Linking With The 4th Dimension – Chapter 18



We think that you will so far agree that in this book, which is the 8th in this series, we have given you quite a lot of information, some of it we have talked about before and some of it is new, not only to you but to all people.
We intend to go on as far as we can in describing areas in the 4th that relate to you, many of which, if you incorporate into your lives in incarnation, will help to smooth your path.

We wish at this point to turn our attention to an area which will also be new.
There is an area in the 4th that relates to the difficulties of connecting to the spirit world because it has always been the intention of God’s archangels that life in incarnation and life in the 4th should, effectively, be connected as if they were one life.
It is unfortunate that people choosing an incarnation seem to be cut off from the 4th although, as we mentioned in the previous chapters, you are always connected to your oversoul group, your personal guide and to your life plan but your life plan, although decided upon while you were in the 4th before incarnating, you carry with you through your incarnation.
So, quite apart from all the aspects we mentioned in all the previous chapters, we think you would agree that it would be beneficial if you could have a permanent connection to your oversoul and also a direct relation with the guides that, at the moment, are obliged to help you behind the scenes, so to speak.
There are a number of reasons why, when you incarnate, you feel cut off from the 4th dimension.

We have already stated in this book and in others that your life plan is tucked away in your higher self, as are the memories of the time that you spent in the spirit world before incarnating.
Many people imagine that the reason for this is because, and we quote to a certain extent, ‘life is a school and to be told the results of the examinations would negate the object of the school lessons’.
This is, of course, not correct.
Although life in incarnation is an education, there is no examination at the end of it.
There is no group of people preparing questions for you to answer and, above all, there is no concept of pass or fail as there would be in a traditional school environment.

Despite what we said in the last chapter about creation being destroyed and recreated billions of times a second, which was true, the aim of life is to progress spiritually and smoothly from the starting point, at which you were barely conscious, to its conclusion, which is to reveal the fact that you are God himself.
Speaking of the statement that we revealed to you that you were God, we have no doubt that some of you accepted that statement as a working hypothesis and some of you rejected it for a variety of reasons.
Whether you could accept or you rejected our declaration that you are God, may we ask how many of you truly feel that you are God?

There might be a few that suffer from delusional problems that might state that they are God but, apart from those few who might have mental problems, how many of you can honestly say that they feel that they are God?
We suspect that the answer is zero!
Even we in the spirit world, including our friends and colleagues that have been in spirit for a long time, recognise that they are a long way from revealing, by their actions, that they are God.
Indeed, the closer one approaches the throne of God, it seems the more that one appreciates the distance yet to travel.
And yet, the path to God is not one of movement.
It is simply the degree that one can remove one’s ego.
In other words, the barrier that separates us from the God that we really are is the very sense of personal identity that God instilled in us at the very beginning of our creation.

So, this seems to be a very strange conundrum as is so often the case with life. We have two forces apparently opposing each other – or rather it is the same one force in this case, God – acting in opposing fashions.
On the one hand we have the wonderful, perfect love power that is God, and on the other, we have the same God force that creates life (whatever life can be considered to be) as a somewhat primitive force sent out to struggle its way back to its creator. And all this, apparently, is so that God can benefit from the experiences of his creations.

As we have said before, it all seems a bit pointless and countless people throughout the world and over the millennia would agree.
But, is it pointless?
If God is as wonderful as he seems, then surely, he would not make such a complicated thing as life just in order to gain pleasure from watching us all struggle through life.
So, perhaps we are missing something. Perhaps there is some element of life that we have overlooked or that, for some reason we are not aware of.
We would not imagine God to be a psychopath, despite the manner he is portrayed in the Old Testament of the Bible and in various other religious texts, nor as he is preached from the pulpits of certain churches, nor yet as imagined by some followers of these religions.
We might well imagine that some followers of these religions might, themselves, be psychopaths and we might imagine that the writers of these texts and a certain number of preachers might have been or are psychopaths, but it seems to us from our individual and collective experience that God is the very essence of love.
We use the word love in the diametrically opposed sense to the meaning of the word psychopath.
Indeed, we give a far deeper meaning to the word love than can possibly be expressed using words.
We take its meaning on until we connect it with the sense of total unity. All things coming together to create oneness.
We do appreciate that what we said does not seem to imply love very much, but we want you to reach out with your mind and try to imagine what it would be like if you could incorporate each and every element of life; animal, vegetable, mineral or human into your own life, until there was not one iota of difference in your mind or in your heart between the smallest atom of sand and you, yourself.
If you could really feel the life, the vitality, the beauty of everything in the depths of your heart, of your very soul, that is the meaning we give to the word love.
A far cry indeed from the tyrannical person that God is often portrayed to be.

