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We have discussed this incredibly important aspect of existence called DNA and have tried to demonstrate that it is connected to absolutely everything, from the tiniest particle inside an atom, to the whole multiverse, itself and have stated that it is second only to the Logos of God.

This gives some measure of how important we consider it to be, because the Logos of God, contained within the soul, is the stamp of authority from God itself to be alive and to be God.

So, to say that DNA is second only to that gives some idea of how important we consider it to be.

Also, we seem to have covered just about every aspect of DNA, from the physical sort that police and scientists use to compare blood or tissue samples, up to and through the dimensions and have explained this connection, not only to time, but to the biological clock of the universe and the multiverse.

Can there be more to discuss?

Obviously, this is a rhetorical question and the answer is yes.

The problem is that there are areas of existence that are far outside of anything known and so, as these aspects of life would have DNA as an integral part of them, to explain the DNA connection would require a long and detailed explanation of the aspects themselves.

This would take us away from the aims of this book, which is to demonstrate that DNA is closely connected to most aspects of known life.

It is not our desire, in this book, to delve into areas that humanity incarnate has no knowledge of and, as we have said, there are areas of life so difficult to explain that you probably would be baffled by any explanation.

So, we are fast approaching the barrier between what we consider to be possible of comprehension by most people, and the areas that would best be left unsounded for the moment.

Of course, we wish to hide nothing and our aim is to enable all people to understand all aspects of life, but this must be done slowly and carefully, allowing you time to digest what we have already stated.

None of this is helped by the fact that much of what is considered to be known about life is simply not true and so we have to break through the barriers created by false information – to help you unlearn what you believed to be true – before we can replace lies with truth.

We blame religions, partly, for creating fables and we blame science for disseminating false teachings to their students.

However, as we have often stated, times are changing and these Archon created myths about life will be rejected and will be replaced by truth.

The problem we have, as we stated, is to reveal to you, aspects of creation that you already know about through our teachings, as opposed to aspects that have remained outside of your knowledge.

But, we will introduce you to one aspect because, although it will be new to all mankind incarnate, is sufficiently close to what is known as not to be too shocking to you.

Also, the DNA of this new topic is of such importance that, not to mention it, would be to fail in our attempt to describe DNA.

So, we will do our best to describe this new topic in as simple a fashion as possible and hope you will be able to accept it.

Let us, as an introduction, go back and remind you of some of the things we have described in other books that will have relevance to this new topic.

We have stated that all is one, that one is God and, as God is an unknowable force living in “nothing land”, so all that you think exists, all that you consider to be real is, in fact, illusion.

The only things that exist are curiosity and imagination.

These two esoteric terms have no physicality; therefore, you have no physicality!

You are just God pretending to be a “something”.

Therefore, we have the somewhat unenviable task of moving beyond the illusionary world in which we all live (us in the Heavenly spheres as well as you), and describe how imagination and curiosity can possibly be connected to DNA.

And yet, if what we said about all being one is true, even abstract concepts like imagination and curiosity, if they exist, must have DNA.
If this were not so, this whole book about DNA would be meaningless.

As, we hope, we have satisfactorily argued in favor of DNA in this illusion, and this illusion is created by curiosity and imagination, we may say that both curiosity and imagination must contain DNA.

Indeed, the DNA of curiosity and imagination is of paramount importance in the construction of illusion.

We don’t know if we can explain this simply and satisfactorily, but we will try.

Most good stories start at the beginning, go on to the end and then stop. But life is not like that.
It is circular. It is a ring, a ball, a sphere, if it could be visualized.
There is no beginning point.

Imagine the wheel of a cart or a motor car.

It exists and might be made of wood in a horse drawn cart, or metal and rubber in the case of an automobile, but you could not point to a place where it starts nor where it ends.

You could run your hands around it endlessly.

But, if we take a wheel, it serves a purpose.

If we take, for example, a horse drawn cart, as the horse advances, the wheel turns.

If one were a tiny creature sitting on an inside edge of the wheel, as the wheel turns, the little creature might be aware of motion but would possibly perceive that motion as travelling in a straight line.

But if we observe the wheel, we see it turning.

If we look at the tracks made on, say, a muddy road as the cart progresses, we would see a straight line in the mud, very similar to that being experienced on the edge of the wheel by the tiny creature.

