DNA – Beyond The Physical – Read Online – Foreword


This book will be the sixth in this series, that discusses some of the many aspects of life, which is not only endless but covers unimaginable aspects of creation that goes on, not only beyond what we have already covered in the previous volumes but, ultimately, would take us on to levels far beyond the comprehension of any of you and, it must be said, beyond the comprehension of any of us.

One could ask the question, of course, that as all life only exists in the degree that comprehension allows, if we get to the point where the comprehension of even the wisest of us will not exceed, could life still continue?

From a certain point, a certain aspect, we could say that life does not go beyond comprehension – and that would be true – nevertheless, at some point in the future, consciousness will expand and, at that point, existence will expand to fill the gap created by expanded consciousness.

Life hates a void, a vacuum and, although we have said that in reality nothing exists and it is all imagination; illusion creating a sort of reality, we must admit that what we described as all of existence not really existing in any tangible form, what we were really admitting was that we had no means of comprehending the next level and that we described it all as “nothing”.
No time, no space, no planets, no gravity – in effect – no life, but this concept we called God, we must now admit that, of course, it was not true.
It was just an excuse for not going any deeper.

It is also true that, although we suspect that life goes on endlessly, there does come a point where our level of understanding ends and, at that point, we just have a blank.
But that does not mean that there is nothing beyond that point. It just means that we have no means of reaching into that void.
But we are not quite at that moment yet.

We feel the need to apologise to you for not always telling you the truth concerning life (existence) but we have done it for a good reason and, no doubt, will do so again.

If and when we are discussing a complicated subject, we do not want your minds, individually and collectively, to stray from the subject under discussion and, we must also say that many of you will have had no knowledge of what we have discussed in these various other books.

If you go back to when we first started to give you information and if you have followed attentively the information that we have revealed to you, you will admit, we hope, that we have all taken great strides in many areas.

But we have to reveal existence to you slowly and carefully, to lead you into these difficult concepts.

Even now, as we start book 6 in this series, you may well be wondering what on Earth – or heaven – is left to discuss but we can assure you that the living library (the Akashic Record) is stocked with information and goes into areas that no human, incarnate or discarnate could comprehend.

Into those areas there would be no point in venturing.
Words do not exist to describe some aspects of life and you would have no ability to comprehend if we tried.

But in this book, Volume 6, we intend to try to explain the concept behind DNA, in as full a manner as possible.

We know that we have touched on this subject a number of times but, DNA is a quite complicated topic and requires a serious study to move beyond the level of comprehension that man has today and, in fact, links with many – indeed most – of the subjects that the other books discussed.

It is quite amazing that the subject of “existence”, with all its ramifications, can be made to sound cold, lifeless and boring by scientists, but we hope that you, who have followed our other books, have found our explanations interesting.
So, let us turn to DNA and recount, briefly, the history of its discovery.

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