DNA – Beyond The Physical – Read Online – Chapter 8



Time has always been considered to be something that advances from now to the future in a straight line.

The past can be noted, if not to the day, but possibly to the year (usually) or at least noted as an event that occurred at a certain ‘time’ in the past and the number of years between an event and the ‘now’ moment, when we are considering the event, can be calculated.
Thus, making a smooth transition from the past until now.

Even the future can be noted with precision.

Governments and business houses plan into the future and declare that such and such an event will come to fruition at some date in the future.

So, looking at time from that point of view, there is not much to discuss.
It seems fixed and, if you will excuse us for using a somewhat mocking expression, is part of the point of view that, ‘God is in his heaven and all’s right with the world.’

The problem is, as we have gone to great lengths to explain to you, life is seldom as simple as it seems.

Certainly, we would agree that God is in his heaven and all’s right with the world, but that is not because we have a comprehension and control of all things, but just because it is true that God exists and all will always unfold according to predetermined life plans, so all must be right with the world, no matter what actually happens.

But we wish to present to you a different way of regarding time.

If we go back to the distant past when humanity was in its caveman phase, time was unknown.

The only means of noting time was that planet Earth was flooded with light as the sun rose and then the light disappeared, darkness came and early man retired to their caves for shelter.
Before fire was invented, we presume they slept, but once fire was discovered, the cavemen could prolong the waking period by using fire as an artificial light.

As an interesting aside, it has always been assumed that cavemen had no sophisticated language, but if one imagines a family in a cave or shelter of some kind, sitting around a fire, what did they do? Sit, looking into the flames and twiddling their thumbs or were they able to discuss things?

We rather feel that they had sufficient language to discuss matters of moment and pith to them.

Perhaps they could not discuss the finer points of philosophy but we think that they had sufficient language to discuss the day’s hunting, what worked and what did not, and discuss the next day’s hunting and other topics important to them.

It seems to us that one of the difficulties that have kept animals from developing is their lack of language.
Exchanging thoughts by speaking is of great importance in developing.

Those able to use telepathy may communicate, of course, but it is helpful, even when using telepathy, to have a language in order to convey thoughts.

For example, these books appear, thanks to telepathy, between us in the Heavenly spheres and an instrument incarnate on Earth, but you will notice that it is all based around words – not just exchanging thoughts.

So, we wonder if primitive man had not developed speech much earlier than is supposed?

However, this has little connection to our discussion about time although, as there is actually only the “now” moment, it does have some relevance.

Let us not complicate issues, but try to describe what we know about time.

We think you will agree that, in your reality, to be able to calculate time is of great importance and modern life would be totally untenable without clocks telling us that we have to do certain things at certain moments.
In our reality, of course, we have no need of clocks, although those of us that communicate regularly with people incarnate are aware of your time and prepare ourselves to communicate with our colleagues incarnate at times that we know the person on Earth is also getting ready to communicate with us.

We would not expect, for instance, communication with someone incarnate in the middle of the night, when the earthly instrument is asleep, nor when the person is at his place of employment.

So, although we do not use time as such, always being in the “now” moment, we are aware of time when we interrelate with you incarnate.

Therefore, we hope that you can see that time really only applies to you on Earth.

It is considered to be a scientific rule, that if some concept is not true in all cases, it cannot be accepted as fact.

In which case, we can say that time is not a scientific fact, although it is used by virtually all people all the time.

Scientists use time in very precise ways in order to make certain scientific instruments operate and try to make sense of the world in which you live.

Indeed, without using crystals that vibrate at certain frequencies and that can be used to create clocks of various kinds, you would not have computers, satellites and many of the tools that you use that have electronic components in them.
Even modern microwave cookers, washing machines, dryers, cooking ovens, etc., have electronic devices in them to enable you to program them precisely.

All this is connected to time.

So, we appear to have a problem, a dichotomy.
On one hand, we have scientific law that states if something is not true in all cases it cannot be accepted as scientific truth – and we have said that only you, incarnate, use time – and at the same time, we have scientists using time to manufacturer virtually everything that exists nowadays.

There are a surprising number of objects manufactured today that contain computerized elements and most of these have a clock system controlling the electronics.

Of course, science ignores the non-physical aspects of life, for the moment, and so does not see the problem.

