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If we wished to investigate areas not readily conceivable to us we would find it harder to find more suitable candidates than the 1st and 2nd dimensions.
We touched, briefly, on those two areas earlier but just said that we would talk about them later. Now is the moment to look into those two dimensions.

We should, perhaps, for the benefit of those who have stumbled on this short chapter without having read the previous ones, mention that, of the 8 dimensions created by God, only the top – or first – 5 dimensions have been talked about.
We mentioned that the 3rd dimension is empty which leaves the second and first to examine.

This will be a rather fruitless examination as these 2 dimensions have no connection to us whatsoever. Nor do they have any connection to any life forms with which we are familiar.
So, what can we say about them?
Perhaps it would be better to start with what we know that they are not.

We know that they are not part of God’s master plan for our development in the sense that the afore mentioned 5 dimensions are.
Nor are they linked in any way to the previously mentioned dimensions.
They stand apart and yet must play an important role in God’s over-all plan or he would not have created them.

These 2 dimensions concern a different form of life that takes a totally different route to anything that we could imagine and so it will be difficult for us to describe what life is like in these 2 remaining dimensions. However, like all the 5 dimensions that concern us, these 2 dimensions contain life, living entities contained within what we could describe as worlds. However, these worlds and the beings that are contained within them are alive and have the logos of God associated with them much as we do. But the life forms that are associated with these 2 dimensions that we refer to as 1 and 2 have absolutely no connection with anything that we know.
Nevertheless, we will make an attempt to give an overview of our understanding of what goes on in them.

First, let us say that they would be extremely disturbing to us should we visit them as they contain the worst forms of monsters that we could possibly imagine. Some of the life forms are gigantic and are vicious beyond belief. Even in our worst nightmares or drug induced hallucinations our minds would not be capable of creating such beings.
The degree of horror created by these entities is such that we would be severely damaged by even a brief contact with the sight of them.
The worlds in which they live are equally horrifying to us.
With the planets – if we can thus describe the areas created by them, for all is created by their imaginations just as we create ours – there is total chaos.
All is horror. The lower 4th dimension in which the angels of chaos reside, pales in comparison to these 2 dimensions.

There is light, unlike the lower 4th which is in stygian darkness, but even this light would cause fear in us because the light actually projects sentiments of terror. The landscapes are unimaginable to us being “jagged” and chaotic.
There is no point in continuing with trying to describe these 2 dimensions because words do not exist to do justice to how awful these planes are.
We have tried to explain somewhat and will just say that Dante’s Inferno painting illustrates what life is like there but the painting would need to be increased in intensity a thousand-fold even to approach life in these 2 dimensions.

We must ask why would such horrific planes have been created: God is total love.
Associated with love are all the words that follow on from love: Bliss, kindness, understanding and all the positive thoughts imaginable. So, the Archangels charged with creating in the 5th dimensions previously described created the path that all are free to take that would lead to perfect love. But God is interested in all forms of emotions so the Archangels created in planes 1 and 2 the opposite of love. We have tried to give, in the few lines above, what the opposite of perfect love – perfect hate – is like.
This is so that God can grow in wisdom from taking the experiences of these planes and learning about perfect hate. It is not easy to describe in any meaningful fashion what perfect hate is like but it is to be found in these 2 planes.

So, if we take all the 8 dimensions we have the complete picture of life from it’s creation until it either finishes as perfect love, with all the phases in between and also perfect hate with all its ramifications.

It may seem extraordinary that anyone would wish to create anything absolutely negative and yet, if we reflect for a moment, we can’t really know what love is if we do not have something against which to compare it. Obviously, the opposite of love is hate. Therefore, it was deemed necessary to create an area where hate could survive and flourish. These 2 dimensions, 1 and 2 are where life in the most negative sense possible is created.
There comes a moment for many of us who have spent a long time in the heavenly spheres and have been able to imbibe the concepts of love, to choose to visit these baleful zones in order to have a taste of just how disagreeable visiting those 2 areas is. The idea is to strengthen our desire to promote love whenever we can because, once we have spent even a short time in planes 1 and 2 and have experienced unbridled hate, it makes us realize how important it is to promote love. It helps us to realize that, unless we work ceaselessly to promote love, hate could gain a foothold which would be catastrophic for all good people and for the development of life as we wish it to become.

So, when we have learned that these 2 negative dimensions exist, and once we have become strong enough psychologically, we ask to be prepared to visit planes 1 and 2. Then we undergo a long process of preparation. This would include talks and lectures by angelic and very advanced teachers who would describe what these planes are like.
We would be shown pictures of the monsters who reside there, what you would know as films and videos of the terrain and, finally, we would be given psychic links to machines that can reproduce feelings of hate. This last part is done very slowly, gently and carefully because we have to learn to leave the areas of love that we have, for so long been imbedded with, and learn what total hate feels like. So, this change must be done very carefully so that we can adjust.
As this process takes place, our emotional state is carefully monitored to ensure that we can adjust without becoming distraught.
It must be said that there are some who cannot adjust and the idea of sending them to dimensions 1 and 2 is abandoned. However, most who desire to visit those areas successfully complete their training and prepare to depart.

Even so, none of these people travel alone. They form small groups and have a number of trained guides or monitors who travel with them constantly observing the emotional state of the members of his group. Should anyone become too upset by the visit, they are immediately returned to the heavenly spheres.
For those strong enough, the visit continues until they have visited the relevant areas and have encountered some of the creatures that reside there.

We wish you to understand that nothing can harm the visiting team in a physical sense as all is happening in an astral sense but harm can come in a psychological sense.
Eventually the visit ends and the team, complete with their guides returns home.
It is quite often necessary to hospitalize some people who have visited areas 1 and 2 for a while to help stabilize them and overcome the trauma of what they have experienced, so drastic and dramatic is the experience.

However, like all experience, if it does not permanently harm us, it strengthens us, and most who undergo this most disagreeable experience gain in wisdom from the experience.

We did mention that the dimension just next to the 1st and 2nd – the 3rd dimension – is left blank. It may well be that this was done in order to provide a buffer zone between these baleful places and the 4th dimension.

The 4th dimension is in 2 parts, the lower and the upper 4th. The upper 4th is referred to as heaven and the lower 4th is the place where the angels of chaos reside.

So, we turn our attention back to the lower 4th next.

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