Linking With The 4th Dimension – Chapter 14



Let us now turn our attention to yet another somewhat unconventional aspect of life that is connected to life in the 4th.
You may remember us mentioning at the beginning of this book that we apologized to you for not fully describing all the areas or landscapes that are contained in the various auras or dimensions but, upon consideration, decided to concentrate mainly on the 4th.
We have, in other books, mentioned many events connected to other dimensions and have suggested that the way we present these books to you, although they can be read as solo, standalone volumes, actually are linked as if they were one huge compendium.

We have given you, in other books and this one, sufficient information concerning how life is connected to you, so we decided we would deal with some of the many fascinating areas within the 4th that you should know about to assist you to progress towards perfection as we move more and more into ascension.
We also mentioned that this information is not only intended for you but for future generations because much of what we are telling you has never been revealed to the greater public before and we can say that even in the secret, mystery schools, some of what we reveal to you has never before been allowed to be talked about.
We, who give you this information, have been tasked by those above us to reveal as much as we think you will be capable of understanding.
The reason is this.
We are moving into a monumentally important period of Earth’s history. It is called ascension.
Ascension is much more important than merely using the word ‘ascension’ would imply.
It is a gradual move of the human race towards perfection.
This turn of the wheel of life will not take us all the way to perfection but it will be a giant step into the light. A step greater than any other step in the past took.
In order to move closer to the starlight of God, implies that one has knowledge.

One cannot become an expert on any subject unless one has knowledge of that subject and to become an expert on spiritual life implies knowledge of the spiritual areas of life.
This is why we are giving you as much information as we can on the non-physical or spiritual planes.
Some of you may find these books, or the chapters within them, unacceptable.
You are free to dismiss them, although we assure you that every word we have given you in all the information; books, videos, essays and statements, are true as far as we can possibly verify.
We have no desire to mislead you and we never will.

But, just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, acceptance of what we tell you is in your hands, so to speak, and we can only present information and leave it up to you to understand or not, accept or not. We will not try to convince you either way.
What we give you is true – every word – as far as we know. What you accept as true is your concern.
Already, this book, volume eight in the series, contains a mixture of information, some of it previously revealed by us and others and some which has never been revealed before.
The last chapter, entitled ‘the death experience’, was new, never before revealed to the public.

We go on to another topic.
This topic will deal with rubbish!
What on earth can we mean by this extraordinary phrase?
We certainly have rubbish on earth and we have explained how the negative forces from the lower 4th, the demonic forces, are there to dispose of any and all physical entities that have outlived their usefulness and how these negative forces dispose of the physical remains by breaking them down and reducing whatever object it was to its constituent atoms which can be recycled to produce other similar, or different, objects.
Even this is much more complicated than it seems and we would like to devote part of this chapter to the processes that must take place in the physical realms to reduce objects to their constituent atoms and how these atoms may be reused to create more life.
So, let us return to what we mentioned several books ago about how physical life is created.
What we are going to choose as the topic of our discussion will be humans, but we ask you to accept that what we say concerning humans will equally apply to all life; animal, vegetable or mineral.
The only difference being that, obviously, a rock lasts a lot longer than a tomato, but the process remains the same.

Now, the stumbling block in what we wish to say is this.
We mentioned to you, and we are going back to talking about humans here, is that floating about in the air of planet Earth are a number of atoms, each and every one destined for a particular human and, further, each and every one of these atoms are destined for a particular part of that human.
By which we mean that there are a certain number of atoms (oxygen, hydrogen, helium or whatever) that have a frequency attached to them that corresponds to the frequency of any particular human.
These atoms remain in suspension awaiting the call sent out by a human for a certain number of atoms, once again of oxygen, hydrogen, helium or whatever, that this human requires.
We will repeat this as it is an amazing miracle and is worth fully comprehending.

