Linking With The 4th Dimension – Chapter 16



We could write a compendium about the different areas within the 4th that contains elements that would, or should, be of interest to you as many of these areas affect you in your incarnation either directly or indirectly.

However, there must be a limit to what we describe.
We understand that there are a number of readers of our books that want as much information as possible and for our books to be as comprehensive as possible.
It is true that, in the past, we have presented books in a rather limited way because we were afraid that those with short attention spans would not read large volumes.
This could be considered to be playing to the lowest common denominator.
We apologize to those who really are keen to learn as much as possible about life and so, from now on, we will present larger and more complete books, presenting as much on any subject as we feel applicable.
This will, of course, create more work for our Earthly scribe and thus slow down somewhat the production of books but if they are more complete and present more information, it will be worth it.
Certainly, from our perspective, we wish to give you all as much information as possible so we will create, from now on, more complete and informative volumes. We rely on our Earthly scribe having the energy to write large volumes of text.
So, we ask you all to be patient from now on as we undertake the task of creating larger books.

We turn to the next item of interest, the next plane or landscape in the 4th that concerns you.
It is this.
There exists in the 4th dimension an area that deals with the production of life plans.
You may have heard that you incarnate with a life plan.
These life plans are not suggested in a haphazard fashion nor are there an unlimited number of them.
It would be inappropriate for there to be an unlimited number of life plans and would create chaos on Earth, so there are a large but limited number of life plans available for selection by a person desiring to have an Earthly incarnation.

According to the personality and interests of the candidate preparing himself for incarnation, a selection of life plans would be presented to the individual and he selects, after much discussion with his guides and teachers, which life plan would best suit him.
Then his life plan is tucked away in his higher self and remains there guiding the person incarnate as he starts his incarnation.
It pushes him, if we may thus describe it, along the path he chose before incarnation and will continue to do so until the end of his incarnation.
So, we have given you a brief overview of a life plan and how it functions.
But let us now return to the beginning and explain in detail as much as we can about life plans.

We hope that you can appreciate that life plans are essential to helping a person through his incarnation.
We could liken it to the rudder of a ship which guides the ship across an ocean from one port to another, the port of departure to the port of destination.
Without a rudder, a guiding system, the boat would just bob about on the ocean at the mercy of wind and tide.
It is the rudder that guides the ship safely across an ocean.
Of course, there is not just the rudder. There is the captain who decides where the ship should go and a helmsman who turns the rudder so that the ship follows the captain’s directives.
So, the analogy is not totally correct but we want you to understand that a life plan is essential to guiding you through your incarnation.

Let us return to a moment in the 4th that a young person – almost, one could say, a soul – is placed in the care of an oversoul.
We have already described the function of an oversoul but for those who do not know what an oversoul is, let us say that it is a grouping of like-minded individuals forming a collective and travelling through time together.
It has been likened to a platoon or company in a military group or a house in a school.
It is a group of people, some of whom have been in the spirit world for a long time and some of whom are recent arrivals.
But an oversoul is very important. It acts as a base, a home, a safe haven that a person can return to when he feels he needs to be comforted and reassured. It is his home in the 4th.
However, there is nothing physical to see.
It is purely people of like minds sharing their life, their love for each other because they think alike and have similar hopes, aims and ambitions.
An oversoul will remain with a person no matter where he resides; in the 4th, in incarnation or even should he wish to explore life, or lack of it, elsewhere.
If only people incarnate would realize that they have an oversoul and belong to it, life would be much more peaceful.
We mentioned life plans and oversouls as if they are two separate structures and, to a certain extent they are. But, if we can use a few Earth examples, it might help to explain a connection.

Let us take the case of a hospital. Someone decides that he or she wishes to create a hospital and so that person gathers around him a group of like-minded people (from his oversoul group) and they plan how they intend to create this proposed hospital (a life plan, in a way).
This hospital gradually takes form and, hopefully, provides a noble service in caring for the sick.
We could use other examples; businesses for instance, the creation of political parties, etc.
It is often a case of people from the same or similar soul groups creating a project and planning it out, which can be likened to a person’s life plan.