Now, we said that the object of this chapter is to describe to you the area in the 4th that relates to the difficulties in connecting your life in incarnation to life in the spirit world.
Please notice that we did not say that this area deals with creating that link.
So, just what is the purpose of this area and what does it actually deal with?
This, surprisingly, is going to be somewhat difficult to describe, so explanation of its various functions might be rather long-winded, if you are familiar with that rather old-fashioned term.
Let us start at the beginning and take whatever time required in order fully to describe this place and how it relates to you in incarnation.
Further, let us explain what is needed in order to be able to have a permanent link to the spirit world for those who desire to have such a link.
We must also consider what would be the advantages, if any, of creating (opening) such a link and also discuss any possible disadvantages of having this link installed.

We must go back, for a few lines, to talk about your life in the spirit world before you chose to incarnate. From that we could consider if any of that information would be beneficial for you to know.
Please bear in mind that this area in the 4th that is the subject of this chapter has been created with the intention of providing a link between the spirit world and the world of incarnation.
If you have studied our previous teachings in this book and others, you will be aware that there is a plethora of diverse areas in the spirit world and we are not at all sure that complete knowledge of all of them would be necessary while you are in incarnation.
We will also mention that there are huge numbers of people in the spirit world – those who have not incarnated and those who have returned after an incarnation – that have very little knowledge of the huge number of areas in the spirit world that could be learnt about.
Indeed, if you have read our books, watched the videos and read the lessons that we made available to you, you probably have more knowledge than the average person in the spirit world.
Most people stay in their own small world and do not bother with the wider issues we make available to you.
Life in spirit, due to the happiness, beauty and peace, tends to act as distractions, especially as time does not exist. There is no night-time in Summerland, which is where most people live, and so life continues as one joyous day. Unless someone specifically requests to be educated about any subject, they live a peaceful, untroubled life, never being hungry, thirsty, fatigued or ill and there is no incentive to look further, mentally, then the moment of joy that they are in.
So, we can understand that they do not disturb their peaceful lives by investigating the things we explain to you.
We tell you that in order to make you aware that, for huge numbers of people, they have no idea of the things we talk about and also to make you aware that to be able to link with such people or to link with areas of ignorance would bring you no benefit.
So, the question is what is the purpose of this area in the 4th?

As we started to tell you, before getting sidetracked somewhat, quite a lot happened to you from the moment you were created as a point of life – a singularity – in the kindergarten or nursery planet before being transferred to the 8th dimension of our planet, then being selected to become a human, moving to the 7th, then to the 4th, at which point you joined your oversoul and your life in a meaningful sense really started.
So, to you in incarnation, would any of all that information be beneficial to you in incarnation? Only you can answer that question and we will not try to answer in your place.
However, from the moment that you joined your oversoul and were assigned a personal guide, once you joined the 4th, things get more interesting.
As we have told you – and if you are a bit lost, we refer you to previous chapters of this book and other works – you are shown around many of the areas of the 4th.
You took the decision to have an Earthly incarnation so, once again, we leave you to consider whether or not such information, if you were aware of it in your incarnation, would be beneficial to you during your incarnation or not.
After all, if you have studied the information we give you, you already know more or less what you would know if this area in the 4th helped you to obtain it.
So, have you found this information helpful in living in incarnation? Only you can answer this question.

We suppose that the answer depends on the type of person you are. You who read our books are not typical of the general population of Earth. You, who study the information we give you are what we call awake as opposed to the general population who tend to be asleep. We refer to those who go to work, come home, watch TV and drink either coffee, tea or a few beers.
We do not criticize these people but we could not say that they are awake in the sense we refer to. We refer to people like yourselves, who have curiosity and take the trouble to ingest the mass of very difficult to understand information we give you.
We consider that to be awake.
So, if you had been born with this information already placed in your mind, would it help you to battle through your incarnation or not?
As we said, only you can answer that question and we would not presume to answer the question for you.

