Linking With The 4th Dimension – Chapter 13



We turn now to a page of life that is seldom considered.
It deals with death, if we may call it that.

As you know, you cannot die. Your physical body was never alive. It was just animated by your spirit in a highly complex fashion.
Everything that we have discussed in this and in other books was related to the way that all the events that take place in the various dimensions are related to you being able to animate your physical body.
If you could realise in your mind the mass of information we have given you about how life works, it is a staggering number of events that, together, enable you to be who you are.
We have told you much but we have not told you everything because there is much more going on behind the scenes, so to speak, that we have not described. This is because some of it would be too complicated for you to understand but there are matters that we will address eventually when the time is ripe.
All of it is related to keeping you alive and active.

However, we wish to look at a unique area in the 4th that considers death.
What do we mean by this, when we say that you cannot die?
But death can take many forms.
It is possible for a person to no longer wish to continue down the road of life and if this occurs, he has the free will to withdraw from life.

This may seem strange because life is so wonderful.
A number of people in incarnation do not have the strength to carry on so they commit suicide.
The body dies but the spirit goes off to Summerland in the 4th and the person, generally, is astounded by the beauty of life in the 4th dimension and quickly picks up the reins of life once again and carries on in the 4th.

But, once in the 4th, there are people, for a variety of reasons that decide that they do not wish to carry on and want to pull out of life.
Such a person might have been in the spirit realms for long ages and has risen to great heights spiritually but takes a decision that enough is enough and wishes to terminate his journey towards perfection – the Godhead.

Fortunately, the number of people who think like this is very small but there are such people from time to time who wish to terminate their lives, and there exists a place in the 4th that helps them in this choice.
It is not a subject that gives us any joy to talk about and it is the first time that this area has ever been mentioned publicly. You will be the first to know about this area.

We have mentioned that, in the deepest depths of hell, there are people who decide to die and their life spirit is snuffed out, to be replaced by a new recruit coming from the 7th to replace him.
However, we are not talking about that type of event.
We are talking about noble spirits who feel that they have done enough and decide to die.

As we said, all people have free will and some decide that they do not wish to continue down the long path that leads to perfection.
This, of course, is their free will choice.
In heaven, no one is forced to do anything.
It may seem crazy to decide not to continue down the path of perfection as each step taken leads one to ever more beautiful areas and ever greater sensations of bliss.

But some people decide not to go on.

There are angelic beings – human archangels – that come to talk to these people, not to try to dissuade them, but to discuss the motives of why such a decision was taken.

We recognise that people who have been in the spirit realms for long ages and who have made great progress are wise enough to make up their own minds, and who are we to try to change it for them?
However, to us who are full of the desire to continue to help you, who are reading this book, and all life as you go through your incarnations, it seems strange to want to stop and cease to be.
We look forward to reaching ever greater heights of spirituality and it would not occur to us to want the journey to stop.
But some do take this decision and, in this chapter, we will consider the place set aside for such people, what it looks like and how the process of removing life works.

As you can imagine, this place or landscape has its own unique frequency, so anyone wishing to enter it to die would need to know the frequency and have to take the necessary steps to match their frequency to that of the death landscape.
We must say that not everyone in the spirit world knows about this place because, for obvious reasons, it is not a topic widely discussed.
It is not that somebody has taken the decision to hide this place. It is just that life in the 4th dimension is so wonderful that almost no one considers wanting it all to end.

We think that most of you, if you were in Summerland or even part of the higher areas that we have described, would agree that to wish to escape from it would verge on folly. But, as we said, there are, from time to time, those who take the decision to pull out of life.

This area is physical as opposed to those that we have described that can only be felt emotionally.
What does it look like?
If you were to try to imagine this landscape you might well imagine a bleak, barren, sad place – a reflection of the attitude of someone who wishes to terminate his life in deep depression.
In fact, it is quite the opposite.

We will say at this point that none of us that are involved in giving you the information that we have done over the years, and will continue to do so endlessly, have ever visited this area.
We do not waste our time in learning to link to a landscape that we have no intention of ever visiting. We wish to go on to the glorious end.
The information we give you comes to us via the human archangels who work there supervising the death process.

