AURAS – Interpretation & Comprehension – Read Online – Preface


The art of developing along the spiritual path has been considered by many a long and difficult road involving much meditation and performing breathing exercises and possibly contortions of the body as if all these exercises in some way would force an opening into the spiritual realms above and beyond any natural means of communicating with the God spheres.
We see yogis able to perform the most outlandish contortions of their bodies, developed over many years and amazing their chelas or students who sweat and strain to copy the contortions of the master.

It should be obvious to any student of esoteric science that any technique that is not relevant to all people in all dimensions must have a flaw somewhere, for spiritual development is carried out in areas far removed from the physical planes of Earth.
Thus, any technique that would have no meaning outside of physicality must be meaningless.
We are interested in uncovering the secret path to perfection that we may continue to use long after we quit the Earth plane, thus the aim of this book is to reveal to all students of esoteric development, techniques that he may use both during his incarnation and on into the spiritual realms so that a continuous and coherent pattern of development may be developed not requiring a physical body and not requiring the student to waste precious time in developing contortion acts designed principally to impress gullible people.
The path to God is based on truth, honesty and simplicity, not contortions of the physical body that would have no relevance once physical incarnation is finished.
We intend in this book to introduce to all who are willing to learn sufficient concerning the auras and their relevance to man both incarnate and in spiritual form, so that a complete understanding of the astral dimensions, with all their ramifications, so that the student will be fully armed should he enter them and to do so safely.

We intend also to describe the beings that are found in these dimensions and how to interact with them both safely and correctly.
Finally, we hope to explain why auras exist and how we can navigate through them in an adult fashion as we explore the realms that God has created for our pleasure and education.

This will be a book largely concentrating on the auras and it is hoped that, at the end of this book, the student will have complete knowledge of how the, up till now, largely hidden information regarding the higher aspects of life will be fully understood.

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