Linking With The 4th Dimension – Chapter 1



As we said in the Foreword, we will do two things in this book, which is an update of the book on auras we gave you.
The first will be to give you information on how to enter, safely, the various regions of the upper 4th dimension and the second will be to give you new information about the various auras.

In case you are wondering why we will only be talking about the upper 4th dimension, the answer is that the upper 4th is the only area with life as you would understand it to exist.
All the other dimensions are involved with assisting life but do not contain any complete humans, plants or animals, as you would know them to be.
So, if you were to enter any other dimension, you would be completely lost and, indeed, certain dimensions are dangerous.

So, in order to be able to contact any meaningful landscapes and to contact the beings that live in them, it suffices to learn how to enter the upper 4th dimension.
It is separated into a host of different landscapes or sub-dimensions.
All areas are separated by being of different frequencies, some higher and some lower.
If you have studied all the information we have given you, you should know this.
We will describe the actual technique later but we will describe some of these landscapes first so that you will be prepared to understand what you will be seeing.
After all, if you were going to visit a foreign country, it would make sense to learn something about that country and its population, so it makes sense to be informed about the various areas you may learn to enter in the heavenly spheres.

So, we will describe some of these areas but please do not think that having awareness of them will enable you easily to enter them. It won’t.
It will take months, possibly years of training to learn to explore these areas or landscapes.
After all, even to travel from one country to another requires a lot of preparation, so to explore the spiritual realms also requires much preparation.
This is why, in the Foreword, we gave you that warning.

Imagine that you were going to a good university to study a subject.
Before being qualified, it would take a number of years of dedicated study before receiving a diploma.
Now, the actual diploma is a meaningless piece of paper given to the student in order for him to show a future employer that he has an in-depth knowledge of the subject that he studied. It is the in-depth knowledge that is important not the diploma.

Following the spiritual path for a sufficient length of time will give in depth knowledge of spirituality but you will not receive a diploma. Spirituality deals in realities, not in make-believe.
It is possible, in certain universities, for specially selected people to obtain a diploma without having demonstrated an in-depth knowledge on a subject and it is possible to obtain a forged diploma.
But, in either case, the student has not become proficient in the discipline he was supposed to be studying.
The spiritual realms do not work like that. If you have not perfected the techniques for entering the spiritual realms, you cannot do it.

Quite simply, as one applies oneself to the discipline of following the spiritual path, so one’s frequency rises.
As the planes or landscapes in the upper 4th dimension vibrate to various frequencies, it is as one’s own frequency rises to become compatible with the frequency of a landscape that one is able to transfer one’s consciousness into that landscape and observe life at that level.
Until one has achieved that level of advancement, it is not possible to make this shift from 3D reality to one of the planes of the upper 4th.
The higher the frequency that one can vibrate to, the higher the level one can go to.

It is a strange thing that it is possible to go to lower levels but only go to higher levels when one has obtained that skill.
For example, if one considers any skill on Earth; music, art, gymnastics, mathematics or whatever, it is possible to demonstrate at a very basic level a skill but it is only after much study that one can demonstrate higher levels.
In mathematics, it is possible to write that 1+1=2. But it takes a higher skill to do algebra, calculus and so on.
Someone who knows calculus will also be able to show that 1+1=2, but a child only able to show that 1+1=2 would be lost trying to do calculus.
The spiritual path is the same.

As one advances in spirituality, so one’s frequency rises and, by the law of mutual attraction, one can see and enter higher landscapes but until one has done the necessary study it is not possible to leave one’s Earthly attachment and fly off to other areas of life.

We have warned you that this book is for serious students of spirituality so, unless you are prepared to spend a great deal of time following the path, this book may not be for you.

We wish to describe at least some of the areas you may see, if and when you can raise your frequency sufficiently to leave your body and enter the spiritual realms.
As we said, we will describe the technique required to achieve that later.

We will also say that we have described some of the landscapes of the higher 4th dimension in other works but as we promised to give you a book describing completely all of this discipline, we will repeat much of what we have already told you. For some, at least, it will be new information.

So, assuming that one is meditating and assuming that one has done this sufficiently often and with sufficient dedication so as to have attracted guides, one day one or more guides will assist you to go to the higher 4th dimension.
Now, we must say at this point that guides will vibrate at a higher frequency than you when you first start following the path so, although, from the beginning, if you follow the techniques we will give you, they will be protecting you, they won’t be able actually to interact with you until you have raised your frequency to the point that they can so interact.
This may take some time.
Guides are serious people and will only help serious students.
If you try to enter the heavenly spheres for simple curiosity, in all probability you will not be helped but if you genuinely devote your life to the spiritual path, so as to assist all mankind, they will help you all they can.

