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First let us discuss why the 4th dimension is divided into 2 parts. The higher and the lower. We have often mentioned that the dimensions are multi-tasking. That is to say, they are capable of holding much, often diverse, information and being home – if we may thus put it – to a multitude of individuals of all sorts.

The 4th dimension is no exception, the main difference compared to most of the other dimensions being that, within the other dimensions, one can usually trace a similar path, a connection of one sort or another that links the disparate elements found within a particular dimension together.
The 4th dimension appears to stand out as an exception. On what is considered to be the upper or higher part we find all that is linked to heaven, which we have tried to explain previously in this and other works, and also it contains, in what is referred to as the lower 4th dimension, a number of less than holy creatures.
But, collectively, we call the dimension the 4th.

It may be questioned as to why, when the 3rd dimension is without life should the Archangels, charged with constructing life within the 8 dimensions created by God not use that empty dimension to put negative beings in, especially as it is close to the 1st and 2nd dimensions which we have previously described as containing life forms of the most negative kind imaginable?
The honest answer is we don’t know for sure. Like you, we question everything and we search for answers and we do have theories as to why the upper and lower areas within the 4th dimension are thus grouped but, as we do not know for sure we refrain from speculation.
However, we still stress that the upper and lower levels are of different vibrational frequencies and are kept strictly apart.
We, from our more elevated position could enter the lower 4th if we choose, and some of us do from time to time for research purposes, but no entity from the lower region could enter the heavenly spheres. They would be incapable of raising their frequencies to the required level.

We will attempt to explain a bit about the lower 4th dimension, why it exists and something about the beings that live there.
The reason that the lower 4th exists is because, to keep life in balance it is necessary to have an equilibrium between positive and negative particularly in this so called physical reality.
As we have already explained in other publications, if everything lived in physical form for ever and nothing “died” it would result in chaos.
We assume that you understand the concept to which we refer but if you do not we direct you to one of the many talks and comments we have make explaining this for you to have an understanding.
So, to enable “dead” things to decay and for the atoms to be recycled, a force is required that takes charge of causing the breakdown of material matter. Thus, can the atoms be used to create other objects, other life forms thus keeping the cycle of life rotating between birth and death.
So, this is the place – the lower 4th dimension – where the beings that are termed the “Angels of Chaos” are to be found.

Their role in the cycle of life is essential and life as you know it would not be possible without the assistance of these beings.
We used the term “Angels”, and they are angelic beings although they do not resemble the positive angels with which you are probably more familiar. Of course, no true angel that works directly for the God force could be imagined and they do not have a physical body such as religions have portrayed them. True angels, whether positive or negative, are totally invisible to any form of humanity, whether incarnate or discarnate but nevertheless exist and play an essential role in the maintenance of life albeit growth or decline.

So, these beings (the Angels of Chaos) are to be found in the lower 4th dimension.
We hope that you can understand that we cannot describe them in any meaningful manner as they do not have a physical form that could be described. Nor is there any human type life associated with them as there is in the higher 4th dimension – heaven.
But they are always at work causing the breakdown to its constituent atoms and everything that its useful life has come to an end in the physical planes of the 6th dimension.

Anyone who has been unfortunate to enter the lower 4th dimension immediately is aware of 2 things.
The first is total darkness and the second is a feeling of absolute terror.
We must try to examine and understand why this should be.

In the opposite sense, if one enters the holy spheres, the opposite obtains. When the recently expired people first enter the basic plane (Summerland) of heaven they are immediately aware of light and love. This, as has been previously explained, is because God is both total love and God is star light. So, although in Summerland the light and love of God is not able to be produced at full strength, nevertheless sufficient of it shines and is produced to create the feelings described by those who enter Summerland.
Now, in the lower 4th, as we would expect, we find the opposite.
The opposite of light is darkness and the opposite of love is hate but hate has little relevance in the lower 4th. But what we can feel are some of the subsets of hate; fear, loneliness, and all the attributes that can be imagined as the opposite of love.
The predominate one is fear pushed to its limit – terror.
This one finds oneself in total darkness and surrounded by a feeling of absolute terror.

