extremely advanced compared to Earth humans, and even compared to those that you refer to as Aliens. The problem is that coming from areas outside of any form of life that we might know, it is impossible for anyone even remotely connected to humanity, as we might imagine it, to comprehend these beings and their technology.

Now would it be possible for us to visit their worlds?
Most of these alternate dimensions are so different from ours that we could not interact with them nor they with us.
However, there are some areas that are sufficiently close to us that they can visit us even though their visitations are in vague, light fashions.
One must always bear in mind that God is light, vibration and the Archangels are also made of light. So, any life forms, indeed anything anywhere, is made of light and so all these different realities must always also be made of light (vibrations). Thus, when seen, they are seen as various forms of light.
Even the beings themselves, if they can assume a form that can interact with our realms tend to be light that is often observed as orbs although some of the entities may have a vaguely human shape as they endeavour to integrate our dimension.

We might question why it is that they bother to come here at all? The answer is quite simply that God wishes to grow in wisdom from all experience of all his creation so God pushes these beings with curiosity about what dimensions different from their quiescent one is like, and thus they try to develop the technology of entering our domain. That way God can develop by observing our realms but from their point of view.
But, as far as is known, there has never been any real communication between beings from our worlds and beings from different realities in the sense of verbal exchange. They occasionally appear in light form, stay for a while and then disappear back to their realms.

We should, perhaps, mention that when we speak of orbs we are not referring to life forms connected to our domains.
We are considering life forms from a totally different reality.

So, what more can we say concerning these beings from alternative dimensions?
We do not have much more information than that which we have already stated.
We feel obliged to repeat, once again, that we are considering beings from totally different planes of existence that have absolutely no connection to any plane that we have previously discussed. Indeed, there are not many people who are aware that there are these other separate planes of existence.
We might well be aware that we have this, so called, physical universe. We might also be aware that there are what are termed “spiritual” areas that we have mentioned in this and other publications.
Some few people are aware that alternative – backup realities – dimensions to our one exist, but very few, indeed, are aware of this further set of dimensions that have no connection whatsoever to any of the aforementioned places.

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