DNA – Beyond The Physical – Read Online – Chapter 7



We now turn our attention to globality, if you will forgive this somewhat uncouth word.
What we mean is that, so far, we have concentrated our efforts on how DNA is involved with individual life, no matter what it is, both in physical and non-physical form.

But, of course, there is much more to DNA then we have already explained, even though we hope you will agree that we have explained aspects of DNA hitherto unknown to man incarnate.
We will just add, that there are whole groups of people in the Heavenly spheres that do not interest themselves in esoteric matters and just pass their time in idle pursuits.

The knowledge we impart to you is available to all in the Heavenly spheres, but no one is forced to learn, so there are vast numbers of people who have lived in non-incarnation for long periods of time, who know little more than when they left incarnation.
This is unfortunate, as Ascension is open to all and if people in the Heavenly spheres wish to rise in spirituality, they too, like all of us, must pick up the reins of progression, study, meditate and thank God, or they will forever remain at the level that they currently find themselves.

As we have mentioned, knowledge of aspects of creation is also necessary and is an integral part of the Ascension process.

You may find it strange to hear us say that there are people in Heaven who are not ascended.
We are taught, when in incarnation, that all good people, once they get to Heaven, rise to be one with God.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Whilst it is true that death brings liberation from the trials and tribulations of incarnation, it does not in any way suddenly provide us with infinite spiritual abilities and infinite knowledge.

When our incarnation ends, we find ourselves at exactly the same point in terms of our spirituality and knowledge, as we were when we finally closed our eyes on Earth.

Spirituality has to be developed in Heaven, in exactly the same fashion as it does on Earth.
Knowledge has to be obtained by study, in exactly the same manner as it does on Earth.

Now, the important point about Ascension is that it gives everyone, both incarnate and discarnate, the opportunity to join together, in a higher elevation of life.

We would like to explain this.

At the moment, people on Earth are, generally, at a fairly low level of spirituality and at a low level of esoteric knowledge.

Even the most devout religious person on Earth is handicapped by the religion to which he belongs and his lack of knowledge about existence.
Even the most educated of professors, if he does not understand esoteric wisdom must, unfortunately, be considered ignorant of the real, meaningful facts of life.

This is why we encourage you to take up meditation, and information about how to do this safely and correctly has been placed on our site by those kind people who give their time to assist us.

Equally, we have spent a number of years providing you with books and lessons revealing the esoteric world to you, information – as we said – that is the exact same, or nearly so, information that people study in Heaven.

The only difference between what you can read and what those studying in Heaven read is that, in the books destined to be read by you, incarnate, we inject passages to help you understand. Information that would not be necessary to those in Heaven.
For instance, the beginning of this chapter, so far, would not be necessary for those in Heaven, so would not be included but we feel, in order to help you understand, that it is necessary to interject short passages of extra explanation to you. But, apart from that the books are identical.

As we said, this information has been studied by generations of students in Heaven because truth does not alter, nor will it ever.
What was true at the beginning will always be true. So, assuming that you walk the spiritual path and, assuming you study the information we give you, you will gradually rise to be of the same level of spiritual development as many people in the Heavenly spheres, who are also meditating, studying and rising in spirituality.

Now, the amazing thing will be that many of you, as you will be at the same level (those incarnate and those discarnate), you will begin vibrating at the same frequency and so, in a way, the barrier between you will break down and you will be able to communicate.

This information has been kept from you for long generations.

There are a number of reasons for this.
1st, whilst the pendulum swing was in negativity, such progress was impossible.

2nd, religions, horrified to think that you, one day, would be able to contact us in Heaven and share information, thus demonstrating that religions are not necessary and would, therefore, lose their grasp on you, have vilified any communication between the two areas, Earth and Heaven, despite there being ample evidence that people like the Master Jesus was in constant communication with Heaven.

3rd, the Archons, also terrified of losing their stranglehold on you, have done their best to prevent any spiritual growth on Earth.

However, Ascension is happening and, if you follow the spiritual path and if you study esoteric wisdom – all of which we explain to you just as it is explained to your friends in Heaven – both groups will rise to the same higher level, at which point, by the Law of Mutual Attraction and by the fact that both groups will be vibrating at this higher level, you will both be able to meet and share information.

Heaven and Earth will, in a fashion, combine.

This may sound fantastic now but we are able to demonstrate this by the simple fact that you are reading this book which is transmitted to our instrument on Earth by the simple fact of joining vibrations.

If we can do this, so as to provide you with information, you, too, can do it.
What one can do, all can do!

It is a question of meditation and development.

We are also training others to develop this skill, but you can do it on your own if you so desire.

As you start to meditate, you will draw towards you guides and helpers who will assist you to develop.

It may take a long time. Spiritual development and the acquisition of wisdom is no slim affair.

But, with patience and with faith and courage it can be done.

You may be wondering why we mentioned this when we are supposed to be talking about DNA?