As we said, guides cannot help you until you have raised your frequency to their level and they will only help you if you have the correct attitude.

Assuming that all this is in place, sooner or later a guide will take you to Summerland.

Now, what happens is that, as the student is deep in meditation, a guide will link with the appropriate aura of the student and “push” him from his physical body into that aura.
Actually, it is the consciousness that moves. The body is sitting on a chair and the student’s consciousness is moved into an aura.
It will not be the etheric double but a true aura.

The student may or may not be allowed to observe the transfer.
If it is decided that it would be better for the student not to observe the transfer, the student will experience a feeling as if he is being lifted from his chair. There will be a few seconds of blackness and then the student will be in the beauty of Summerland.

If, however, it is decided that the student should be shown the transfer, he will watch his consciousness floating through space – which may also seem black – until, once again, he arrives at Summerland.
He may even observe orbs floating in the same direction as himself.
These are the consciousnesses of newly deceased people making their way to Summerland.

We should, at this point, question why there appears to be a journey between leaving the earth plane and arriving in the upper 4th.
In fact, it is made so that the student, or the dead person, can adapt to the fact that he is changing dimensions.
With experience, it is possible to make the switch instantaneous.
The student desires to enter the upper 4th dimension and, as he is already vibrating at that frequency, he just arrives.

What does he see or hear?
The first thing is light.
God is pure starlight, pure vibration and so, at the highest, Godlike level, one would observe blinding white light of unbelievable power.
Obviously, for the average person this degree of light would be harmful. But that is because the average person is vibrating to a much lower frequency and one is only comfortable in areas of light, heat or sound commensurate with one’s own frequency.
There are entities almost at the level of God that live in that area but that is because, being so pure, they are close to God and thus vibrate to the same – or similar – frequency as God.

If one were to meet such a person, we would be blinded by his effulgence, his brightness. If he was to speak to us his voice would sound booming. This is not that he would be shouting. He wouldn’t. It would be because sound, like light, is frequency and the purer the sound, the louder it would appear to us.
It would be the audio equivalent of pure starlight.
Unfortunately, we do not have a means of describing “star sound” but that is what it is.
Mention has been made in the Bible of powerful angels coming close to man and were observed as blinding light. When they spoke, their voices filled the heavens like thunder.
Such is the nature of purity.

However, we are concerned with what you would see if you were to visit Summerland.
As we said, you would see light.
If you had not been able to raise your frequency through meditation and other disciplines, you would not have been taken to the higher 4th dimension but, having been taken implies that one has made the grade.

We will break off here to say that all dead people are taken to that area as well but that has to do with the higher self and we will explain that later.

The student, still very much alive and sitting on his chair in his meditation room arrives in Summerland.

He may well find himself alone but his guides will be close by.
He’s in no danger but his guides will direct his journey through this experience.
His guides might well be invisible to him but that is because his guides might vibrate at a higher frequency than the student and different vibrations count in the spirit world.
The guides will see the student, vibrating at a lower frequency than them, but the student may not see the guides. But rest assured they are there.

What is Summerland? It has been called Summerland because that is what it is.
If you can imagine an endless landscape of beautiful countryside, that is what you see.
This is not quite true.
It is more like an endless and perfectly kept garden with miles and miles of immaculately manicured lawns, dotted here and there with trees, lakes, flowerbeds and paths.
There are benches should one wish to rest, although one never grows physically tired.
The sky is a deep azure blue.
But there is no visible sun. This is because Summerland is, itself, illuminated by the sun and is part of the sun.
We will explain this fuller another time.
The air is warm.
A gentle music fills the air that comes from the flowers and plants for they are alive.

The colours are much more intense than one would see them on Earth. It is as if a veil has fallen from our eyes.

We will see people strolling about chatting to each other. They may greet us but probably would not question us deeply as to why we are there. We may explain the reason for our presence but they would not question us. To question would be impolite.
We may or may not hear our guides talking to us, explaining things.
This depends, to a certain extent, on whether one has learned telepathy.
But in any case, they will impress their desires for explanation on us so we will understand.

