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We have tried in the previous chapters to explain to you some of the physical attributes to basic DNA and have said that it remains with the physical form (body) of an object, whatever that object might be; human, animal, plant and, eventually, mineral and will decompose as the body decomposes.
So, we gave the impression that DNA is a purely physical part of life and, once that life is finished with, once the incarnation has terminated, DNA plays no further role.

In terms of basic DNA, the sort that was discovered in 1953 and that science uses today to classify things according to their DNA structure, it is true that it ceases to exist when whatever is being considered no longer has need of physicality. But we also mentioned ‘junk’ DNA.

Science, largely, ignored this sort of DNA because it did not seem to fit in with the first sort of DNA and, as unravelling the problems relating to basic DNA was difficult enough, it was considered prudent not to concern themselves with this other, strange form of DNA.

Perhaps this is just as well, as this so-called junk DNA is of such complexity, such importance, that we can almost be sure that any scientific study of it would have come up with incorrect interpretation and so, for once, we do not have to spend time in undoing incorrect concepts concerning it.
We have a blank slate to work with and so, in this chapter, we will give an overview of what junk DNA is.

First, let us say that we deplore the word junk in relation to DNA but as it is a term that most people are familiar with, we will continue to use that rather repugnant word, despite the fact that it is the complete opposite to any understanding that junk may have.

It is, as we have mentioned, of vital importance to all life, in all dimensions and life without this DNA could not be.

So, let us try to portray what this form of DNA is.

We mentioned that ordinary DNA contains sufficient information to enable scientists to identify most things.
First in the sense of human, animal, plant and mineral – although science has not yet developed the technique of isolating the DNA of minerals.
Then it is possible to identify each and every individual person, animal, plant and stone if science so desired although, of course, scientists stop at just identifying individual people but, through careful analysis of DNA, it could also be applied to individual animals, plants and minerals.

Now, the one question that is perhaps not asked is why?
Why should DNA be unique to every single object found on Earth?

This will take us into the rather complicated subject that we have mentioned before and that is that every atom, every particle that constitutes an atom, vibrates to a unique frequency.
You may remember us mentioning this previously.
But, although like all things it is simple, if one does not understand the concept, it can be difficult to explain and to comprehend.

The basic difficulty is that every atom has not only a unique vibration that sets it apart from any other atom but there are a number of sorts of atoms.

We have mentioned, for example, that every spot in the entire galaxy has a unique frequency and that frequency can be used by beings that have sufficiently sensitive measuring instruments to aid in navigating anywhere in the galaxy.

For those who do not understand what we are talking about, we will describe this again.

In all of the galaxy, there is no such thing as empty space. No such thing as a vacuum.
The entire galaxy – if we ignore for a moment individual people, animals, plants, stones and planets – in other words what we call “space”, is actually crammed full of a special type of atom.

There is a reason for this but let us just say that nature abhors a vacuum and so nature has filled all of space with countless atoms.
These are not atoms known to man but, if they could be seen, space would be seen as a huge cloud of dots (atoms) each one of a slightly different vibration to any other.
Thus, it is that, if one knows the vibrational frequency of any spot, and if one causes one’s spaceship to vibrate to that frequency, by the Law of Mutual Attraction, one would cease to be at one’s point of departure and instantly appear at the point that corresponds to the particular vibration that one is now in harmony with.

This is a very useful method of travelling vast distances instantly.

But although this form of transport is somewhat known about, what is not known is that each and every spot can be considered to be a DNA point.

In other words, the entire galaxy is not only full of a special kind of atom – countless numbers of them – but each atom can be considered as part of the DNA of the galaxy.
But it is even more complicated than that.

Not only is each atom part of the DNA of the galaxy but each one of these atoms is, itself, a form of living object and thus has DNA.

So, each atom in the galaxy has this frequency that, if one can imagine it, has two purposes. It marks each spot in the galaxy and provides an aspect of DNA of the galaxy but, also, the item exists in its own right and thus has its individual DNA, which marks it uniquely from any other atom in the galaxy.