At the moment of birth of a human, not only is a baby born with a physical body but, at the same time, released into the atmosphere is a number of different atoms that this baby will require as he grows to manhood and to last him until he draws his last breath and his physical body dies.
Assuming that what we have said above is true – and it is – can you fully appreciate the staggering skill of whoever or whatever organizes this for every living thing and throughout all time?
Can you imagine how, from the moment of conception of a baby in the womb of its mother, some entity calculates exactly the number of atoms of the different elements contained in the periodic table the person will require and places those elements (atoms, if you will) in all the food, drink and air that this person will require throughout his lifetime and organizes the person’s life so that he uses up these atoms or elements throughout his life – no more, no less.
Each and every one of these atoms, elements, molecules (call them what you will) are encoded with the exact frequency of that person and will be used by that person and no other.
It does not seem possible and we forgive anyone who rejects this information as nonsense because we, too, find it almost incredibly hard to believe.
However, people much wiser than us inform us that it is so, so we accept it as truth.
But, if we think about this, it does imply that life is much more complex than we have yet described, and we have written many thousands of words over the years to you explaining many complexities about life.
We said that there are elements floating around – some in the air and some in food and drink – that have a person’s exclusive frequency attached to them and so are reserved exclusively for that person but it is yet more complicated than that.

A person has many parts to him; skin, bone, flesh, liver, heart, spleen, lungs etc.
Would you believe that the elements we mentioned above not only are encoded with a person’s unique frequency and thus are reserved exclusively for that person, but even more amazingly, each molecule, atom or whatever is sub-coded with a frequency that reserves it for a certain part of that human?
So, we have, for example, an atom of oxygen that has the code of a certain human and waits to be ingested in some way by that human.
However, it is also encoded with the sub-frequency of a certain part of that human; skin, blood, bone, flesh or one of the organs. It is the same for other atoms of oxygen reserved for other uses of the body.
This implies that each part of the human has his personal frequency, but also the frequency of any particular part of him.
Therefore, a human has a frequency unique to him but also, attached to that frequency, a sub-frequency corresponding to every part of his body.
There are atoms that vibrate to the same frequency of that human but, further, also contain a sub-frequency corresponding to a particular part of the person’s body and that atom will link with that part of the body and no other.

So, you have to understand that for a human, you, for example, there are a large number of atoms – or whatever you wish to call them – that are in nature somewhere, that have your frequency and the sub-frequencies of various parts of your body.
Just to take oxygen. You may need oxygen to help you breathe, so there are sufficient oxygen atoms to satisfy your requirements concerning breathing.
Now, you may journey around somewhat, so oxygen atoms are placed in the atmosphere to help you breathe no matter where you may find yourself in the world.
Then, if there are other parts of your body that require oxygen, there is more, each atom encoded to assist whatever part of your body requires oxygen.
Each oxygen atom is encoded to assist one part of your body and will only ever be used for that purpose.
The same applies for each element that your body requires.
When you ingest food, obviously there are not only the items that you require contained in that food.
Due to the fact that some elements contain your frequencies and some that don’t, your body extracts only the elements that correspond to your frequency and distributes them to the various organs of your body.
Those elements that do not concern you are eliminated as waste and return into the earth or rivers and lakes, eventually to be picked up by the plants or animals and will, eventually, find their way to the people who have the frequencies relevant to what is contained in the diverse food.

This waste food eliminated by your digestive tract we could consider to be rubbish!
It is disposed of, in towns and cities, by channeling it into waste disposal plants where the elements are broken down into their constituent parts (atoms, etc) and thus they are recycled, and the elements returned either to the soil or to the atmosphere and these elements will be used to grow more plants, either to feed humans or animals, and the process of the body extracting only those elements that a body requires continues, the unwanted elements being once again eliminated as waste – rubbish. And so the process continues as each element still contains the frequency of a particular human and also contains the sub-frequency corresponding to a particular part of that human.
Waste eliminated by people that do not live in towns or cities is disposed of by other means – waste disposal tanks or people just ‘doing their business’ wherever they can, but the process of this waste being recycled remains the same.
The circle of ingestion, elimination and recycling goes on endlessly thus ensuring that there are sufficient atoms necessary to the needs of all life, as all life, eventually, is drawn, by the law of mutual attraction, to those atoms necessary for the well-being of that person or creature.

This is an incredible process.

No doubt some of you are wondering why it should be necessary for any atom to be encoded with a frequency unique to any one person?
Why should it be so complicated?
The answer is that, although all is one and the concept of individuality is an illusion, God decided, in his wisdom, that all life should start out as a multitude of individuals so that each individual could have experience and those experiences should be fed back to God, which is done via the akashic record.

