DNA – Beyond The Physical – Read Online – Chapter 6



The way that life is created, we have already mentioned in previous works.
We have stated that existence is created and destroyed billions of times a second and that during the brief moment when life no longer exists, the Archangels, charged by God to create and control life, alter the DNA of everything, to keep existence in line with the ever-changing progress of what you refer to as time.

We hope that you understand to what we refer, which is why we have encouraged you to read carefully the books we give you, so that we don’t have to keep repeating ourselves, which is time wasting for us and, no doubt, frustrating for those that have studied all the books.

So, we will progress with this chapter and ask those who do not understand, to do their homework.

It will be obvious, we hope, for you to understand that, during the moment where nothing exists, not everything is annihilated.

If this were to happen, life would just stop, so there must be some force still in existence that monitors all life, effects change where necessary and brings life back to reality again.

We don’t know if you can appreciate just how extraordinary this event is?

Ever since life was created, countless millions of years ago, a snapshot of every detail of the entire galaxy was taken (formed if you like) and recorded for all time in the Akashic Record and then the film rolled onto the next frame, but during the moment the film was rolling onto the next frame, everything was slightly altered both in time, movement and DNA and then another snapshot taken.

And this is happening billions of times a second and has been occurring since the dawns of time and will continue endlessly into the future.

It sounds preposterous we agree.
Who came up with the idea?
Why is it necessary?
Where can all these countless still images be stored?
What sort of filing system is in place to allow someone to locate a specific event amongst all this mass of events?
Could not a simpler system have been invented?

One thing is certain. If we have such a complicated system in place, we can be sure that it is necessary.
The Archangels who created all this are not ignorant and we can be sure that they examined every possibility before creating existence as it is.

So, there is little point in arguing the pros and cons of why the system is as it is. We must accept life as we find it and do our best to comprehend.

We will also say that, so far, although we have examined a number of aspects of life and have revealed to you some areas that were previously unknown, we have just scratched the surface of the subject.
There are areas of life so advanced, so far beyond comprehension, that we doubt that we will ever be able to get to the point where we will say that there is no more to be said. If ever we get to that point, you will be able to understand why creation seems so complicated.
But, it is a fascinating journey for those interested in existence and for those able to comprehend.

Unfortunately, there will be many who are either not that interested or who find that they cannot understand and will drop out as the journey progresses.

Then, of course, we have the unfortunate souls who are so wrapped up in either religion, science or previous collective consciousness and think that what we reveal to you is so different from what they think is truth (from previous information given to them), that they reject what we tell them.

We appreciate the dilemma of those people and wish we had means of resolving their difficulties but, unfortunately, religion and science, often created by people lacking knowledge or for reasons not with the best interests of humanity at heart, have so muddied the waters of truth, as to put a psychological barrier between what is currently considered knowledge of life and the actual truth.

We go to great pains to present to you the wisdom that has been garnered together by people dating back many thousands of years and, in spirit form, are still studying esoteric and physical aspects of existence and have presented that knowledge to us to help educate you.

Our duty is to give you this knowledge, which will become apparent as the Ascension process advances. Knowledge of existence is part and parcel of Ascension.
You cannot rise in spirituality if you are ignorant of how life is constructed which, if you think about it for a moment, gives us a clue as to why the blocking or creating of false information has been the norm until now.

It gives us no pleasure to say that those who refuse to learn in this university of life will find it very difficult, if not impossible to advance spiritually.
The two go hand in glove together.

The strange thing, is that most people are able to accept that the master Jesus was not only a master of spirituality, but also had a great deal of knowledge of the mysteries of life and yet, many of those people accept the teachings of Jesus but refuse to learn, themselves, of these mysteries.

They do not realize that the master Jesus was who he was because of a mastery of both spirituality and esoteric knowledge.

Jesus even gave us a clue when he said, ‘These things that I do, you will do and more.’
And yet, so many people close their eyes and their minds to the information we give you to help you progress as Jesus suggested.
To help you progress as Jesus did, we need to study.

Don’t forget that the master Jesus started off just like you – an ordinary person.

It was only by long years spent in the Heavenly spheres before incarnating here, studying both spirituality and the way life is created, that turned him into the master you know.

The biblical concept that Jesus was a special, almost angelic being, is false information created to produce an unbridgeable gap between you, then Jesus and God.

Jesus is a person like you and, like you, spent long years developing into the wonderful being he became.

In many cases he studied books similar, if not identical, to the ones we present to you.

Do not think that because Jesus incarnated 2000 years ago that he had access to information different to what you are getting, nor think that Jesus was born a “special” person.
He became special because of his dedication to learning.