However, in the future, scientists will be forced to accept that life outside of physicality exists and, once again, Pandora’s Box will be opened to try to balance physicality with non-physicality.

Of course, we will be there, ready and willing to assist science in taking this leap of faith into accepting true life into the somewhat artificial life that physicality denotes, and we will assist as best we can in helping science to bridge the psychological gap between what has been accepted as the limit of physics and the fact that there is a whole world of new physics (not new, but new to them) that will be made available.

Accepting that aliens exist will aid in mind expansion, as well understanding immortality.

Therefore, as you can already see, time is more complicated than appears at first sight.

We have, on one hand, time as measured on Earth and time – if we can consider sequence of events as time – in the non-physical dimensions.

In order to make sense of time, we need to find some means of linking the two ways of considering time so that the word fits both aspects.

Let us really consider what we know about time.

We would agree that physical life operates using clocks, and even people that live in remote areas and don’t have watches, use the sun as a measuring device and are thus aware of the passage of time.

But, at the same time, in physicality, we don’t need to have our eyes glued to a clock to inform us of certain events.

Certainly, if we need to get to our employment at a certain time each day, or need to catch a train or an aeroplane, we need to keep a close eye on time, but at weekends, holiday times or for those who do not work, usually, time is of less importance.
At such times, generally, the person rises from bed when he feels like getting up, prepares himself for the day, has his breakfast and passes the day without following a ritual timed to the minute.

It is only those who are actively employed in the cogs of industry and enterprise that follow time by the clock.

Those we mentioned above, people not working, use sequence of events; rising, preparing themselves, having breakfast, etc.

Whatever time of the day that these people perform these acts, it is the fact that they are performed that is important, not the precise moment as measured by a clock that they take place.

If ever mankind progressed to the point that no one worked, time would lose a lot of its importance.

We mention this to help you realize that even for those who work for a living and, thus, have to perform the rising ritual at precise moments to ensure that they arrive at their employment at a precise time are, in fact, following the sequence of events pattern, but they are combining time with the sequence of events.

Many, if they follow this sequence for enough years, start to use what is called their “biological clock” and scarcely have to look at a physical clock. The rising ritual is so ingrained within them that they always – or nearly always – manage to arrive at their employment in an almost mechanical way.

The biological clock is of great importance and we will discuss this at great length later.

But let us first try to finish our discussion of time versus sequence of events.

We know that most people must rise at a certain time and many have an alarm clock to arouse them.
But we are sure that many of you also tend to wake up at that precise moment. Your biological clock has learnt to wake you up at the same moment each working day.
The alarm clock only acts as a safeguard or to help you if you have had a late night or something.

From that moment, by experience, you know just how long you can spend preparing yourself, eating breakfast, getting to work, etc., so as to arrive at your employment at the requisite time.

Once again, these actions become automatic and the person scarcely needs to look at the clock because he knows intuitively what time it is.

It is only if something disturbs the pattern, that the person has to take note of the time, so as to catch his train or whatever.

So, if someone was asked the sequence of events that he has to follow in the morning and, indeed, throughout the day, he could, more or less, describe his day from experience, as a series of events, that follow on from the moment of rising until the moment of returning to bed at the end of each day.
Obviously, within each event there will be unexpected things that he must deal with but, generally, a person could describe, for instance, arriving at work at a certain time, then coffee break, then lunch break, afternoon tea break, the journey home, evening meal and so on until he retires for the night.

Thus, many people’s days are defined by a series of events, one after another.
These events coincide, of course, with certain times that these events are centred around.

Let us explain this in more detail.

A person might be required to start his work day at, say, 7am, 8am, 9am or whatever, followed by a coffee break a few hours later and then lunch break after that.
So, although these events might occur at different times of the day, it is the fact that they occur in sequence that interests us.

Obviously, not everyone’s day follows the pattern we have described but, for millions all over the world, they would agree that what we have described fits their work day.
So, we have this combination of sequence of events and the time these events occur.

For many people, the sequence of events refers exclusively to them, depending on how far from their place of employment they live for example and, what specific things they have to do between rising and arriving at their place of employment.

This raises another point.

We have time, sequence of events, but both time and sequence of events are tied to each individual, depending on what his day is filled with.

