Linking With The 4th Dimension – Chapter 19



In this chapter we will explore yet another area in the 4th that you may be interested to hear about.
Many of the areas that we have previously described were related to mysterious and somewhat frightening non-physical planes.
But this time we are going to describe the area that deals with happiness.
Now, you may think that happiness is a natural state that depends on good events that occur from time to time in your life and to a certain extent it is.
But have you noticed that some people appear, naturally, to be happy and buoyant by nature and some people appear nearly always to be miserable and unhappy? It is only major good events arising in their lives that cause a smile to appear on their faces.
Others there are that seem nearly always to be of good humor and they nearly always have a smile on their faces and it is a pleasure to be around such people.

Well, you may have difficulty in accepting this but there is an area in the 4th that is charged with happiness and if one can link to that area one can imbibe that vibration and thus naturally be a happy and positive person.
Once again, we must say that this is a non-physical area so when one links with it, there is nothing to see. However, as we often say, this place exists.
You may be questioning how this area can possibly influence anyone to be happy?
The short answer is that we all have auras and these auras reach out into a variety of dimensions, either physical or non-physical.
So, assuming that this area exists and it is possible for someone to link with it via that person’s auras, it suffices that the emotion of happiness can be transmitted to the auras of the person concerned and then that energy is transferred into the psyche of the individual and that person feels happy.
That happiness is not dependent on any good event occurring in the life of the individual. It is a natural state that the person feels most of the time as that energy, that frequency is being transmitted to the individual all the time.

We think that you can appreciate from our previous talks that when one is influenced by a vibration coming into the psyche from whatever source, that person responds to that vibration, that frequency. Some people are more susceptible to frequencies affecting them than others.
For instance, there are people who can meet a stranger for the first time and can instantly form an opinion about that person. They can sense if the person is a nice, kind, and generous person or whether the person is the opposite of those emotions.
Nevertheless, if someone is under the influence of the ray of happiness, that person, generally, is liked as his emotions of gaiety are infectious and can influence nearly everyone that he comes into contact with.
We will just mention that there are people that are jealous of anyone happy and instantly feel alienated towards such a person.
One would think that all normal people would desire to be happy, but there are quite a large number who get some sort of relief from feeling unhappy and by trying to spread unhappiness throughout their sphere of influence.

As you may have guessed, if there is an area in the 4th that transmits a vibration of happiness, in order to keep life in balance there is an equal and opposite area that transmits unhappiness and it is up to us to decide which area we wish to link with.
Although this chapter will deal with the happiness plane, perhaps we will also talk about the unhappiness plane which is just next to the happiness plane and thus deal with both topics in this one chapter.
Although it gives us pleasure to talk about happiness it gives us no pleasure to talk about a plane that transmits vibrations that creates emotions of miserableness.
But that area also exists and so we must mention it

But to return to the plane of happiness.
This area is constantly broadcasting this frequency like a radio, TV or telephone system does, but in a similar way to a radio, TV or telephone broadcast station, the fact that these frequencies are being transmitted does not automatically infer that people pick up these frequencies.
In the case of radio, TV or telephone, of course, some piece of apparatus is required before the signal can be decoded but in the case of psychic frequencies being transmitted from, in this case the 4th dimension, it has to be picked up by an aura.
Further, the psyche of the individual that we are considering has to be attuned to that frequency before the happiness plane can influence that person.
So, although the aura may pick up the signal being transmitted from the 4th out into the cosmos it is only when the relevant area of personality can attune itself to that frequency that it can truly influence any individual.
Until the individual is able to attune himself to the frequency of happiness, he cannot incorporate that frequency into his personality.
We will just mention at this point that the same applies to the emotion of unhappiness.
The area is broadcasting the concept of unhappiness out into the cosmos which can be picked up by an aura of anyone. From there it can be transferred to the personality of any individual, but the person concerned has to attune his frequency – within his personality – before that person can feel unhappy.
The process in both cases is virtually identical. It is the opposite in its effect (happy or unhappy) but the process of accepting the emotion into the personality is the same.

Perhaps at this point we can consider how a frequency or plane is able to broadcast its vibration into the auras of people. Let us realise that there are, in fact, quite a large number of areas in the 4th that deal with a variety of topics and each one is kept apart from any other topic by having a unique frequency.
You will find, if you examine the logistics of how life can influence people – or indeed, plants and animals – that vibrations (frequencies) play a fundamental role.
In other words, virtually every aspect of personality consists of planes in one or other of the dimensions broadcasting its sphere of influence by encoding each and every emotion with a frequency unique to that emotion.
If you have studied the other information we have given you concerning how life is constructed, you will have noticed that the vast majority of aspects of life involve frequencies, each one separate and unique from any other frequency.
We cannot calculate exactly how many aspects of life there are that are encoded by unique frequencies but the number is enormous.
As we said, virtually everything that we see or can feel emotionally contains frequencies and each frequency is a unique frequency.
Just to mention humans, each human vibrates to a unique frequency, and this since humanity was first created. It is because of that, that the akashic record exists.
It is the same for each animal, plant and each and every mineral.
We could go on and say that each planet and all the aspects of gravity and every other aspect of life has a unique frequency. Thus, you can see that it is quite impossible for us to estimate the number of different frequencies there are throughout the multiverse, but it is fair to say that is thanks to all these frequencies that life as we know it exists.