As with most analogies, it is not perfect but we hope it helps you understand what soul groups and life plans are.
While we are on this topic, may we ask you to note that in physical life there are a large number of possible business, charitable or social organizations that can be set up but, nevertheless, the number of options is not unlimited.
It may be possible, for instance, to create a commerce of some sort and each commerce will be unique but they will all follow a similar concept, taking a product or an idea and selling it to the public in exchange for something, usually money.
So, although there are a multitude of commerce’s, they all stem from one idea, how to make a profit from selling something to someone. This could be likened to a life plan.
The concept of hospitals, care centers, old people’s homes, etc., come together as another form of life plan.
We could go on and discuss politics, armed forces and so on but the concept is the single, similar idea to do something.
So, we hope that you can see that from the huge number of collective creations of businesses, care services, newspapers, factories, banks, etc., there are actually a limited number of plans that are behind the plethora of ideas.

In the case of you, the public that follow our teachings, there is a fair chance that you belong to the same soul group as us. We know that most of you are gentle, kind and spiritual people seeking, in your own fashions, the same objectives as us which is to gain knowledge in a bid to rise in the ascension process.
A soul group does not have to be limited to just a few souls. A soul group can contain millions of people, and as we all rise in spirituality together, so we can all join, reduce our individual egos and start to think as one noble entity.

Equally, we must say that there are other soul groups who think in a diametrically opposite fashion to our soul group and, once again, these might consist of huge numbers of people.
Amongst such a soul group, would be those quite at home with the concept of harming life: robbers, hunters, murderers, terrorists, etc.
These people, too, have the right to think and act as they have chosen but we must say that such people, generally, lead unhappy lives and will pay for the path they have chosen when their incarnation ends and they have to go to hell.
We all have free will. Some choose to do good and some choose the opposite.

The point we wish to make is, in each case, as the student human is shown around heaven, so he naturally feels drawn to a certain type of lifestyle.
Although, as soon as he arrives from the 7th to the 4th and he is placed in an oversoul, if it is noticed that his developing personality is not compatible with the oversoul that he is currently in, he can move to an oversoul in which he will feel more at ease.
Then, assuming that he wishes to have an incarnation, he will have a selection of life plans from which to choose, and with much discussion with his guides and teachers, he will select a life plan which will attempt to guide him through his incarnation.
This implies that each group, the members of one oversoul, if they desire to incarnate will be shown a selection of life plans, but each bouquet of these life plans will be connected to the type of personality an individual has and what he hopes to achieve from his incarnation.
Therefore, each group has a wide but limited number of options to choose from.

In the case of good people, the sort that might belong to our soul group, the life plans might cause the person to be born into terrible hardship, live a life of poverty in order to test him to the limit.
There is an example of this in the Bible where a person was asked by God to sacrifice his son as an offering to God.
We must say that in real life such a suggestion would never be made to anyone, neither by God nor by his angels. It is just a story to demonstrate what we are trying to explain.
At the last minute, Abraham (the man in question) was told to spare his son and he had passed the test of his faith in God.
We do not expect any good person to be faced with such a choice but it is common for a good person to be born into a poor family and to have to struggle all, or most, of his life in an attempt to make ends meet.
This is the nature of life, generally, for good people.
They choose a life where they are tested.
They could give in and turn to crime and we suppose that some do.
However, the difference between good and the opposite sorts of people is that a good person knows deep down that if he does a wrong act (stealing, for example) in order to feed his family, he knows that it is not correct.
Someone from the opposite end of the spectrum would steal without a second thought and might even feel proud of himself for getting away with the act.

While we are talking about good and not good people, may we say that we have a word missing in the English language. If we describe a person as a good person, within reason we all know the sort of person we are describing.
However, in the opposite case we have a number of people to whom we have difficulty in ascribing an appellation.
We do not wish to describe a person, the opposite of what we consider to be a good person, as bad, nor evil, nor misguided.