It may be a sobering thought that the same – or very similar – books we give you to study, Jesus also studied.
Perhaps it will give you some idea of the importance of the information we give you.
If it helped Jesus to advance to become who he was, and is, perhaps you can understand that, if you study also, you can make his statement that you can become like him come true!

If you had the ability to enter the Akashic Record, and contacted the file in which the life of Jesus is contained, you would see him as a young spirit in the Heavenly spheres, studying at the feet of Masters, who asked him to read and digest exactly the same information that we present to you.
Obviously, with time, he was able to read more advanced books that, so far, we have not been able to present to you but we hope that, eventually, we will be able to publish enough to allow you to have access to all the information that Jesus studied and thus will give you the opportunity to make his wish come true.
Jesus prayed to God, thanking God for the life that he had been given. He meditated, and still does, and he studied the books made available to him.

If you wish to follow in the footsteps of the master Jesus, we suggest you do the same.
Thank God for the life he has given you.
Meditate and study, carefully, the books and other information we give you and there will be nothing preventing you to advance as Jesus advanced.

While we are talking about the life of the young spirit you know as Jesus, please do not think that he was alone studying with his teachers.
In the Akashic Record you would see a whole group of young spirits studying along with Jesus.

It just happened that Jesus decided to incarnate and some others did not, but heaven contains a large number of people who are very wise indeed and are, themselves, creators of Spiritual Law, as Jesus became.

So, we hope that you can realize the importance of the information we have been asked to make available to you.

For those who can accept what we have said above, we hope that this will spur you to greater efforts.

For those who feel shocked, insulted and outraged to imagine any link between the master Jesus and you on Earth at the moment, we must say that we understand and appreciate your difficulties.

However, we are obliged to present truth as we know it to be and if it offends some, we cannot take back truth.

Life as it is presented on Earth at the moment is so full of lies and false information, that it will be difficult for some to break through that barrier.

Thus, they will be denying themselves the chance to progress as Ascension progresses.

However, we make this information freely available to all and it is up to each individual to accept or reject.

For those who cannot release the shackles of false information given for so long, we leave you to live as you choose.
For those who want to Ascend, we bid you welcome.

But, having said all that, let us return to the subject of this book – DNA.

You may remember, that we were discussing how life is constructed, second by second.

Now, what has this got to do with DNA, although we did mention that in the gap where, apparently, nothing exists, DNA was altered?

So, we appear to have two sorts of DNA, not counting the physical sort, that will make a third.
The first is the sort that we have described that contributes to the personality of a person and the second is the type that is present during the momentary gap where all is destroyed.

Now, why should DNA be present at that moment and, if nothing exists, where does it come from?

Obviously, if the Archangels alter the DNA of everything during the brief interlude between two snapshots, then DNA must be present.
We wish you fully to appreciate that the DNA of everything, everywhere, is altered during that infinitesimal moment between any two snapshots of existence, or at least, if not altered, it is examined to assess whether it needs to be altered in order to keep all life in balance.

So, we question how it is possible for so much to be achieved in such a small space of time?
Even though we know that time really doesn’t exist, it is still quite a feat to examine and modify the DNA of everything, every living object and creature in such a short moment.

So, we introduce you to yet another aspect of life, hitherto unknown. There is an area where life is contained in a sort of bubble that is outside of time and space, outside of anything previously discussed, that cannot be destroyed when all life is eradicated between any two snapshots.

In fact, this bubble contains the blueprint of existence.

What does that mean and where in all the dimensions is this bubble contained?

First let us apologise for using the word bubble, because it is not a bubble but is information contained in a closed area, remote from anything known to humanity incarnate at the moment.
So, we will continue to use the word bubble and hope that you will be able to appreciate that we are actually talking about a selection of facts, of events that are grouped together by gravity to keep it remote from anything else.

We could have used the word valise (suitcase), backpack or any other term that will enable you to visualize a number of things kept apart from any other things.

So, let us first try to describe where this bubble is situated and then we will see what the bubble contains.

So far, we have described to you eight dimensions or auras, depending on how you look at them, and said that virtually all life as we know it is contained in one of the countless subdivisions of each dimension.
We also mentioned the special place at the end of each dimension reserved exclusively for God and used the example of a long playing record, the last track left blank for God.

We mentioned that the only dimension that was left blank was what is termed the third dimension and every aspect of life is contained in one of the other dimensions, often with connections to another dimension and, finally, we mentioned that DNA is somewhat free to wander about so that it can influence life in whatever way it chooses.