This vibration, although serving two purposes, uses the same one unique frequency.

We don’t know if you can visualize this because, although it is not complicated, it is difficult to imagine.
So, let us try again using our butterfly net.

If we could go out into apparently empty space, wave our net about and capture an atom, we could examine that atom.

We had better repeat that science has no knowledge of these atoms that fill apparently empty space, but they exist.

So, we will take the atom that we have captured and, with a very sensitive frequency meter, measure the frequency to which it vibrates.
We will find that it vibrates to a certain frequency and, if we were able to capture a second atom and measure its frequency, we will notice that it vibrates to a different frequency.

Now, what we can’t prove but ask you to accept, is that, that unique frequency, is what we call DNA.
DNA is vibration, although the way science measures it with their crude instruments does not suggest so.

The reason for that is that;
(a) The instruments are not sensitive enough to measure these frequencies and
(b) Science takes still photographs of DNA, in so any vibration would go unnoticed.

But to return to the atom of DNA in space, it plays a role in the DNA of the galaxy and also provides the DNA of that atom.
All this is because everything is alive and so everything must have DNA.

But never forget that Prime Creator – the entity that created the concept of everything – is itself pure light, vibration.
Light is a form of vibration.

So, everything that exists is vibrating. Vibration is the basis of life.

Further, this vibration is actually what we refer to as DNA.

As everything has a unique vibration, that unique vibration can be measured and we can say that no two things are alike.

It is this unique vibration that causes this and when we examine something and we noticed its uniqueness, we call that uniqueness DNA.

Can you visualize this?

Everything, everywhere in the entire multiverse, has a unique vibration, which is why it can be identified.
We call that uniqueness DNA.
So, everything is made of vibration and everything is made of DNA.

That is why DNA is so important.

Now, we are aware that when scientists measure DNA, they come up with a series of markers that they use to say that a sample of something does, or does not, resemble another sample but if they could actually measure the frequency of the sample they would see that it vibrates to a unique frequency and the markers are just stepping stones that enable them to identify something.
If they had instruments sensitive enough they would not need to plot these markers. They could just measure the frequency and see the similarity.

Obviously, from what we said, it would only be if the sample being measured was exactly the same as the reference sample, that the frequencies would be an identical match.

But there is another aspect to DNA, above and beyond the physical attributes of a sample.

All is one so all must have auras.

The auras will follow the life of an atom forever and so, once the physical part of the atom decomposes, the non-physical aspect continues endlessly on into and through the spiritual realms.

This is where junk DNA comes in.
There is a link between the physical and non-physical aspects of atoms and it is junk DNA that provides the link.

It can be considered rather to be the silver cord that links a physical object to its non-physical counterparts.
It is not quite like that but we do not have language to describe this link.

We mentioned it in the last book where we describe the attachment a young girl might have for her dolls. It is a form of love, of gravity but, as we said, we cannot use one word to describe this attachment. There is no word.

But nevertheless, the non-physical part of DNA follows the physical, and, eventually, the non-physical aspects of an atom for all time, giving a unique frequency to an atom no matter what dimension it might be in.

We hope this is not too confusing, because what we have described above in relation to an atom applies to all things, in all dimensions and for all time.

Nothing alters.
The reason is simple and we have mentioned it countless times.
All is one.
There is only one.

Now, you have, we hope, noticed that all things have the notion that they are separate, unique.
You feel strongly that you are a unique person, separate, not only from every other person but, even more so, from any animal, plant or mineral.

And yet we said that all is one!

So, what gives you this idea that you are separate from any other person or thing?
Quite simply it is DNA.
And even more so, junk DNA.

If all that existed was “non-junk” DNA, as that remains behind with the physical body, once we get to the non-physical realms we would all feel as one but this is not so.
For eons into the future we retain a feeling of being separate from any other person or creature and it is junk DNA that permits this.