We wish to make clear to you that these negative beings associated with the lower 4th dimension are not in any way evil, at least not in any deliberate fashion.
They are, many of them angels and Archangels, charged by the creator beings who work directly under and for God, the Archangels we mentioned before, but their function is the opposite of creation – destruction. It is they that cause dead bodies to decompose, any building or object to decay if not constantly maintained.
To help them in their mission a large number of insects and bacteria have been created to implement the angels of darkness’ agenda.
In fact, of course, all beings aid in this recycling process by consuming food, absorbing the energy required by them and eliminating the unwanted components in a form that can be used by other plants to produce the next generation of consumable products. Although human excrement is no longer used as fertilizer, generally, it used to be and still is in some areas of Earth.
But manure, as it is called, of animals is still the finest growing material for many plants. Far better than artificial fertilizers.
It may seem strange that each human and animal is actively working with the angels of destruction every moment of every day in the recycling of various food, not only to keep body and soul together, but to provide growing material for future generations of plants.
So, in this case of humans incarnate, they work with the angels of creation, enabling their DNA to be constantly modified, as we have previously explained, but also and equally with the angels of destruction who help the body to decompose consumed food which will intimately be recycled in one way or another.

Thus, you can see that both aspects of creation – growth and decline – are equally vitally necessary to the continuance of life as we know it. A moment’s thought, for those who doubt, on the effects of what would happen if you consumed food but it was not broken down into its constituent parts by the bacteria contained within the digestive organism would reveal a person unable to live normally. Such a person would quickly become extremely ill and would, in all probability, die if an operation were not performed and remedial action taken.
We hope you can see that the angels of destruction are actually our friends and they work ceaselessly to keep us healthy.

What we can conclude from the above is that, not only are the angels of destruction necessary to the continuation of life as we know it but are just as important as the positive angels. They are the alpha/omega of life. That is why the 4th dimension was used to place both aspects of life within as both aspects of life contribute to the totality of life as we know it.

However, there is always a danger when dealing with negative forces.
Should someone decide to try to manipulate positive forces, contained in association with the upper 4th dimension, the result would be an increase of beauty, surely a positive aspect of life.
For instance, if we enter a garden lovingly tended by a skilled gardener over many years, we are immediately struck with the order, the beauty of the many flowers growing at all seasons and the deep feeling of peace.
However, hidden out of sight, we would find an area where mountains of dead plants and grass cuttings are piled up, awaiting the moment when the angels of destruction will reduce the piles to what is termed compost, the basic elements of the vegetable matter.
Thus, a skilled gardener is aware of the balance he must strike between planting new plants and removing dying ones – growth and decline – which continues without cease all the year round, for nature never ceases in working with the angels of construction and destruction.

Where as to work with the angels of construction would create beauty, there are many people who try to harness the powers of the angels of destruction for their personal benefit.
It might be asked, if the angels and Archangels of both construction and destruction are so intelligent, then why don’t they refuse to work with negative people causing evil?
The answer is that, despite their wonderful powers, they do not have the capacity to pick and choose what they do and with whom they work.
They were created by higher Archangels – who work directly for God – to perform particular tasks and this they do to perfection. But within their programming, their job description, if we may thus call it, no mention was made of choice.
The positive Archangels work for construction and the negative one’s work for destruction.
This they do to perfection.