It is this last aspect that gives us a clue to what this bubble is.

There is an area of life that is remote from, outside of, all the eight dimensions.
It is free to wander about, influencing whatever dimension it feels needs help or attention, so it is not actually connected to the eight dimensions, although it is constantly in touch with them.

We are going to use a very simple and almost insulting example to demonstrate in simple terms what we are referring to.

Imagine an office block with eight floors, one on top of another and each floor full of office workers beavering away at computers, holding meetings, etc.
Now imagine a tea lady going from floor to floor offering cups of tea or biscuits or whatever the office workers needed.

We do apologize for using such a childish description and we hope that you won’t feel insulted, but if you can understand that, in the example of the tea lady, she goes from floor to floor helping the workers on those floors but, herself, is not in any way connected to the work the office workers are involved with but, at the same time, is helping those workers, you will have understood the principle.

The main difference is, of course, that our tea lady is, in fact, this bubble we referred to and instead of tea and biscuits, spiritual advice is given.

There is much more than just spiritual advice available but we don’t have language to describe a bubble of life, able to give help in any dimension and in any form required.

So, let us make it quite clear. This bubble is able to go to any dimension that requires help and to offer that help but is, itself, outside of any dimension.

Whereas our helpful tea lady, when her task is finished, would return to a kitchen area to wash up her teapots and to store her trolley, our bubble has nowhere to rest, so to speak.
It is constantly on the move up-and-down the dimensions and never stops, so it has no “home” as such.

We hope we have made this point clear concerning this bubble of “energy”, for want of a better word, constantly on the alert to go to any dimension and to help out with any problem.

You may remember that we said that this bubble contains the blueprint of life.

What does that mean?

One would think that any connection between a grain of sand, a plant, an animal, a human or a galaxy would be minimal but, if you allow that all is one, they are all actually the same thing.

This is a part of existence that is very difficult to appreciate because, obviously, to our eyes, to our senses, there is a vast difference between all things and, as we have said elsewhere, museums are full of items carefully marked so as to denote the difference between various aspects of life and a number of anthropologists and scientists have spent their careers studying these differences and noting in books and essays the non-connections of various objects.

This flies in the face of the statement we make that all is one.
We can’t have it both ways – all is one or all is separate – or can we?

It depends, of course, on how one regards things.

Certainly, if we just look at everyday objects with the naked eye, so to speak, there does appear to be countless different stones, plants, animals and humans, not to mention countless galaxies seen through telescopes in the night sky, but if we could switch on our spiritual aspects we could – not exactly see – but feel, appreciate that all is one.

Some fortunate people have had the experience of seemingly being taken to an area outside of Earth and have had their senses bombarded with the knowledge that all is connected, all is one.
In these rare experiences, these lucky people describe being aware of every grain of sand as a living object, of every plant, creature, human and the whole multiverse connected as one.

Is there any connection to that experience and this bubble of existence we mentioned?

Obviously, assuming what some people experience, the answer is yes.

This blueprint, as we described it, is created by the Archangelic beings we have often mentioned that work for the God power and is contained in this bubble.

Is there anything else in the bubble apart from the blueprint for life?

Once again, we must get into deep waters and tell you that there is a special aspect of DNA, quite separate from any other form of DNA that works in close conjunction with this blueprint.

Obviously, for you to understand to what we allude, we need to try to investigate this bubble and the way it works assisting and altering life.

We will repeat, once again, if we may, that all life everywhere, in every part of the multiverse, is like a giant cosmic cine camera, taking endless still snapshots of life and in between any two shots, any two frames, there is a moment when all life ceases to exist.

Life actually exists as we know it and see it to be because of the God Force, working through the power of the Archangels creating everything.

Everything that exists throughout the whole multiverse and throughout all time does so because of the creative power of these incredible Archangels.

As we have said, they make all this so that prime creator, God, can gain experience.

But, the Archangels quickly realised that life (existence) couldn’t progress in a smooth line, starting at one point and progressing through time, so to speak, to a point in the future when God decides he has learnt enough and everything stops.

This would have been easiest but, unfortunately, life is always on a balance, swinging back and forth between progress and decline, growth and decay.

Therefore, it was deemed necessary to invent a system where life could be examined periodically and any adjustments made if necessary.

This is because the natural progression of things is towards decay – entropy as it is termed.
We have often mentioned this and have used the example of building a new house. We said that it was necessary, constantly, to maintain the house or it would quickly fall into decay.

