DNA – Beyond The Physical – Read Online – Chapter 4



So far, we have examined in fairly basic terms, what we might consider to be “standard” DNA – the sort that science examines.
We went on to examine what is called “junk DNA” and discovered some of its amazing properties with regard to the non-physical aspects of life and how very important that junk DNA is in creating and maintaining life in all dimensions, both physical and non-physical.
We cannot over emphasize the importance of DNA and we have said that it can be considered to be second only to the life spirit (the Logos of God) itself.

Now, we must go on to examine DNA with a somewhat more expanded vision and look into another area of life, about which very little is known to the general public but which, inevitably, leaks down through the chain of life into physical life itself which can be considered to be at the bottom of the well of life, if we can just imagine it.
We mean that, at the top we are in sunshine & light and as we descend down, it gets darker and darker until, in physicality, compared to the surface of the well, we are in murky gloom, wading about in the mud and slime of so-called reality.

We paint this rather dramatic picture to help you realize that life as you know it and as you experience it is all, actually, just aspects of spirituality and that none of it is real, although it does seem real.

It is all just a question of us being able to open ourselves to the light of God – or not!

For those who cannot, they seem to live in a horrible, bleak world, but for those who are able to allow the light of God into their hearts, life seems bright and pleasant.

Of course, as we have explained, the amount of light that may enter people’s hearts is governed by the swing of the Cosmic Pendulum – as we have explained – that as we progress through ascension, so the upper edge of the well will be flooded with more and more light.
Therefore, people able to reach into that light will feel greater and greater levels of joy and, eventually, bliss.

However, the bottom of the well will remain always as dark and murky, so people will have a clear choice.

Either to progress towards the light or to remain at the bottom of the well.

It might seem crazy that anyone would wish to remain in darkness, with all the negative aspects that come with that; fear, hatred, jealousy and so on when, by allowing the light of God into their hearts, they could live in the light of God, with all the positive attributes that come with it.

However, there are a surprising number of people who prefer to remain in this gloom.
They are people that we refer to as psychopaths, although there is a wide degree of consciousness between a true psychopath and those that are just depressed and lost.

The true psychopath is someone who thinks exclusively of his own needs and wants.
But, we can be sure that if we question anyone who suffers from depression, to a greater or lesser degree, they will be feeling that life is treating them unfairly. Life is not supplying all that they think they require/deserve in order to feel happy.

No matter by what degree these needs and wants are satisfied, there is always another desire that remains to be satisfied.

With these people, nothing will persuade them to stop thinking of themselves and to devote their lives to helping others, which is the true secret of happiness.

In the degree that we can stop thinking of satisfying our own desires and turn to helping those less fortunate than oneself, by the Law of Mutual Attraction, we can fill our own lives with joy.

When we turn our backs on those that reach out to us for help, we are turning from the light and we are facing gloom.

Thus, it is that many people live in this gloom at the bottom of the well we described – and are “happy” to do so, if we can use a contradiction in terms.
Happy, implying being unhappy.

It is the refusal to change that is so sad.

We cannot help these people and it is pointless trying.

However, the good news is that consciousness marches on and the light of Ascension floods us with God’s power a little more each day.

We can gradually see this and, if we look back just a few years, we can see a dramatic change in attitude.

More and more people are refusing to accept that a certain group could or should abuse children.
These people are being exposed more.
Some will be ejected from positions of power.
Others will be prosecuted or put in mental institutions.

Those that abuse animals are being exposed.

Those that create chaos through wars or by creating financial problems are being questioned.

In short, life is changing and a split is appearing.

The negative people who had such power a few years ago and who persuaded us that they had the right to live as they chose, are being abandoned by those feeling the influx of spiritual light.

At the moment we are in the infancy of Ascension but, as all life progresses from infancy to adulthood, so those who have chosen to follow the light will grow in numbers and in power and will overtake the evil or lost ones staying at the bottom of the well.

So, what will happen to those negative ones?
We have the right to remove them from positions where they can harm others but we do not have the right to harm them.

As those people come to the ends of their incarnations and are placed in hell to resolve their faults so, by the Law of Mutual Attraction, those choosing to incarnate will be more spiritually minded.
Thus, the population of Earth will gradually change from what it is now, to what it is destined to become.

Nothing can stop this progress.

Planet Earth will change into what it is destined to become – a Heaven on Earth, a Garden of Eden.

Now why did we mention all this?

This book is about DNA.