Here on Earth there are not many people who are aware of the Archangels of construction for the simple reason that there are basically two sorts of humans incarnate.
The first group are the vast majority of the population who are good, kind, decent people but who have no idea of what we talk about in these books, essays and talks.
Then there are a minority that have been trained since time immemorial to manipulate the good people for their profit.
Now, this second group, as we have explained, are those that were taken into the secret schools of long ago and educated by teachers who were themselves under the control of negative entities.
So, they were taught the very things that we now teach you but, further, they were taught to harness the power of the Archangels of destruction.
Through the brutal educational systems of so called education these students often became psychopaths themselves, like their teachers, and thus accepted as normal violent acts against the rest of the population.
So, when they left those schools and assumed their places as leaders of the world’s population they, in a way, contained the sorts of brutal, inhuman acts that they were taught about and suffered while at school but were now in a position to inflict – on others, normal people – rather as they, when in the higher classes – were encouraged to inflict on lower students.
This was why the school system for these specially chosen children was set up.
Education about how to manipulate other, lesser people combined with a vicious punishment system which they had to suffer at the hands of teachers and higher students. Then, eventually, in the last years of their education being encouraged to inflict suffering on lower students.
Thus, they were turned into psychopaths, using the actions of the angels of destruction in their endeavours to create harm to others.

In the meantime, once in power, they manipulated ordinary people by creating slavery, serfdom, the domestic service system, military groups, religious groups which were often compulsory and so on.
At no time were ordinary people told about nor encouraged to use the angels of construction except if it benefitted the upper classes: growing food, breeding animals, creating beautiful furniture and so on.
The lower people might well have been involved in these positive acts but in no way benefitted from them. They lived in poverty and still do compared to the vast wealth that they generate, wealth which goes into the pockets of the wealthy people.

So, it is that the vast majority of the world’s population have no concept that they could enrol the help of positive angels to assist them, but the minority understand very well how to enlist the help of the angels of destruction to assist them to rule at the expense of others.

This will change gradually as we move into ascension and the information that we give you is also to help you understand how you can use positive forces to assist you.

So, let us consider how we may enrol the positive forces to help us.
Let us first say that we have to understand clearly the difference between positive and negative intentions.
For instance, most people’s first thought goes towards asking an Archangel’s help to produce more money. Now, we have to ask ourselves if enrolling the help of an angelic being to create increased finance is positive or negative?
After all, most people could do with a helping hand with paying the bills, going on holiday, putting more or better food on the table, and having better material things.
So, is asking for help with money a positive or negative act?
A moment’s thought should tell us that this is exactly what the negative people who run the world do.
If one “goes to work”, an employer will only be willing to pay so much for employing a person so no one will ever become rich by working for another. The system does not operate that way.
Equally, it is not every employer that becomes rich through employing others. Some do but many small business people struggle financially as much as those that they employ.
We must also say that not all people are destined to become businessmen and women. It would be ridiculous if all people ran businesses and there were no people left to be employed.
So, that is not the real answer to creating wealth.

Unfortunately, many negative people have realized that working is not the answer so they turn to scheming.
Public finance, amassed through collected taxes, creates an almost unlimited source of finance so many people find means of getting access to this money.
Royalty and those of “noble” birth do their best to get donations from the governments or by delving directly into the state’s coffers to provide the resources they think that they are entitled to.
Other people organize contracts to create public works and expect a percentage of the money used in return for giving the contacts to any particular company.

We have cited just a couple of cases in which taxpayers money ends up in the bank accounts of others. The list is endless.
Now, this obviously is negative. So, we can say that to expect an Archangel to assist in creating wealth would be a negative act. Thus, the positive Archangels would not assist in money projects.

So, let us consider how positive Archangels would help us. To demonstrate, the easiest way is, once again to compare the actions of negative people and, thus, negative angelic beings to what we hope would be the actions of positive people and positive angels.

Negative people often, are very selfish. By that we mean that they think more or less exclusively of themselves, their wants, their needs, their desires, their successes and how they can increase all that they desire and the negative angels assist them along this path.

So, we must assume that positive angels would be the opposite of all that.
The opposite of selfish is generous. So, we would assume that the good angels are interested in creating scenarios in which the person who invokes their help is involved, not in helping himself but in helping others.
This may seem futile but you will see the positive results in a moment.

To invoke the positive angels’ help we must be prepared to give without regret.
You may be familiar of the passage in the Bible in which Jesus suggested that if a person wanted your shirt, give him your coat as well. If asked to walk a certain distance with someone, walk twice the distance.