The spiritual (non-physical) aspect of junk DNA stays with us when we “die” and remains with us in heaven.

The ultimate goal is to cast off that junk DNA and become one with all things – and with God – but that is a long way into the future for all of us.

So, we wish you to visualize clearly what DNA is and what junk DNA in particular is.

In simple terms, ordinary DNA is connected to physical objects and junk DNA is connected to the non-physical aspects of those same objects.

Obviously, this is an oversimplification of the truth of DNA but understanding the difference between the two sorts of DNA provides the first step in our comprehension of DNA.

We should, perhaps, go on and look at these two sorts of DNA and try to understand the difference that permits one sort to stay with the body and the other to stay with the non-physical aspects of something.

We have mentioned in other books the concept of markers, of flags and we mentioned that when breeding time for certain animals arrives, the cosmic clock triggers emotions to come forward that we referred to as the breeding cycle.

These emotions, we said, can be compared to an alarm clock that, once a pre-set moment arrives, the alarm rings.
We called that mechanism… flags.

This concept is used by nature frequently in a number of ways, for a number of purposes and in many dimensions.

To go back to DNA, we may say that these two types have markers, flags, attached to them that designate, not only their prime function, but also their other functions.

And there are many. We will do our best to describe the various functions as the book progresses.

So, what we wish to bring to your attention is the twofold nature of DNA, which is necessary to understand.

The first sort is the type that science uses, which is largely physical and the second sort is so-called junk DNA, which is both physical and non-physical.

It is this second type of DNA that is so important, as we will attempt to explain as we progress.

We cannot, at this point, indicate all the functions of junk DNA, as they are so many and are so intertwined with many, indeed most, of the other attributes that combine to create life, so all we can do at the moment is to give an overview of junk DNA and try to explain more in other chapters.

If and when a person dies, his physical body and his physical DNA – the first sort – dies, but his spirit and his junk DNA go with him into the spiritual realms and continues to do its job, one facet of which is to give a feeling of independence, of separatism from all other things, of the person.

So, could we describe junk DNA from a non-physical point of view?
We can try, although it is not going to be easy.

We have mentioned, in the past, Higher Self, Imagination, the ID and a number of attributes that all life has. We also mentioned the Akashic Record and have intimated that it is the personal record of the life of all things, uniquely recorded for all time.

It is this Akashic Record that may enable us to explain the role played by junk DNA, both in physicality and in the after life.

So, we hope that you will forgive us if we remind you of what the Akashic Record is and what it is not.

It has been called the Hall of Records and some people are under the impression that there is, somewhere underground, a vast hall, a library, full of recordings of some kind, complete with a librarian.
A moment’s thought should demonstrate that this is nonsense and has been created by people of limited knowledge, who could not see any further than physicality.
Thus, as it is obvious that there is nowhere, either on the surface of planet Earth, nor in the skies where this huge library is housed, they imagined a hollowed-out area somewhere underground.
We should say that no one has seen this great underground hall, because it does not exist.
But that does not seem to stop people from believing it exists.

Then there is a librarian.
Quite who this person is, his name, nationality and age are not mentioned.
As the Akashic Record has existed since man first existed, he should be approaching retirement age by now but, once again, people don’t question who he/she is. They just accept that he is there doing his job.

If there were such a person, he would be quite a remarkable person; billions of years old, able to speak every language that has ever existed and able to keep track of countless trillions of recordings.
He would be constantly updating the library and constantly issuing files or recordings to those requesting information.

No one seems to mention from what these recordings are made, nor who is making them.

Is there a huge army of scribes, constantly recording every event throughout all the world and passing them to the librarian, or are there a huge number of video studios and every event is being recorded on to videotape and then passed to the poor overworked librarian?

You can see, we hope, just how ridiculous the whole story is but you would be surprised at the number of people who believe the Hall of Records myth.