However, DNA is not a fixed material. It is spiritual in nature and so can be influenced by swings of the Cosmic Pendulum we mentioned.

Long years ago, when life was in the darkest grips of the swing of the pendulum of existence, the DNA of people incarnating was full of negativity and so it was considered normal for terrible deeds to be done and people flooded to places to watch, with great delight, some unfortunate person being tortured or executed.

It was considered normal for such events to be carried out in public and it was considered normal that huge crowds should gather to enjoy these scenes.

Of course, this is still being carried on in certain Eastern countries.

It is still going on in some countries in Europe where people attend bullfighting.

It also still occurs where the public turn up to watch others chase over the countryside to watch a fox hunt or to watch others slaughtering beautiful birds; partridges or pheasants.

Big game hunting is still going on and photos of magnificent animals, killed by some rich few, are displayed on social media.

To a lesser degree, the modern-day equivalent of Roman arenas goes on.
We call it football or rugby, but it is based on gladiatorial fights conducted in a Roman arena.

So, we are not out of the woods yet but awareness is changing and we have less and less people approving of the barbarous acts of killing wild creatures and more people protesting and taking action to stop these practices.

Eventually, of course, all these primitive actions will stop as we progress to the point that those who are rising in Ascension will be in a position to pass laws banning all primitive actions by those left at the bottom of the well.

All this happens as DNA alters.

We repeat, DNA is not just a fixed form that denotes the blood type of a person. It is a living object in its own right, closely connected to spirituality and can change as people ascend – or not.

It goes much further than that.

When a person’s incarnation comes to an end and he/she “dies”, the spirit of that person goes to the upper fourth dimension that we call Heaven.
This dimension, like all the dimensions, is cut into many, many layers, depending on the level of spirituality of the people who inhabit those areas.

We will repeat, once again, that hell is part of the upper fourth dimension and is, itself, multi-layered.
It is not in the lower fourth dimension, nor is it at all as described in religious texts.

Hell responds to people’s states of spirituality.

So, from what we might refer to as the default area, “Summerland”, it descends down, just like going down the well we mentioned earlier until, at the lowest level, it is horrible indeed and the only area below that is one where the person chooses to give up the life spirit all together.
This, fortunately, is extremely rare and most people cling to life no matter how dismal it is.

Who are these people that inhabit those areas?

They are people that had an incarnation long ago when life was in its darkest part of the Pendulum swing and who delighted in causing as much pain and unhappiness as possible, to as many as possible.

They considered that they had the right to do this, showed no remorse when they had their life review and so went to the stygian depths, which is where they were and are spiritually.

However, even today it is not uncommon for certain people to be at a similar level and hell contains a number of powerful people; kings, queens, princes, dictators, politicians and religious leaders who lived a life of debauchery and considered that they had the right so to do.

Heaven does not judge.

The Law of Mutual Attraction comes into play.
People have a life review, which gives them the chance to show remorse for any harm they have caused.

Those that feel fully justified to live as they lived, being cut off from any sentiment of connection to others, are drawn to a level of hell corresponding to their attitude with regard to all life.

Conversely, others who devoted their lives to helping others as much as they could, are drawn to a sunny part of heaven.

Those we consider ordinary people are drawn to Summerland.

The strange thing is that all this is connected to DNA and, specifically, junk DNA.

How is this possible?

We have suggested to you that DNA is what causes us to think that we are individuals, cut off from any other life form which, at its extreme end gives us Psychopaths, but there is another, completely opposite aspect to DNA.

This is also going to be a bit difficult to explain.

We have stated that all life is one and that one is God.

But, at the same time, DNA gives us the feeling of being separate.

However, just as each atom of everything has both auras and DNA – which is the way all living things are constructed – so DNA, which is alive, also has auras.
This may not be easy to visualize.

Inside every atom of everything is DNA and that DNA, being alive, is connected to all life and thus has auras as all life has.

The implication of this is that DNA can be influenced by its auras.

The big question is, of course, what could possibly affect DNA, as it seems a fixed quantity with living things?

We could go on and ask what would be the effect of modifying DNA?

So, we will open Pandora’s Box again and see what flies out.

There is an aspect of auras that is outside of anything we have so far discussed.

Up until this moment we have done our best, in the various books and publications we have given you, to describe the eight dimensions, or auras as they are called, and have explained the countless sub-dimensions within these dimensions.

We have also examined alternative realities and time travel and a number of other things.

We have discussed the kindergarten where life is made and we could argue that there can’t be much more to life to explain.

