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Having discussed DNA and its effects in physicality and having explained a certain amount about so-called junk DNA which, as we have tried to convey to you, is of paramount importance to all life, whatever form it takes, we will now move on to discuss another aspect, which is the way that DNA can affect the personality aspects of existence and we will look at it from the point of view of how humans are affected by DNA.

We did discuss the personality bundles of human life in the book about aliens, but we did not discuss how and why a personality bundle decides to do whatever it does.

By that we mean that a personality bundle might decide to remain with the person to whom it is attached or it might decide to wander off and act independently from the person and explore other aspects of life, as if it had an independent life of its own and is not just a reflection of the person that it is part of.

This power to act independently is due to DNA – junk DNA.

As we will be talking exclusively about junk DNA, we will stop using that rather derogatory term and just call it DNA.

Now, this DNA is complex and marvelous beyond our ability to imagine and is a wonderful aspect of life in virtually all domains.

It is rare that we can examine any aspect of life that is not affected, to some degree, by DNA.

It is strange that mankind ignores DNA, apart from comparing samples of blood or tissue, because the astral versions of DNA are involved with virtually every aspect of life, no matter which part we might investigate and which aspect of life we wish to examine.
At some point we always come across DNA aiding, modifying and guiding life.

Now, we must not confuse DNA with the angelic forces, nor should we give it attributes that it has not got.

DNA is not the life force, nor is it actually alive in the sense that you are, but so powerful and all-encompassing is DNA, that we could almost consider it to be alive.

DNA is not alive in that sense, but so intelligent is DNA that it resembles life closely and operates in the physical and astral bodies of humans – and all other life forms – constantly and in many areas.
So, we will try to explain how DNA can affect the personality bundles of a human as they go through existence in association with a human.

Now, we explained as clearly as we could the personality bundles of a human and explained that they could choose to remain closely attached to a human or could detach themselves and explore other avenues.

In order to make these choices, some form of intelligence, independent from the human concerned, needs to operate, providing the consciousness that enables personality bundles to make decisions.

On their own, they are just aspects of a person and have no independent ability to act on their own, but thanks to DNA they can be guided and directed to act outside of their prime directive, which is to help a human through his incarnation.

So, we hope that you have read and digested the book about aliens, book five, because we do not want to describe them all again.

But we will expand slightly on these personality bundles and how and why they are formed, helping and guiding a human through his incarnation and for long afterwards in the astral realms.

For a person to be truly alive, obviously, he needs to have a personality and so, long before he becomes a true living human, he is helped by guides and angelic forces to choose which sort of person he wishes to become.

At his conception, he is just a point of life and, at random, when a human is required to be created, an Archangel dips into the bank of life and selects, at random, a point of life and puts the Logos with it that tells that point of life that it is going to be a human.

From there, a number of important decisions are taken to allow this point of life to grow as a human, as opposed to a raindrop, an animal or a grain of sand.

It is considered that humans are at the top of all creation although, when one considers how some people act, it is not always obvious!

But the potential of humans far outstrips even the most intelligent of animals so, in theory, we can say that humans are at the top of life.

So, humans are gradually formed and each one is nurtured and cared for by angels who groom a life spirit to understand what is expected of a human.

Thus, each human is introduced to the personality aspects that all humans have access to.

This is a vast gamut of subjects.
The embryo human is introduced to all that we know of about personality from the lowest, cruelest, to the most noble, loving aspects of personality.

This next bit is going to be difficult to describe but, basically, as the young human spirit is introduced to all these aspects, so he feels drawn to some of them more than others.

This is because the young spirit already has DNA attached to him and, although this DNA is also young and without experience, it can draw on the experiences of previous generations of DNA and can associate more with some aspects of personality than with others.

We will expand on this subject as it is very complicated to understand.

The first thing we need to understand is that there are two time zones, if we may describe them as such.

A young human in the astral realms may well be a new arrival but the Higher Self, ID, Imagination and DNA have been around since the dawns of time in the eighth plane, which was a vast time ago.
Thus it – the young human – has access, or rather is influenced, by two types of information.

One part is the knowledge concerning humanity as it applies exclusively to this new person and the second part is the vast amount of information that all life has experienced by sharing the one Higher Self, ID, Imagination, Curiosity and DNA, which has been around since the beginning.

Therefore, we have this young human who is introduced to virtually every aspect of personality in existence and who needs, eventually, to make a decision as to which aspects he wishes to adopt.

We have a similar set up as a young person progresses through the educational system.
He will be asked, if he wishes to go to university, for example, which series of courses he feels drawn to.
This might include mathematics, art, sport or any number of educational paths.
Of course, a student will pursue a number of subjects, either closely or distantly related to his chosen path.

It is very similar with a young human in the astral realms.
He will be shown a large gamut of subjects (of personality attributes) and his tutors will take note of those he seems drawn towards.