However, the Akashic Record does exist and we have explained at some length that it is a non-physical (spiritual) concept that cannot really be seen because, although it does exist, it does not exist as a single building.
It is called The Living Library, which does not help much.

Even in the explanations that we have given concerning the Akashic Record, we skirted over some aspects of it at that time because one cannot hope to understand what the Akashic Record is until one understands what junk DNA is.

Both DNA and Akashic Record are connected and are, in fact, one and the same.
The Akashic Record is composed of the information of each and every person, animal, plant or mineral, because the Akashic Record is the information contained by DNA in general and junk DNA in particular.

We hope that you can start to see just how complex all of this is and how difficult it is, and will be, to explain in simple terms. But we will do our best.

Let us stay with the Akashic Record for a moment.
We have said that it can be compared to a giant filing cabinet and each and every person who has lived, is living or will live, has a drawer in that filing cabinet.

Before people rush off and say that the Great White Brotherhood have said that there exists somewhere a filing cabinet where records of everything are stored, let us make quite plain to you that we are speaking hypothetically.

There is no filing cabinet and there are no drawers containing people’s records.

But, nevertheless, there is an area where all information is recorded.
Let us try to examine that place somewhat.

We will say, first of all, that it is in the 5th dimension.
All dimensions are multitasking and the 5th dimension is where DNA is linked to.

But, in fact, DNA is linked to the 5th dimension, because DNA and the Akashic Record are one and the same thing.
The 5th dimension was mentioned in the book we gave you about auras.

We also mentioned that the Higher Self, the life plan and a number of other things start in the 5th dimension but, we also said that much of what happens in the 5th dimension is also passed to the 6th dimension and, from many aspects, these two dimensions are linked and one could almost call them the same dimension.
However, let us stay within the 5th dimension, which is where the Higher Self comes from.
The problem is that Higher Self, we have said, there is only one of for all things over all time and yet each and every person or object has a sense of individuality.
It is DNA that gives this sense of individuality.

Thus, it is that, although there is only one Higher Self, everyone and everything thinks they are separate – physically and spiritually – from all other people or objects.

When one is incarnate, the first sort of DNA plays a role in creating the illusion that, from a physical point of view, all people (just to consider humans) are separate from each other and a blood or tissue sample can be measured to demonstrate this.
Then, once one passes into non-physicality, junk DNA maintains that illusion.
In fact, it is the other way around.
The junk DNA is constantly communicating out to the world the uniqueness of each person which is then passed to the first sort of DNA and a blood sample can demonstrate that uniqueness. But it starts with junk DNA.

So, in a running order, we have Higher Self (of which there is only one) and then each and every person has so called junk DNA which links to Higher Self and, effectively, divides the oneness of Higher Self into the individuality of a person or entity which, in turn, sends that information into the first sort of DNA while the person or object is in incarnation.

So, this sense of separateness enables each and every person or thing to have independent thought and actions and, each and every entity throughout time has created an endless series of snapshots and each of the snapshots are, in effect, recorded into the junk DNA of that entity and are stored for all time.
That record is what we call the Akashic Record.

This is all a bit complicated so we will explain it again.

In the way there are two things to consider.
The first is the Higher Self, of which there is only one for all things, whatever that thing might be.
Then there are what we call “things”. This might be a human, an animal, a plant or whatever.
Now, these “things” do not actually exist as solid objects.
They are all creations of the God Force.
They are a concept, that have been given a sense of individuality by the Archangels that create existence.

Now, let us break off here for a moment and say that we will consider just humans, although what we will say will apply to all things.
But it will get a bit wearing to have to keep saying; humans, animals, plants, minerals and so on, so please understand that if we mention humans, we are referring to all life, in all dimensions, throughout all time.

So, in effect, us humans only exist as a sort of concept to which a Logos (the life force from God) was associated and that gives the impression that this human is a real being.
In a way it is because the Logos is the seal from God to be alive.

