Linking With The 4th Dimension – Chapter 15



You may have noticed how there was a connection between Chapter 13 and Chapter 14 in that, as the spirit force was withdrawn, so the physical part disappeared, as the physical part was an illusion created by the spirit part.
Thus, we had two parts to life.
1. The spirit part, and
2. The physical part, even though that physical part may have been in the 4th or the 6th dimension.
As all is one, it matters not where life is to be found. It is all one life.
This leads us onto the next chapter – this one – which will deal with an area in the 4th that maintains the link between the spirit and the physical.

We repeat, when we talk about physical, we might be referring to life as you know it in the 6th dimension or life as we know it in the 4th. It is the same life, the main difference being one of frequency.
Life continues endlessly.
You may have the impression that it is in distinct phases and the way it is viewed at the moment of physical birth and physical death, assuming one chooses to have an Earthly incarnation, we suppose that we could say that it is. However, if one can step back to see the broader picture, one realizes that life is just one long spiritual experience and, if viewed in that fashion, it goes on endlessly as a composite whole.
It started endless ages in the past and will go on for endless ages into the future.

We intend to devote this chapter to the part of the 4th that helps organize the spiritual aspect but, before we do that, may we take a moment to ask you to consider the length of your life?
We do not refer to the length of your incarnation but to the length of your existence from the moment that you were selected to become a human by archangelic forces, and for how long you will exist until you merge with the Godhead.
Could one trace on a piece of paper the vast number of one plus almost endless zero’s as in million, billion, trillion and on and on years that you will exist?

Once something has been created by God, normally, it cannot die.
The exceptions we noted in Chapters 13 and 14.
Excluding these exceptions, human life endures virtually eternally, and during that vast length of time it is expected that one would grow intellectually and spiritually.
If you consider someone like Jesus, he is considered by many to be the most advanced human ever to walk the Earth. We must say that Jesus does not see himself in that light. He thinks of himself as a humble pilgrim walking the path to perfection but with a long journey still ahead of him.
Nevertheless, compared to most of us, we will say that he is a very advanced soul.

But can you imagine, if you apply yourself to the spiritual path, where you will be in several trillion years’ time.
Certainly, we would have difficulty in describing such a person and yet that is the destiny that awaits us all.
But out of all that long existence you will have one incarnation in the 6th dimension. This is the one that you are going through at the moment.
Before that and after that moment – and out of all eternity it is only a moment – you will soldier on in various parts of the 4th.

Now, this is where we wish we could talk about something without our meaning being misconstrued.
We wished that we could mention the ‘R’ word – reincarnation.
We use that word with the greatest trepidation because, as soon as we do, people will seize on it and declare that reincarnation is a fact despite our saying many times that you only come to the earth plane once.
We have tried and tried to drum this into people but it will only be when your incarnation ends that you will find the truth that reincarnation is a falsehood.
There are even people who claim to have had near death experiences that claim multiple incarnations.
We cannot convince such people but we assure you that once your Earthly incarnation terminated, that is the end of that chapter of your life.

However, life goes on endlessly and you will progress from level to level as far as your continued life in the 4th is concerned and we wished we could liken it to a form of reincarnation – from level to level – either higher or lower levels. But long and bitter experience has taught us to avoid the ‘R’ word.
However, we do have the right to talk about the incarnation you are all going through at the moment.
This is what this chapter will deal with, or rather the place in the 4th that helps link the endless spiritual ages to the one short ‘physical’ incarnation.

So, can we describe this area?
Unfortunately, it is one of the non-physical places so in linking to it there is nothing to see.
But, if we open our minds we can, to a certain extent, link with what is going on in this area or landscape.
We wish that there was a more definite way to describe these many areas that we attempt to portray in this book but a number of them, being non-physical, cannot really be described using the languages with which most of you are familiar.
As we mentioned, Sanskrit has a lot more descriptive words but even in Sanskrit not every area has a descriptive word and, as we said, not everyone has a mastery of Sanskrit.
Therefore, we ask that you accept that these areas exist and we leave you to accept our descriptions or not.

So, there is in the 4th, an area that has been created that helps link the endless spiritual aspects of individual life to those who choose to have an incarnation, which includes you of course.
We might well ask why such a place needs to exist and what purpose it serves?
The answer, as is often the case, is both simple and complicated.
The simple answer is that you are in two parts, as we have mentioned above.
You always retain a link to your spiritual aspect and this does not happen by magic.
It needs a mechanism for you to have a physical incarnation but, at the same time, have the spiritual or non-physical aspect operating behind the scenes.

We do not know of any simple means of describing this double effect but we could liken it to you driving a car.
You are concentrating on safely driving your car along a road but, behind the scenes, so to speak, are a mass of parts all combining to make the car work.
Without all, or most of these parts working correctly, the car would go nowhere. But, assuming that all the parts work, your car gets you from the point of departure to your destination.
But it requires two aspects.
1. That the car works, and
2. That you drive the car correctly.

We do appreciate that this may be a poor analogy of the area we wish to describe to you but if it enables you to appreciate that, in the case of a car, you need two aspects working together to get you safely along to your destination, it will have served its purpose.
Life is similar except the motivating force is invisible and you have to guide yourself through life.
We could, of course, liken the area we will describe to the factory that constructed your car, but we do not wish to push the analogies too far.
Suffice to say, for the purposes of this chapter, that there are actually three parts to it.
1. The one God force that all share.
2. You, in your incarnation, mainly under the influence of your personality, and
3. This area which provides the link from 1 to 2 and back again.