So, depending on our point of view, we have two versions of the same motion.
In one case, just looking at the straight line track left in the mud by the passage of the cartwheel, we could imagine that something had been dragged in a line through the mud and anyone looking at the track, if they did not know that wheels exist, could, and probably would, be convinced and argue that something had been dragged through the mud.

Then we have the little creature that would, if he could communicate with us, to a certain extent support the argument of the first person, that an object has moved through the mud, but all this would be contradicted by yet a third person who claimed to have seen a circular wheel and the mark left was made as it rotated, that above the wheel was a cart, a box-like structure, and that a horse had pulled the cart through the mud.

What horse?
No one mentioned a horse!

Out comes a magnifying glass and the track is minutely examined and no evidence of a horse found. Of course, if the gaze of the person examining the track moved a few feet away, he would see the marks left by the horse’s hooves, but in the track, there is no evidence about a horse.
Nor is there any evidence of a box-like structure (the cart).
There is just a straight line left in the mud.

Further, if the person who saw the horse and cart from a short distance claims to have seen that the cart was loaded with goods of some nature – bales of hay, sacks of corn or whatever – the story, from the point of view of the person examining the track, would seem to be more and more unlikely.

If there were goods in a cart and a horse pulling the cart along, it would indicate that some person has loaded the cart and that would imply some intelligent life force which, in turn, would imply a connection to DNA through the DNA in the wheel and in the cart, the DNA of the horse, the DNA in the goods being transported and the DNA in the person who loaded the cart.

Now, as all we have to go on is a track in the mud, all the rest of the story can safely be dismissed as illusion.

There is no wheel, no cart, no goods, no horse and no person loading these goods.
There is no evidence and no proof, thus we can safely dismiss the whole story and rest on our laurels.

If the person who really saw the scene keeps on, we can mock him, laugh at him or, as a last resort, shut him up either by locking him in a lunatic asylum or by even more drastic means.

Thus, we remain with this slim evidence of a track in the mud and need look no further.

We present this story to you in order for you to realize that there is more than one way of looking at life.

We can either look at life purely through physical evidence, like looking at the track in the mud, or we could look at life from the more expanded view of the person who saw the horse and cart, or yet again, we can look at life from both aspects and accept that some people have only a limited vision of life, but that also a more expanded view exists.

We suggest to you, if we may, that it would be wise to accept both versions.

If we can pass through life accepting and understanding that some people remain ignorant of expanded wisdom and that they have the right to be like that, even though we might be in possession of greater knowledge, we can live in peace with both factions.

Thus, we live in peace with both them and with ourselves.

We might question what this story has in connection to DNA as it applies to us?

The answer is not easy to explain, but we will try.

We explained to you that the little story about the horse and cart and the track in the mud had two ways of looking at it depending on one’s point of view and that DNA was really only connected to the expanded version of it: the wheel, the cart, the horse, the baggage on the cart and the person loading the cart.

But we could prove none of that!

This takes us on to the idea that if nothing exists except curiosity and imagination, even if these things have DNA – a strange form, we will admit – we get the feeling that the story is not complete.

There must, surely, be more to life than just curiosity, imagination and DNA?

This is where we need to make a quantum leap and say that even curiosity and imagination can only exist because there is another force behind these concepts pulling the strings, so to speak.

We are not talking about God, nor his Archangels.

Between these two concepts and us, there are countless other levels of existence totally unknown to man.

As we said, it is not our function, at this time, to explain these levels of existence.
We will only deal with one and that will be hard enough to explain.

We need to try to explain that, between the life we all lead in all dimensions, are an endless number of different lives, different ways of looking at things outside of and beyond any aspect we could really talk about.

We are not referring to alternative realities and we are not referring to any life that could possibly be connected to anything known at the moment.

We are referring to a totally different form of life, far removed from us.
It exists in other areas, other frequencies.

Once again, we are not referring to the kindergarten sphere we investigated in a previous book.
After all, this kindergarten life area is closely connected to our galaxy and our dimensions.
Nor are we talking about life on the other side of nothingness!

This is a place that you could not imagine in your wildest dreams, yet exists, is real and is, in a bizarre fashion, influencing us.

We hope that you can see our problem.

