DNA – Beyond The Physical – Read Online – Chapter 2



Let us try to examine what is known about DNA from a physical standpoint.

We will not be using any scientific terms. These rather obscure words used by doctors, chemists and various other people who work in scientific fields are all well and good for them. They are a sort of shorthand and avoid any confusion when describing an event, condition or aspect of anatomy but we are interested in explaining complicated matters to lay people, who may well have only a limited knowledge of medical terminology.

So, just what is DNA?
It is described as a double helix.
This means that there are two strands of some material and, between the two strands are a number of connecting points.
The easiest way to understand this is to imagine a ladder.
The two strands are the outside poles (side rails) of the ladder and the connecting points are the rungs that a person would climb up and down in a real ladder.

The main difference in the analogy is that with DNA, the concept twists rather like a spiral staircase, whereas a ladder tends to be straight.

So, this was the image first presented to science.

This was such an exciting discovery that it was some time before chemists and those interested in the subject of DNA started to ask the question… why?

Why does DNA exist?
Why are there two strands, connected, instead of just one or instead of 200?
What is the significance of DNA?

Then it was discovered that each and every person has a unique form of DNA.

As chemists started to compare the DNA of different people and animals, it was realised that there was a remarkable similarity between some animals and humans.
Some DNA aspects are so similar that it was hard to tell creatures apart. Hard to tell some animal life forms from humans.

This caused some consternation, because it was realised that physical humans are almost identical – from a DNA point of view – to many animals.
Humans are not the remote, superior force that has exploited most animals in one way or another.

Many animals, it was realised, are closely related to humans, so close as to be almost the same from a DNA point of view.

One would have thought that this realization would have been enough to stop man from exploiting and eating animals that are closely related to humans.
Cousins one might almost say.
But no! Humanity turns a blind eye to that and carries on eating them.
This, to us, suggests almost a form of cannibalism, although we must, in all honesty, admit that many of us in the Great White Brotherhood, when in incarnation, were ignorant of the close connection between man and beast and consumed them out of that ignorance.

We know better now and, if ever we had our lives over again, but were armed with the knowledge that we now have, we would be strictly vegan.

Quite apart from the physical pain and suffering inflicted on the animal kingdom by this barbaric practice, quite apart from the illnesses provoked in humans by the consumption of animal flesh, when one realizes that one is consuming a creature virtually identical in DNA terms to oneself, it does make one realised that man has not really advanced much over the years that separate him from the earliest creatures that walked the Earth.
One could use the excuse that until DNA was discovered, the connection between man and animals was unknown but who, today, in “civilized” realms, does not know of the close connection between man and a whole variety of animals.

Just because their physical shape may not resemble a person, we ought to have the intelligence to realize that we are closely related to the animal kingdom.

After all, there are a whole variety of animals that have a body, two legs, two “arms”, a head exactly as man does.
The fact that they walk on all fours and are covered in fur, makes them appear much different but they have basically the same attributes that man has and now we know the connection through DNA, one should realize that enough is enough.

But, all too often this close connection has been a source of ribaldry, of jokes, of laughter and man continues to consume his cousin.

But, behind this apparent error of nature, that has made the mistake of linking the DNA of man to that of animals, we must realize that nature seldom makes mistakes and never of such proportions.

Therefore, if the DNA of man and the animal kingdom demonstrates a close connection, that connection must exist, despite every effort by religions to prove man’s superiority over animals.
Science, in this case, tends to remain fairly neutral on the subject and contents itself in demonstrating this close connection, without getting involved in any philosophical or anatomical discussion.

Religions of all types have a harder time. Apart from the few religions that require their followers to be vegetarian or vegan, the majority of religions, and certainly the two major ones, rely on a book that they claim to be the word of God.
God surely must be constant and infallible and thus the teachings of whatever book they use must also be unchanging and infallible.
Yet these books tend to imply that man is a superior race from animals and thus has the right to eat and to sacrifice them without a second thought.

Now, it is never a good idea to start to question religious teachings and doctrines, because much of it makes little sense and, indeed, the followers of most religions are forbidden to question. They must accept these teachings as the infallible word of God.

