Linking With The 4th Dimension – Chapter 17



We have done our best to show you, who are going through your incarnation, the link between a number of aspects: the life plan, higher self, akashic records, personality and so on.
We suspect that many of you, as you move from day to day, from problem to problem, had no idea of the many aspects contained in the 4th that are, in fact, there to assist you if only you could link to them.
Of course, to make the connection with these areas requires that you know that they exist and that the connection from those areas, those forces, are connected to you via your various auras.
There is not one second of your incarnation that you are disconnected from your oversoul. Not one second that your guide is not with you and not one second that your life plan is not available to guide you through your incarnation.

All of the aspects that we have mentioned in this book, and many more, were provided for you to assist you in what you and your guides and helpers knew would be a trying time.
You chose to incarnate in order to be tested. You deliberately chose to incarnate in order to try your strength in a world that would try to drag you down.
It is a sort of tug-of-war with negative forces pulling on one end of the rope and you, on your own, pulling on the other end.
Of course, you on your own cannot overcome the mass of negative forces trying to make life as difficult as they can for you. That is why all the forces from the 4th that we have mentioned – and more – were provided to you, were incarnated with you in your auras.
Together, you, plus all the forces from the 4th, if and when you learn how to link with them will overcome the negative forces. They are no match for the power of God which is contained in the forces that are available to you and are waiting patiently in your auras for you to harvest them and use them in your path through life.

All this was explained to you before you incarnated and they are still available to you.
As we have explained in other works, when you incarnate, you are largely connected to physicality and all the advice given to you is put into your higher self which is also connected to the akashic record.
Now, many people scratch their heads and wonder why they are on Earth having an incarnation. They can see no point in it and wish that they had never been born.
Even when they are told that God’s forces are available to assist them, they see no difference in their lives.
They seem to spend their entire lives in a state of battling with problem after problem and it never seems to improve.
There might be moments of relative calm but that calm seems to be the calm before the storm, and soon afterwards, another series of problems turn up, as you knew they would.
We are sure that you who are reading these words know exactly what we are talking about and we who give you these words know from first-hand experience what we are talking about as we all had incarnations at one time or another.

As we have mentioned elsewhere, life today compared to life long ago is fairly civilized.
Some of our group who went through an incarnation long ago, recount tales of their incarnations that were horrible beyond imagination.
Long ago, there was no limit to the brutality inflicted on people but, thankfully, as the pendulum of life swings into positive so life is slowly improving.
However, things are not yet perfect and most people in incarnation could do with all the help they can get. Fortunately, that help is available to them and is contained in their file in the akashic record.
If and when that help can be located, it can be retrieved from the akashic record, passed through auras into the higher self and then moved through the imagination plane into the mind and finally the brain, at which point you (the ID) can analyse that information and incorporate into your personality and either take action to link it to you or not. The choice is yours.

At the beginning of this book, we said that we would teach you how to link with these forces and how to incorporate them into your lives in order to make you the positive force you should be. The actual technique is so simple that it will only take a few lines to explain but we will reserve this information until the end of this book.
The aims and objectives of this volume is to explain to you the how and the why of these forces, why and where they exist and we want to continue to explain the actual reasons as to why they exist.
There are many texts going back over thousands of years that mention how to connect with these forces and there have been noble souls such as Jesus and Buddha that explained the technique for drawing these forces into your life. Unfortunately, many of these texts explained their objectives in such a manner as to confuse people rather than help. This is often because, over the years, the actual teachings of the sages have been distorted through mistranslations or by deliberately distorting the original teachings to keep people from discovering the simple truth about linking to the spiritual forces.

We will explain the technique for drawing the forces from the 4th and incorporating them into your lives but our aim is to do much more than this. We wish you all to have an in-depth knowledge of what is going on so that you can become experts on the how and the why of the way life, both physical and spiritual, works.
So far, we have given you 7 books. This one is the 8th.
We have also answered many of your questions on a variety of topics and will continue to do so.
We do not wish to appear to make ourselves seem more important than we are but we can honestly say that the information that we have given you, if collected together, is more than has ever been revealed to the public before.
We will also say that we will not stop until we have explained to you – the public – all that we know about life.
It is our aim that, eventually, what we tell you will be considered to be the greatest compendium of spiritual and physical life and will be considered to be the go-to information to explain life in simple and truthful words.