This process, in turn, was necessary to invent because, as once again we have often said, if life lived forever in perfect health or condition, soon the whole world would be choked with people, plants, animals, and life would be untenable.
So, it was deemed necessary to introduce negative forces, Angels of Destruction, to act as the trashmen of life and clear up unwanted things.

Births and deaths in physical terms was invented.
Angels of Construction and Destruction were invented, but it was found necessary to invent, also, a system of examination and control to try to keep life in balance.

Therefore, the Archangels invented this cinematic type of system, where life is constructed as a series of small, still frames, and in between any two frames, a system of modifying the life/death process of all things could be manipulated.

Thus, something we call DNA was invented to help with the building/destruction of all things.

If you have ever wondered why people grow from tiny babies to maturity and then start to decline to old age and, finally, death of the physical body, it is DNA (junk DNA) that controls it all.

Obviously, there is more to the story than that. People that abuse their bodies tend to live a far shorter time than people who care for their bodies, but even in those cases, it is DNA that assists in the decline.

But to return to this bubble.

Contained inside this bubble, is the life plan of every object, no matter what it is, and also in the bubble is a special form of DNA.
So, in the brief moment when all life is extinguished, the bubble survives and the life plan of everything is examined by the Archangels and the DNA instructed to alter the so-called junk DNA, so that something either advances or declines, grows or decays according to the life plan.

Once again this is very difficult to appreciate.

For everything, from every grain of sand up to the whole multiverse is monitored and changed, if necessary, billions of times a second according to the life plan of each object and the change is effected by this special type of DNA.

If nothing exists, how can even the special type of DNA affect change in things that do not exist?

What happens is that the life plan of each object is examined and instructions sent to the DNA in the bubble to make the necessary change in whatever it is attached to.
Then, as life comes into being again, that DNA in the bubble sends, telepathically, instructions to the DNA in the non-physical aspect of that object, and as that object starts to reappear, so the change is made.

Now, as this is all happening billions of times a second, it would seem unlikely that there would be time to do anything but, as time is an illusion, in fact, if we could imagine the reappearance in slow motion, the snapshot would appear slowly and so this junk DNA has time to affect the necessary change before life is once again extinguished and the whole process is repeated.

It must be appreciated that each change is very small, but as the small change happens billions of times a second, over time, change occurs.

So, to recapitulate. In the microsecond where life no longer is, the life plan of each object, no matter what it is, remembers the entity that it is attached to, tells the DNA in the bubble to effect a certain change and the DNA in the bubble links with the DNA of the object or entity as it reappears and that DNA makes a small change to the object or entity.

So, it is the life plan within the bubble that, in effect, recreates, through DNA, the object much as it was but with slight change to the DNA.

This life plan is, of course, connected to Higher Self but, from the point of view of this explanation, is also connected to the Archangels, who ordered its creation in the first place.

The question that still remains to be answered is why is this change necessary?

The answer is contained within the curiosity of God.
If there were no changes to anything, life would stagnate and God would not learn.

So, God instructed the Archangels to effect change to all life, slowly, invisibly but inevitably.

Thus it is, that the cycle of life is in constant movement and this movement requires all things to change in order to keep up with this constant change.

So, as life changes slowly, the same Archangels tell the life plan of all things to effectuate change and so the scenario we just described occurs.

All this is done so that prime creator – God – can learn from this process and the experiences that change produces.

It is thanks to this constant change that life exists as it does, both good and bad.

We must also say at this point that what we have described above is also linked to this pendulum swing of life from darkness into light, from descent to ascension.

For those who are not aware of this last event, we are gradually moving into an exciting and wonderful period which will last a vast amount of time. A time we call Ascension, where all people will make a choice. Either to accept Ascension and become better, more spiritual people, or to remain as they are and will still live in darkness.
For those who Ascend, their DNA will change to take account of the increased, positive vibrations entering our bodies and our bodies will gradually change and will start to glow with spiritual power.

For those who remain behind, there will be little or no change.
The life plan and bubble DNA will not bring any advanced change to them.

So, we hope that you can see how complex and intertwined all aspects of life are.

We also hope that you can see the amazing role that DNA plays in the construction and evolution of life.

We will end this chapter here by reminding you that the information concerning this bubble of life plan, plus the special DNA, has never been revealed to man incarnate before, which gives you some idea of how much trust we put in your ability to comprehend and how much you have advanced in recent years.
Up till now, it would have been quite impossible for man to accept this information, but we put our hopes in those of you who are ascending to be able to understand, because this is difficult and advanced spiritual physics we present to you.

In the next chapter we will look at DNA from an even more global aspect.

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