Should a follower question his superiors about the correctness of eating animals, that DNA testing has demonstrated are largely the same as humans, he would, no doubt, get quoted at him chapter and verse, demonstrating that the saints of old ate meat and thus it is permitted to eat meat today.

Now, the problem is made more complicated, as we know that all is one and that one is the force we call God, despite each and every human or animal having a profound sense that they are individuals.

Further, we have stated that DNA applies exclusively to physicality and the non-physical aspects of man do not contain DNA and yet DNA must have auras, as everything has auras and auras are non-physical.

So, we have a great deal of unravelling to do before we can hope to understand DNA and its vital place in the construction of life.

So far, we have discovered that DNA exists and all creatures have it.
Apart from the fact that there is both DNA and RNA and the construction of this double helix we mentioned earlier is the result of the input of both the male and female bonding, we have not really discovered much.

Now, we mentioned that DNA – when we talk about DNA we also include RNA – is rather strange, in that it is of exceptional importance in the makeup of all life but only applies to physicality.

This is obviously not correct.

Usually, if anything exists in physicality it is because it exists in the non-physical aspects first.
DNA, as one can visualize and use in physicality, belongs exclusively to physicality but there is the non-physical counterpart that exists in a totally different form.
We will investigate this non-physical aspect later.

But, it is the physical aspect that we wish to reveal.
This is not going to be easy because science, in regard to DNA, has not really made much progress since its discovery.
It is generally used to identify samples of blood, tissue and, to a certain extent, vegetable matter, by comparing aspects of an unknown sample to aspects of a known sample, expecting to get a match.

This is all well and good but doesn’t really assist science to investigate why DNA exists.

One would have thought that science would investigate how and why DNA exists by tracing its existence back down the line of life to try to discover its origin but, apparently not.

If it is true that DNA cannot exist in astral form, it begs the question that if, for example, an entity from the astral realms created a body that could appear in physicality, would that body have DNA?

And then we could go on to ask a further question, that to create a complete DNA profile we need input from, effectively, both male and female.
In normal people, this comes from the mother and father but if we take an example of a person who has completed his incarnation and who, obviously, had a mother and a father so, when incarnate he needed both DNA and RNA but, as we said, DNA effectively dies with the physical body.

Therefore, once the person returns home to the spirit world, he no longer needs, in non-physicality, DNA.

This is fair enough and not that hard to understand.

But, if we assume that this person develops the ability to create a secondary body to appear in physicality, where would the necessary DNA appear from?

We would like you fully to comprehend the complexity of this matter as it is important.

So, we will repeat the scenario.
1. A person is born and has a unique blend of genetics obtained from his parents. There is obviously more to this story but we will consider that later.
2. He has his incarnation and eventually dies. His body is disposed of and his DNA with it. His spirit rises to the heavenly spheres.
3. He decides that he wants to return to Earth for a short while to do a mission on Earth. We are not talking about reincarnation. We are talking about a guide who wishes to make a physical body for a few minutes or a few hours, to help someone incarnate.
4. So, from astral matter, he forms a body and lowers its frequency, until it can appear in the 6th dimension, which is your reality.
5. So, he appears to have a second body. One in non-physicality and the second one standing on Earth, as a solid person – as real looking as you are.
The question we asked was, where does the DNA come from to create this solid looking body?

We mentioned that for every object ever created, there was sufficient atoms of all sorts provided to allow a life to live in physicality, so we won’t bore you with another detailed examination of that phenomenon.
Nor will we try to comply to strict scientific code concerning these microscopic aspects of life.
We are conveying information to the general public for their clarification and not writing scientific treaties.

This would be especially comical if science could really see the truth about atoms and the building blocks of life.
They would be profoundly shocked to realise that what they think that they know about atoms is only a tiny drop in the ocean in understanding the true nature of atoms.

What we have told you so far in our various publications was and is true but, it is only a tiny part of the reality. The rest will have to wait until humanity advances to the point where further revelations can be made.

Thus, let us return to the consideration of how an apparently fully-fledged, fully functioning human is constructed in physicality when required to render service here on Earth.

