Linking With The 4th Dimension – Chapter 12



You will have noticed that the upper 4th dimension (which we will call the 4th) contains a large number of areas, which we tend to call landscapes when communicating with you.
Some of these landscapes appear physical and some of which are ‘mental’ or non-physical areas.
All of these landscapes, whether they be physical or non-physical, are kept apart by the simple expedient of giving unique frequencies to them.
Thus, no two landscapes can overlap unless intentionally required to do so.
Therefore, you can easily determine that to enter any landscape simply requires linking in one’s mind with the appropriate frequency.

It may come as a surprise to some of you to learn that while you are going through your incarnation in the 6th dimension, you always retain links to the 4th.
We have mentioned that you always retain a link to your oversoul group and to one or more guides or teachers who are in 4th.
You also retain links to the areas we described in previous chapters which enable you, for instance in the case of the last chapter, to be able to deal with abstract thoughts.
The degree to which one can link with the abstract landscape depends on a number of things: one’s intelligence, one’s education, the degree that one’s position in society requires one to deal with abstract thoughts and so on. But, we stress, everyone retains links to the 4th.
This link can be strengthened through meditation until one is able to be in two worlds at once, the 6th (the incarnation plane) and the 4th, which is your true home.
When one can do this a whole mass of possibilities opens and history notes a number of people who were able to do this and were thus able to act in an almost miraculous fashion. Jesus is, perhaps, the prime example although there have been many people, largely unknown, who had a similar control over being able to link with the 4th.
All of you, however, retain links to some landscapes in the 4th to assist you with your incarnation.

We wish now to turn our attention to yet another landscape in the 4th that you may use from time to time, although you may not know that it is retained in the 4th.
This area is where memory is stored.

There has been much debate about memory by doctors etc., and brains have been probed to find the area within the brain that stores memories. Of course, doctors fail to find any such area.
Then people turn to mind, despite very few knowing what mind is.

Memory is not stored in any physical part of the human anatomy. This can be demonstrated easily by the fact that, at the demise of the physical body, memory is still retained thus demonstrating that memory is part of the non-physical aspects of a person.
Memory is stored in the akashic record as we have mentioned elsewhere in other works.
But the akashic record is, in fact, an amazing, multidimensional area. The akashic record is found in the 5th dimension, but there is also a part that is to be found in the 4th. The reason for this is that memory is important and thus there is a sort of copy of what can be found in the 5th, in the 4th so that people who might have difficulty in connecting to the 5th dimension can still find memories by linking to the 4th.
Whilst incarnate in the 6th dimension, as we have said, you always retain a link to the 4th and so many people find it easier to draw memories from the akashic record in the 4th rather than to try to form a link to the akashic record in the 5th.

Before we delve into memory, might we draw to your attention the importance of memory.
Imagine that memory never existed. We think that you would find life untenable.
Imagine that you just had this moment as your reality – which, in fact, is true.
If memory did not exist, you would have no concept of your name, your address, your age, your situation, any skill that you might have acquired, your job, where you work and so on. You would just have this moment.

Now, the truth of the matter is that you do, in fact, live in this microsecond of space/time. That is all that exists, as we have often explained.
There is no past and no future, just the infinitely small point of time and of space that creates your reality. All the past microseconds of time are stored in the akashic record.
But it is thanks to the fact that you can locate past frames of space/time that you know who you are, where you live, who your family is, where you work or go to school and so on which we mentioned earlier.
As we said, if it were not for being able to contact the akashic record, life would be very bizarre and, frankly, unlivable.

We mentioned the akashic record being in two places, the 4th and the 5th.
The difference between the akashic record of the two places is that the akashic record in the 5th not only contains your personal memory file but the files created by all living entities, and these files can be contacted if one knows how.
So, we, when we want to retrieve books created by other people, go into the akashic record of the author of the books we require and retrieve them from the akashic record in the 5th.
We can also review the lives and actions of anyone that interests us by getting the information from the akashic record in the 5th.
But, the akashic record in the 4th only contains your personal file and you call that your memory.
The file of each person is encoded with a frequency unique to you, or them, so you draw from that file only your own memories.
Can you understand this?
For each person his/her personal file is encoded with a frequency that ensures that when a person tries to remember something, he draws only his own memories from that file.
We think that you will agree that if you try to remember something but that you connected to the memories of anyone else but you, your life would be chaotic!

Now let us start to link all this together.
You actually live in a microsecond of space and time. This moment of space/time is infinitesimal.
But, as soon as any moment of space/time is lived, it is stored in two places. The akashic record in the 5th and, more importantly, your personal file in the 4th.
This is of vital importance to you. We use the word vital advisedly. We mean vital in the sense of being essential to the continuance of life.
As we demonstrated earlier, if it were not for memory being constantly available to you, you would live in an infinitesimally small amount of the here and now and you would have no memory of who you are or anything essential to being able to know anything about you.
Memory is essential to you.
So, we must all be grateful to the archangels who created these personal files in the akashic record and who created the ability we all have to link to a file in order constantly to remind us of who we are and all our personal details in the 4th.
It may seem strange to those incarnate who believe that there is only physical life on Earth, if they could realise that every waking moment they are in touch with a non-physical dimension that constantly sends them memories of who and what they are.