A person who chooses to act in an antisocial fashion is part of us all as we are all one. So, we do not wish to condemn the person as being bad, nor evil, nor misguided, as he has chosen a path through life that is legitimate, even if his actions are seen as antisocial.
Evil people there are. Fortunately, they are few. But there are a large number of people that choose to act in an antisocial manner. We don’t really have a word for such people.
Also, we must say that not all such people are poor, working class people. Some are, but many of them, being close to the animal instinct as opposed to good people who are closer to the spirit world, find it easy to progress through life.
Many of them are just ordinary people, who turn their hands and their minds to petty crime but there are a considerable number of highly educated, highly positioned in society who have this antisocial aspect prominent in their makeup.
They would be successful businessmen, politicians, bankers, lawyers and even some royalty of various countries, who have chosen to follow this rather negative path and who do not hesitate to push any advantage that they think will advance them either in terms of influence, power or finance.
If we may paraphrase an expression somewhat, the aim of such people is to ‘rob the poor to feed the rich’.

However, although we appear to be criticizing such people, and we must say that we regret that they have taken this path, nevertheless, they are our brothers and sisters. More, they are us. We are all one. They are us and we are them.
They and us are two faces of the same coin so to speak.
Let us take this expression and push it somewhat.
Imagine that it was a gold coin. It may have two faces, heads and tails, but they are all stamped into the same gold coin.
If we imagine that gold coin to be God, both faces are the face of God.
We apologise for that rather simple analogy but we want to express that whatever path anyone takes through life; they are still connected to all of us and to God.

However, we also wish to make the point that people, their oversouls to which they belong and their life plans, from which they choose if they are to have an incarnation, are all connected.
The personality of a person attracts him, by the law of mutual attraction, to the oversoul to which he naturally feels drawn and then he is presented with a number of life plans and one is chosen which will remain with him and will help guide him through his incarnation.
Naturally, once his incarnation finished, he returns to his home in the 4th and to a greater connection to his oversoul, and this life plan, which remains in place to a certain extent, becomes more flexible and he has greater freedom to reach beyond the confines of incarnation and beyond the limits that his life plan placed on him.

We will repeat, just to make it perfectly clear, the process that occurs as a young soul is selected to be a human and how he progresses from that early stage into and through an incarnation.
In the 8th dimension there are a large number of points of life that could be considered to be singularities. There are a vast but finite number of these singularities, one for each and every grain of sand, drop of water, plant, animal and potential human. But none of them have yet been chosen to become something. They are just points of life.

As usual, let us consider just humans.
At the far end of the life spectrum there is a stream of humans who have reached perfection and who merge with the Godhead and thus disappear from life as we know it.
This would leave a void and if it was allowed to continue as a one-way stream of humans disappearing into the Godhead, eventually, there would be no humans left neither in incarnation nor in the heavenly spheres.
Nature abhors a vacuum and so, as people merge with God, they must be replaced.
Therefore, archangelic beings decide what needs to be replaced. This could be almost any life form but, as we are just considering humans, let us suppose that a certain number of humans need to be created to replace those that are in the process of merging with God.
It may seem strange, but there must always be an exact number of different life species in creation. This is an immense number but that number is required, no more, no less.
Therefore, for each human that reaches the end of his long journey to perfection and blends with the God force, he must be replaced by a new human being selected to replace him.
The archangels reach into the mass of singularities in the 8th and select, at random, the number of potential humans they require and put a stamp, a logos, on them that tells each singularity that, from now on, it is going to be a human.
This is how you were chosen to be a human.

We have often talked about this and we do so again to make new students aware of where you came from. We have also said, and we repeat, it was purely by chance that you were selected to become a human. You could have been selected to become anything: animal, vegetable or mineral. Indeed, you might not have been selected at all and could still just be a singularity in the 8th.
But, having been selected to become a human, you are destined to live a life of extraordinary wonder, beauty and happiness. Do not imagine that this incarnation you are currently going through is all there is to life. You live in a magnificent palace and all you have seen so far in incarnation is the coal store. When your incarnation finishes and you return home to the 4th you will have the right to explore the rest of the palace.
You are, indeed, the chosen one, as you will learn once you return home.