This would be quite complicated because, although the Directors of Life provided enough atoms for a person throughout his incarnation, once that incarnation is finished, those atoms are no longer required and logic would suggest that they would either disappear back to Prime Creator or, would be recycled in some way or another to avoid waste.

One thing would be certain and that is that the person concerned would no longer make use of atoms, as his one and only incarnation in physicality would be over – unless in some way sufficient, atoms could be stored somewhere, to provide that person with a reserve of atoms waiting in case the individual might choose to return to Earth for any reason.

A bit like having a wardrobe of clothes hidden away in case the person needed to don clothes again.
This also seems a bit unlikely. Can you imagine people in the spirit realms carrying a box or a bag about with them full of spare atoms, in case they became a guide and needed to use these atoms to create a new body for a while? The idea seems amusing but is not very practical.

But yet, we are aware that it is possible for an advanced guide to instantly create a human body to rescue someone from a tricky situation.

It may not happen very frequently but it does happen and that guide would create a body as alive as anyone else on Earth.
Thus, it would have DNA – or would it?

We will state, that in order to create a living copy in 3D of a person in the spirit realms, DNA is required.
In order to be alive, the created body must have all the attributes of a normal living person. Otherwise it would be a robot.

So, to cut a long story short, we will state that when a physical body is created;
a: The person needs a sort of blueprint upon which to fashion the body, and;
b: The person’s Higher Self is able to fabricate all that it needs to clothe that blueprint.

This must sound very strange because, we are informed that in a normally born person, the DNA is a mixture of both parents DNA, which is passed down to the offspring.

This is one of the reasons that rich and influential people from all over the world go to great lengths to ensure that their children are actually the products of the mother and father that bear their name and that the mother does not have the opportunity to be impregnated from any outside source – at least until an “heir and a spare” are born.
Later offspring are less important.
What concerns royalty, etc., is that the royal line should be carried on in an uninterrupted fashion, as if the genes of the king had some special properties.

The fact that the genes of the king might contain faults, that might lead to madness, does not seem to concern them. Their arrogance is such that producing the next generation is all that matters.

Now, to a certain extent, it is true that aspects of the DNA are given to the children but DNA is far more complicated than that and, as DNA testing is still in its infancy, science looks no further than a few matching pairs between the parents and the offspring.

But, the most important is the so-called “junk” DNA, which actually contains the true aspects of the life force.
But, junk DNA is not an easy thing to quantify, because it appears dormant in a “living” person, as its activity is greatly connected to spirituality and also non-physicality.

So, in fact, there are two levels of DNA.
The first is the sort that science is aware of and that dies when the physical body dies.

The second is this so-called “junk” DNA, which is both physical and non-physical.

This junk DNA also has two aspects to it.

The first and most important is the spiritual or non-physical aspect, which is connected to the Higher Self and, indeed, the Akashic Record.

The second part is physical, in the sense that it is closely connected to physicality.

This is difficult to explain and so all that we can really do is to repeat what we have already said concerning DNA.

Ordinary DNA is a form of connection to the parents, although even ordinary DNA has aspects to it that have nothing to do with the parents but is related to the non-physical aspects of the person, that is to say, ID, Higher Self, etc.

However, junk DNA is a wonderful aspect of man.

It appears to lie dormant and for many whose souls still sleep, it does lie dormant but is closely connected to Higher Self and, even more, to the Akashic Record.

Obviously, we will talk about this at length later, as its effect on individual and collective life of man, past, present and, to a certain extent, future, is of the utmost importance.

We could question what form DNA takes in physicality?

Actually, there are not that many bits and pieces that go to makeup physicality and so DNA is a form of collective of atoms.
Most things are made of atoms combining in one form or another.
Atoms are virtually indestructible and as all atoms only exist to give meaning (form) to a living Logos, each and every atom is linked to something; animal, vegetable or mineral.

So, when a physical life form is finished with and its life energy withdraws, the atoms that were used to create that object and to help sustain its life are no longer required, they are freed from the task they were given, which was to sustain that object.
But we said that the items that made something live in physicality are no longer required but will never be used for anything else and, also, are virtually indestructible.
This seems to create a problem because, over time, as life forms come and go, so once something has left physicality, the countless atoms that made that something would remain in suspension, floating aimlessly for virtually all eternity.