But this is where it gets interesting.

If it all just stopped at that, then there would only be one person.
But, obviously, there are many more than just one person.
Looking back over time, through the present and into the future and then looking into the non-physical realms, there are an enormous number of people.

But, there is just one Higher Self, which is really what humans are. There is only one Higher Self so, in reality, there is only one person.
Don’t forget, that when we talk about people, we are referring to everything.

So, to create more than one person, the concept of DNA was invented and placed with the Higher Self.

This implies that all things are really DNA, which creates the illusion of everything.
Can you understand this?
If it were not for DNA, nothing would really exist.

There is one God and his Archangels created one Higher Self, which is the representation of God. But there is only one Higher Self.
So, God, to give life to the cosmos, created this one Higher Self – or rather his Archangels did.

But this did not help God much in his quest for knowledge, so the Archangels came up with the concept we call DNA.
Obviously, this is light years away from the primitive idea of analyzing blood samples to solve crimes.

We are talking about a fundamental concept developed when existence was first created, that gave all life a sense of individuality.

We will say, that when early life was created, long ago in the 8th dimension, the other concepts; Imagination, Higher Self, etc., were also created, although the way that we had to explain it to you, chapter by chapter, gave the impression that things were created one at a time over vast amounts of time.
As time does not really exist, when life was first put into the 8th dimension, we can consider that Higher Self and DNA were also connected to early life.

This amazing DNA exists to this day and is what we call junk DNA.

We would like you to appreciate that all these various aspects to existence; Higher Self, Imagination, ID and so on are not actually separate elements of life.
They are all linked together and form a composite whole.

We have described them as independent facets of a living entity but, in fact, they are all linked and all pull together as if they were one.

This also is a rather difficult concept to fully appreciate, especially as we have stated that junk DNA exists in a very real form to give a feeling of independence, of uniqueness to everything, no matter what it might be.

It seems almost a contradiction to say that every part of a living object is linked together and yet junk DNA is doing all it can to make that living object feel that it is separate from any other object.

It seems an awful waste of energy for God’s Archangels to have created every part of a living entity as linked and, at the same time, created DNA to create the feeling the complete opposite to that notion of being linked.

Let us, just as a mind exercise, imagine that if we had junk DNA so far developed that, not only would it make us feel separate from any other human (just to consider humans but we refer to all living entities) but also refuse to accept that it was in any way linked to Higher Self, Imagination and the many aspects that come together to create existence.

We have said that for many of these aspects of life there is only one of so, in this mind exercise, let us imagine that a person refused to accept that he shared these diverse elements of life with any other life form.

We know that this is unlikely but, in this mind exercise, let us imagine that the feeling of uniqueness created by DNA pushed the person to consider that he was the only one that really counted and that any other being or entity was not in any way connected to him.

Now, the question we might ask ourselves is, is it possible for someone to be so influenced by junk DNA, so as to consider himself as the only one that counts?

Unfortunately, the answer is yes.

There are a surprising number of people – and even animals and even more plants – that think exactly like that.

They are so influenced by this feeling of independence, of uniqueness, of self importance, that they consider themselves to be totally cut off from any form of consideration for any other life form.

Let us just consider humans.

These humans that are totally under the control of the DNA we call psychopaths.

It is considered that a psychopath is someone who cares only for his own wants, needs and desires and does all that is necessary to fulfill these emotions.
You can see that there have been throughout history and are, to this day, a large number of people who acted, and who act, in this manner.

Some have been known to history and some are unknown.

What is interesting is that it is DNA taken on to unbridled limits, that create what we call psychopaths.

It goes to show just what a powerful force DNA is and we have tried to demonstrate to you how very far reaching the effects of DNA are, especially of junk DNA.
Far outside of just comparing blood samples.

We will end this chapter here in which we gave an overview of junk DNA and move on to the next aspect which will consider DNA in a more cosmic sense.

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