Now, why would Jesus have suggested giving precious – at that time – objects like shirts and coats? Today, most people have a wardrobe full of clothes so a few garments are not of much consequence but, in the time of Jesus, most ordinary people probably one had one shirt and one coat so the person concerned would, if he gave them away, be half naked. So, this gives some idea of what Jesus was suggesting people do.
Let us try to analyse why giving a shirt or a coat be consequential in enlisting the help of positive angels.

As we said to give a precious object like a shirt or a coat was a major gift and very few people would be willing to make such a gift.
But, there are some natural laws that may resolve the mystery.
The first and most important one is the law of mutual attraction. This simple law, as we have often stated is of major importance and has been given various names.
Among these is the Biblical one, “As ye sow so shall ye reap”.
Now, although this seems to refer to reaping the same crop that was sown, the importance is in the quantity of grains that are harvested compared to the number of grains that were sown.
In other words, if a grain of corn, wheat, rice or whatever was sown, provided the plants were correctly nourished a much greater number of grains could be harvested.
This is thanks to the angels of construction, the positive ones who reward the labors of the farms by repaying his efforts with an abundant crop.

We should, perhaps realize that the angels of construction take the physical and spiritual efforts of the farmer into consideration when they work to produce the harvest.
If, for example, a farmer sowed the seed and then just abandoned it, the harvest would be very poor but, if the farmer carefully prepared the soil, planted the seeds, then lovingly and painstakingly, hoed, weeded, fed and watered the seeds, a magnificent crop could be anticipated.

We hope that you can see from that example that the angels of construction do not simply reward hard work and loving care by replacing – in the case of a seed plant – the one planted seed by another, but reward the farmer by giving (creating) a large number of seeds for each one sown.

This is the nature of positive angels. The farmer, instead of eating all of the seeds of a plant type, saves enough to sow for next year’s crop. Then he works on the plants and in the fullness of time, he reaps the reward of an abundant crop with which he can feed his family, sell some, and still have enough left over to sow next year.

We have somewhat labored the point but we did so to demonstrate that, to harness the assistance of the angels of construction it is necessary, first, to give rather as a farmer gives grain to the soil.
Having given, we need also to do what we can to assist, not specifically the person to whom we gave something, but to assist as many people as we can in whatever way we can and then in the fullness of time, we are given a bounteous reward which will help solve our problems.

So, you can see, we hope, the difference between the angels of destruction and the angels of creation.
The first group can be used to cause harm to as many as possible so that one person, family or group can benefit from the chaos and the second type help as many as possible which, through the law of mutual attraction, draws a reward for having given.
The first is taking, which is negative and the second is giving, which is positive.
Therefore, it is easy to evoke the assistance of the angels of construction.
Like the angels of destruction, the angels of construction are always at work and are never far away.

We have got used to the idea that to invoke the negative forces, it is necessary to draw pentagrams and perform complicated rituals.
In fact, to create negativity it is sufficient to ask. However, we strongly advise not attempting to cause harm in any fashion as the price to be paid in remorse and suffering once one has one’s life review and goes to hell, far out ways anything one might have received by harnessing the negative forces.

So, in a similar way, to harness the powers of the positive forces – the angels of creation – we just ask them for their help.
But, the trick is never to try to create anything for oneself – after all that is what negative people do – but only ask for help for others.
Then, to seal the pact, it is necessary actively to work to help others.
Then – and this is the magic – the positive angels get to work helping the people we also are helping and the law of mutual attraction draws towards us the very same help we are giving to others.

This is why the master Jesus suggested giving without limit of our help to others because he knew about this law of mutual attraction and he knew that he would reap what he sowed. The more he helped the more he would receive help.
This law worked for the master Jesus and it will work for you.
So, to make it perfectly clear. If you need angelic help, pray for your enemies. If someone requires help, give it unstintingly.
The angels of construction will pick up your thoughts and will help those you are trying to help and the law of mutual attraction will draw help to you.
That way all benefit and there is no harm caused to anyone.