So, in a way, there is not much to talk about concerning this memory landscape but, in fairness, we feel we should attempt to describe it somewhat.

Obviously, if we could stand back and look at this place there would be nothing to see.
Although the area contains countless blocks of frequencies (one for each person, animal, plant or mineral) these blocks of frequencies are invisible as are the memories they contain.

But let us try to analyse how the area works. It is, in fact, very complicated.
As we said, and we apologise for repeating ourselves, there is an area for each and every sentient being or object, including for those of us whose incarnations have finished and who are in the spiritual realms.
So, this assumes that, from the moment of leaving the 4th and linking with a baby at the moment of birth, the connection with the memory area incarnates with us. But it is not in any way a physical connection. It is non-physical, by which we mean that one of the auras retains a close link to the personal memory file in the 4th.

Obviously, a newborn baby has no awareness of this link for at least two reasons.
First, the baby has nothing to remember, being newborn, and second, the link between mind and brain is not fully formed.
We could add that the auras are very weak at this time and also the brain is not yet capable of working as it does in a more developed human – or any other creature for that matter.
So, the baby lies in his crib with no idea of who or what he is. Just his basic survival instincts work. The desire for food, sleep, awareness of pain, etc.
It is only when the baby develops somewhat that it is able, via its aura and mind, to link with the memory area in the 4th.

Now, we have mentioned in the past and in this work that a part of us can link to the akashic record, which is a memory area, in the 5th and this can be achieved by linking with the higher self, certain aspects of auras and DNA.
The connection we have to our personal file in the 4th is more direct.
It comes through an aura that is connected to the 4th, into the mind and is transferred to the brain.
Once again, DNA is involved but the process of being able to link to one’s personal file in the 4th is more direct than if one were to connect to the akashic record in the 5th.

It is worth mentioning that contact with the personal memory file in the 4th can be interrupted through trauma. It happens, occasionally, if someone has an accident or other trauma, that the link breaks to a certain extent and the person does not know his name, his address, nor any other important details.
Happily, memory usually returns as the trauma reduces, but through certain illnesses the link can be permanently lost and the unfortunate person finds himself, as far as his history is concerned, in the state of a newborn child, i.e., with no idea of who he is or any details of his life.
This is because his mind, being disturbed, is not able to link with his aura which is in touch with his file in the 4th.

We must also mention that certain people with illnesses suddenly link with a part of their file that contains memories of some time ago. Thus the person, usually elderly and retired, thinks that he has to go to work or has the desire to return to where he lived as a child.
Usually, after a while the memory fades and the person returns to normal.
The reason that this can occur is that memories are stored in his file in the 4th in reverse order. By this we mean that each frame of his life is stored one behind the other, starting with the oldest at the front leading backwards to today’s memories.
Thus, if the person suffers from a deficient mind or whatever, he can try to link with his memories – as we all do all the time – but instead of linking with the furthest ones, which are the here and now frames, he links with ones nearest the front and thus thinks he is younger than his physical age.
There are illnesses in which the person does this on a permanent basis, loses contact with today and progresses nearer and nearer his childhood.
If he progresses – if we may call it that – to the point that he thinks he is a newborn babe, he can take the final step of linking to before his moment of incarnation, at which point he dies.

If you are young but have old relations; grandparents for example, have you noticed how easy it is for them to remember events that happened when they were young but how difficult it is for them to remember recent events?
They can talk for hours about their youth but if you ask them about events relative to now, they may have no knowledge.
This, once again, is because they can link with memories at the front of their memory file in the 4th but do not have the strength to delve into the depths of their file where recent events are stored.

So, we hope we described enough for you to realise where memory is stored and how memories are retrieved.
We hope, also, that you who are young may understand why elderly people have difficulty with dealing with today’s events and you will not mock them for being unable to link with what is going on today.
It is a question of having the psychic strength to locate the back of the memory file.
Of course, the more a person remains active in a mind sense, the longer he can stay in touch with today.

We advise all people that are retired not to sit down and give up on life.
Try to stay mentally active as long as possible and it will help you to be able to reach to the back of your memory file and retrieve today’s – and recent events – from your memory file.
We have heard many an elderly person proudly say that he has a good memory and recount tales from his youth as proof of his good memory.
But ask him today’s date or who is prime minister or president and he might struggle to respond.
This is what we are talking about.
You might be young now but most of you will grow old so the advice to keep mentally active will be relevant to you one day, so please heed this advice. It will serve you one day.

Having said that, we have given you an overview of your personal file in the 4th and how it applies to you each waking moment.
This, as we hope you can understand, is a very important area in the 4th and we hope that the explanations we have given you will help you to understand where your memories are stored and how you can tap into them.

With that place dealt with we turn to the next.

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