Those of you who have carefully read the beginning of this book and have understood it, should have noticed that we likened DNA in a personal, individual sense to DNA in a more linked fashion and implied that all humanity is joined together through DNA, or rather, specific aspects of it.

We further implied that, not only has each atom, indeed, each particle within that atom, not only the life spirit but has auras, access (although rather limited) to Higher Self, and all the other attributes that apply to living things, but each particle of each atom, and each atom itself has DNA. This is because all is one.
If something is alive, it must, despite its external appearance, be one with everything else.
It is only personality – Ego – that makes one thing feel separate from another.

Now, if we take this concept on, it implies that the whole galaxy, the whole universe, the whole multiverse must have DNA.

Obviously, this type of DNA is quite different to the DNA we have described before.

Just to remind you, we spoke of the DNA that scientists use to condemn criminals.
We spoke of the miraculous and far-reaching junk DNA and we spoke of “bubble” DNA.

Now we must introduce you to yet another type of DNA that we will call “universal” DNA.

This is perhaps not the best term because it is more than universal, covering all aspects of life to the furthest reaches of the galaxy and beyond.

However, if by “universal DNA” you can appreciate that we refer to a type of DNA that has, so far, not been spoken of by us – nor by anyone else in modern times since the last Extermination Level Event (ELE) – we hope that you can appreciate that we refer to DNA in the most global sense possible.

That is not to say that there are not other versions of DNA, but let us examine universal DNA.

Perhaps we should explain what we mean by universal DNA, before going on to examining and explaining it in detail.

As we mentioned above, as all is one, any attribute that any one thing has, all must have, therefore, from the tiniest living object imaginable, to the greatest, if one has DNA, all must have.

But, you will have noticed that DNA is not quite the same for all things.
Although we refer to these different types of living aspects as DNA, some of them are so different from others as to be an almost separate form of life.
But, no matter how different they might seem, these aspects are, nevertheless, DNA.

One could use as an example, animals or plants. There are such a variety of these things that it is sometimes difficult to accept that they are animals or plants but, despite their different appearances, they are all animals or plants.

It is the same with DNA. There are differences depending on what use the DNA serves but DNA is still DNA.

Now, we will attempt to describe why universal DNA exists.
Quite simply, as all is one, that which applies to the life forms that we have previously described, must apply to life everywhere.

Perhaps we should explain, once again, that everything is alive – with the exception of robots and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.).

All alien life is alive, although their created robots are not.
All angelic forms – both good and evil – are alive.
All planets, all suns, all of space is alive.
We could even stretch this to say that even time is alive, although time is a relative concept.

But if something exists and was created by the Archangelic beings that work for God, it will have a life Logos attributed to it and thus is alive.

In fact, with the exception of robots, machines, A.I. and a few other created objects, all that exists is alive.

So, if virtually everything is alive, as all is one, everything will have DNA, as well as access to Higher Self, Imagination, etc.

It is not easy to imagine that space is alive, that time is alive and, as such, has all the attributes that you have, but it is so.

Anything and everything created by God’s Archangels is, at its base, identical. Therefore, the attributes you have, even time and space have, including auras and DNA.

We do appreciate that something as abstract as time is alive, is hard to believe, especially as we have often mentioned that time is an illusion. And so, it is, but like so many things, time might not have any reality in all dimensions, but in the world in which you live, it is very real indeed and life as you know it would be chaotic if you did not have some means of measuring time.

After all, if you think about it, your physical body that you use during your incarnation is an illusion but that does not stop you from having DNA.

So, time, in your reality is real and thus has DNA.

Even in the other types of life (the Heavenly spheres, for example) although we do not use time as you do, we do have sequence of events, one thing happening after another, which is another way of considering time. So, in other dimensions, sequence of events has DNA.

We are entering aspects of creation now that have seldom, or never before, been mentioned

Have you ever heard of anyone saying that time is alive?
Have you ever heard of anyone saying that space is alive?
We could go on and consider other things, like gravity for instance. Gravity is also alive.

We do not want to wander too far from the prime topic of this book which is DNA but it is worth spending a few minutes to try to understand why space, time, gravity and a number of other things are alive.

Time is measurable with clocks but you cannot see time. You can measure its effects but you cannot take time and hold it in your hand.
In fact, the only means we have of knowing that time exists is to measure its passage.

The same would apply to space.
By its very nature, one can measure the distance between two objects but one cannot see or hold in one’s hand, space.

Gravity is yet another example.
We can measure its effect but we cannot see gravity.
It is just as well that gravity exists, or all life would shoot off into space as the planet Earth spins!

Electricity is yet another example. We can see a spark. We can measure volts, amperes, etc., but we cannot see electricity, only its effects.

We have somewhat labored the point, but we want you to be aware that there are a number of aspects of life that exist but cannot be observed yet, nevertheless, are part of life, are alive and thus have DNA.

So, we wish you to appreciate that there is life in many areas, some visible, some not.

We have mentioned in another book about the whole of your galaxy being held together by gravity that, basically, forms a sort of gigantic sphere around the exterior of the galaxy holding it together.