There are countless tomes published that claim to explain aspects of life. Some are close to the truth and some are just works of fiction.
No one incarnate, unless he has access to knowledgeable people in the spirit realms, can gain access to true information.
It is not possible for anyone in incarnation to understand the complexities of creation.
We are fortunate in that, not only do we have access to knowledgeable humans who are part of our group, but as a decision was taken by high angels that the public should be made aware of as much truth as it is possible to explain, very wise angelic beings kindly answer any questions that we may ask and so we can present information to you that no other group can.
We do not wish this to sound arrogant. We accept this heavy load of explaining complex truths to you and have put in place a chain of people in the desire to transmit all these facts about life to you.
Others, incarnate and discarnate are being trained in telepathy and the various psychic skills to bridge the gap between our world and yours, to ensure that no matter what happens the flow of information will continue in an unbroken chain until our goal is achieved.
So, we present this priceless information to you and leave you to accept or reject the information.

Having said all that, let us find another area in the 4th to describe to you.
We wish to describe an area, a landscape, that permits someone to link with his personal file, not in the akashic records that we have already talked about, but a file in the imagination plane that enables information from the akashic record and the higher self to be accepted and transmitted onwards without distortion.
Once again, this is not going to be easy to explain and it is an area that we have studiously avoided mentioning so far because we wanted to keep the chain of information from one aspect to another simple and logical.
In other works, we said that information was transmitted from the higher self into the imagination plane, into the mind and, finally, into the brain.
This is true for a lot of information.
However, everything concerning your life plan, your personality and so on is so important for you, that a special area is set up in the 4th that links directly to your imagination plane and allows you, if you are willing to open your mind somewhat, access to your life plan and its associated components.
You may ask why this should be and how it really functions?
That will be the subject of this chapter.

As you know, life in incarnation is complicated. You are expected at almost every moment of the day to make decisions over problems presented to you.
It matters not at all where you live, what sex you are, your age, your status – rich or poor.
All the time life sends you problems and you are expected to find an answer to each and every question.
We have already told you that the answers to any question, any problem are already provided in your higher self and, if and when you have a problem, it suffices to reach into your higher self and bring forth the solution.

Let us try to explain how this works.

It does not seem logical that life is sending you problems, but that the answer is already available. But it is so.
The way this works is as follows. We will explain but you will find that it takes a stretch of imagination to accept it.
The truth of the matter is that, as time does not really exist, the past, the present and the future are all just one moment. It is all part of the singularity that life is.
So, believe it or not, a million years in the past or a million years into the future are happening now. The million years in the past is all part of the now moment as is a million years in the future. They are all part of the now moment.
We have mentioned frames of time rather like a cine film photographing a scene in a film.
This is so, and each frame is stored in the akashic record.
However, the time has come to explain another facet of life that, so far, we have not mentioned.
As far as we know, very few have discussed this topic, so please be prepared to have your understanding concerning how life works to be jolted somewhat as we present a new paradigm.

When we explained about the frames of life, we mentioned not only was each frame stored in the akashic record but we also said that between each frame, life was destroyed. So, between any two frames of existence, there was a void and life started again.
What we did not tell you was that each time life started again, each new frame was, in fact, a totally new beginning of life.
Not a continuation from the previous frame, as it seems to be, but a brand-new creation of everything. It is the fact that the new frame seems to be so similar to the last one and the one before that, that gives the impression of continuity, rather like the frames in a cine camera filming a scene from a movie.
But, in fact, each frame is a totally new life creation. Life stops between any two frames; the previous frame is recorded for posterity and then life is recreated from scratch all over again.
What this means is that all we have explained to you in the books that we have given you, explaining life before the so-called big bang, through the creation of life by God and his archangels in a kindergarten and from the moment of the so-called big bang to the present, is all created in a microsecond of time as you know it.
This is possible because time does not exist. There is only sequence of events – one thing following after another.
Now, we don’t know if you have managed to understand this extraordinary sequence of events, so we will explain again and then we will link it to the subject of this chapter which is about you being able to control your incarnation.
We need you to be able to understand this part before we move on to explain the next part.
So, let us start again.