Let us now turn our attention to another part of the lower 4th dimension which is the area that actually contains beings, in etheric or astral form, that can be seen by us humans when we are dressed in our bodies of light i.e.; when we do what is termed astral projection (AP).
Now, we strongly advise all never to attempt to enter the lower 4th dimension because, as we said, it is total darkness but, more importantly emits an emotion the complete opposite of love: absolute terror. Even if one is prepared for this, it is breathtaking – to use a term with which you are familiar – not in a nice sense but in the sense that it is beyond anything imaginable.

The reason for this is that the angels of destruction are to be found there and as they are the opposite of the angels of construction which is light and love, so the angels of destruction are darkness and terror.

But there are creatures that live there. These creatures are negative and are sometimes referred to as demons.
Now, we must differentiate between the angels of destruction which, although totally negative, one could not really call evil as they are doing God’s work, and the demonic creatures that are found in the lower 4th dimension.

These demons are many and varied in their forms and in their intentions. The common denominator is that they exist to cause harm if and when they can.

We should, perhaps, ask what is the purpose of their existence?
If humans did not exist in this so-called 3D world there would be no need for demons. The positive and negative angels – those of creation and destruction – exist to keep the life on planet Earth in balance and exist in a totally separate kind of existence to mankind.
But, when humanity came to be attracted to this physical plane a change occurred.
Humans have personalities and they have free will. They can also be influenced by good or bad forces.
It might be assumed that any and all people would naturally be drawn to do good for their fellow man and for all life but this is not always the case.
Unfortunately, there are a number of people who are drawn towards evil and we have discussed them at some length in this and other books.
Good people are not much of a concern because we can largely leave them to work alone helping all life.
But the people drawn towards evil are a different case.
We must say at this point that evil can take many forms and assume many guises.
We are familiar with children that pull wings off of butterflies and we are familiar with parents and some school masters and mistresses who get pleasure from terrorising children.
Then, of course, evil progress to almost limitless lengths and can involve huge numbers of people. We think of those unfortunate souls thrown into concentration camps for the “crime” of belonging to a different racial group from others and those cast into prisons and become at the mercy of sadistic guards.

The list of evil people is huge even though, thankfully, compared to the total population, it is relatively small.

Now, what has this brief discussion of evil people got to do with demons?
After all, we have stated that evil people will pay for their sins when their incarnation ends and they return to their home in heaven, judge themselves and are drawn by the law of mutual attraction to an area of hell.
Also, we have mentioned the Archons, a negative psychopathic group that influences similarly negative people to cause harm.

Well, man is never alone. Never left to his own devices.
Everyone is guided, not only through an incarnation but throughout the countless years of time spent in the astral realms.
We must also realize that this guidance can take different forms.
Although the concept of guardian angels as understood by most people is not exactly true, there are always angelic beings who overshadow and influence everyone, incarnate and/or discarnate.
We are all one, ultimately, so we are all connected.
Every person, no matter how advanced he might be has someone – sometimes many – more advanced than him to guide him.

But, free will also comes into play. Not all people are holy. There are both holy and devilish people. But they all have guides, angels of some sort or another, more advanced than they are that helps a person along the path he has chosen.
In the case of good people, we are all familiar with the holy angels that look after them but what is not generally known is that evil people also have the right to be guided, overshadowed and influence by evil angels.
So, in the higher 4th dimension we have holy angels who look after good people and in the lower 4th dimension we have evil angels who look after bad people.
These evil angels we call demons.

Just as there are a number of good angels, some more advanced than others, that look after good people according to the person’s level of spiritual advancement in a holy sense, so equally we have a number of demons of different levels of evilness who influence evil people according to that person’s level of spiritual unholiness.
So, all people are catered for and all are cared for.
God does not judge people. Neither do the Archangels that control all life.
Having given free will to all, the Archangels, who decided to put good angels to guide good people also created evil angels to look after evil people.
This keeps life in balance which is one of the most important criteria for life.

