Linking With The 4th Dimension – Chapter 2



Having taken you at least in an introductory sort of way into Summerland, let us begin to explore some of the other areas of the higher 4th dimension.
As we have said, that area is the only one in which true, complete humans live. They do so from the moment of their transfer from the 7th dimension until the moment, many years later, when they will blend with God and disappear from our view.
The only interruption to this long sojourn, is when people decide to incarnate on Earth and thus move to the 6th dimension for the duration of that incarnation.
When that finishes, they return to the upper 4th for the rest of eternity.

So, you can see that there is a lot going on in the 4th dimension.
By the way, as we will often be referring to the upper 4th dimension, let us abbreviate it and just call it the 4th. We hope that when, for the rest of this book you’ll see us referring to the 4th, you realise that we are referring to the upper or higher 4th dimension, which is everybody’s home dimension.

Perhaps we could start at the beginning and examine somewhat, what happens to an embryo spirit when it leaves the 7th dimension and moves to the 4th.

One might question why it is necessary to have a constant supply of new humans descending from the 7th dimension to the 4th?
The answer, quite simply, is that there is always a stream of perfect humans moving into the God sphere and thus they need to be replaced with new humans to keep the supply going.

So, a group of embryo humans decide to move from the 7th to the 4th. No one forces them. The young spirits volunteer and so, always surrounded by angels guiding them, they change dimensions and arrive in the 4th.
Already, at this point, they would have a unique frequency but these frequencies would be sufficiently close so that communication between them can occur.
The angels, by lowering their frequencies, can interact with the young spirits also.

They will be placed in what is called a group spirit or oversoul.
This is to give them a base with which to relate.
All this is, is a group of like-minded individuals. But it is very important. Although any one individual is free to leave his oversoul and join another, in general, close bonds are formed and the people in any oversoul will go through eternity together, sharing triumphs and failures. They will act, eventually, as if they were one person.

Some of the members will, eventually, incarnate and become members of one’s family: mother, father, brother, sister and so on but not necessarily.
It is possible for members of another oversoul group to incarnate into a family in order to have experience but, usually, if there is a close bond between family members, it is because of belonging to the same oversoul group.

Let us consider what an oversoul is.
It is not a place or a building of any type.
It is a group of like-minded souls.
When people move down from the 7th dimension to the 4th, they come in groups. Not individually, one by one, but in groups, rather like children starting a new school or soldiers being inducted into the army.
So, any group of souls selected for a human existence at any one time, would be roughly of the same age and would arrive together in the 4th.
So, they would be attached to the same oversoul.
There are exceptions to this but that is the general rule.

Now, all oversouls have existed for a long time and so there would be a large number of people who would belong to the same oversoul (and some new arrivals) but who joined a long time ago.

Imagine, if you can, a school but one in which the pupils remain forever.
This school would be divided into houses.
Certain pupils would be selected to go into certain houses but each year’s intake would follow on behind previous intakes.
So, some students would have been in that house for many years, while others would be more recent arrivals.
The older, more experienced members of an oversoul will sometimes take new arrivals under their wing and will nurture them. But not all do this. Some older members concentrate on the subjects that interest them and ignore new arrivals, whereas others will help new arrivals if and when they can.

There are a large number of oversouls depending on the arrival dates of groups from the 7th dimension and also depending on people’s individual personalities.

Now, we wish to explain something about oversouls. They are compiled in a pyramid.
If you can imagine a pyramid formed of layers there would be, at the bottom, a large area of whatever the pyramid is made of but at the next level there would be slightly less. At the next level after that there would be even fewer until, at the very top would be a single capstone.

Oversouls follow this format.
At the base level there are a large number corresponding to people’s various personalities.
People with similar personalities join one oversoul of many.
But, over time, as people advance spiritually, there might be people of one oversoul who think very much like people from another oversoul and so they leave the first oversoul and join with others in a higher oversoul – the second level of the pyramid.
Then, as time progresses and as some advance, they will move to a yet higher level.
This progresses over vast eons of time until, finally, they join the capstone which represents God – perfection.

However, there is more to this. As people advance so their individual personalities reduce, their ego reduces, their sense of individuality reduces and they start to link into group personalities.
The higher oversouls are there for that purpose.
Finally, very advanced souls think as one, as God, and reach the top of the pyramid at which point they can remain to serve or disappear into the Godhead.

When your incarnation is finished, you will return to your home in the 4th, rejoin your oversoul and continue your long journey to the top of the pyramid. This journey will take a long time.
As you progress, so your frequency will rise and you will move to ever more wondrous areas of the 4th.

We will say at this point that even during your incarnation you will remain attached to your oversoul and are always being cared for by loving family and guides. You are never alone.

One way of looking at this is if you were born into a family and, at some point, a decision was taken that you should go to a boarding school. The boarding school would be your incarnation.
Even though you would be cut off from your family during the time you are at school, your family are still there and their love goes out to you and their help and advice is always available.
Then, once the school time is finished, you would return home to your family and be greeted back into its bosom.
The family is your oversoul group.

So, if we may recapitulate.
You were, at one time in, first, the 8th dimension. Then you moved to the 7th and you stayed there for a long time until, in your and our case, we were selected to become humans.
Then you moved to the 4th and were placed in association with an oversoul and a group of like-minded people.
In your case you took the step to have an incarnation and this is where you are at the moment, having an incarnation in the 6th dimension.
Eventually, when your incarnation ends, you will return to your oversoul in 4th.
For the moment, you are going through your chosen incarnation in the 6th dimension.

However, being separated from your oversoul group by your incarnation does not mean that you are cut off from your oversoul.
Members of your oversoul are constantly with you and, if you take up meditation you can learn to reach out to them and, eventually, return, in your mind, to the 4th and meet again with your oversoul members – or some of them.
That is what this book is about.

So, we will end this chapter here and move on to other areas of the 4th.

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