Life is a series of snapshots created and recorded. Billions of times a second, life is created and destroyed, created and destroyed.
You, as you read this, have the impression that you are going through your incarnation as one smooth act. But, in fact, life resembles a cine film, single frame after single frame being joined together to create a roll of cine film.
Life is like that but there is one fundamental difference. In real life, the one you are living, between any two frames, life is completely destroyed and the whole of creation from the very beginning up till now is recreated in each frame.
Although you have the impression that your life follows on as one smooth passage through existence, in fact you are being destroyed, re-chosen from the 8th, moving to the 7th, then to the 4th, choosing an incarnation on Earth and being here reading this book.
This may seem impossible, but it is so.
A total, fresh, new creation is constructed from zero, through what history considers to be billions of years up to now, in a flash – a very small space of actual time as measured on Earth.
We will not give the exact moment in Earth time that these events occur as this information could be used by evil people to create weapons.
Suffice to say that the length of each snapshot is very short indeed before it ceases, is stored in the memory of the akashic record and life finishes and restarts.

The implications of this are many and important.
First, we mentioned that when humans were required, archangels reached into the bank of singularities in the 8th and selected, at random, the number of required singularities and gave those singularities a logos that told them that they were going to be human.
But we just said that, each microsecond, life was annihilated and recreated from scratch.
This would imply that archangels would reach into the bank of singularities and select, at random, any point of life and give it a human logos. If this is the case, and it is being done billions of times a second, how is it that the archangels do not put a logos on you that sometimes is human, sometimes vegetable, sometimes animal and sometimes mineral?
How is it that you are not selected to be a grain of sand or a raindrop?
The answer is that humans are constantly needed to replace those joining with God so there are always humans being chosen.
It is true that singularities are selected at random, but each time life is created, that human logos links with you because you were chosen to be who you are.
So, the logos is created as a human and destroyed billions of times a second but you, and all other humans, are a force that continues endlessly.

This is very difficult to explain and very difficult to understand, so if we may, we will expand on this concept.
But before we do that, we need to state something else that has seldom been mentioned.
As life is created and destroyed countless times a second, the life that is created is virtually a copy of the previous life.
There is only one life picture and it is created and destroyed, created and destroyed but each creation is a carbon copy of the previous creation.
One way of imagining this is to visualise a printing press, printing endless postcards for instance. Each postcard would be an exact copy of all the previous ones.
This printing press, to continue with the analogy, has been printing these postcards since the beginning of when God first had the idea of creating life countless eons ago and will continue printing these postcards for countless eons of time into the future.
Each postcard represents a frame of space-time so the printing press would be capable of printing these postcards billions of times a second.
What would the picture on the postcard look like?
It would be blank. There would be nothing printed on the postcards because there is nothing in creation.
Before you chuck this book away thinking that it is created by lunatics, bear with us and give us a chance to explain.

We repeat, life is created and destroyed then recreated but each creation is a blank sheet. There is no creation, yet there obviously is!
So, we need to explain this conundrum because you exist and are surrounded by creation of all sorts.
You exist, your family exists, your friends, your abode exists. There are shops, cars, airplanes, countless people, countless countries and a mass of fauna and flora, etc.
So, if nothing exists, where does all this come from?

Although life is created and destroyed billions of times a second, there are some things that cannot be destroyed because these things are what create the whole system.
They are outside of all this and organize the creation and destruction process.
We call this force God. For those who have difficulty with the word God, it is sometimes called ‘the all that is’.
Whatever term you wish to use for this creative force, please believe us when we say that this force exists.
Now, this force creates, in conjunction with a group of archangels, this group of blank life frames being created and destroyed billions of times a second.

Now, this is where we come to you.
God and his archangels decided to create conscious beings of all sorts; animal, vegetable, mineral and human, in order not only to clothe this blank postcard but to create experiences so that God could have an interesting life and learn from the experiences of the created life.
So, he created from himself all that exists as points of consciousness. That is all that exists. God pretending to be all that exists whether it be animal, vegetable, mineral or human.
He created only one life force but endowed each point of life with the logos to be either animal, vegetable, mineral or human by giving each and every point of life, each singularity – not only a logos that informs each singularity what it is going to be – but also endows each singularity with consciousness. That gives it the impression that it is what it was selected to be, but also endowed it with personality which gives each singularity the sense that is it is a unique ‘something’.
In the case of humans, it is the personality that gives you a sense of who you are. Personality creates the ID, the person who looks back at you in the mirror.
Further, it creates a place in your makeup that is termed the imagination plane.
Now, the imagination plane serves many purposes, some of which we have explained in various books.
But we wish to return to the subject of this chapter.
We hope that you have read and understood what we previously said to you concerning the fact that nothing exists, because we have reached the point where we need to construct into that blank postcard (frame of life, which is all that exists) the world you live in.
We will just repeat before we explain more that each frame, each postcard if you will, is not only blank but it is the same bank picture repeated endlessly. There is only one.
But there is one for all life.
Therefore, you live in a world where, billions of times a second, blank frames of life are being created exclusively for you.
The person next to you has his blank frames created exclusively for him and on and on around the world and throughout time.
It is the same picture created over and over again exclusively for you – the same blank, timeless, space-less moment, endlessly repeated since the beginning of creation and going on until the end of creation – that flashes into your consciousness.
This means, strange as it seems, that you have always existed and always will because you live actually in a single frame of existence which only lasts a microsecond.
But you have consciousness and personality and it is these two things, augmented by DNA and a number of other aspects that enable you to imagine the life you lead from your creation in the 8th dimension eons ago in Earth time until you finally merge with the Godhead.