We will repeat this in different words.

Already, it is almost impossible for anyone to visualize the galaxy in which you live, so vast is it but, nevertheless, try to imagine the galaxy encased in a transparent globe.

The object of this globe is two-fold.

1st, to make sure that all the planets and suns in the galaxy stay within boundaries.

2nd, as there are other galaxies in the universe, also contained within their sphere of gravity, the gravity makes sure that each galaxy is kept separate from any other galaxy.

Should this not be the case and one galaxy bumped into another, the resulting explosion would be devastating.
Such an event would cause an ELE on a truly universal scale and so the Archangels who construct everything, coat each galaxy with an external sphere of thick gravity, ensuring that no one galaxy would bump into another.

Now, this is where we enter another difficult to understand area of existence.

If you can visualize countless galaxies floating in space, each one contained within a sphere of gravity, logic would dictate that there might be some force controlling and directing these galaxies to behave themselves, if you will pardon our humor.

What we mean, is that some force tells each galaxy to wander about, but to do so in a controlled fashion, so as to avoid any one galaxy from bumping into another.

The question is, of course, what is this force, this intelligence that organizes the whole universe?
The answer is DNA.
In space and in every planet, every sun, is a sort of galactic DNA.
This is the DNA that we have termed “universal DNA” earlier on.

As we have said, DNA is alive but is not really a consciousness as you are or as an angel is.
It is programmed, if one can use that term, to do specific things.

In the case of universal DNA, it is programmed to keep the whole universe – and we mean this in the sense of all of creation, no matter how many light years it might be from us – in order.

It does not necessarily affect any planet or sun directly.
Its job is to keep all in order.

Now, we could ask where this universal DNA is?

The answer is that there is everywhere in the cosmos, what we call “space”.
As we have said, space is alive. Therefore, there is in space, life!
There are atoms, sometimes referred to as dark energy, that science has only recently began to investigate.

Dark energy, is quite simply atoms that vibrate to a different frequency to any atom on Earth or, indeed, any planet or sun in the universe.

But dark energy, being made of countless atoms, and each atom being alive, has all the attributes that all life has and thus has DNA.

This DNA is also on a different frequency to anything physical.

If we call “space”, full of atoms known as dark energy, one could call this DNA “dark DNA” as it is of the same frequency of so-called dark energy.

However, dark DNA sounds a bit negative so we refer to it as universal DNA.

If you could possibly imagine the amount of space in the whole of existence, you would realize the incredible number of dark atoms there are in space.
As each one of these atoms contains DNA, we can get some idea of the amount of DNA there is in space.

There is sufficient DNA as to be able to use its pre-programming to do its job, which is to keep the whole universe in balance.

We will just wander from the topic of DNA for a moment to talk about supernovas and red giants, etc.

As all is one, a sun must be born, grow to maturity, decline and finally disappear.

Although, as we have said, a sun is a sort of portal, broadcasting energy in the form of frequencies to all the planets that circumnavigate any sun, it has to follow the pattern of all life.

Suns can, and are, being born and others are in the process of coming to the end of their lives.

When this happens, usually the sun will try to draw into itself, the various planets that it has been attached to, so as to not abandon them to their fate and then, finally, it will cease to exist and may remain as a white dwarf for a while.

This white dwarf is, in fact, simply the etheric double of the sun and will dissipate over time.

But, to return to this universal DNA.
We hope you can fully appreciate there is no part of anywhere in physical, and non-physical existence, that some form of DNA is not playing an essential role in helping to keep life in order.

This is because of something called a life plan.

We have explained to you that you have a life plan and that you have your personal DNA that aids you in allowing your life plan to guide you through your incarnation.
It is not hard to accept this.

But what may be more difficult to appreciate is that the whole, mighty, ever reaching universe also has a life plan, and yet, if all is one and all is the same, if you have a life plan, the universe has a life plan.

What its life plan is, is not our concern.
What is our concern is to understand that universal DNA is fully aware of the universe’s life plan and is constantly at work implementing it.

It is also worth bearing in mind that the universe has all the attributes you have, which is to say the auras, access to Higher Self, Imagination, ID and all the rest of the things applicable to you, including eight versions of itself.

One would hardly think that the universe would need these attributes but it is as alive as you are – in its own way – and is able to think and make decisions just as you can.

We must never forget that all is one and it is only the universe’s Ego (and yours) that make you feel apart.

It would also seem ridiculous to think that a universe can think and make decisions, be influenced by its life plan to make certain changes, but it is so.

We are used to looking into the night sky and seeing various constellations that have been spoken about for many years but it is the fact that the universe operates on a different time scale to you that seems to make the universe appear lifeless.

A day in your life might last a million years to the universe.
But, nevertheless, the universe is alive and, thanks to its DNA and thanks to its life plan, it can, and does, make changes, changes that are too spread out over time as we know it, to make appear real.

Which takes us onto another chapter, which will be about time.

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