We must say that life is endless and, no matter how much we explain, we will never get to the end of the mysteries of life. It is truly monumental and staggering in depth.

So, without apologizing, we will introduce you to a new aspect that is not generally known.

There is an area of existence, where there is only what we can describe as a sort of giant mill.
Now, a mill is designed to crush seeds and things to transform them so that, in the case of wheat, the indigestible seeds can be turned into flour from which bread is made.

One could scarcely imagine aspects of life being ground up and transformed into something else, but this is exactly what happens.

What aspects of life would be chosen to be ground?
Why is it necessary and what would be the result?

Let us say straight away that we are talking figuratively.
There is no giant mill grinding things up but there is a place in existence where life forms – particular lifeforms – are changed, modified.

This can happen because some aspects of life are like grains of wheat. They exist, are created by the God Force, but are not “digestible” in the form that they are so they need to be modified so that they can be used by life.

What are we talking about?

Information which comes from the Higher Self is one example.
Information is given in blocks, which the human is not able to process directly and so it is necessary for a block of information to be modified into a stream of information which can, itself, be divided up into small packets of information which Imagination can accept, understand – or not – and can be passed on to the ID, etc., or rejected if it is not acceptable to a person.

Therefore, there is need of a mechanism which can take a block of information, transform it into a stream and pass it onto the next stage.

This mechanism is junk DNA, or rather an aspect of junk DNA.

The way this works is as follows.

We have told you that the Higher Self and junk DNA is contained in the 5th dimension which, itself, has a link to the 6th dimension which is where Imagination is contained.

So, when a person wishes to know something, a request is sent to the Higher Self and that Higher Self, if it considers that the person is ready to receive an answer, sends a block answer out.

There are some people who are able, in special circumstances, to receive blocks of knowledge.
When this happens, the person concerned puzzles about a problem and, all of a sudden, the answer, complete, appears in the mind of the person.

This obviously is very useful and is a way that many will be able to think in the future.
At the moment it is quite rare and only a few, gifted people, are able to handle blocks of information.

Most of us need the information broken down into a series of short streams of information which they mull over before being able to accept another short stream of information.

Therefore, it takes the average person quite a while to receive a complete answer to a question, an answer that someone, able to receive and understand a block of information, would understand in a microsecond.

But, to go back to the average person.

Once the Higher Self has issued a block of information on any subject, it is passed to the next stage which is junk DNA.

This so-called junk DNA is multitasking, as are virtually all aspects of life, and there is an area of DNA that can take information from the Higher Self and unravel it into a long, logical stream.

DNA is able to think for itself and so it is constantly active, processing different aspects of life, very much like a sort of brain in its own right.

It is a truly amazing aspect of life – all life – and works in many areas doing many things, most of which are passed on to various parts that go to make up a living object.

The part of DNA that we are considering here is able to take a block of information and, according to the degree of intelligence of the person with whom it is attached, according to the previous knowledge that the person might have on the subject being requested, unravels the information and sends it to the Imagination in longer or shorter files of information.

We do realize that we have not really explained how DNA unravels this information but we cannot, in any logical fashion, explain how all this is achieved.

So, we must ask you to accept that, within so called junk DNA, there is an area which devotes itself to the task of making blocks of information digestible.

It does more than just this.

Transforming blocks of information from the Higher Self into streams digestible by Imagination is only one of its functions.

Another one is connected to the way auric power is accepted into the body.

We mentioned in another book that auras are constantly pouring energy into the body via the etheric double.

We did mention that this energy comes in different powers and it was the job of the etheric double to balance this power to try to make all the aspects of a living entity to be in balance.
This force that balances the energy is DNA which works in harmony with the etheric double and, in effect, tells the etheric double to allow more power through or to reduce the power entering the body.

So, the etheric double contains the valves that open and close at the various chakra points but the brain that controls the etheric double chakra points is junk DNA.

Let us explain this again in slightly more detail.

The human body is able to operate as it does, partly, due to the auras of which there are eight.
Auras and dimensions are the same thing but it seems better to talk of dimensions when we are referring to the rather complicated aspects of existence and refer to auras when we are considering just the aspects of life in which power is poured into the body, keeping it alive and keeping the various parts of personality functioning.

Now, as we have said, each one of these auras is connected, at one end, to a personality aspect and at the other end to a part of the body which is designed to accept these personality aspects.

So, there are eight auras surrounding the body and, to enable the energy to enter the body, we have what are called chakras which are, quite simply, entry points for the auric energy to enter the body. All things have eight chakras.