This would seem an awful waste of energy and would clog up the world.
Thus, we can be sure that an answer was found.

Once something “dies”; animal, vegetable and, eventually, mineral and the atoms released, quite simply the Logos attached to each atom is removed and that atom now has no further use.
Therefore, the spiritual force of those atoms are absorbed back into the Godhead and, effectively, the atoms cease to be.

This is done slowly over a long period of time.
Thus it is, that something that is made of flesh and bone; human, animal; evidence remains for many years in the form of a skeleton and its DNA can still be traced, in some cases for hundreds or even thousands of years, depending on the conditions of preservation of the corpse.

But, eventually, all trace of that object disappears.

The atoms, now no longer required, are absorbed back into the force we call God.
Thus, is conservation of energy maintained in as efficient a manner as possible.

We need to be careful at this point, because we could easily get sidetracked into a discussion of the many and varied forms of atoms – some of which we have described and some which remained to be discussed at some point – but we are talking about DNA and so we really need to keep focused on that topic.
This is not easy as, not only is everything connected and is actually just different ways of describing oneness, but much of this oneness breaks down to a description of DNA.

What we are trying to describe to you is that so-called flesh, blood, tissue, skin, hair, bone, etc., does not, by chance, contain DNA.
These aspects of life are DNA and just happen to resemble flesh, blood, tissue, etc., that we mentioned just above.

We would like you to try to visualize that every aspect, every atom, every molecule of everything that exists is made, in all dimensions, from DNA.

Now, as you know, each person, each animal, each plant, not only has DNA markers that tell it and us just what it is in terms of human, animal, plant; not only tell us what species of animal it might be – lion, tiger, elephant, cat, dog or what type of plant it might be – rose, cabbage, carrot, etc.

It then goes on to tell us, and itself, its unique identity.

In the case of us humans, the DNA of each individual person could (and is) being mapped, in order to permit instant identification of the whole human race.
The same could be done, of course, for each animal, each plant and each piece of mineral.

If one wished, every single dog, cat, bird, lion, tiger, etc., could be mapped and the same done with every plant also.

To a certain extent, this is already done with farm animals in many countries.
Not using DNA but having each animal marked at birth with a unique number, that follows the poor creature up till the moment it is slaughtered and its body parts distributed for consumption.

If we pushed this idea onto its limit, try to imagine this!

If the DNA of any and all things was known and a huge database formed, it would be possible to take an unknown atom, analyse its DNA and compare it to something in the database.

Now, imagine we could make a sort of butterfly net, wave it about and capture one or more atoms floating in the air.

If we then analyzed one of these atoms for DNA, we would find that it would correspond to something in the database, thus demonstrating the veracity of our statements concerning the fact that each and every atom has a marker attached to it that tells the atom that it is designated to be part of a unique “something”.

Of course, modern man has not yet managed to create such a database yet but existence has.
It is called DNA.
Can you imagine the outreach of that?

Through DNA, every aspect of everything has a marker that tells it that it is going to be a human or animal or plant or raindrop or stone.
Then, those items are grouped together to form an object; human, animal, etc.
Further, each and every atom has a marker that tells it which part of that entity it is going to be.

So, the DNA of everything is of overriding importance.

If we could take an atom at random, if we could sufficiently analyse its DNA, we could discover exactly what the designation of that atom was.

In the case of a human, if we captured an atom with our butterfly net and checked its DNA, we would know to which human that atom was destined and which part of the many body parts it was meant to help form.

All this is contained in the DNA.
Most of it is contained in the so-called “junk” DNA and so, we hope that you can appreciate just how remarkable DNA is and its importance in the construction of all life, in all dimensions.

And this is just the beginning.
DNA is an integral part of the Akashic Record, as we will explain later.

However, this chapter is meant to give you a brief overview of DNA as it applies to physicality and so we hope that we have been able to open your eyes to the fact that there is far more to DNA then comparing a blood sample to catch a criminal.

Having looked at DNA as regards physicality, we will go on to seeing what happens as we progress into the non-physical dimensions in other chapters.

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