This landscape is, apparently, extremely beautiful.
It is, in effect, a large and magnificent marble palace, with beautiful gardens surrounding it.
Why should this be?
The answer is simple.
Those who choose to terminate their existence do so because they feel that they have done enough, served enough and do not wish to do more.
But these people are wonderfully, blissfully happy because, generally speaking, they have lived for many years in the heavenly spheres and have advanced enormously. If you could see such a person you would see him glowing with starlight. Such would be his level of spirituality.

We break off here to remind you that when we say ‘he’, we are just using linguistic convention. We include ladies in our descriptions. We will also say that, generally, these people have progressed so far spiritually that they have passed any sense of identity.
But we must call them something so we will follow convention and call them ‘he’.

So, these people, being so holy, have created this marble palace with their minds.
From the exterior, it resembles somewhat the sort of palaces that were created in the 16th or 17th centuries for French or Italian kings. A huge, multi-room palace, decorated both from the exterior and interior with carved decorations depicting all sorts of things: flowers, animals, saints and so on.
The rooms are large, often following the golden ratio tradition.

Everything is made of marble of all sorts of colours.
We must say that it is all created by imagination although, to those who go there, it appears real.
We can only say that if you were to imagine the most beautiful palace on Earth and multiply that image by ten, you would have some idea of what it looks like.

The grounds are laid out with ‘parterres’ similar to those created in palaces long ago.
Beautifully laid out flower beds, sculptured trees, fountains, paths – all immaculate.
It is, apparently, dazzling.
Of course, the landscape looks after itself. It needs no maintenance.

When it is known that a person wishes to terminate his life, a number of human archangels appear to organize and control the event. It takes a lot of love and skill to terminate the existence of someone.

So, there is no question of sadness. The person who wishes to terminate his life is full of joy knowing that he has done his best over many years to serve God.
The archangels who will conduct operations are, themselves, full of love, joy, understanding and sympathy.
The whole event happens in an atmosphere of love and joy. There is no question of sadness.

The person whose life is to end has been fully briefed as to what is to happen.
The person concerned is led into a beautiful room, once again all made of marble, with pillars, statues and wonderful carvings.
He is asked to lay on a marble bed, if we can thus describe it, and the archangels stand around.

The process consists, in essence, of removing the soul from its attachment to the person.
If you have followed our previous teachings you may remember two things.
First, archangels, when they created the person, took a piece of life spirit (which also is the whole of God) and attached it to an embryo ‘something’ and then gave that ‘something’ a logos which told it what it was going to be – in this case a human.
Now, this is where it gets a bit complicated because a person, long before he gets a physical body, if he chooses to have an incarnation, not only has the spirit of God associated with him but has a certain amount of DNA.
Over time he developed his auras, his higher self and a number of other things that we have never talked about, although we will one day when we hope you will all be able to understand.

We could say that the spirit of God is the most important, and this would be true. But many other things are equally important and need to be separated from the person before he can cease to exist.
We must also say that the God spirit is encased in a sort of protective egg shell which is there in association with the God spirit to protect that God spirit.
We will also say that, although the egg shell, which is normally called the soul, can be removed from the God spirit, that God spirit must never be harmed because it is not only that person’s God particle but it is also the totality of God. This is difficult to understand and we have explained it at great length in other works.
Each and every object alive contains a minute portion of God but that portion is also the totality of God.
So, the person’s God’s spirit must be removed with the greatest care.
The DNA, the logos (which is attached to DNA) must also be removed with care.

How is this done?
Even for someone discarnate – in the heavenly spheres – none of the pieces that need to be disassociated with the person are actually part of that person. They are all contained in boxes – if we can say that – that are attached to auras.

Even for the person discarnate, he can never see the various parts that need to be removed. They are all of tremendously high frequency and thus invisible to most people.
That is why very advanced human archangels are required to assist the person who wishes to die because, thanks to their very advanced state, they can see most of these boxes that contain the various parts that need to be removed.