Therefore, once selected and once given a stamp – a logos, as it is called – that tells you that you are destined to become a human, you move from the 8th dimension to the 7th.
Why should this be?
Amongst other rather complicated reasons that we have explained elsewhere, you start to develop a personality.
Without personality, you would just be a sort of zombie. It is personality that makes you what and who you are.
So, in the 7th, you start to develop the first glimmerings of personality and a recognisable form of human starts to appear.
You are permanently developing your personality until you have matured to the point that you can move on.
Also, towards the end of your sojourn in the 7th you will attract the attention of a person who will become your personal guide. You will also attract the attention of a number of angels who will start to care for you. An oversoul will be selected for you.
Eventually, you transition to the 4th and merge with your oversoul group. So, at this point in the 4th, you will have a definite personality, a guide, you will belong to an oversoul group and you will also have angels nurturing you.

As you should know by now, time has little or no relevance outside of physicality, but we will use time as we attempt to describe life progressing through the heavenly spheres.
So, for many years, a young person will be shown around the different areas of the 4th, including, amongst many more, the landscapes that we have described in this and other books.
Obviously, there are many more landscapes shown to the student human than we have so far had the opportunity to explain to you.
We would like, as this book progresses, to explain more of these areas but it takes time for us to explain to our scribe the nature of these landscapes so we must progress slowly.
The point we wish to make is that a huge number of landscapes are shown to the student and note taken of which interest him and which do not.

All this information influences his personality in the same manner that information influences you.
This takes time, so the student may stay in heaven for a long time, measured in Earth years, before he is ready to take a decision as to the next stage of his progress.
We must say at this point that the student human realizes that he is immortal and, no matter what he chooses to do, he will live forever.
It is also made clear to him that life either in the 4th or the 6th, if he decides to have an Earthly incarnation, is really a series of lessons and the aim is to progress to perfection.

Some student humans accept this information eagerly and start to devote their lives to following the path to perfection. In this case, he chooses a sort of life plan in which his purpose is exclusively to learn all he can about the spiritual path, and very advanced humans and even human angels take charge of this person, educate and guide him along the path that they, themselves, are on.
There is no need for such people to have an Earthly incarnation so they remain in and progress through the various levels of the 4th.

We wish we could compare how such a person, as he leaves one level and progresses to the next, as being reincarnated from one level to the next, but as we have previously said, long and bitter experience has taught us not to say such a thing as so many people will immediately seize on the ‘R’ word (reincarnation) and say that it is proof of reincarnation from heaven to Earth. It isn’t, as we have so often said. In this case it is like moving upwards in class in a school. Moving from one year to the next, the lessons becoming more advanced as the person advances.
There are quite large numbers of such people who would not profit from an Earthly incarnation but, equally, there are others who show little interest in the spiritual path and it is this group that are shown that they could, perhaps, benefit from visiting Earth and experiencing life in so-called physicality.
No one forces anyone from this group to come to Earth but the opportunity is offered to them.
What happens if a person shows an interest in, perhaps, having an Earthly incarnation is that, first, they meet with members of their soul group that have had an incarnation and these people explain what it was like to go through an incarnation on Earth.
Some people who had an incarnation had a relatively easy time on Earth while others suffered terribly.
The student will meet with many such people and will listen carefully to the stories recounted by those who once had an incarnation.
He will listen to those who had an easy ride through their incarnation and he will listen to those who had a really tough time.
He will also be taken to some of the levels of hell and learn what errors these people made that caused them, by the law of mutual attraction, to be in hell.
Equally, he will visit some of the higher spheres and talk to the people that had an incarnation but who devoted their incarnation to helping all life.
In other words, he will be shown every facet of life on Earth, how life, when it was in the darkest swing of the pendulum was terrible indeed and how, now that the pendulum is swinging into the light areas, is beginning to be more pleasant.

We wish you to understand that, among the many young humans considering their future, there are many different personality types.
We have mentioned those that chose a holy path and thus did not need to consider an incarnation.
The life plan would be to follow the path to God and thus their life plan is decided and they just have to follow it.
At the other extreme, believe it or not, there are a few people who are naturally drawn to what we might call a psychopathic trend.
All students are shown all aspects of life in physicality from the deepest evil to the highest good.
Those good students, when they visit the planes of physicality that deal with the lowest that man can sink to, feel disgusted and rapidly turn from any such thoughts.

