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As far as modern history is concerned, the study of DNA started just after the end of World War II, when some scientists managed to discover physical evidence of what is referred to as the “double helix”, a rather technical way of describing the simple building blocks of life.

Eventually, these findings were revealed to the world and progress has been made in being able to identify many tissue or blood samples and compare them to known other samples, thus permitting to identify a previously unidentified sample.

This is considered important to modern man and many criminal cases have been resolved one way or another to the satisfaction of the legal authorities of various countries.

Identification of various other animal and plant specimens have also been made, so the discovery of DNA is considered to be a very important point. And so, it is.

The problem is, of course, to discover why DNA exists because, if it does exist, it must have been created by the various Archangelic beings that put into motion the wishes of God and so there must be a reason for DNA above and beyond solving a few crimes – which could easily be done by entering the Akashic Record and watching any crime unfold, because it is all faithfully recorded in the Akashic Record.

Another question that one might ask is, if there were very advanced races that lived on Earth long ago, did they make use of being able to understand and manipulate DNA in their various experiments?

Further, we might well ask that, if it is true that the non-physical exists and is by far the most important part of man, what role does DNA play in the non-physical realms?

We might go on and question just how far up through the dimensions does DNA, in astral form, go, at what point is it added to the Logos of man and then go on to establish its future role in the development of life?

You can see that we can ask a number of questions concerning DNA that take us far outside of the field of identification of blood and tissue samples.

We will say at this point that DNA is a fundamental aspect of creation, that everything has DNA and, had it not been thought of by the Directors Of Life, life as we know it could not be.
It is one of the most important aspects of life and is, possibly, second only to the placing of the Logos in living matter.

It is considered to be the key that unlocks all of creation in all dimensions.

Now, we could end this short introductory explanation of DNA and move on to describing its various attributes, some of which we questioned above, but while we are in this introductory chapter, let us step back to the distant past and try to describe the race that first discovered DNA, amongst many things, because this is the same advanced race that we mentioned in the last book and that we said contributed to the creation of UFOs and PLF.

Much of what is discovered today has its roots in this ancient civilisation and it is the record of their many inventions and discoveries, all carefully stored in the Akashic Record, that enables modern man to progress.

The Akashic Record is called a living library, as we have often mentioned, and part of its life aspect constantly broadcasts out in time and in all dimensions, information rather like a TV station constantly broadcasting its archives to the world.

So, by the Law of Mutual Attraction, modern man reaches out with his mind and seeks answers to questions.
These questions are picked up by the Akashic Record and, in certain circumstances, when modern man is ready, he can link with that part of the Akashic Record that is broadcasting the information he seeks and then the person get flashes of information – moments of clarity – when he suddenly knows the answer to a problem.

So, it is largely thanks to this ancient race that made so many advances, all of which are stored in the Akashic Record, that man progresses today.

As we said that this chapter would be about the history of the discovery of DNA, in all fairness, we will say that this ancient race was the first to discover and quantify DNA as far as we are aware.

We perhaps ought to say that life actually is endless and when one cycle finishes, everything disappears and then restarts from zero and so, no doubt, DNA has been discovered countless times but as these previous cycles of life have no relevance to us today, we should remain within the history of existence as we know it – or at least as far as is contained in the Akashic Record, including the restricted area we mentioned in another book.

It is worth taking a moment examining this ancient race, because they played a great role in Earth’s history over a long period of time.

There is no point in talking about when they lived and where.
First, it is such a long time ago, that this race has almost no relevance to us and also planet Earth has greatly altered over these vast distances of time, so it would be pointless in talking about geography.

But this race did exist, went through all the teething troubles that all civilisations go through, including at least one total swing of the pendulum of life into darkness and then into light, and the Akashic Record contains much information relevant to this group.

So, what can we say about them?
Perhaps, for those who have not studied the various books and essays that we have provided you with to give you an understanding of life on Earth – and human life in particular – we should mention that life has always gone through the four cycles that all life goes through; birth, growth, decline and death (as far as physicality is concerned).

This may be a not too strange concept to think that you who read this book may well, and inevitably, go through that four-fold cycle, but it is difficult to imagine that the human race is also similarly fated.

We are taught by history that the human race came from “somewhere”, developed into what it is today, but it is more difficult to imagine that, at some point, the entire human race will start to decline and will then die out.

We seldom consider these last two aspects of life but, as we have already explained, all life is one and if a May fly eventually dies, the entire human race will cease to exist at some point in the future.
But, for those of you who are starting to get anxious, don’t worry!
Our predictions show a long and glorious future.
So, we are talking about many millions – possibly billions – of years into the future, by which time, no doubt, some other life form will be there to take over from us humans, rather like mammals were developed to replace the dinosaurs once the necessity for them being on Earth had outlived its usefulness.

But to return to this ancient race, they did exist, they did thrive for a long time and they did make wonderful scientific and sociological advances.

There is one aspect of the last two parts to life that always has a certain unpredictability.
A person, for example, is born, he starts to grow and we know that at some point he will die – or his physical body will. The rest of him is immortal.

But he may live for long years, in which case he will start to decline and, eventually, his body, being no longer able to carry the “weight” of his existence, ceases to function and we say that the person has died.
In fact, as you should know, he has merely changed dimensions and will continue in the astral realms.

But this series of events does not always follow quite in that fashion.
The human body is fragile and so a number of things can cause the demise of the person without him passing through the “decline” part.

So, we might just have birth, growth (either for a few minutes or a relatively few years) and then, in the prime of his life, death ensues.