It has been noted that, perhaps, in our last statements we did not make abundantly clear what we stated, so with your permission we will reiterate in different terms what we said.
Our intention was to explain that there are, in considering this aspect of creation, basically two parts to it.
The first is the part that was constructed by archangels long ago in order to create the concept of life progressing for all things.
Each and every living object, and most things are alive whether they be animal, vegetable, mineral or human, has attached to it a sort of singularity that we described as postcards.
The point that needs to be made is that there is not just one for all living things. It is the opposite.
Every living thing has, if we may use this postcard analogy, its own printing press churning out these blank pictures (please excuse the contradiction in terms).
So, every animal, every vegetable, every mineral and every human ever since life was created on Earth has its own unique printing press, if we may thus describe it, churning out billions of blank postcards per second. These postcards are, of course, the individual frames of space-time.
We will repeat in order to make this abundantly clear.
Everything has connected to it a mechanism that is creating countless frames of space-time, billions a second but the point to retain is that it is being done for all things individually.
You have this mechanism that creates billions of frames of space-time (that we referred to as postcards) exclusively for you.
Each and every person also has a unique mechanism churning out frames of space-time, totally unique to him or her. Every animal, every plant, every grain of sand or drop of water also has the same thing going on.
If you could calculate the number of lifeforms – animal, vegetable, mineral or human that exist – there would be a mechanism for creating a unique series of frames of space-time for each and every one of these objects as if each object, no matter what it is, has a code attached to it that links it to its printing press and it is churning out blank postcards exclusively for that object.
This has been going on since the dawn of creation and will continue endlessly into the future.

We repeat also that life is created, totally destroyed and recreated billions of times a second and further, the new creation does not start where the old one left off. It starts from the very first moment when God had the idea of creating life and follows the progression through until this moment.
All this, which would appear to have taken countless trillions of years, can happen in a flash because time as you know it does not exist – it is part of the illusion of 3D incarnation. If time does not exist, a microsecond or a million years are the same.
But we repeat. Each and every object, no matter what it is, if it has the life force attached to it, it has this mechanism that creates frames of space-time exclusively for that person or life form.
It is not one system for all things. All things have their own system exclusive to them.

That was the first part of the story.
We wish to say that although these moments of space-time, these blank postcards as we called them, are created by archangelic forces and thus, in a way, are connected to the God force, they can and are being destroyed billions of times a second before the totality of life is recreated.
So, they are not entirely representative of God which cannot be destroyed.

However, we move on to part two.
This involves talking about living objects which include animals, vegetables, minerals and humans.
As we have already stated, God (in his infinite wisdom) decided to create all these objects and put the totality of his life force in association with each and every object.
Anything created by God cannot be destroyed and so, despite life being destroyed and recreated billions of times a second, any life force created by God remains intact as it is created from the God force and therefore cannot be destroyed.
It is outside of and remote from the creation/destruction cycles.

What do we mean by ‘anything created by God’?
This would start with every atom. There is the totality of the God force at the heart of every atom.
Atoms combine to create all that exists and that includes what is called dark energy as well as the atoms with which you are familiar.
So, everything that you see around you is created by atoms. Atoms are alive as they contain the God force, so everything you see is alive.
They cannot be destroyed because the God force cannot be harmed.