But the psychopaths amongst the students would be delighted to find that such areas exist and feel very much drawn to those areas.
We must say, at this point, that heaven contains most of the aspects of life but the bad is kept strictly apart from the good. It is only on Earth that all aspects of life are combined, which is one of the purposes of life on Earth.
It gives the opportunity for those who are undecided about which way to go to experience all the facets of life in order for them to decide which path to accept.

We return for a moment to the 4th.
We mentioned that there were a number of students who automatically chose to follow the path of perfection and thus did not need an Earthly incarnation.
We wish to say that there are also a few who decide to be so evil that their guides refuse to allow them to have an incarnation.
When we say that their guides refuse to allow them an incarnation, it is not quite true. No one in the 4th has the right to impose his will on another but if a guide or teacher is confronted with someone who is really evil, he suggests that, perhaps, an incarnation would not be the best place for him to express his evilness. He would suggest that one of the areas of hell would best serve his desire for evil and hopes that the student follows his advice.
A guide would take the student to a place in hell where, by the law of
mutual attraction, the student feels drawn and arrangements would be made for the student to be placed there.
In a way, that would be the student’s place of incarnation.
However, if the student insists on having an Earthly incarnation, arrangements are taken, a life plan is selected by all, and the student is born on Earth.
The annals of history are full of the crimes subjected on countless people and animals by such people.
It is true that, once their incarnation terminated, they have to go to hell to repent – which they were made aware of before choosing to incarnate – but still they could not resist incarnating in order to satisfy their psychopathic desires to control and harm life.
Some are drawn to physical harm – torturing people – but many, particularly in modern times where in so-called civilized countries physical torture is no longer acceptable, these people turn their psychopathic minds to torturing people mentally or emotionally.
Such people often rise to positions of power and pass laws which plunge the public into financial hardship or destroy their lives in other fashions. Torture can take many forms.

We won’t go into details. We are sure that just by looking around you, you can see the vast number of people who are facing terrible hardship because of the actions of this relatively few number of psychopathic people who get pleasure from their actions.
At the same time, we must remember that there are a large number of people who chose to incarnate in order to experience this hardship.
So, the psychopaths perform an important role in life by providing the conditions that enable vast numbers of less powerful people to suffer.
This may seem crazy if we think of it in a shallow fashion but if we can realise that there are people who deliberately choose to incarnate in order to experience what suffering feels like, we can realise that we need the psychopaths to create the conditions which permit others to suffer.
It all comes down to the life plans people choose.

If you are struggling to comprehend what we said above, let us create an analogy. An analogy that we have used before.
Imagine that someone has the desire to become a great, world beating athlete.
Even when he was at school, he would have this desire and would take steps to try to be better than his schoolmates at the chosen sport.
Then, once he leaves school, he would join a sports club and a coach would notice the person’s talent, take him under his, the coach’s wing, so to speak, and help the student to progress.
This would include long training sessions where the young athlete would have to spend hours pounding around a running track, equally, hours in a gymnasium doing weight training and so on just so that the public, who sit at home eating harmful food, drinking harmful beverages can applaud the athlete every time he wins.
Let us assume that this athlete becomes the best in his field and becomes world champion.
This fame lasts a few years until another young athlete rises through the athletic ranks and becomes better than the person we are considering.
This is inevitable.
Techniques improve. Food improves and, dare we say, drugs may play a part.
In any case, the first athlete we were considering becomes a ‘has been’ and someone else becomes world champion at the chosen sport.
The first person is forgotten by the public who turn their attention to the latest star.
So, what was the point of all the suffering the first athlete went through? It ended in failure.
However, from a spiritual point of view the forgotten athlete made a great sacrifice, made a great service to mankind.
It is better to have been a ‘has been’ rather than a ‘never was’ which is the case of all his once fans who sat at home and applauded him as he won his sport trophies.
But even those who sat at home and watched him on TV served a purpose.
Without the public encouraging and applauding his efforts, the sport would serve no purpose.
Athletes need the public just as the public need the athletes.