As you know, the mass of knowledge available to you to investigate and study before incarnating is virtually endless.
Once again, it depends on what sort of person you are as to the amount of knowledge you seek before incarnating.
Some seek very little and some seek vast amounts of information.
It is the same in incarnation. Some seek very little knowledge and some seek a vast amount.
We will also point out that information does not necessarily have any connection to spirituality, either in the spirit world or in incarnation.
Even among those who avidly seek knowledge, not all of it is connected to spirituality by any means.
So, if you were to have knowledge from the 4th placed in an active part of your memory, what would you wish to know?
Would it satisfy you to learn about the spiritual aspects, the sort of things we talk to you about or would you wish to learn advanced knowledge about any subject that interests you and to which you might feel drawn as a career path?
Would it satisfy you just to know what your life plan is?
Would it help if you could speak to your guide(s)?
Does your guide have any advanced knowledge that he would be willing to share with you?
If you wish to know, we who are in the spirit world are in daily correspondence with our Earthly scribe who writes these books, etc., that we give you.
Although our connection is close and we can communicate telepathically with him as easily as you might communicate with a friend using a telephone, we almost never advise him as to what path he should take through life and he has learnt never to ask us.
Therefore, in your case, being able to talk with your guide would advance you little.
You are here to live and learn through the decisions you take each day and your guide will not interfere with your decisions.
You may consider your life plan as a sort of school and your oversoul as your house within that school. Your guide acts as a sort of house master, not a teacher. The guide’s role is to keep a watchful eye on you to prevent you straying from the path the life plan has mapped for you.
The teacher is life itself. It is from the problems presented to you and the decisions you take to resolve those problems that are your teacher.

So, out of all that, your life plan, your oversoul, your guide, what amongst all that would help you sail through life?
Indeed, if you knew all of your life plan in advance and you knew what problems, what tests, what trials and tribulations life held in store for you as you progress through your incarnation, how many of you would have the strength to carry on and see your life to its end?
It would take a person of exceptional courage and fortitude that would have the moral strength to know of the trials awaiting him and not be concerned by them.
It is only when we look back at the tests we had and that are now behind us that they become bearable.
Knowledge of the future, especially in incarnation, can be a scary thing.
If we can quote from the life of Jesus as reported in the Bible.
Apparently, he was aware of the fate that awaited him and all the suffering that was coming towards him. Even Jesus was frightened of this but had the strength of character to face his fate without trying to escape from it. It is claimed that he mentioned that, if it was God’s will, he would drain the bitter cup to the last drop.
Now, we are not saying that this is literally what happened to Jesus but we are suggesting that an advanced soul can be made aware of his future and even advanced souls can dread the future.
So, to repeat, to have knowledge of what the future holds in incarnation is not always a good idea.

To return to this plane in the 4th that deals with associating the spiritual or non-physical aspects of life to a person incarnate, what does it deal with and what purpose does it serve?
The fact of the matter is that we seem to have three stages in our real lives.
1. Life in the spirit realms from the moment of conception to the moment, in your case and ours, a decision was taken to have an incarnation.
2. The actual incarnation.
3. The endless life in the spirit world after our incarnation.

If we think about this, we have, roughly, three stages in our incarnation.
1. The, hopefully, carefree life before school starts.
2. The years we spend at school.
3. The rest of our adult life.
So, life in incarnation follows approximately life in the real world.

But, as we said at the beginning of this chapter, it was hoped that life would continue as one smooth path from the moment of our creation by God’s archangels in the kindergarten planet long ago, until the moment we blend back to the point we came from, which is God.
But, as you should know if you have followed all of our various teachings, a decision was taken, for those deciding to have an incarnation, to remove the spiritual or non-physical aspects from our awareness in order for incarnation to be a school-like experience to enable us to create aspects of our personality by interacting with people of good, bad or indifferent personalities and to allow our life plan to unfold without too much interference from the spirit aspect.
As we also said, the real information is tucked away in our higher self but access to the higher self is reserved for those who take the trouble to realise that it exists and who also take the trouble to gain access to it.