One would, perhaps, question that if all people when their incarnation is finished go to the heavenly spheres (higher 4th) and this has been happening since the dawns of humanity, one would expect the heavenly spheres in general and Summerland – where many of us end up – in particular would be getting a bit crowded by now. But such is not the case.
The reason is simple but takes some explanation.

Our non-physical body is not solid as our physical body appears to be.
Spirit is pure energy. However, people have will, desire – call it what you will.
So, a spirit form can appear physical to other spirit forms if it so desires or it can be invisible.
It can assume a human form or just remain as pure energy. Even in its pure energy form it will retain its identity signature.

So, one person in his energy form can identify and link with another energy form and can exchange information.
If one person in his energy form wishes to contact another, he can but he will instantly know if the second person wishes to be contacted or left alone. They both will know if the communication is to take place while they are both in energy form or whether they want to appear as physical people to exchange information.
Sometimes one form is better than another.
For instance, two people who have been in the heavenly realms for some time will have learnt to operate as pure spirit. It is a skill that has to be learnt.
Others will need to imagine physical bodies.
If you go to Summerland, you, in all probability will need to imagine yourself as physical.
You will observe others in physical form. Those using just energy will remain invisible to you.
So, heaven is not crowded but it does respond to the thought forms being sent from one person to another rather as you can send telephonic messages to each other, or using the internet.

So, you look around you at all the beauty. You will feel peace and love. You will be filled with the joy that is the result of being surrounded with peace and love.
Nothing can go wrong. There is no danger. Accidents cannot happen. There are no criminals.
It compares to the Biblical concept of the Garden of Eden.

Now, we must say the garden you find yourself in is a reflection of your personal frequency in terms of your rise to perfection.
This gives the impression that there is not just the one landscape that you find yourself in.
That is one of many that are a reflection of your state of advancement.
So, if you were of a lesser state of advancement you would be in a place, although extremely beautiful, that would be less magnificent than one that someone of a higher vibration would arrive at.
Equally, of course, someone of a higher vibration would find himself in an area of even greater beauty.
Can you imagine what someone like Jesus would see if he arrived here?

We need to answer the question as to how many levels of Summerland there are.
The answer is one. Actually, it is zero but collective desire of the countless people who finished their incarnations and, having risen to heaven, expected to find themselves in paradise, created with their minds this beautiful place.

But, as it is a reflection of the level of spirituality of the new arrival, what the person sees is a reflection of his degree of perfection.

One could say that it is created from imagination and, to a certain extent it is but the reality is more complicated than that and what we observe in the heavenly spheres are far from imaginary.
It would be better to say that each person who came to Summerland, expecting to see paradise, laid a block more of its creation.
So, Summerland certainly appears real but, we repeat, it is unique to each person.
What one sees is a reflection of the degree of one’s personal spiritual frequency.

However, it is more complicated than that, in that, for instance, when one first passes into the afterlife, one is met by a glowing person and one has a one-on-one conversation with that person.
If you think about it, at any moment of time, there must be a considerable number of people dying and going to Summerland. In which case one would think that the reception area would consist of a vast number of newly deceased, battling to be received into heaven.
But such is not the case.
Each new arrival is alone with the person tasked with receiving him.

The reason is simple. It is a question of vibration, frequency.

The newly deceased would vibrate at a certain frequency according to how he is.
Some might be lowly creatures and some might be quite holy so there would be a considerable difference in frequency between the lowest and the highest.
So, what is done is a sort of default frequency is projected to the dead person that enables him to appear to vibrate at a frequency required by the receptionist guide.
This is not complicated but is difficult to describe in earthly terms.

You could imagine people who have to wear certain robes to be admitted to a place or to have a pass badge.
It is not quite like that but the effect is that the newly deceased person is given a sort of covering that enables him to vibrate at a certain frequency.
Each person is given a unique frequency so that each person finds himself isolated from any other new arrival.
His greeting guide would vibrate at the same level so the new arrival and the guide find themselves alone together.
This gives the guide the opportunity to explain to the newly deceased what has happened and where he is.
Then the person would have his life review and his true frequency will be revealed, this default frequency disappears and the person finds himself in one of the areas that corresponds to his spiritual frequency.

But we must say that, although each and every person has a unique frequency that, in effect, isolates him from any other person, with many people their vibrations are sufficiently close as to more or less overlap and so some people can communicate much as people on earth do.
The main difference is that the overlapping is limited and so each person would only find himself with people like him.

In the next chapter we will describe to you the spiritual family (oversoul) that you belong to.

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