Now, all this is connected to one’s life plan.

Let us return to the area in the 4th that contains a list of all possible life plans.
Before we do that, let us just remind you that as a young human is shown around heaven and is introduced to every possible aspect of life, his guides, teachers and whatever group of angels are supervising his education, take careful note of the subjects to which the student feels drawn, those that he rejects and all this helps form his personality.
So, by the time a person is ready to take charge of his life plan, everyone connected to this young human, who is, we remind you, still in the 4th dimension, has a clear idea of his likes and dislikes.
Eventually, he is taken into this area in the 4th that deals with life plans and he is shown a large selection of possible life plans from which, together with his helpers, the student human will make a choice.

This place, it is true, contains a huge list of possible life plans but it is not a list in any way that you could imagine.
First, we must say that it is part of the akashic record. Although we have said that the akashic record only contains information relevant to life forms, every time a person chose a way through life, going back over many thousands of years, the result of each and every life lived by anyone was stored in the akashic record and certain wise people decided to select many of these life experiences and group them together so that, as life progressed and became more complicated, a sort of list could be consulted to help humans as they progressed through life.
We think that you can easily imagine that when life first started, first as aquatic elements, then as stone creatures, as we have explained in other works, there was no need for life plans as life was so basic, so primitive.
It was not until a really recognisable form of human with family and hierarchical structures started to be created that the concept of any sort of direction to a life began to form.
It was from these early forms of personality structures, all fed into the akashic record, that the concept of life plans were created.
Over vast lengths of time, as life developed and as personalities grew more complex, all of which was stored in the akashic record, angelic beings had the notion of creating a separate area just for life plans.
This has grown over time and now is a recognisable area within the 4th that can be visited and, from the many life plans available for perusal, a young human can select, with help, the life plan most applicable for him.

How can we describe the process of selecting a life plan?
The young human, his guides and helpers attune their vibrational frequency to that area.
There is nothing to see but, stored in the memory of this area, are all possible life plans.
There are advanced angels in that area that are able to link with the personality of the young human and, by consulting the guides and helpers that accompany the student into the life plan area, are able to project into the mind of all concerned a list of all possible life plans that might appeal to the student and his guides and helpers.
This projection is not easy to describe. It is done by placing into the mind of all concerned the concept of the life plans suitable for consideration by all concerned.
So, the young human, his guides and angelic helpers find that they have this large list of possible life plans in their minds and they all combine and discuss which one would be most suitable.

One would think, logically, that student humans would choose to be born into wealthy or royal families.
However, in the akashic records section of the 4th it is possible to take a potential life plan and project where its progression would take it.
In many cases it can be seen that to be born into a rich or royal family would lead the person astray and would not result in the path that the person would like to follow.
It has been said that all power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
Naturally, if a psychopathic student is shown such a life plan, he would accept it immediately, but others would reject such a life plan.
After much cogitation, a life plan is selected and it is placed, as a sort of concept, in the higher self of the student.

Now, as we have said, not all people incarnate by any means. We have mentioned those that stay in heaven and study spirituality. We have mentioned true psychopaths that prefer to reside in hell so that they can give vent to their worst desires.
Then there are a large group of what we might call ordinary people who prefer to stay in the 4th because they do not feel drawn to a physical incarnation.
However, there are people who feel attracted to incarnation.

This is your case as it was with us. One of the few requirements in belonging to the Great White Brotherhood is to have had an Earthly incarnation at some time.
Many of our members had an incarnation at a time in Earth’s history when life for ordinary people was hard indeed. Such times would be difficult for modern people to imagine and, no doubt, many of them were glad that incarnations in those days were short and so they were released from the brutality of those days quite quickly.
But we are talking about life plans, not the delights or otherwise of incarnations as such.