People are not clones. They are thinking beings who have, according to their life plan, and according to their responsibilities, a number of things, exclusive to them, to do, that alter their time and sequence of events.

Therefore, we wish to introduce to you the concept that time is different for all people.

If you have followed our other teachings, the concept that you have your personal aspect of most, or many things, will not come as a surprise.

Time is presented to us as if it is just one thing, one creation for all people, but a moment’s thought should reveal to you that it is personal for all people.

For instance, at the moment that we are dictating this information to our instrument on Earth and he is doing his best to transcribe, accurately, what we say to him, he is of a certain age, sex, lives in a certain house in a certain country and is sitting in a certain room writing these words.
So, according to a large number of factors, this information is being recorded at a certain “time” which includes all the aspects we mentioned above.

But, assuming that this book is eventually made public, you will be reading the same words but under entirely different circumstances.

You may read these words days, weeks, months or years after the scribe is writing them.
You will almost certainly be in a different house, city or country.
You may be male or female, young or old, in good or poor health.
Assuming this book is translated into a different language, you may well not be reading it in the English that we are dictating it in.
In other words, we have a number of aspects of time.
There is the time that this book was first created in the Heavenly spheres, the time that we dictate to our scribe, then the time that you read it.

The meaning behind the words may have different connotations according to the level of comprehension you have.
It will be further modified by your mastery of the language, your mental and emotional state and your previous spiritual education.

This book, this chapter, will be further modified by a whole host of other factors, health, age, the time you have to spare to carefully read the message – or not – and so on.

We have noticed the reaction that we get to the information that we give.

Some people have obviously really understood what we try to explain whilst others have not grasped the meaning at all, a fact we see from the questions asked.

Then, there are those who accept and appreciate what we say whilst others reject the information.

Yet, others have their faith in God strengthened by the message, whilst others are convinced that we are in league with the devil.

All these different points of view spring from the identical information written.

So, if we bring all this together, just concentrating on the words of this chapter, we have a large variety of aspects of time all linked to the same words.

The moment when this was first created in the Heavenly spheres, long ago.
The moment when we could dictate it to our scribe on Earth.
The moment when it was published.
The moment when you discovered it and started to read it.

So, for the same message, a large amount of time factors come into play.

Then, as we said, according to where you live, your sex, your education, your previous beliefs, etc., all this will colour your comprehension and reaction to these words.

So, we hope that you can see that from the same words contained in this chapter, there are a vast number of aspects of time linked to these words, including aspects of your personality.

We will go on to say that your reaction to these words will be colored by all that has happened to you since your birth; birthplace, knowledge of language, level of comprehension, intelligence, level of open mindedness and so on.

So, in effect, the words that you are reading at this precise moment, is the result of a number of time factors that brought the words to your attention, plus a large number of other factors that are, themselves, based on the past that you had, past being an aspect of time.

This is information not easy to understand, because we have linked your birthplace, sex, education and all sorts of personal or personality traits or aspects, to time.

This may not be obvious at first thought, but if you think deeply about what we said, your past (time) affects what you are reading at this exact moment.
Further, all this is related to you and to you alone.

No two people have the same past, the same upbringing, and thus, no two people have the same understanding of these words and yet, the same words are being read by a number of people.
We can only try to make sense of what we are reading now based on what happened to us in the past, our life plan and, basically, who we are.

Therefore, we wish you to try to understand that time and who you are, are linked.

We might use another example.

We are sure that you have all passed moments of great joy, in which case time seems to fly by and, equally, you have passed through moments of great stress, in which case time seems to drag.

The essential point is that time as measured by a clock is not all that time is.

It is also linked to who we are as individuals.

We do realise that some will have difficulty in linking time to personality but for those who can, we wish you to grasp that time is individual for all people.

There is, in fact, no one time as measured by a clock.
That sort of time is just one part, one aspect of time.
Time is individual for all people who have lived, are living or will live.

We mentioned this when we considered history books.

If we could consider something like the rise and fall of the Roman Empire.
Now, we are not referring to any one book because we are sure that there must be a book with that title.
We are referring to the historical fact that the people of Rome spread and conquered a large portion of the world and a large group of people, before being chased away.

But, as we said, to fill a book with facts and figures about how Italian people acted at that time is not really the history of that epoch at all.