Thus, the demons that are to be found in the lower 4th dimension are many and varied.
At the lowest end, those that influence people who are not really evil but we would consider to be very self centered, are simple djinn. They are considered to be demons but are easily controlled by almost everyone who understands the way that demonology works.
But at the extreme other end of the scale there are demons of frightening power.

It is important to understand that demons do not make contact with ordinary people so there is little to no danger of good people ever being influenced by a demon.
The good angels survey good people and keep them from harm.
However, should even a good person decide to do something evil, but the laws of free will and mutual attraction he might open himself to influence by a demon. This would in all probably be a djinn.
The only people who would attract the attention of a powerful demon would be someone who would for many years have been steeped in true unbridled evil.

Just as a good angel help can be invoked to assist anyone that needs help in any manner, so the demonic forces can be invoked to cause harm to a person.
This harm, of course, would be directed against another person. But this can only be done at a price.
To project harm at someone implies that the person who it is intended to receive the harm is informed that evil is being projected towards him and is willing to accept the harm.
Let us explain this. A black magician, if he decides to put a curse on someone needs to invoke a demon to harm that person. However, there are certain cosmic laws governing such events. One of these laws is that to give something to someone, the recipient must be informed that “he is” being given something.
It may be possible to give a physical present anonymously but even then; the recipient must be aware of the present.
For instance, should someone wish to give a bouquet of flowers to another person, the giver may remain anonymous but the recipient must receive the flowers or it would be pointless.
A bouquet of flowers may, usually, be harmless but if a curse is sent – a curse being invisible – the recipient must be informed that a curse has been sent or it would not work.
This is how voodoo, for instance, works. A black magician sends a curse but the recipient must be informed that he has been cursed or he would not know about it and it just would not be effective.

Now, this is a risk. Once a demon is sent to harm a person, not only must that person be informed about the curse but he must accept it. If the recipient refuses to accept the curse it has to return to the sender. This is another cosmic law. A curse cannot remain just floating in space. It has to be received by someone.
Now, in the case of voodoo, the people who practice it are usually fairly superstitious and think that, once cursed, they are doomed to accept the curse and so they do and the pact is sealed. It is rather like someone sending a letter and another receiving it.

However, what a lot of people do not know is that they can refuse to accept the curse just as they can refuse to accept a letter. Then the curse, like an undelivered letter, returns to sender.
So, if a black magician sent a curse to someone and that curse was refused, the curse would have the same effect on the magician as it was hoped to have on the victim.
The demon, once sent on a mission is obligated to harm someone. If he cannot harm the intended victim he will harm the magician who sent him.
This is the nature of magic. It is not really magic but is a form of physics but using vibrations of a destructive nature.

Although simple people involved with voodoo may not know that they can refuse to accept a curse, many more knowledgeable people involved with magic are aware and so would be constantly on the lookout for “gifts” from a known enemy and would under no circumstances accept such a gift. They would be aware that the gift would be the method of informing him that he was being cursed and, quite often, within the gift would be the curse itself. This is not always the case. Once a person has been made aware that he is to be the target of a curse, a demon of some sort may be sent to harm the person in some fashion.
However, as we have said, if the gift is refused or if, for any reason, the potential recipient is unaware of the curse, the demon releases to the sender the harm he was to curse the victim.
So black magic can be a risky business and many a back magician has come to a sticky end through such practices.

Amongst ordinary people today, black magic is much less common than it was in the past but there are still groups of people throughout the world who regularly practice black magic or who hire the services of a magician to harm a neighbour.
Then, of course, there are a surprising number of high placed, influential and wealthy people who belong to covens and who practice black magic, not only to harm enemies but also in the hopes to improve their positions of power and fortune.
As we gradually move into ascension, many of these people will be rounded up and have their potential to cause harm removed.

So, we wish you to understand that we have a sort of double conflict going on in our 3D world.
One part of it is to do with the Directors of Life who keep birth and death constantly in balance – or try to – and humans who, due to free will and their personal desires are battling to impose – due to demonic angels and positive angels – their wills.
Of course, positivity, by its own very nature, is stronger than negativity so evil will gradually decline.

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