All people, whether they choose to have an incarnation or not, are given a life plan.
We must always try to remember that all life is one, and in the case of humans, if one person is given a life plan, all must be given a life plan.
It is generally thought that only those undergoing an incarnation on Earth have or need a life plan and those in the spirit world, for some reason, do not have or need a life plan. This is not true.
All people, including those who choose to spend time in hell in order to be able to exploit their tendencies for cruelty and those who follow the holy path, have distinct life plans.
We hope that you can visualise that someone who chooses to go to hell would choose a life plan that would place him in a position where he was able to exploit his tendencies for cruelty and hatred whereas those who follow the holy path would select a life plan that would attract him to noble experiences.
Ordinary people that choose not to have an incarnation would select a life plan not dissimilar to those who do choose an incarnation.
Finally, we consider those humans who do choose to have an incarnation.
Let us try to describe how this works.
As the young human is being shown around heaven, as we said, he may meet with those members of his oversoul group who, at one stage, had an incarnation and have now returned to the 4th.
Discussions would take place with those whose incarnations were long ago as well as those whose incarnations were more recent.
He would meet people that came to Earth as men, women, homosexual or with no gender desire, handicapped and every sort of skin colour in order to understand what life on Earth is like.
Before incarnating, the young human would have very little concept of gender, race, skin colour or what limitations being handicapped gives.
Therefore, it is important that he meets with a variety of people in order to learn from their life experiences – the result of their life plan – because the life plan, in conjunction with personality, pushes the person in a certain direction. The law of mutual attraction ensures that he meets certain people and has certain experiences.
One might imagine that there would be a vast number of life plans that one could select but, as we said earlier, the choice is, in reality, not that large.

The first choice is to consider gender; male, female or homosexual. Most people decide to become either male or female. The number of homosexual people is relatively small despite evil people pushing young incarnates to experiment with gender change.
Next would come skin colour. According to the skin colour options, most would either be born into Eastern or Western countries. Obviously, there are an increasing number of people of immigrant parents, dark skinned, born into European countries but the actual number is still relatively small.
Then there is class. We could say that there are basically three types of people; the poor, sometimes referred to as working class, then white collar, more qualified people, then those who are relatively rich.
After that we must consider education. Some are poorly educated, some receive a better education and a small group who receive higher, university education.

From what we have described above, one can see that the choice of life plans is not unlimited. Far from it.
Depending on the personality of the individual, he would be attracted to a certain lifestyle and thus he would select a certain life plan.
As we mentioned, logic would dictate that a person would choose to be born in a rich family and have an easy ride through life but wealth is no guarantee of pleasure, nor of happiness.
Many rich people are deeply unhappy and have disastrous incarnations.
In any case, when a life plan is being considered, it is possible, to a certain extent, to follow into the future the result of selecting a certain life plan.
This is because life is more complicated than just choosing a life plan.
A life plan, in conjunction with personality which, when gender, race, colour and so on are all added together will create a certain path through life. If one follows that life into the future, it can be seen that this would or would not create the life that the person desires.
So, as all these factors are considered by the person wishing to incarnate, in conjunction with discussions with all his different helpers, a life plan will be decided.
This would include his gender (male, female or other), country of birth, skin colour, type of family, etc. Eventually, one or more families are selected for that person to incarnate into.
As one lady in one of those families becomes pregnant so the young candidate prepares to incarnate into that family.
And so a child is born.
The aims of the incarnation can be many and varied.
It might be to have a selfish, unkind, egotistical life or it might be to have a noble, helpful passage through life, assisting all life as best as possible.
Most just decide to incarnate in order to experience life in physicality. These people are not unkind nor are they noble spirits. They are just ordinary people.

Therefore, we hope that you can see that a life plan is not a stand-alone thing.
It is closely connected to personality, and to a certain extent, is influenced by what soul group one belongs to.
At all times, as the person is going through his incarnation, he is being overshadowed by at least one guide who remains with him at all times and ensures that the person does not stray too far from his life plan which, as we said earlier, is contained in his higher self.
You may remember us telling you that higher self and akashic record are closely connected and are, effectively, the same thing.
Therefore, the life plan, selected from the akashic record, stays with the person throughout his incarnation, and the life plan, plus his personality, plus various other parts, ensures that the incarnation follows the path set out for it before incarnation was chosen.

We will end this chapter here. We have deliberately explained life plans in as great a detail as we can and we hope that you have understood most if not all of it.

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