But this auric power may be too powerful to enter the body directly, so a series of valves are placed between the auras and the chakras to regulate his forces.

These valves are placed in the etheric double.

But these valves must have some intelligent force telling the valves to open and close and it is an aspect of junk DNA that is this intelligent force.

This junk DNA can think for itself and can decide to open or to close any valve, thus regulating and balancing the auric power flowing into the body.

However, junk DNA can itself be influenced by the personality bundles flowing through the auras and into the body.

A human, for instance, has a personality which is outside of the personality bundles that operate in and on the body.

We are getting into deep waters here, but it is important that the amount of auric energy containing any one aspect of personality, that the DNA strives to balance, so that the person acts in an harmonious manner, can be modified according to the desire of the person, be understood.

We will explain this again.

In an ideal person, the personality bundles flowing through the auras and into the body via the chakras which are controlled by DNA, would all be balanced and the person would be a nice, kind, gentle, loving person.

But, people also have personalities apart from the personality bundles that are in the various dimensions or auras.

Although we have mentioned this before, we have not really discussed this personal aspect of personality, although we will at some stage. If not in this book, we will in another.

Anyway, let us assume that the person has an overdeveloped sex drive or an overdeveloped sense of self importance.
In that case, this driving personality aspect can influence DNA and can tell it to let more power into one of the chakra points connected to that aura and the DNA allows more of that aspect in and we see the person with an overdeveloped sex drive or an overdeveloped sense of self importance.

So, getting off the subject of DNA for a moment, we introduce you to the fact that we have the personality bundles that we have talked about but there is also another aspect to personality that is outside of and remote from the personality bundles and is under the control of the ID, and we will speak about that another time when we are dealing with other aspects of existence.

So, let us return to DNA.

We hope that you have understood that one of the many roles of DNA is to act as a sort of filter between the auras and the energies that flow into a human and helps to control the way the etheric double balances the energies in an attempt to create a balanced person.

We link this to the mill concept because, once again, the energy flowing into a person from the auras does so in a sort of flood of information – auric information – and the body would have the greatest difficulty in assimilating this auric power, almost as if a high-powered fire hose was to blast someone with water. It would damage the person but, thanks to DNA, this blast of energy can be modified, lessened until it becomes acceptable to a person, animal, plant or mineral.

We could go on but we hope that you have understood that this junk DNA plays a vital role in aiding life to live according to the power of that life form and according to the degree of spiritual energy that the life form contains.

We hope that you can realize that no two people are the same.

Some people, for instance, are barely human in spiritual terms and some are extremely advanced spiritually. We are including those no longer in incarnation in this assessment.

Therefore, we hope that you can realize that, in the first case, the DNA would have to keep the valves almost closed to avoid overloading the person with spiritual power, power that the person could not handle.
In the second case, the opposite obtains.
An advanced being would be able to absorb much more power then an undeveloped person and thus the DNA can open the valves much more and allow a huge amount of spiritual, auric energy, into the person.

Then, of course, we have a large number of people in between these two extremes, each person having his DNA allowing more or less auric power into the person’s body.

Thus, we hope that you can see that the DNA of any two people is not quite the same and thus no two people are the same.
This applies to all things; animal, vegetable and mineral.

We may consider two flowers, for example, and they may seem identical to our eyes, but if they could be seen with the auric senses, they will be seen to be unique, separate products of their species. They would not be clones.

This sense of individuality is very important in development and it is the junk DNA, which is slightly different for all things, that helps create the impression of separatism.

There is more to this story than just DNA, but if it were not for DNA being alive and being part of every living object, they would tend to be clones of each other.

After all, there is one God, one Identity (ID), one Imagination, one Higher Self so, logically, all things should appear to be identical to each other.

But it is, in part, thanks to junk DNA, that all things are aware that they are separate, unique aspects of whatever they are; human, animal, plant or mineral.

We have given a fairly expansive explanation of so-called junk DNA although, as we so often have to say, we have only scratched the surface.

DNA and, especially, junk DNA, is of the utmost importance in the development of life but covers so many aspects of life that it would be quite impossible to fully explain all the attributes that DNA have.

As we progress through this book, we will discuss other aspects of DNA as far as we feel that you can understand but we must say that, like many aspects of life, DNA is so complicated that it would be beyond the comprehension of even the wisest of you if we really delved into a complete description of DNA, but we will explain as much as we can.

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