So, this plane that we are discussing is broadcasting its frequency out to the cosmos and, effectively, is picked up by everyone’s auras and from there it can be transferred to a part of the personality of any human – or any other life form for that matter – but plants, minerals and animals do not all have the ability to respond to their personalities to the same degree that humans can.
Therefore, we tend to limit our investigations to humans but we will also say that there are many pet animals such as dogs that can respond to the happiness plane and can be extremely happy, providing they are loved and cared for correctly by their owners.

Now, the thing is that although everyone receives the happiness vibration, not everyone incorporates it into their personality.
We have mentioned in other works that to accept a vibration requires that what we call a ‘pigeonhole’ be created in the mind before any aspect of life can be accepted. It is the same with this. The happiness plane is being received all the time by the person’s aura but if a person does not desire to accept this frequency it remains in the aura and does not get transferred to the personality.
We will just mention here that mind and personality are closely linked and, from this perspective, can be considered to be the same thing.
Therefore, it is up to the individual to open the door, so to speak, and for all his personality to be flooded with happiness – or the opposite, unhappiness – because that emotion is also pouring from its plane in the 4th into the aura of each and every human and from there can be transferred to the personality of the individual, providing, of course, that the person has created a pigeonhole in which to place the unhappy emotion.
We mentioned that personality and mind were closely related, and if it were reasonable, we would call that area mind-personality, as they are more or less one.
However, we need, always, to be careful and as we have previously described mind and personality as if they were two separate areas we had better continue thus or some people might be confused.
Life is complicated and confusing enough without us adding fuel to the fires of confusion!
But for those able to accept that mind and personality are more or less the same thing, we suggest that you do. Not that it makes a lot of difference in reality.
The main point to bear in mind is that there is an area in the 4th that broadcasts happiness and unhappiness as a concept into the auric planes, is picked up by a person’s aura, and from there can be accepted into a person’s makeup, thus rendering him naturally happy or unhappy.

We would like to try to describe how the emotion of happiness is created and contained as a power in an area of the 4th but we are not sure that we can.
Certainly, if one visits the plane of happiness, which one can do by the now familiar act of creating in one’s mind the same vibration or frequency as that area, and having linked to that area one feels very happy, but as to the actual mechanism that tells that particular frequency that it is connected to the emotion of happiness (or unhappiness in its adjacent plane), that is a mystery.

What we are not sure of is if the frequency in the 4th concerned with happiness transfers to the personality that feeling or whether the frequency, once accepted by an individual, triggers a response of happiness that is contained in personality!
Can you see the difference?
Let us explain again and then we will tell you our point of view.

In the 4th is a plane that contains a frequency that is constantly being broadcast out to all life.
It is picked up by the auras of living objects.
From there, it remains in the aura until a person, or any other living thing, creates in his mind-personality a pigeonhole in which to accept that frequency.
Then, from that point on the person is naturally happy or unhappy depending on which vibration he accepts into his mind-personality.
That is one way of looking at the question.
Another way is to consider that the emotion of happiness, if we ignore unhappiness and just concentrate on happiness, is actually contained in the mind-personality and this frequency from the 4th triggers the response of happiness which is contained in the 4th.
In our opinion we are reasonably sure that it is the latter.
The emotion of happiness is part of personality as are a myriad of other emotions and it requires that the frequency from the happiness plane in the 4th unlocks the happiness emotion already contained in personality.
This, to us, seems a more logical answer to the question although, if pushed, we would have to admit that we have no real proof either way.
And in a sense, it matters not which way around the system works. It is the fact that one can link to that vibration in the 4th and, as a result, one feels naturally happy. It is that what is important, although we will also admit that curiosity pushes us to try to find the truth about any subject we investigate. We do not like unanswered questions.

Of course, if we accept that happiness is contained as an aspect of personality, it begs another question. Where in personality is happiness formed?
We could also ask what purpose it serves?
If we think about happiness, we could raise a number of questions.
Something tells us that happiness is connected to the God force as, surely, to be filled with the power of God would make one happy.
However, if one can link to happiness’s opposing force, unhappiness, then can that be part of the God force also?
God, in our galaxy, was selected to promote love and for those who have experienced true, unconditional love, happiness comes automatically as a handmaiden of love.
So, we appear to be going around in circles somewhat.
Is, for example, unhappiness connected to the negative forces?
We observe that people who are naturally unhappy tend to be rather negative in their outlook on life, but there is a great distance between feeling negative and being involved with evil.
From what we know about evil people, they generally fall into the class that we would call psychopaths and, once again, from what we know about psychopaths, they are seeking happiness from their negative, selfish behavior whereas truly happy people tend to be only too willing to help others if and when they can.