For those who did not have the advantage of having a classical education, we wish to say that when we refer to “he”, we are also referring to females (she).
We are aware that it is the custom in some countries to refer, systemically, both to he and she when writing or speaking in order to be gender correct, but please accept that it was considered normal in classical education to refer just to the masculine, it being accepted by all that is also included the feminine.
It in no way is meant to be derogatory to females. It is just used to lessen the number of words used to describe any attribute.
Perhaps those who wish to be gender correct could come up with a new word to describe he/she without needing to write the two words each time.
After all, it was done with the words miss and misses in order not to distinguish between an unmarried or a married female and the word Ms. was invented.
But, until a genetic term for he and she is thought of, we will continue just to say he and hope that ladies can accept that we include them also. Life is not sexist.

But to continue.

We have a young person who is introduced to all aspects of personality and note made of those to which he feels naturally drawn.

At that point, DNA starts to take an active role in developing these aspects of personality.

As we have said, DNA can think and act almost as if it is alive – although it is alive as all things are alive – but we mean that it can act almost as an independent personality.
DNA is very curious and is very complicated.

So, DNA starts to interact with a person’s interests and begins to help form and encourage those interests, so that they become part of the makeup of a person.

These interests we refer to as personality bundles.

Now, this is where it gets quite complicated because, although DNA helps to form the personality bundles, it does not stay as part of the personality bundles.

Once it has done its job of helping form the character of a person, complete with all its personality aspects, it withdraws from that task and looks for something else to do.

Naturally, what we have explained above is not exactly how DNA interacts with personality and we have presented a simplified version of reality. Nevertheless, what we have described is close enough to reality that you may accept this as true.

Those of you who have read our other books where we mentioned that a person, when he is created, travels along one of the twelve paths that are known as the signs of the Zodiac – Taurus, Gemini, Pisces, etc – may be wondering how all this interacts with a person’s personality bundles.

This is another area where DNA plays an active role.
Once a person has chosen his personality bundles, this obviously colours his outlook on life and, although he is still in the astral realms and is quite an unsophisticated person at that time, his personality is sufficiently formed so as to give him a distinct outlook on life and thus is ready to decide on which path of the signs of the Zodiac he wishes to progress.

Once again, DNA takes charge of the person and, in effect, helps the person make the decision as to which aspect of the Zodiac signs he wishes to follow.

We might consider DNA to be a sort of guide, a counsellor, who understands which one of the twelve paths would be the most suitable and thus guide the person to accept the influence of the chosen path.
In fact, each one of these paths exist because of DNA.

We will explain this, although it is very complicated.

We need first to say that, in the astral realms energy is never wasted so, although for each person who is alive, has lived or will live, he may choose which one of the twelve paths to follow, once the decision is made, in effect, the other eleven possible paths are no longer needed and so they disappear.

In fact, all of these twelve possible paths that are referred to as the signs of the Zodiac are actually created by DNA and as DNA is guiding the person towards just one of the paths, it is only necessary for one path to be created.

The other eleven paths are not created because there is no need of them. But should a mistake be made and it is realised that a person is not on the correct path, a new path – another aspect of the signs of the Zodiac – will be created and the person moved to this new path, in which case the previous path disappears.
It is all made of astral energy which is under the control of will, desire, and so can be created or made to no longer be by acts of will and it is DNA that has the power to create or uncreate these paths.

Once again, we will say that it is all a lot more complex than we have explained but what we have told you is true.
We have quite simply left out all the complications caused by Higher Self, the individual life plan of the person and many other factors which could make comprehension almost impossible.

In later books, as what we are telling you now becomes accepted into universal consciousness, we will be able to explain more, but for the moment, please try to accept that we present a basic overview of life and have to leave out the fine details, which would not help at all in understanding.

One advanced aspect we will mention concerning these parts of the Zodiac is one that was talked about in a video.
It concerns an advanced person being able to accept more than one sign of the Zodiac into his personality.

This would be very difficult to do, as you might appreciate, if you have understood what we have mentioned above.
Let us recapitulate.

We said that, with the aid of DNA – and other aspects that we did not mention – a person is given a personality bundle.
Then we said that DNA creates the most suitable path (sign of the Zodiac) for that person.

Don’t forget that all this is created seven more times as well, implying that all these personality paths are created eight times in eight different dimensions.

Now, we are saying that a person can also create a modified version of his personality bundle and a new path – sign of the Zodiac – can be created and all of it introduced into a person alongside his first set of personality aspects.
Then all this is created eight times as well.

Then it was suggested that this could be done with all twelve signs of the Zodiac, in which case a gestalt occurs and the person is transformed into a sort of super being.

Now, we will say that this is possible but is so rare as to be not worthy of our consideration.

You will agree, we think, that we all have enough problems just dealing with the vagaries of one personality bundle and path without trying to develop more than one.

But what we are considering here is how DNA interacts with all this personality.

We will just repeat the main points.
1. The person is introduced to all the possible personality aspects available and note taken of any that the person feels naturally drawn towards.
2. DNA guides the person to accept his personality aspects into his personality bundle, which is repeated seven more times.
3. Then, DNA creates what we call the sign of the Zodiac, which corresponds to that person and places the person on that path, which will help and guide him for long years into the future, both physical and non-physical.