This can happen to anything, large or small.

In the case of this race that we mentioned, humanity was born – created if you wish – grew for a long period of time and was then eliminated by an ELE, a comet hitting the Earth with sufficient force to cause total elimination of all life (or most of it).
Certainly, the vast majority of these humans were eliminated. However, a few survived, moved underground and their descendants are alive to this day.

We know them as the Tall Whites. What they call themselves is not important.

All we need to know today about them is that they are noble, highly intelligent, peaceful beings that live quietly on planet Earth.

We would not know about them at all, except for the fact that man developed the atomic bomb and these Tall Whites met with Earth’s representatives to advise man to put a stop to nuclear proliferation – advice that was not taken.
The rest, as they say, is history!

But this previous race were tall and, despite the name they now carry, had many skin colours, as does today’s surface population of Earth.
They had developed long past any form of racism.

They understood far more about Prime Creator than the average person does today and had outgrown religion.

There was plenty for all, so there was no need of any war – which still rocks planet Earth today because of all the thoughts of separatism created by race, religion and political division.

They lived and still live (those that still exist) in peace together.
Crime was virtually unknown.
Fear was unknown.

However, it must be understood that this race lived for a long time and so had lived through terrible times that occurred when the pendulum swing of destiny was in the negative cycle.

Thanks to experience gained during the negative cycle, once life swung into positivity, they quickly adopted a peaceful, positive attitude to all life.

From the point of view of science, they developed many aspects of investigation, mostly for peaceful purposes, that enabled them to advance in degrees that aided all of the Earth’s population; human, animal, plant and even mineral.

They understood the oneness of all life and, as they lived in peace as one family, had no need of weapons of destruction, although their records do contain memories of arms created when in the negative cycles.

As we mentioned in the last book, they developed spaceships, which enabled them to travel quickly around the planet and even to other planets, although they did not harm any of the other planets.
They went into space as peaceful visitors, for the pleasure of exploration, not that there is much to see on other planets, as they contain no life.

They developed the ability of changing dimensions and could communicate telepathically, although they could also communicate verbally and had written language.

But our main interest at the moment, with this group, is genetics.
Understanding genetics requires an understanding of DNA.
Once they had moved into the positive swing of the galactic pendulum, any experiments that were conducted were done exclusively to assist all life but we must mention that this race, when in the negative cycle, did conduct genetic experiments on animals and humans, the results of which are carried down to us today in mythology and which are being copied by Earth scientists today.

So, we could say that they had a relative mastery of DNA, certainly enough to modify animals and humans.
And certainly, later, to correct any defaults that might appear in a person or animal that impeded it from obtaining its full potential.

But nothing lasts forever and so, unfortunately, an ELE wiped out most of this race.

Whether this was a good or a bad thing is not our concern but we will say that had they continued until today, life would be greatly different from what it is.

After all, since that distant time, we have gone through other swings of the pendulum of life, both positive and negative and one shudders to think what an extremely advanced race, held in the grips of evil, might have accomplished.
But, it is all hypothetical and we go on from where we find ourselves today.

So, we would like to say that much information about DNA is contained in the archives of the Akashic Record although, until this version of life fully exits the negative pull of the pendulum of life, perhaps it is just as well that today’s scientists do not, generally, have the ability to access the Akashic Record.

We will also say that, generally, demonic forces do not have that ability either, which protects all life from the harm these demonic forces would cause if they could stand on the shoulders of scientific giants from the past, whose great strides are all faithfully recorded in the Akashic Record.

It is not that the Akashic Record is protected from evil forces – it is open to all. But it is a spiritual concept and requires a certain degree of positivity before one can rise to the level of where the Akashic Record is and thus link with it.

We do not criticize these negative forces; they are necessary to the balance of life, but we must say that negativity (we can’t really call it evil, although it appears so sometimes) is by its very nature not conducive to productivity and so, if the demonic forces had access to the Akashic Record, they would scour it to find ever-increasing ways of causing chaos.
As it is, until we fully move into the light, they cause enough harm.
But their actions are reducing and will do so increasingly as we move further and further into the light.

We will also mention that this lack of spirituality is also hampering many of today’s scientists from being influenced by the Akashic Record.
As we mentioned, the Akashic Record is constantly broadcasting its information out in a multifaceted fashion and, if today’s scientists were more spiritual in nature, they would be able to open themselves more to influence by the Akashic Record.

But thanks to the Archon influence, science and religion have divorced themselves from a belief in Prime Creator and the average scientist proudly states that he is an atheist, which seems strange when we consider that every aspect of him, every atom, every molecule in all the dimensions that he consists of, contains nothing but this life force that we refer to as God and which some call Prime Creator.

The very thing that he denies having any belief in is actually the totality of all that he consists of.

With regard to religion, we have often stated that religions exist to enslave people to perpetuate those religions.
Any real spiritual help they give people is more by accident than design.
Please do not think we are criticizing any individual dignitary or layman.
We are suggesting that the concept of religion has strayed from what was first intended by people like the Master Jesus; simple prayer and help groups.

However, we are straying from the subject of DNA.
We wish, in closing this chapter, to say that we may, from time to time, wander from a strict analysis of DNA, because DNA is closely linked to virtually all aspects of all life in all dimensions.

Therefore, as we proceed with this book, if we feel, for you to comprehend some aspect of DNA, the need to explain a subset, we will, but rest assured that we will do our best to stay as focused on DNA – the subject of this book – as possible.

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