Indeed, that is the fundamental difference between psychopaths and good people. A psychopath considers exclusively his own needs, wants and desires and feels happy when one of his plans works.
Good people get happiness if and when they can help others and the more people – or any other life form – a good person can help the happier and more contended he feels.
So, we have this strange conundrum once again.
On one hand we have those who are naturally happy doing what they can to help all life, and on the other hand we have psychopaths who gain happiness when one of their plans comes to fruition despite, or because of, the unhappiness they cause to others.
There is an old adage that says, ‘To be happy, it is necessary that the others are unhappy.’ That would seem to be the leitmotif of a true psychopath.
But the point we wish to make is that both groups are seeking happiness.

So, we need to step back, outside of cogitating about happiness versus unhappiness, good people versus evil. We need to look at the problem from a different angle.
As you may know, it is said that a problem cannot be solved from the level of the problem. To solve a problem, we need to rise above the problem and look down upon it from a higher direction, so to speak.
Where can we turn to find people higher than us that, hopefully, have more wisdom than us?
The obvious answer is to ask the wonderful, knowledgeable human angels who so often answer our questions when our knowledge fails us.

Perhaps we can say something about communicating with angels before we share their wisdom with you.
The first thing we would say is that, normally, communication between us and angels does not occur. They are so far ahead of us in their personal vibrations that they are invisible to us and also, for the same reason, we cannot speak to them.
Second, they have their own work to do and many deal with matters of helping all life far outside of anything that we could conceive of.
Next, to contact us, which they kindly do from time to time, they have to lower their frequency somewhat until they resonate to the same frequency as senior members of our group.
We can put questions to these senior members and they can ask the human angels. Then, of course, their answers are transferred to us and we can tell you. But what we tell you often starts from information coming from human angels.
Lastly, we have been informed that these angels are supremely happy and some of that happiness is transferred from the auras of the human angels into the auras of the senior members of our group.
We are informed by the senior members that, although they are naturally happy, their level of happiness receives a tremendous boost, thus indicating that happiness is variable according to the degree of holiness of the individual.

So, we seem to add another layer to the subject of happiness … holiness. As we have mentioned before, when we mention holiness, we are not referring to mealy mouthed priests or other representatives of various religions. Holiness, to us, is represented best by the words and actions of someone like Jesus. We leave you to study the life of Jesus and decide for yourself what holiness means.
But let us now explain what the human angels told us about happiness, how it works and so on.
We will not quote verbatim what we were told. We will explain in our own words.

The subject of happiness or its opposite is rather more complicated than was previously mentioned.
All that was explained in this chapter as regards the areas in the 4th that contain the concept of happiness or its opposite is true, as are the statements concerning those concepts being picked up by the auras.
Where what we told you and what the human angels said varies, is that, apparently, DNA is involved. This we were not aware of but, knowing how DNA is involved with most aspects of the psyche, it doesn’t surprise us.
So, from the auras, the happiness (or unhappiness) emotions are picked up by DNA and that DNA – not all of life’s DNA but a certain aspect of it – judges (if we may use that term) to what degree the emotions of happiness, just to consider happiness, should be incorporated into the personality of the person concerned and from there, once the decision is made by DNA, the required degree of happiness is allowed into the personality of the individual.
It is thanks to DNA that people can have different degrees of happiness in their personality.

The happiness plane in the 4th broadcasts the emotion at full strength and it enters the auras at full strength.
From there, the DNA takes the happiness emotion, filters it according to the makeup of the person and then this adjusted quantity is passed, via the chakras, into the heart area of the individual and he feels a permanent degree of happiness in balance with the rest of his makeup, particularly his personality.
In the case of the person who is attracted to unhappiness, the process is the same except the chakra that receives this emotion is not the heart chakra but one of the lower ones.
We hope that you have understood this explanation and we would like to extend our sincere thanks to the angels who provided this explanation.
We could say more about the happiness plane, but we consider that we have given you sufficient information for you to know why some people seem happy most of the time and why some people seem unhappy.
All that remains is for us to tell you how to open yourself to the vibrational frequency of the happiness plane and start to receive that emotion.

One of the easiest and surest ways of doing it is through meditation and that will, over time, automatically link your auras with that plane amongst others.
However, for those who do not wish to meditate we suggest the following course of action.
When you wake up in the morning, give thanks to God for another day and thank God for the fact that his angels and your guide(s) are looking after you.
Start your day and go through it feeling as positive as you can, welcome all the good events that arrive throughout the day and thank God for them.
At the same time, welcome the problems of the day knowing that they are just tests of faith sent by God and that the solution is already on its way in the degree that you put your faith in God.
Never give way to misery or unhappiness, no matter how great the problem seems to be. Always try to stay positive and happy, laugh in the face of adversity and you will find you will be helped through the problem by your guides and God’s angels.
If you continue like this all day, when you go to bed, thank God for all his help and then put it all behind you and sleep soundly.
When you wake up in the morning, repeat the process and continue each day like that, always staying happy and positive no matter what happens, and gradually you will incorporate the happiness plane into your personality.
At the same time your faith in God will increase and you will attract more and more angelic help.
If you follow what we have described you will feel happy all the time. You will deal with problems better and God and his angels will become part of your personality thus making you a stronger, more positive person.

We will end this chapter here and move on to the next plane for discussion.

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