So, at the moment, we have this sort of barrier put up between us in incarnation who are totally involved with daily life and the higher self. Access to the higher self can only be obtained through meditation, etc.
Even then, this access is not automatic or unlimited.
Access to a higher self and the information it contains is a hard-won battle and we have explained earlier why it is not a good idea to have full, unlimited access to information coming from the non-physical planes.

You must realise at this point two things.
1. It is not actually the higher self that contains the information. It is contained in the akashic records. This information can be passed to the higher self but it has, first, to pass from the akashic record to this plane we are trying to explain to you and then it passes from this plane into the higher self and from there it can be transferred into your mind.
2. Access to all the information about you, your life in the non-physical planes and what your life plan has in store for you could be a very frightening thing. So, don’t be in too much of a hurry to look into your future.

We still haven’t answered the purpose of this plane that can act as a link, actually, about your life as stored in the akashic record and that which could be passed into your cognizance via the higher self.
When the whole of creation was manufactured by God’s archangels under the directions of God, the archangels projected their thoughts long into the future and created, in principle, everything that would be needed to make life work from the dawns of time up until all life was more or less perfect.
So, this area was created as a potential for the future when man, once he chose an incarnation, would have the strength of character to know about the difficulties he might have to face but would be able to accept these difficulties without them disturbing him.

We think it’s fair to say that, at the moment, if you who are reading this book knew that some difficulty was coming your way, you would have at least two reactions.
1. You would feel scared, and
2. You would take whatever steps you could to eliminate the problem.

How many of you, if you knew that a serious problem was coming towards you and that your life plan had decreed that it was something that you needed to go through in order to temper your soul, could face that difficulty calmly and not let it worry you?
Very few of you – or us – we would suggest, could just let some horrible experience approach that we knew we had to go through without affecting us somewhat.
Even Jesus, in the analogy that we mentioned earlier, was worried about his fate.
This, of course, implies that Jesus had a connection to his file in the akashic record, via the plane that we are talking about and had access to his higher self.

There is an important point that we don’t know if you have picked up on. Your file in the akashic record contains information about your future.
This is a very important aspect of life that is often talked about but which no one understands.
The question asked is, does the future exist?
Scientists and philosophers have often debated this subject. Some believe that it does and some believe that it does not.
Those who believe that the future exists try to create arguments to explain their points of view but, to be honest, are not very convincing and those who think that the future does not exist, until it arrives, argue that as time is a linear progression, it has to stop with the ‘now’ moment and, as the future has not happened, it is not relevant, if you see what we mean.
The fact of the matter is that it is true that there is only the now moment but those now moments can stretch back far into the past and also a certain way into the future.
The future is seldom set in stone.
Let’s just take a simple, childish example. Imagine that you take a child’s balloon and you fill it full of a lighter than air gas.
Logically, if you release it you know that it is going to rise into the air. That is its logical future but let us suppose that for some reason the balloon explodes. This could be for a number of reasons; the fact that someone pricked the balloon with a pin, the fact that it was over inflated, the fact that the balloon had a manufacturing default and was weak in one point.
Whatever the reason, the balloon goes ‘pop’ and fails to rise into the air.
We apologise for using such a simple example but we did it for a reason.
We did not want argumentative people to try to find an alternative reason for any example we might use.
In the case of a child’s balloon, we have only two states. When it is filled with a lighter than air gas, assuming it is released, it can only have one of two outcomes. Either it rises or it goes pop – excluding the fact that it might have been poorly knotted, and even in that case the balloon does not rise into the air.
So, to eliminate all arguments let us state that the balloon has one of two possible outcomes. Either it rises or it doesn’t.
The question is what was the outcome of the balloon – what was its future?
If we hold the uninflated balloon in our hand and we have at our disposition a flask of lighter than air gas, who can predict what will happen?
If we inflate the balloon, will it rise or will something prevent it from rising?

This is where the story gets very complicated for a number of reasons and so we ask you, if you are interested in the future, to pay close attention.
The akashic record contains the records of all living things for all eternity and this includes, to a certain extent, the future of all living things.
But it does not contain the record of any inanimate object. So, we could not find a record of a balloon in the akashic record.
It is true that atoms are alive and it could be argued that if atoms are alive, any object could be stored by linking to its atoms.
But atoms are not directly stored in the akashic record.
They have to be linked to something animate – alive one might say – before that living object is stored in the akashic record.
It is not so much that atoms are stored but the history of the logos that the atoms constructed that is stored in the akashic record.