We spoke about physical life and how hard that is to grasp in all dimensions and we spoke about it all being an illusion.
Then we spoke about curiosity and imagination and said that was all that existed – concepts, we think you will agree, that are almost impossible to connect to life as we know it to be – and now we are saying that they only exist because some other area, some other force, totally unknown, that is contributing to the illusion in which we all live.

The problem we have, is that words do not exist to describe this area, nor is there any way of imagining it. It is outside of anything we can grasp.

And yet, we need to try to present it to you because of its DNA.

In fact, if we simplify the concept, we could say that it is the area that creates DNA.
It is actually much more complicated than that, because life, as we will all discover one day, is infinitely complex and we are not sufficiently advanced in esoteric wisdom to be able to comprehend these strange, yet remarkable concepts.

So, to make it as simple as possible, let us just try to imagine and describe the creation area of DNA.

We will say that, if something exists, it has to have been thought of and created somewhere.

So often we just accept that things exist and look no further.

We described this in the horse and cart story where we look at the track left in the mud, accept that it is there, but look no further.

But, of course, if we step back, we see the events that caused the track.

If we had the means, we could take our investigation onwards and describe the horse; stallion or mare, breed, age, etc.
We could ask who made the wheel and visit his place of work, watch him creating wheels, find out what wood is used.
We could talk to the wheelwright and find out if he is married, with children, where he lives and all about the man.

We will stop here this dissertation, but you can see that from a mysterious track in mud lies a vast and complex series of events, of actions, of forms of life, only distantly related to the track in the mud.

But, the point is, if it were not for all these disparate elements coming together, the track in the mud would not have been made.

Up till now, we suggest, science has rather been like someone looking at the track in the mud, just examining what can been seen and totally ignoring all the incredibly complex events that contributed and combined to produce this track.

Equally, all the behind-the-scene events have DNA. Each and every atom of all the elements; wood, iron, fire (furnace), people, clothes, buildings. Each and every thing that contributed to the production of that track contains DNA.

In other words, in a way, if it were not for the overriding importance of DNA, that track would not exist.

We have somewhat labored the point, but we wish to reinforce in your minds, that DNA is of vital importance to the creation of life.

Therefore, we can be sure that the Archangels who work for God and implement all that God desires to be created, thought long and hard about some force, some concept that would need to be created that would, ultimately, produce the multiverse as we now know it to be.

So, they created DNA.

We hope that you can appreciate that DNA is the one, constant factor, that glues all life together into a composite whole.

So, as we said, DNA is second only to the Logos of God itself.

We might almost say that it is its partner, its adiunctus, and without DNA, nothing would exist.

But, DNA needed to be created somewhere.
So, an area was created where DNA could be invented.

Can you imagine that we cannot really describe the process that was used to produce DNA in astral form? In fact, it was created far above the astral planes in areas that we cannot describe and, once perfected, was lowered in frequency into all the dimensions, the sub-dimensions and, finally, into physicality.

All this was created, as and when the various stages of life were also created and, as they were created, DNA was linked to the dimensions and the people and objects in them.
DNA helped to solidify and perfect these life forms.

Now, we know that we have not really described this area, nor have we described the processes put into play to create DNA.
We ask you to accept, if you will, that DNA was created by Archangels long ago in an area far remote from anything you are aware of and, gradually introduced to life in the manner that we told you life was placed in, and on, the various dimensions.

Life and DNA go together and we can’t have one without the other.

We wish also to inform you, just to whet your appetite, that this area where DNA is invented is only one of a vast number of areas where other aspects of life were/are created.

The unfortunate fact is that, for the moment, we have no means of describing these areas, and if we did, you could not possibly understand, because life is infinitely more complex than what appears, much more complex than anything we have described to you.

It will take generations before mankind will develop to the point that he will be able to imagine these other areas.

If you can accept that life is, indeed, more complex, more diverse than anything imaginable at the moment, that will sow the seeds to, one day, being able to comprehend more about life.

Although this book is not long and although, as always, we have not fully explored all the aspects of DNA, we have presented, we hope, a fairly comprehensive overview of DNA and how important it is in all areas of life.

We hope that you found this book interesting, informative and presented in an understandable fashion.

So, we will finish this book here and select the next one which will take you on to other areas of existence.

We ask the blessing of almighty God on each and every one of you as you progress along the path of Ascension and we send you on wings of angels.

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