So, it was decided that, to keep every person separate from any other person, the elements that create his body should be unique to him.
If any atom was created suitable for all people, gradually this concept of individuality would become confused and people would lose their sense of individuality.
Atoms contain auras and auras can memorize the thoughts and emotions of people.
So if any atom, say of oxygen, was suitable for all people, the memories associated with that atom of oxygen, when a person dies and his body is disposed of, (the atoms being used to create more food ingested by other people) the individual, eventually, would find himself somewhat confused.
His mind would have a sense of who he is as an individual but his body would contain atoms containing the thoughts and emotions of others that had used that atom of oxygen before.

Can you understand this?

It is not easy to explain but for you to retain your sense of individuality, it is essential that every atom that you ingest contains only your frequency and no other frequency.
We will repeat this one more time in an attempt to clarify the point we are making.
Atoms contain auras and auras can memorize the thoughts and emotions of a person who uses that atom. When the person releases that atom, if it did not have a unique frequency, someone else would eventually use that atom to assist him.
Each person has a unique sense of identity. But, if a person used an atom that had already been used by someone else, that atom would have associated with it the thoughts of a previous user of that atom.
As atoms can last a long time, any one atom, if it did not have a unique identity and could be used by anyone, would gradually have associated with it the thoughts and memories of a number of people.
These thoughts and memories would clash with the sense of identity of the person using that atom.
Multiply that by the countless atoms that constitute a person and you will see that any person would not only contain his sense of identity but the identities of countless people.
The result would be chaotic.

But we have not answered the question as to why each atom not only has your frequency associated with it but a sub-frequency that informs the atom as to which part of your body it must act.
The answer is that each part of your body has a separate sub-frequency that enables it to develop or decline independently from any other part.
In that manner a person may have, for instance, a defective heart while the rest of his body is perfectly healthy. So each part, each organ of a person, although collectively creates a person, develops or declines independently from other parts.
So, each part, each organ requires more or less atoms in its drive to remain healthy and thus needs more or less atoms to achieve this goal.
That is why each organ contains a sub-code and why each atom contains the sub-code relevant to any organ or any part of the body.
The body tries to draw from the food ingested the atoms in sufficient quantities to assist any ailing part of the body.

While we are mentioning organs, may we touch on the problems of transplants?
People that have had transplants note at least two things.
1. The body tries to reject the transplanted organ. The reason is obvious. The transplanted organ contains a frequency inimical to the person who is given the organ and thus the body tries to reject it.
2. Sometimes a person who receives a transplant notices a change of personality. The reason is that the atoms that constitute an organ have, in their auras, the personality of the donor and this can clash with the personality of the receiver of the organ.

Now, when we started this chapter, we mentioned the word ‘rubbish’!
We apologise for using this rather uncouth word but there is in the 4th an area that deals with unwanted matter.
We wish to link what we have so far said in this chapter about atoms etc., to the area that disposes of unwanted matter.

If you have followed what we said in this chapter about atoms you may have questioned what doctors say about the body regenerating itself almost as if atoms wear out and need to be replaced.
Doctors proudly state that the body you now have is not the same body that you were born with because, with regularity, you cast off worn-out atoms and they are replaced by new atoms that are full of energy.
They may not refer to atoms in quite this fashion but they have noticed that atoms of the body are replaced quite regularly.
This is true!

Atoms that combine to create your body help keep your body healthy by containing a certain amount of life force and they give up this life force as they attempt to keep you alive and healthy.
The rate that atoms are replaced depends on the functions that any atom fulfills.
Atoms that make skin, for example, need to be replaced at a much greater rate than atoms that create internal organs.
But, sooner or later, all atoms give up their power and need to be replaced with fully charged atoms.
One can liken the event to the batteries that keep an object, a clock for example, working.
Sooner or later their charge diminishes and the clock starts to run slow. So the batteries need to be replaced for the hands of the clock to correctly display the time.

Even physical atoms have a non-physical aspect to them and when an atom has used its energy and needs to be replaced it goes off to this area to be disposed of.
Of course, another atom is immediately drawn into the body to replace the worn-out atom.
In the meantime, the atom no longer of service to the body goes off to the area in the 4th and is disposed of.