The true history would need to describe the complete life history of each and every man, woman and child – even the animals involved – before it could be considered to be a true history of that moment in time.

Once again, this history of that time would need to describe the personalities of all the people involved, thus demonstrating once again, but from a different point of view, that time is personal to each individual.
It is not an account of a few centuries of time, but the experiences and reactions to every person who lived and was affected by the so-called Roman Empire.

Now, why are we going to such lengths to explain all this?

We hope to demonstrate that time is greatly different and vastly more complex than just watching the hands of a clock slowly turning.

We hope, also, that you can see that time is connected to the events people have experienced, are experiencing or will experience in their lives.

It could, of course, be argued that if people didn’t exist in physicality, time would have no meaning.

Let us explain this.

Whilst it has been calculated that the planet Earth was formed a certain number of billions of years ago in the past and that the universe was formed several trillions of years ago, there is no real proof to any of this.
It is all speculation by so-called scientific people, who have no real means of calculating the true age of either Earth or the universe.

Then we have Christianity, that has calculated the age of various saints and wise people, it being assumed that one person “begat” another and the result of these calculations is published (in the Bible) and claimed to be a very short period of time that the Earth has existed.

We can say from our somewhat more elevated position, that none of these ages are correct. We will also say that, before man developed sufficient intellect to think of and to try to estimate the age of the Earth and the universe, time had no relevance.

But there was sequence of events and we have discussed this somewhat in relation to caveman.

Even if we examine the way scientists calculate time in relation to experiments or in terms of the vibrations of crystals as used in computers, we inevitably return to the fact that man is involved with the calculation of time.

We suggest to you that time only has relevance when man, past, present or future, is involved in examining it.

From there, no doubt, some of you are already thinking that, as man in nearly all his aspects is connected to DNA, time, as man is involved, will have DNA connected to it in one fashion or another.

Obviously, time, as measured by the hands turning on a clock, will have little or no connection to DNA, but, as the relevance of the passage of time only has any significance when man is involved, we can link DNA to time.

We need to expand on this to make it perfectly clear how time and DNA are connected.

At the risk of repeating what we have already said, about the average person and how his life may be ruled by time, each and every person has much, indeed, most of his character and make up defined by DNA.

This, in turn, influences who he is – male or female, intelligent or not, interested in various things.
In turn, this will influence the way he lives his life, family, employment or leisure.
This, in turn, links his life to the time in which he has to do things and it is all linked to DNA.
Not time, directly, but time as lived by someone.

We hope from the above explanation that you can see that there is, in fact, a link between time as measured by the hands of a clock turning and, by passing through people, DNA.

We wish you also to understand that there is not a specific type of DNA that is connected to time, but is all of the types of DNA that man has, that can be connected to DNA, with the possible exception of the basic type known to man that is used to check blood samples.

It is the other types, connected to the esoteric aspects of humanity, that are brought into play when considering time.

We mentioned that we would be discussing biological clocks, the moments that we have trained ourselves to react to at a certain time.

This term, biological clock, also takes into account animals that do certain things at certain times; mating, migrating and a number of other things.
These acts are done quite unconsciously by both humans and animals.

You must be aware of the effects of DNA sufficiently by now to realize that DNA is behind all these acts, events carried out several times a day or just once a year.

This marvelous and complex chemical/spiritual force is able to count time so as to prod the body to take certain actions when it is the moment.

We have discussed this action already and have likened certain aspects of DNA to an alarm clock and that flags are pre-programmed to go off to inform the body that it is the moment to take certain actions.

We call that alarm clock a biological clock, although it is not DNA that is contained in physicality.
It is astral DNA, associated with the non-physical part of us.

However, its effect is usually felt in both aspects of our make-up; physical and non-physical.

The non-physical part makes us aware of a desire, an unease, a feeling that certain actions should be taken and, usually, it is followed by physical action of some kind.

So, it is not entirely a biological clock. It is both physical and non-physical.

This biological clock is an aspect of DNA that is of considerable importance above and beyond just prodding a few beings to doing things at certain times.

It is closely linked to our life plan and also to Higher Self although, as we have said, there is only one Higher Self for all people and the biological clock is generally considered to be an aspect of each individual. And so, it is.

However, it is far more widespread than that.