Let us return to you, if we may, and the fact that there is a mechanism that is constructing your individual moments of space-time as we said and as we likened to blank postcards.
These blank postcards which, we remind you once again, contain all the myriad of events that have occurred since creation first happened up till this moment, need to be clothed, if we may use that word, by information that is not available to the creation of the actual postcards, the fleeting microseconds of space-time.
The picture is created by you.
You have the unique ability to paint a picture in each blank postcard because God gave you all of his power and you are in fact God. God in the form of you.
Other people, animals, plants and minerals also contain the God force exclusively and individually in them.
We need you to understand this vital point.
You exist because you are God. God made you in his image. Not a part of God but the totality of God.
All that constitutes you is because you are all that constitutes God.
God is such a marvelous entity that he can transform himself into you even though you may not realise this and even though many religions try to deny this fact and term it blasphemy. It is not blasphemy. It is a fact that you are God in the form of you.

We will go on and repeat what we have said before.
Not only is God capable of transforming himself into you but he is capable of transforming himself into every man, woman and child that has ever lived, is living or will live. Also, he is capable of transforming himself into every animal, every plant, every mineral, every drop of water and everything that exists.
This is a wonderful thing to contemplate and should be carefully considered.
When you look at yourself in a mirror, you are looking at God who has transformed himself into you because he wanted to give you eternal life.
He also did this with every object that surrounds you. Everything is God who has transformed himself into all that surrounds you no matter what it might be.
If you can realise this, we ask you to consider the implications. Everything surrounding you, no matter what it is, is God transformed into that object.
Further, as it is God, whatever you are considering, not only is it God but as you also are God, you are it, whatever it is and it is you.
So, if you harm something, not only are you harming God but you are harming yourself.
Think about this. Jesus mentioned that we all were God and he also mentioned that to harm something is to harm oneself.

We also wish you to understand that each and every moment of space-time, each blank postcard has a picture painted onto it by you, but each blank postcard is exclusively yours. No other person, animal, vegetable or mineral has the same blank postcards as you. They all have their own blank postcards exclusive to them and they all fill each blank postcard with their own images created by them, no matter what they are: animal, vegetable, mineral or human.
Each and every object has its own series of blank postcards and each and every object creates its own images with which to paint or clothe each postcard and the thing that paints the images, animal, vegetable, mineral or human, is God. God being exclusively that ‘thing’ no matter what it is.
Therefore, if we can go back to considering you, you are all that exists. You live alone as God, creating endless images on postcards or microseconds of space-time that are created exclusively for you and nothing else exists outside of what you create through your imagination.

You may remember that this chapter is to describe a place in the 4th that deals with you linking that place to your imagination plane in order to be able to clothe or paint images onto the countless blank postcards created exclusively for you.
So far, in this chapter, we seem to have explained many things – well, two really – the blank postcards which are created and destroyed billions of times a second and you who is God and are thus capable of creating images with which to clothe each blank postcard or each moment of space-time depending on how you wish to imagine these moments.
But we have not really talked about the subject of this chapter which is the place in the 4th that brings these two aspects together.
We felt that we needed to do this, to present this information, because, although we have mentioned it before, we wanted to make sure that you understood the creation of life and so we have done our best to clarify these two points:
1. The blank postcards or microseconds of space-time that are created exclusively for you, and
2. The fact that you are the eternal God and you are God taking your form (human) and having your experiences.
So, we will consider just you because this chapter is about you and how you create the life you are having.

The basis of the existence of God is something we call consciousness.
This word, consciousness, despite being an ordinary, everyday sort of word, is difficult to describe. It has different meanings depending on how it is used and is actually, in the way we mean it, the creative force that enables you to be God having an existence that you call ‘your life’.
Now, if someone hits you on the head, it is said that you lose consciousness. What does that mean?
We do not wish to get involved with medical terminology but to lose consciousness implies that, for a certain time, you are not aware of life carrying on as normal.
This may last for a few seconds or for quite a long time but the point is that while you are unconscious you are not aware of life evolving around you.
There is a blank, so to say.
So, we could say that to be conscious is to be aware that life exists and you are part of it and create or observe life as it unfolds.
If you can accept that simple statement it means that consciousness equates to awareness.
To be aware implies that life is going on, and in many various ways, involves you.
To be conscious implies that you are aware of life and either are part of creating events or are the victim of events created by others. When we say victim, we do not necessarily mean something unpleasant, although it often is in incarnation. We mean that you are affected by events created by someone or something else.

So, let us return to the heart of the subject.