We would like to say that it is recycled but this would not be quite true.
In physicality, atoms tend to last a long time but that is because atoms that are taken from the air, for example, have not been given any task to do and so are like batteries waiting on the shelf of a shop or store.
Once they are put to work, they wear out and need to be replaced.
This is why everything needs to be maintained.
In the case of sentient life; plants, animals and humans, food is necessary to get the replacement atoms.
Even buildings and other structures need constantly to be maintained as the atoms wear out.
The exception is a few items like stones and water that seem never to be replaced. It is understandable in the case of stones because they just lie about and do not serve life in the sense we are describing. Water is a puzzle because it is used all the time by all life but the atoms that constitute a molecule of water never seem to lose their power. We do not know why but there must be a reason and we hope to discover why one day.
Naturally, if and when we find the answer, we will inform you.
But, eventually, worn out atoms go off to this rubbish tip (disposal / waste management site) in the 4th where they are disposed of.
We will attempt to describe this area and how it works.

Basically, as you may have realised from previous chapters, the areas in the 4th where any event is taking place break down into one of two types.
Either the area is physical in a spiritual sense or it is invisible.
The fact that an area is or is not visible to us in no way affects its efficacy. It is just that some events require a physical plane or landscape while other events are non-physical or mental in nature. Thought being a typical example of a non-physical area.

In the case of atoms, the area is physical but, eventually, the atoms will move to become invisible so we could say that this rubbish area is a bit of both.

We repeat, once more, that we called this area a rubbish tip or disposal /waste management site because it corresponds in many ways to the rubbish or landfill areas that you have on the earth plane, so to make it understandable to you we use that phrase.
We will also add that us, in the light realms of the 4th, being full of happiness and joy, like to keep our descriptions amusing when we can and this area gives us the opportunity to lighten the tone of our description.
So, if we visit this area, what do we see and what do we feel?

The first thing we notice are a number of advanced people dealing with diverse matters. These people have volunteered to work in this area and have been trained to deal with the various atoms as they arrive, sorting them out according to type.
By which we mean that there are groups that deal with disposing of oxygen, others dealing with hydrogen, others helium and so on.
The reason is that each type of atom has specific properties and this requires specific treatment to dispose of them.
You have a similar system on Earth where various items are sorted at their arrival at the rubbish site and dealt with according to type.
Certain plastics get one treatment, certain liquids receive another treatment and so on.
We should perhaps say that on Earth, attempts are being made to recycle certain materials. This is good but we will point out that the objects made from recycled materials tend to be less dynamic than those previously made.
This is because the power remaining in the atoms is less than when the atoms were put to use in the first place and thus any object made from recycled atoms is less vibrant, if we may use that word.
Eventually, the atoms reach a point where they are so empty that they are sent off to us for disposal.
However, we heartily endorse the recycling of atoms on the earth plane and it actually makes our job easier as there is less energy that needs to be removed by us from an atom as we prepare them to disappear.

To return to our rubbish tip!

There is a constant stream of used atoms pouring into the rubbish tip area and there are a number of people who reception them and sort them according to atom type, as we mentioned earlier.
We will also say at this point that there are more atoms than your periodic table suggests but they are all known to the people who work in the rubbish tip area and they are all sorted.
So, you have to imagine this area and all these people receiving worn out atoms which are sent down different conveyor belts to be treated by others.
Obviously, the reality is much different from this but we use this simple analogy in order to give you an image of what goes on.

Perhaps we should describe how and why a worn-out atom returns to the 4th. The answer is simple. All is one and all is a function of consciousness.
Physical life – the incarnation you are experiencing at the moment – is a sort of illusion.
However, it is made to appear real and to achieve this God’s archangels created a ‘life’ in the 6th dimension.
The basis of this life is atoms. But atoms come from the 4th. They appear in your reality as physical objects in order to create the illusion of solidity but atoms are spiritual creations given a frequency that enables them to seem real to you and to create all that exists in your reality.
By the law of mutual attraction, virtually all things in so-called physicality (the earth plane as far as you are concerned) retain a strong link to the place of their true creation – the spiritual realms – and thus return home when they have outlived their usefulness, their incarnation we might almost say, in physicality.
Of course, as you look at the night sky and see the myriad of stars, you must understand that these stars and their associated planets and moons also have atoms that come to the end of their usefulness and thus return to this rubbish tip area in the 4th.
We hope you can therefore appreciate that there are a considerable number of atoms of all types returning to the 4th and being terminated in the rubbish tip.
That is why it is necessary to sort the atoms according to type and that they are further sorted according to the amount of spiritual power remaining in them.