We have, in other works, done our best to describe the very complex mechanisms that take the one God force and link it to you and we have also described as well as we can how, from this one spiritual force we call God, all life in any dimension and throughout all time was constructed.
If you are not familiar with all this, please refer to our work which, we understand, are available for free if you link to the internet sites set up by those on Earth that work with us and to whom we are grateful for their loving service both to God and to our organization.
So, let us try to explain as best we can how this area creates a permanent link to you and to all life between the one God force and the individual lives that all live whilst they are having an incarnation in the 6th dimension.

There is, in this particular area of the 4th, a mechanism that creates conditions, permanently, that enable those incarnate to have a link to the God force. We must say that, although each and every life-force benefits from this link, not all people are aware that it is in place even though it operates within them all the time.
In fact, in this area in the 4th there are a number of angels and archangels who control the mechanism.
When we mention angels, we refer to human angels and archangels who have kindly volunteered to devote vast periods of their existence to ensuring that the mechanism works flawlessly. If ever there is a problem, they immediately step in and repair that problem.

So, to put it in simple terms, the God force is funneled into this area.
You may protest and say that we have stated that the God force works in other areas.
What you have to understand is that the God force can be compared to a holographic picture in which there is one picture seen when one looks at the hologram. However, if one examines the picture closely, it can be seen that the main picture is actually composed of a myriad of small pictures, duplicates of the first large picture.
Obviously, God is not quite as simple as that but if you can understand how a hologram is constructed it will help you understand how God operates.
God exists as a constructive force – a single entity, if we may thus describe God – but God is able, via his archangelic aids to be in many places at once.
In this and in all cases, it is not a part of God that is available. It is always the totality of God that can be in many places at once. If this were not the case, there would be no life.
It is the fact that everything physical and non-physical contains the totality of God that makes the life in all dimensions, all auras.
It might be worth picking up a small pebble and looking at it closely because when you gaze at it you are looking at the face of God!
However, we digress.

In this area in the 4th is placed the God force.
This force is invisible but the angels and archangels are so advanced, so holy that they are able to feel that presence and to guide it to you who are incarnate on Earth.
Many of the world’s population have no idea that they only exist as physical beings thanks to this God force pouring into them at each moment, each frame of life and it is that, that creates life.

So, what these angelic beings do is to take the God force and direct at each and every object on Earth whether it be animal, vegetable, mineral or human.

It is directed into each atom because it is these atoms that come together to create everything according to the law of mutual attraction.
You, for example, exist as a human being, thanks to an immensely complex system of various parts – some of which we have described in other books – coming together to create your body, your mind, your personality, your higher self, your ID, and your DNA, both physical and non-physical just to name a few parts of you.
But, behind the scenes is the God force that is being directed into you from the 4th, from the area we are talking about.
This goes on for all life in incarnation, no matter what it is.
It happens to you from the moment of your birth, when the God force is sent to you and continues until the moment of your demise when, by the law of mutual attraction, your spirit returns to the 4th.
This is an impressive feat accomplished by this group of angels and archangels who are able to ensure that this influx of God power flows into all life on a permanent basis.
This has been going on ever since the first life forms were sent to Earth to have an incarnation and will continue until life is no longer needed on Earth, which will be a long, long time in the future.
We have to say that these angelic beings are not visible to us, being so advanced compared to any of us who comprise the Great White Brotherhood, because they vibrate to a frequency outside and above our level of sight and comprehension.
We know that they exist and what they do thanks to other archangelic beings who contact us and inform us of their presence within this area of the 4th.
We do not know how many of them there are nor do we know whether they become tired after a while, leave and other angelic beings replace them.
We only know that there are always sufficient to ensure that the process of directing the God spirit to all life incarnate works all the time.
We repeat that if there was not this place in the 4th that receives the God force and directs it to you, there would be no life incarnate.

There is not much more that we can tell you about this vitally important area so we will recapitulate.
There exists in the 4th an area where there are a number of angelic and archangel humans.
They receive the God force, which is sent to them by other even higher angelic beings, and as they receive it, they send it to all life incarnate on Earth.
As we have told you, everything is alive from the smallest grain of sand to the mightiest creatures and humans.
It is this God force that creates life incarnate for all things.
Their place in the chain of life cannot be underestimated.
It is thanks to these angels that physicality exists in the 6th dimension that you call incarnation.

To what degree these angels are aware that you exist we do not know but you should send your thanks and gratitude to them because, without these angels sending you the God spirit, you would not be alive and reading this book.
This stupendous event has occurred ever since the first life forms incarnated long ago and will continue until incarnation is considered no longer to be necessary.

There is much that we do not know about them.
We do not know how they deal with the fact that incarnation is actually an illusion.
But we do know that they treat incarnation as a living fact and thus pour God’s force into you and into everything all the time.

As this action by the angels charged with sending you this life force is so important, we could write volumes about it but for the purposes of this book it suffices to give you an overview.
Detailed descriptions must wait for another day.
It suffices that you are aware that there is an area in the 4th that receives the God force and sends that force to all objects and entities incarnate.
This is achieved thanks to the tireless efforts of angels and archangels who reception that force and direct it to all things incarnate including you who are reading this book.
So, we will end this short chapter here and turn to yet another new subject.

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