Therefore, to return to our balloon, we will not find the history of the balloon in the akashic record.
However, we could, if we knew how, link to anyone involved with that balloon from its manufacture, transport, sale and to the person who inflated the balloon, assuming that we could locate any particular balloon.
We do realise that this story is starting to sound ridiculous, but having started with the mention of a balloon, let us continue.
The point we wish to make is that the life history of each and every person who was ever involved with our balloon is stored in the akashic record.
So, let us get to the point where the latest person is going to try to inflate our, or rather, his balloon.
This moment is stored in the akashic record and one would expect the story to end there as the future has not happened and so we do not know if the balloon rose into the air or if it fell to the ground.
However, all living things are immortal and so, in the case of the person who is thinking of inflating his balloon, he is immortal.
Further, if someone lives forever, he must be alive now although we call that now moment the future.

Think about this. If you are immortal – and you are – you are not only alive at this moment but must and will be alive in the future. If you will be alive in the future you must be somewhere, doing something and observing life as it passes into the future.
We are tempted to use the word ‘history’ to describe your future but as history always implies events in which you were involved in your past, the word history would give a wrong impression.
We are not sure that a word exists that implies events happening to you in your future so we will just do our best to describe future events.
We repeat, if you are immortal and conscious in the future, logic dictates that you would have a ‘history’ in the future.
So, if we could locate that person as he inflated his balloon in the ‘now’ moment, we should be able to follow his history into the future and see if the balloon rose into the air or did not.

Now, seeing if a balloon rose or not may not be of great consequence, even if it was your balloon, but if you could see that something was going to happen that would bring a negative outcome to your attempt to inflate and release the balloon into the air, could you take steps to alter the outcome?
This is where we start to tread on difficult ground.
Not only do you have a life plan but your life plan can interact with other people and sometimes your life plan might intend you to help someone and, by altering your life plan, might have catastrophic knock-on effects for other people.

We are going to create in our imaginations another scenario, one that we hope will never happen.
Let us suppose that you are planning to go to the seaside but you look into the future and see that the weather is going to be unpleasant so you decide to stay at home.
Now, let us suppose that you were meant to go to the seaside in order to save someone who would drown. The fact that the person drowned would not only be a terrible shock for the family of the deceased person but let us suppose that, as a result, the children would be placed in care.
This would dramatically alter the personalities of the children and might cause unhappiness to their children and for generations to come.

Now, it could be argued that if the original person had looked far enough into the future, he would have seen that he was being sent to the seaside to save someone, but if that person only looked at his immediate future and tried to make his life more pleasant, the unfortunate consequences of his somewhat selfish act would, in that imaginary case, be catastrophic.
Therefore, looking into our future must be done with great care and, generally, action should not be taken out of self-interest but only in the case of helping others.
You will find, as you develop your sensitivities, that your guides will look into your future and mentally suggest certain courses of actions.
These may be to save you from getting into sticky situations or in order to place you in a position to help someone.
But the guides will never look into their futures in an attempt to ease their lives and neither should you.
You should only ever act to avoid catastrophes in other people’s lives.

Once again, we have got somewhat sidetracked in our description of this area in the 4th that, effectively, tries to link your akashic record file to your higher self.
We do this deliberately as it is a non-physical area and thus there is nothing to see and there is nothing to relate to.
It is an area that exists, and for those who know how, it can help the person to relate his incarnation to his non-physical existence. Thus, there is nothing to see and not much to feel.
However, the effects of linking to this area can be dramatic at the moment as mankind, or very few of them, has not yet developed how, safely, to connect to the spirit world, especially the akashic record.
The effects on human life as it stands at the moment could be catastrophic indeed.
That is why we concentrated in this chapter more on the dangers of connecting to the area we are mentioning and suggest that you do not attempt to interfere with your life plan.
It suffices, if you are wise, to leave well alone and let your life plan, your higher self and your guide(s) take care of your incarnation.
It will be for future generations to link with this area.
So, we will end this chapter here and turn, yet again, to another area in the 4th.

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