We could consider that all of humanity incarnate has a collective biological clock and we could take it on further to stay that planet Earth itself is affected by its version of a biological clock and, indeed, the whole Galaxy is also affected by its own biological clock.

Once again, we remind you that all is one and so what applies to one, applies to all.

If you have a biological clock, everything has a biological clock.

If we leave individuality for the moment and consider the entire human race, there are “waking up” moments, times when virtually the entire population decide to do something.

We will, first and foremost, say that wars are not part of the population’s biological clock.

Wars are instigated by Archon controlled people, who consider it necessary to promote wars for various reasons; financial benefit in creating arms of all sorts which are sold to governments at profit and, above all, to create fear, which is food for Archons, then the idea of reducing the world’s population, reducing freedom of movement and so on.

None of this has anything to do with biological clocks although, when one sees the ease with which whole nations are persuaded to go to war with each other, it seems like a programmed event.

Biological clocks are DNA that triggers events as mankind progresses.

At the moment, after many millennia of waiting for the universe – indeed, the multiverse – to move into Ascension (another biological clock effect), so whole populations are waking up to the reality of the way that they have been treated, and are protesting.
This is a biological clock effect, that was set up in the collective consciousness long ago by Archangels in order to allow the Ascension process to progress without hinder.

Now, we wish to state to you that biological clocks do not work quite like as an alarm clock does. An alarm clock, especially a digital one, rings at a precise moment, where as a biological clock works rather more slowly.

So, this awakening of the world’s population and the elimination of the evil ones, takes place slowly and methodically.

Certain countries are more awake than others, so the awareness of how they have been enslaved happens more rapidly in some countries than in others.

Equally, those countries that are rigidly controlled by Archon influenced religions, will take longer to break free, but this liberation is programmed to occur – indeed, has already started – and will proceed inexorably until all of humanity is freed from Archon control.

If the evil ones could only recognize that this is so and, no matter what they do, their time is over, peace could be obtained so much more easily. This would benefit the evil ones, as the peace and rise in spirituality of the various populations would open the doors to an equitable settlement to the problem and people would find it easy to forgive the evil ones.

But they are struggling and fighting, reluctant to lose face and power.
This will create tension in which some people will wish to harm the evil ones and so a great deal of physical damage may be inflicted on those who are found to be perpetrators of heinous crimes.

It is this awakening time that will be dangerous to the evil ones and the more they try to resist, the more harm they will receive.

It is a bit like a boxing match, in which one contestant is hopelessly outmatched, but continues to fight instead of throwing in the towel.

We are sure that the evil people are aware of the situation, but are so used to having the upper hand, that they are reluctant to throw in the towel.

They are trying by all the means at their disposal to stop, or at least delay, Ascension, but they are fighting a losing battle.

Indeed, the fight is already lost and they would do well to recognise defeat.

Obviously, there are other national and human biological clock effects, such as the increase in the desire to become vegetarian.

Another one is the desire to eliminate poisonous pesticides in food production.

These are all biological clock effects.

There are many more, but you can see for yourself how suddenly, whole populations decide to do something.

Abolishing capital punishment is one, although it still goes on in some places.
Abolishing corporal punishment in schools and prisons is another.

People suddenly decide that something that has existed for long ages is no longer acceptable.
Or suddenly decide to adopt something: Animal Rights springs to mind.
In many countries, hunting is being frowned upon and will eventually be abolished.
Mistreating cats, dogs, horses and other so called “pets” is being banned in many countries.

These are examples of whole populations waking up due to biological clocks and much of what is being introduced today has a connection to Ascension which, as we have said, is a major biological clock awakening call.

Now, it may be difficult to accept that the whole multiverse has a biological clock and DNA, but it is so.

The Pendulum swing that we mentioned is, in effect, the multiverse’s biological clock moving us all – and by all we mean everyone in all dimensions – to be flooded with the light of God and it is the DNA of the multiverse that is causing this.

We do appreciate that it is not easy to imagine that planet Earth, the Galaxy and the whole multiverse has DNA but it is so.

All life is one.
Size has no relevance.

Therefore, we feel that we have explained sufficient about DNA in a global sense to give a clear picture of these aspects of DNA, in relation to time, and we’ll move on to the next chapter, which will discuss DNA in a more universal state.

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