Using processes that it would be futile to try to explain, these boxes are removed from the auras of the person.
However, they are not disposed of.
If any object were to disappear or be damaged, all life would instantly disappear.
This is because all is one and every part of the organisms that go to make up a person are, in fact, all that exists.
Although each person thinks that he has personal ‘bits and pieces’, in fact it is all an illusion. There is only one, and that one is God, so although these bits and pieces appear to belong to a unique person, it is the only set of bits and pieces (that are illusionary when associated to any one object ) and are rather like a hologram in which an image, if looked at closely, consists of a myriad of tiny versions of the same image.
Obviously, life is not quite like that, being much more complex, but you get the idea.

So, as these pieces are removed, they are placed in the care of true archangels that are there to accept, protect and care for all these bits and pieces. Please excuse us for using the crude term ‘bits and pieces’ but we do not wish to fill pages describing each time the many parts that need to be removed.

Equally, the Spirit of God – the God particle – is removed and placed in the care of the true archangels who melt away and do whatever they do with all these objects.
Nothing dies in this sense. All the bits and pieces can be recycled into or in association with another human.

Meanwhile, the person who wishes to die is lying on this marble bed. He feels nothing. All the action is taking place in his auras which are somewhat remote from his spiritual – but, to him, physical – body.
Gradually, as the bits and pieces are removed from him, he ceases to be conscious. He passes into a sort of deep slumber.
Finally, or should we say gradually, as the bits and pieces are removed from his auras, the connection between his auras and the person ceases to be effective and the person starts to become less visible.
When the last part is taken from the last aura, the body fades from view and effectively ceases to be.

So, the spiritual archangels fade away back to where they came from, bearing their precious cargo of these life elements.
Quite what they do with them and where they store them, we don’t know but we do know that they are reused in the creation of another person.

Now, what about the person who died?
Once all the bits and pieces that went into the creation of the person are removed, the person disappears.
He disappears because he never was!
He was only an illusion created by all these life elements coming together to create the impression that he existed.
The life was in the various bits and pieces – and there are quite a lot of bits and pieces that come together to create this holographic image that we call a person.

But the whole thing was an illusion.
Do you find this staggering?
If you do not perhaps you have not understood the implication of what we have stated.
We will explain again.

You are in incarnation as you read this.
This implies that you have a physical body and a number of auras, each one containing a spiritual version of you.
You can think, talk, walk, have intelligence and a multitude of elements that make up your life, giving you an independent identity which will last eternally, first in the spirit realms, then during your incarnation if you choose to have one and then for the rest of eternity back home again in the 4th dimension.

You can be a noble spirit or a crass, egotistical hypocrite. The choice is yours but you will have a distinct personality, unique to you.
You can create all sorts of things, become an expert in all sorts of disciplines. You can go on in the spirit world to become a great saint if you wish.

But it is all an illusion.
In fact, you are part of the oneness that we call God, and if your connection to all the bits and pieces that are connected to God are removed, you disappear because who you are, all that you have achieved, is an illusion. It never was. It was only the bits and pieces that are connected to God that created the illusion that you existed.
What we wrote above is not quite true. It is true that you only exist as an illusion but what you did with your life remains as a testament to the fact that you lived.
We cannot all change the world like the great saints or sinners, but every act you take has a ripple effect on all life rather like dropping pebbles into a still pond of water. The ripples spread out endlessly.

So that is the reason that you exist. To create life-changing effects both on yourself and on everyone.
The slightest thing you do spreads out endlessly throughout the ethers. What you do never stops and, eventually, touches and affects every living organism throughout the world.
This is because we are all one. Billions of people and billions of animals is all an illusion.
There is only one pretending to be everything.

That is why everything you say or do has a knock-on effect on every living object in the world; humans, animals, plants and minerals.
This is why we encourage you to be a good person.
This is why we encourage you to stop eating animals.
This is why we ask you never to harm anything but to help all life when appropriate.

All is one pretending to be a multitude.
The death experience we described earlier demonstrates that we don’t really exist because, as the God particles are removed from a person, that person vanishes because he was just an illusion.
It is only the acts we perform, the words we say that remain as a testament of who we were.

So, we will end this bizarre chapter here and move onto the next subject.

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