You must be aware that, in fact, you live alone as God in a blank world in which nothing exists except the fact that ‘you are’.
You are all that exists and you exist as a point of consciousness and that point of consciousness is God.
However, God has given you imagination and it is thanks to that imagination that you are able to create all that you see and all that you experience.
But you do it on your own as, in reality, nothing else and no one else exists except this point of consciousness that you think is you and is, in fact, God.
Obviously, the reality is more complicated than that and we have explained how, despite you being the only life form that exists in your reality, you can react and interrelate with other life forms in their realities.
But for the purposes of this chapter we do not wish to get lost in a maze of complexities about life.
We repeat, you are a point of consciousness and you are the only thing that exists in your world.
But you have imagination and it is thanks to that imagination that you are able to clothe your blank postcards, your microseconds of space-time, to create what you call your reality.
As you should know, each postcard, each microsecond of space-time, is stored in your personal file in the akashic record and can be perused in order to create memory and also, the last few postcards can be observed in order for you to create a continuity of what you decide to create in order to give a smooth progression to your life which is being created for you with the help of your life plan.

At long last, let us turn to the place in the 4th that concerns the subject of this chapter.
Because, in your file in the akashic record, there is every aspect of all of your life which, we remind you, goes back to the moment that God first put his spark of life into you in the nursery planet that we spoke about in a previous book and which is also contained in the information stored in every postcard, every microsecond of space-time since you were first created. To constantly re-examine all this information each time you wish to remember something or every time you wished to link the last few frames or postcards to your ‘now’ moment in order to create a smooth transition from one microsecond to the next, would create impossible complications.

So, in the 4th has been created a special file from your existence that contains only a relatively few frames or postcards. Further, this place only contains relatively recent events thus bypassing all the events covering, effectively, trillions of years so that you can directly link to recent events, recent memories.
This information, stored in your file in the 4th, is linked to your imagination plane and thus, if you wish to remember something or wish to link with day-to-day events occurring in your life, it suffices to link with this abridged version of the akashic record contained in this area and just the events concerned with your immediate past are instantly fed into your imagination, passed to your mind and to your brain and you have at your disposal just the memories that are significant to you as you pass from ‘now’ moment to ‘now’ moment – which, in fact, is always the same ‘now’ moment.

So, we hope that you can understand what is going on.
You exist as a point of consciousness that is called God or ‘the all that is’ and that Jesus referred to as ‘I am’.
You are all that actually exists in your reality but can be linked to other people, animals, minerals, etc., as required in order for you to create your reality.
Next, the world you live in, and all other life form’s worlds, are created and destroyed in microseconds and each new creation, or postcards as we called them, are actually blank.
But from the akashic record, it instantly contains all of your creation from the moment of your creation long ago up till now.
However, in order to make life easier to live, there is a file in the 4th that contains a shortened version of your personal file, only containing the events and memories that concern your recent past (possibly from the moment when you as a baby could first remember things) and that file is linked to your imagination plane and allows you to relate to life in a simpler fashion.
Although this file in the 4th containing only recent events applicable to you is reserved exclusively to you, you should understand that each and every person has the same thing available for him as he has his own version of the 4th dimension and his own file containing his recent past events.
This is also applicable to animals, vegetables and minerals. They all have the same dimensions that you have and thus, in their 4th dimension, they have the same memory file that is exclusively applicable to them, individually.

We wish to say that this memory file in the 4th is separate from the true memory file in the true akashic records relevant to you. Your true experiences are stored forever in every frame, in every postcard of the akashic record but the latest bit is copied and placed in your file in the 4th.
This implies that it is separate from the true akashic record and is constantly being updated from microsecond to microsecond but it will not endure eternally as your memories in the true akashic record will. It is a sort of temporary file.

That really is all that we need to say about this file in the 4th.
So, we will repeat, there is, in the 4th, a place that contains the latest part of your experiences and memories. It is a shortened part of the akashic record and is put there so that you can locate a simplified version of your personal akashic record file. It may be considered to be a sort of temporary file in computer terms. As you are the only person that exists in your reality it concerns only you.
But, of course, all other things exist in their reality and thus have the same temporary file in their reality, totally separate from yours.
Information from this file is passed directly to your imagination plane and from there it is passed to your mind and brain and you create your next frame of space-time, your next postcard as a smooth transition from the last, the last coming from your file in the akashic record and the latest one, the ‘now’ frame, being created by you in conjunction with your life plan.

We do appreciate that this was a very difficult chapter to comprehend and we don’t expect all to follow it.
But we have told you about this memory file, how it works and why it is necessary.
The information concerning how the ‘now’ moment can link to the past, present and future we will reserve for another day.
So, we will end this chapter here and turn to yet another topic of moment and pith.

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