If we can continue with the analogy we used earlier by likening the rubbish tip area in the 4th to rubbish dumps on Earth, anything useful is retained and separated from the atoms.
In this case it is the spiritual energy left in an atom that is withdrawn from the atom, handed over to archangels, who devote their existence to this task, and that spiritual energy is purified and can be reused to create more atoms to replace those taken out of life.
What remains is an empty husk, so to speak.
We apologise for continually using words or terms from the earth plane but, as we have often said, words do not exist in modern parlance to describe some spiritual functions so we have to use analogies in order to convey our meaning to you.
Sanskrit contains many more words that refer to spiritual things or acts but we think that it would be rather confusing if we continually embellished our discussions of spiritual events by adding a sprinkling of Sanskrit words that very few would understand.
So, we have to use words, terms or phrases from, in this case, the English language in an attempt to clarify our meaning.

So, to repeat, used and tired atoms are drawn, by the law of mutual attraction, to the spirit world and are attracted by the same law to the rubbish tip area.
They are sorted according to what types of atoms they are into various directions and are funneled off to areas where skilled operators remove the spiritual aspect from each atom.
The spiritual aspects are handed over to archangels who recycle them to create more atoms.
The husk must then be got rid of.

Now, at this point we refer back to the previous chapter where we mention that, in the case of a human who wanted to die, as his spiritual aspects were removed, he disappeared because he never actually existed. It was the spiritual aspects that gave the illusion of existence.
It is the same with the husk of the atoms.
As the spiritual elements are carefully withdrawn so the husk gradually disappears until it fades from existence.
This happens because it never was.
It was the spirit that gave the appearance of life. Once the spirit is withdrawn, the atom ceases to be.
All is one!
That which happened to a human must happen to an atom, as all is one.
So, the rubbish tip area contains a vast number of used atoms in the process of being recycled.
The spiritual aspect is withdrawn and passed to archangels but, as this process occurs, the husk gradually disappears because it was only an illusion created by archangels who, under the guidance of what we call God (but which as we have said is consciousness), and so when the spiritual aspect of an atom is withdrawn the husk ceases to be.
This is a very clean and clever manner of dealing with atoms and of recuperating unused spiritual energy.

You may have noticed that we did not refer to dark matter and dark energy – antimatter.
As you can imagine, even though ‘dark’ atoms – if we may thus refer to them – do not seem to be connected to life as ‘light’ atoms are, in fact, they are an essential part of life and are of equal importance as light atoms.
Life must be kept in balance and so all atoms, whatever colour we ascribe to them, play an equal role and so wear out equally.
But it has been noted that if they came into contact, they would cancel each other out in a very short space of time. This energy, being cancelled suddenly, would reveal itself by an enormous explosion. Both sets of atoms, black and white if we can thus refer to them, contain the same amount of God force, but organised in a sort of positive or negative fashion.
It has often been noticed that to cancel power in a rapid fashion often causes an effect, in this case a rather violent one.
It is just the natural effect of a positive and a negative force – negative in a plus and minus sense, not a holy or diabolic sense – being cancelled that results in a sort of third effect, an explosion.

However, the process of dark atoms being eliminated is exactly the same as the process that light atoms go through.
The difference is that the process takes place in a parallel aspect of the 4th, next to the original rubbish tip, and the God force is removed in exactly the same fashion in which case the empty husks of the dark atoms just disappear as before.
The God spirit removed from the dark atom is cleansed as is the God spirit of the white or light atoms, at which point they both become safe and can be mixed to create more atoms.
Light or dark atoms contain the same God spirit.
The change of colour comes about by manipulation of the spirit by archangels at the moment of construction.
Each atom is given a sort of logos that tells it if it is going to be a light or a dark atom.
At that point, they must be kept apart until the logos is removed by archangels and then they may safely be mixed.

We have done our best to describe this rubbish tip area to you and we hope that you have understood even if some of you cannot accept it.
So, once again, we will end this chapter here and move on to yet another topic to be found in the 4th.

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