It is DNA that is controlling and, to a certain extent, creating all this personality stuff.

We have also mentioned that not all people choose to incarnate on Earth, but for those that do, a further stage is introduced.

We have said in a previous book that there are, placed in the etheric realms, twelve planets, each one corresponding to an aspect of the twelve signs of the Zodiac and a person destined to incarnate spends a certain time there until the planet Earth turns and aligns itself to a certain sign, at which point the person waiting to incarnate makes the leap from that Zodiac planet and associates itself with the chosen baby about to be born and we say that the baby is born under the sign of Aquarius, Pisces, Leo, Sagittarius or whatever and thus will have a certain personality.

Whilst this is true and is fairly automatic, we must also mention that DNA is also present and is keeping a watchful eye on proceedings, because the person incarnate will be using DNA for all his incarnation, and for long after, so DNA is present, pushing and guiding events to unroll as was planned, because all this process – from creation as a spirit point and into incarnation – is so complicated, that there is always room for error and DNA, in conjunction with guides and angels, needs at all times to monitor the situation and to deal with problems as they arrive.

Therefore, we wish to go back in time and describe, perhaps in other words, this very complicated procedure that creates for you the life you lead and the destiny you are drawn towards.

We do this because we have described the signs of the Zodiac in rather a piecemeal fashion and we feel that some of you might be rather concerned and have not understood how all this joins together, very much like a small stream flowing until it joins other streams, which become a mighty river, which joins other rivers and, eventually, forms a sea.

This analogy is so apt that we asked you to retain it in your mind and compare it to the information – the explanation – that we are about to give you.

So, let us go back to the point where you were little more than a point of life, created into a human by having the Logos of God given to you which was, and is, the stamp that tells you that you are a human and will remain a human until the end of time.
We just remind you that it is by pure chance that you were given the human stamp.
You could have been made into anything at all: a raindrop, a virus, a beast of some kind, a stone – anything!
But, by pure chance, as a human was needed, you were plucked from the mass of life spirits and giving a human stamp.

This should tell you that it was pure luck, pure chance that the Archangels selected you as a point of life to become a human.
So please, never think that you are superior to anything else. You are not.
It was just luck that you were selected.

However, having been selected gives you a certain responsibility above any other of God’s creation.
Not superiority, but responsibility, to care for yourself and for all of creation.

Now, it was decided that life was too complex for an ordinary person to have all the aspects of personality because, being a human entails having a personality.

This, actually, is a two-part creation.

The first is to have a general aspect of one of the signs of the Zodiac and the second is to have your personal aspects within that sign.
Each person is different because of these personality aspects.

But, from the point of view of this particular discussion, we wish you to realise that, at one point, you did not have a personality, just being a point of life plus Higher Self, ID, Imagination, Curiosity, etc.

So, your tutors introduced you to all the different aspects of possible personalities and note was made of which one you felt most attracted to.
This is part of the Law of Mutual Attraction.

As curiosity is part of the fundamental aspects of humanity, your curiosity drew you to be more interested in one particular aspect of the twelve possible personality trends that we referred to as the signs of the Zodiac.

As we have said, this can be compared to school, where your teachers noted that you were more interested in certain subjects than others and thus placed you in a stream that developed those subjects.

Or, we could imagine twelve roads or twelve railroad tracks and you are placed in a vehicle on a road or railroad track.

Or yet again, we could imagine a small stream and you are placed on that stream to float down it.

However we imagine it, it is important to realize that this path, this sign of the Zodiac, will remain with you for all eternity, no matter what happens until, one day, far into the future, you can join the great sea of advanced humans, who relinquish their individual personalities, add it to the mass of other people’s personalities and accumulated knowledge, and join with this great sea.
Rather as if you had been a drop of water in a stream and had flowed ever onward, endlessly towards a great sea, at which point the drop of water loses its individual personality and becomes part of the ocean.

This ocean of people giving up their individual personalities and joining a huge group of similar people, we refer to as God.

This magnificent, imaginary ocean we described is your destiny and it is to return to the God Force, from whence you came as a point of life.

But, it is thanks to the personality you had – and now have – that you experienced so much, learnt so much and became so wise that enables you, eventually, to arrive at your destination and join with all the other similar people and become part of the God Force.

We wish to repeat this, briefly, again.
You, in conjunction with your tutors (guides, angels and DNA), chose a particular personality path and you will walk that personality path for all eternity.
This path we call one of the signs of the Zodiac: Pisces, Aries, Gemini, etc. One of the twelve main aspects of personality.

We cannot over stress the importance of DNA in this long journey.

Your tutors tend to remain in the background, gently prodding you along, allowing you to try your strengths, making mistakes and learning by burning your fingers, so to speak, in the school of hard knocks, but DNA plays a much more active role.

We mentioned some time ago that life is being continuously created, destroyed and recreated billions of times a second and, in the gap where nothing exists, DNA is slightly changed for all things to help keep life in balance, in a creation where nothing is static and your DNA is what slightly changes you, billions of times a second to help keep you progressing down the river of life, as it flows ever onwards.

This will be the subject of the next chapter.

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